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Anis_Timisela : 0922701
Yuxuan Li : 0924334
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Date: 7/2/2017
Time (start): 17:00Time (finish) 21:30

IKEA TOUR Assignment

Part 1

1. Pretend that you want to buy the side table LACK or the desk MALM.
Choose one.
We chose the MALM desk.

2. Before you go to the IKEA shop, check online to see how many tables or desks
are in inventory for both IKEA Delft and IKEA Barendrecht. Take a screenshot
and use it in your report.
Delft: 30 pieces, Barendrecht: 21

3. While you visit the Ikea shop find your product and take a picture of it in the
4. In addition take a picture of its label and the description.

5. Try to find your product of choice in the warehouse. Take a picture of the
product in the designated rack.

6. In addition make a selfie with your group in front of the location where the
product can be found.

7. Count the number of products that are available.


8. What is the total sales value of these products and what would you estimate is
the cost of goods sold (COGS)? 12*99.95 euro= 1.1995,40 euros
9. Make a flowchart of the following processes (check type of flowcharts online &
choose one)

a. Buying a LACK table (buying process)

Need Recognition
Delivery Process
Buy a LACK Table

Information Search
Buy it Online Or at Store

Evaluation of Alternative


Post Purchase behaviour

Goods Received

Invoice sent

Frustrated in receiving the MALM desk

b. Having a MALM desk delivered to your home (home delivery process)

Need Recognition Need Recognition

Table Table

order online Customer goes to the store

Payment Find path and number

Payment at the cashier

Order sent to Distribution Center

Put the products in the car

final Customer

Customer depart
c. Returning a MALM desk to IKEA (returning process)

Goods ordered online: Order received?

Change of Mind on the Purchase
Change of Mind on the Purchase
Goods ordered online: Order received?

no yes
Store-purchased goods

return the items within 2 weeksafter

via the return form
2 weeks
within 365 days you can return and trade your product according to the terms and
no condition yes
Store-purchased goods
return to any IKEA retailer with original pack

Original Packaging and receipt?

receive originally paid transport costs of the returned artic

retur the items within 2 weeks

return via
to a
within 365 days you can return and trade no
your productyes
acording to the terms and condition
not able to return product

Return to any IKEA store

pay for sending the item back

receive a gift card o

Receive the purchased amount
Original Packaging and receipt?
receive originally paid transport costs of

not able to return product no yes

10. What kind of payment methods can you choose online/ in the shop/ retour
In the shop: Vpay Maestro Visa Mastercard American Express Tegoed/kado
kaart Contant

11. In what way does flat packaging help IKEA sell goods?
Return to any IKEA store
Easy transportation, cheaper. Less hands did not build the full product, which means
pay forless
sending the item
cost , therefore customer will need to take the products themselves of the shelves. Thus
it will be cheaper.

Receive the purchased amount

12. Give 3 examples (incl. pictures) in which IKEA asks for the opinion of

Client Contact, Tablet Ikea personnel, Service center

13. Give 3 examples that show IKEA is involved in the sustainability trend.
Not throwing products away/ Recycling/ plastic paper and the rest of waste would be
separated/ bathroom blower which means less paper would be used to dry your
14. Do you think that intangible assets are important to IKEA and why?
Yes, they make the show room feel alive
15. In the restaurant; how does IKEA promote a healthy diet and how is this
communicated to its customer base?
They sell potato chips, mandatory to buy meals and a combination.

Part 2 - The company culture of IKEA

IKEA is very focused on building on their company-culture and you are invited to register/
make pictures of signs/ messages where this company culture becomes clear.

You need to gather at least 10 examples where you can see elements of the IKEA company-
culture. The table below will help you to carry out this task.

For each way of expressing the IKEA company culture you are asked to:
1. Make a picture.
2. Describe shortly what you have seen and describe in your own words what you think
is the message behind this expression.
3. Evaluate whether or not you find it an effective message/ expression.
Items related to IKEAs 1. Picture 2. What have you seen? 3. Your view?
company culture What is the message of
1 Humbleness and willpower We have seen that the We have seen that the
We respect each other, our employees of Ikea had employees are
customers and our suppliers. helped the customers with respectful to the
Using our willpower means their needs as you can see customers and they
we get things done. on the picture. were always was
eager to help to
satisfied their need
and that is a good

2 Cost-consciousness Flat packaging makes the It is a good decision to

Low prices are impossible costs lower for Ikea so they lower the prices, easy
without low costs, so we can sell their product for to do and apparently
proudly achieve good results lower prices. customers dont mind
with small resources. it so it works.
By putting a lot of information
on the tags they need less A clever way to reduce
people to work on the floor cost and in result be
and sell their products. Less able to lower the price
people means less costs of your products.
means they can sell their
products for a lower price

3 Typically Swedish They have typical Swedish Typical Swedish

Elements dishes in their restaurant like dishes like the salmon
the salmon. and their meatballs are
things that give Ikea a
more Swedish feeling.
4 Daring to be different By not throwing away A smart way to not
We question old solutions products with a slight throw away products
and, if we have a better idea, malfunction and sell them for that are still able to be
we are willing to change. a lower price, they dare to be used properly. By
different and it works out in doing this they
their favor. differentiate
themselves even more
from other furniture
5 Constant desire for A map of the Ikea on a big This is a modern and
renewal computer screen where new way to change
We know that adapting to people can choose specific and adapt to the
customer needs with departments/products to see technology that is
innovative solutions where in the store they can available.
contributes to a better find it.
everyday life at home.
6 Diverse workplace where Ikea has men and women A diverse workplace
you feel a sense of from different backgrounds where it doesnt matter
belonging nationalities and color how you look like or
Working at the IKEA Group working at their locations. what race your from
means that you are part of an and so on.
inspiring, fun, and fast-paced
environment and we value
working in a diverse and
inclusive environment. Here
you can always be yourself
in fact we actively encourage

The overall evaluation of IKEAs company culture:

IKEA puts a lot of effort in maintaining and developing its company culture.

Is, in your view, the IKEA culture Do you have any suggestions to
effective in realizing this make these objectives (IKEAs
The main reasons to do this are: objective? company culture) more
A. To attract and retain (young) In our experience we did not Show us an Idea what it is like to
talented people. feel attracted to work at Ikea. work inside the company and
But they attract customers show us how the teams work
rather than new employees. together in a cooperative,
harmonistic and enthusiastic
effort. Give a tour for people who
would like to work at Ikea to
know what it is like instead of
the kids tours.
B. To support the development of an Yes, Ikea is growing fast, Ikea In the suggestion of making
international workforce which makes have store at 340 countries and more profit. The restaurants
it possible to: they are a billion dollar menus should be customizable.
- Grow fast and be profitable on a company.
worldwide scale. By 2020 Ikea is aiming to be To be more sustainable is to use
- Become one of the most more sustainable and right now less energy and keep on giving
sustainable companies in the world. they have started to do that by back to the community
using sustainable bags, they
dont use the paper towel
anymore, and recycling the
woods that are demaged