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As of March 2016:

Age Group Women Men
2016/ Popn Proj.,
15-19 years old 4.9M 5.2M
2016/ Popn Proj.,
20-24 years old 4.8M 5.0M
2016/ Popn Proj.,
25-29 years old 4.2M 4.3M
Media Exposures/
Indicator Women Men
8 76 2013/ YAFS4,
Own a cellular phone
1.0 .0 UPPI
6 57 2013/ YAFS4,
Use the internet
1.0 .0 UPPI
Have an email 5 49 2013/ YAFS4,
account 5.0 .0 UPPI
Have a social 5 50 2013/ YAFS4,
netwroking account 6.0 .0 UPPI
2 2013/ YAFS4,
Have a personal blog
2.0 .0 UPPI
Have online friends 2 32
2013/ YAFS4,
(but not met 8.8 .7
Have textmates (but 2 41 2013/ YAFS4,
not met personally) 7.4 .2 UPPI

Release Date: Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Philippines recorded a total of 92,097,978 household population or non-institutional population in the
2010 Census of Population and Housing (CPH), an increase of 15.8 million from the 76.3 million
household population counted in the 2000 CPH.

In terms of the distribution by age and sex, there were more males than females in age groups 0 to 54
years in 2010, with the males comprising 51.0 percent of these age groups. In contrast, there were more
females than males in the older age group 55 years old and over. The males in these age groups made up
45.9 percent.

Six in ten of the household population are of voting age

The voting-age population (18 years old and over) accounted for 60.3 percent of the household
population. This proportion is higher than the 56.6 percent recorded in 2000. Of the voting-age
population, 49.7 percent were males and 50.3 percent were female.
Senior citizens constitutes 6.8 percent of the household population

In the Philippines, people who are regarded as senior citizen are those aged 60 years old and over. They
made up 6.8 percent of the 92.1 million household population in 2010, higher than the 6.0 percent
recorded in 2000. Among the senior citizens, females (55.8 percent) outnumbered the males (44.2

TARGET MARKET (As suggested, AFA)

MMDA daytime (road) population is 14 million. - Lawyer Emerson Carlos, MMDA assistant general
manager for operations

The total number of vehicles traverse EDSA is 520,000 vehicles per day. - MMDA chairman
Francis Tolentino
The LTO listed a total of 2,101,148 motor vehicles registered in NCR for that year, or 27 percent
of the countrys total. LTO, 2013 1

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