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Component 1: Sport Devaluation

In terms of sports devaluation, the team and individual results are average. 63 for
individual and 32 for team. This signifies that the degree of sports devaluation being
felt by the subject is at the moderate level. the athletes level of interest,
enjoyment, and or participation in sport are normal. The magnitude for individual
sport is greater compared to team.

Component2: Reduced Sense of Sports Accomplishment

The result of the team and individual are both average. 30 for team and 33 for
individual. This signifies the moderate level of RSSA. Athletes may feel the need to
do extra efforts to improve and develop his/her skills above usual level, and at the
same time to prevent deterioration. The magnitude is slightly higher for individual
compared to team.

Component3: Mental and Physical Exhaustion

The result for both individual and group are average, which means the athlete
experiences moderate level of physical exhaustion. The athlete may experience
decline and dissatisfaction to his/her performance. However, such decline in
performance are manageable If dealt with appropriate training or skills. The
intensity is greater for group compared to individuals.


There is significant difference between team sport and individual in terms of Sport
Devaluation. But no significant difference between RSAA and Mental Physical