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MARCH 2017

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Prevent 4R70W Comebacks

Fits Ford 4R70E/W, 4R75E/W & AODE

Part No. 76654-01K Patent Pending

High capacity version available! Ask for Sonnax 76655-01K.

Billet steel design eliminates flexing & cracking

Increased groove depth maximizes snap ring support
Guards against comeback complaints such as slips & flares
Even if youve never seen a cracked 4R70W drum, the weak OE stamped steel design that flexes
under load is a primary cause of burnt clutches a costly comeback just waiting to happen.
Protect your warranty by installing the Sonnax Smart-Tech forward clutch drum.

Visit www.sonnax.com for details. 800-843-2600 802-463-9722

Sonnax is an Employee-Owned Company

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MARCH 2017
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Publisher Dennis Madden

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Advertising Ruben Vera KEEP THOSE TRANNYS ROLLING: The Problem and The Cause I Didnt See That coming!
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Steve Bodofsky Martin Brooks
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Thom Tschetter
ATRA Technical Staff: 5R55N With Wrong Gear Starts and Bindups?
Rolando (Rolly) Alvarez Bill Brayton by Mike Brown
Mike Brown Keith Clark
David Chalker Rob Faucett 8 Crank and Cam How Are Your Signals?
Pete Huscher Mike Souza by Scott Shotton
Shaun Velasquez Jarad Warren
16 Oh No! Another Programming Failure!
Director of Event Services Vanessa Velasquez Steve Garret
22 Raybestos Powertrain: An American Success Story
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veryone in the business world
has heard of a mission statement
and the importance for a
business to have one. But, if youve successfully; others less so. Here are a
ever looked at some companies few I discovered: by Dennis Madden
mission statements even established, Blockbuster At Blockbuster, members.atra.com
big-name companies you might diversity means valuing differences. Its simple and to the point. Plus,
think, Whats the point? It doesnt say Its a corporate value that must be everyone can remember it, even Rodger.
much. continually developed, embraced (Wheres his $100 now)?
Maybe youve attempted to create and incorporated into the way we do It also works as a test for future
a mission statement and the result business. projects: Does it help Members bring
turned out to be a series of slogans or They went bankrupt in 2010. customers in? Does it help them fix
catchphrases. You may have even hung Radio Shack With its convenient cars? If it doesnt meet either of these
it on the wall and then later realized that and comfortable convenient stores, criteria, we dont do it.
nobody looks at it or remembers what qualified sales staff help customers get Now lets take this thinking into
it says. the most from your technology products. your shop. Why do you exist? Whats
We went through something like Are they kidding? the purpose of your business? Why does
that at ATRA: About 15 years ago, Kodak At Kodak, we believe that it matter that you and your team show
we went through a Mission Statement by doing well by our shareholders also up every day?
Workshop and, after an entire day, had means doing right by our customers, If your purpose is to rebuild
five paragraphs of lofty language. We employees, neighbors, and suppliers. transmissions, start over: thats a task.
turned it into a sign and hung it on the With that in mind, Kodak operates its In fact, if it has anything to do with the
wall. Boy, did we feel good about it! facilities, and designs and markets transmission, youre probably missing
About 10 years later, we had a its products and services, not only to the point.
company meeting. During the meeting, increase shareholder value, but also to You see, the purpose of a business
without any warning, GEARS Managing promote development of the individual, at least a successful one always
Editor Rodger Bland pipes up, I have the wellbeing of the community, and centers on the customer.
a $100 bill here for anyone who can respect for the environment. This exercise is harder than you
quote a single paragraph of our mission It doesnt get any worse! might think, especially if youre a
statement. What a wise guy, right? But So we werent alone when it comes technician at heart. We technicians
he had no takers not even me. to not being able to define our mission always want to talk about the great
Shortly after that, I tried something clearly. On the other hand: work we do, and our vast knowledge
different: I went around to each person Walmart Saving people money and abilities. We get excited about
and asked, Why are we here and so they can live better lives. parts and technique, and our web site
what do we do? Whats the purpose of Simple and includes the customer. and advertising reflect that (as though
ATRA? To a person, the response was AT&T To connect people with customers should get as excited as we
a list of tasks. They had no idea why their world, everywhere they live and do about parts and technique).
ATRA was in business. work, and to do it better than anyone So take your time and put some
It wasnt their fault it was mine. else. thought into answering the question:
I never told them. You see, you can do a Another good one. Whats the purpose of your business.
task very well, even if you dont know So what did we do about it? At Well cover more about this
why youre doing it. Even if you dont ATRA, our answer was the simple later in the year, culminating with a
know its purpose. Knowing the purpose Get em in the door; get em out the program at ATRAs Powertrain Expo.
makes the tasks relevant and important. door statement. It goes like this: The In the meantime, give it some thought.
It isnt just us: A lot of purpose of ATRA is to help its Members Include your team as well. If you get
businesses fight their way through bring customers in, and then help them it right itll change the way you do
defining their purposes some fix their cars so they can get paid. business forever.
2 GEARS March 2017

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by Mike Brown

n 2000, Ford introduced the
5R55N. It was only used in the
2000-2002 Lincoln LS, 2002
Thunderbird, and 2000-2002 Jaguar
S-type. Its a lot like the 5R55W/S,
but the N model has an intermediate
clutch; the W/S models dont.
Ford introduced the 5R55W/S
in 2002 and, by now, youve
probably become pretty familiar
with the ins and outs of this unit.
Some common problems include
slipping in 2nd and 5th gears, or
binds on the 2-3 shift. For these
conditions, check the servo pin
bore for wear (figure 1), and, if
its worn, repair it with a pin bore
repair kit.
Then theres the famous no
engagement, slow engagement,
or pump noise. For that problem,
check the blow-off valve in the
pump and replace it or update it
with an aftermarket kit (figure 2).
And, of course, who can
forget the ever-troublesome
multiple codes and missing gears?
Look for a broken circuit in the
solenoid block (figure 3).
But there are a couple other
problems that can sometimes
send you wandering in the
wrong direction: wrong gear starts
Figure 1 or bindups.

4 GEARS March 2017

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When faced with one or more
of these conditions, the first thing
Figure 2
you need to check is what gear
the transmission control module
(TCM) is commanding. You can
check the range commands with
your scan tool or a signal monitor.
There are a few things that
can cause the (TCM) to command
the wrong gear:
1. Diagnostic trouble codes
(DTCs) in memory, putting the
transmission in failsafe.
2. Manual Lever Position Sensor
(MLPS) is out of adjustment.
3. Vehicle speed sensor picking up
a stray signal from the charging
system or ignition system.
But if youve verified that the
TCM is commanding the correct
gear range, you can move on to
the transmission.
Begin with this test:
Start the engine.
Raise the car into the air.
Shift the transmission into gear.
With the transmission run-
ning and in gear, have another
tech see if he can turn either of the
band adjustment screws in.
In drive, both bands should
be off. You should be able to turn
both band adjustment screws in
without any problem. And this is Figure 3

GEARS March 2017 5

1brown317.indd 5 2/23/17 1:47 PM

5R55N with Wrong Gear Starts and Bindups? Look for a Faulty Servo

where things usually go wrong.

If one of the band adjustments is
tight, thats a problem. What a lot of techs dont realize is that both
Now, you might jump to the
conclusion that youre dealing
with a valve body problem. But,
servo pistons use release oil to push them off
after replacing the valve body,
you have the same problem. So
when they arent supposed to be applied.
now youd think itd have to be a
faulty solenoid block. And, after
replacing the solenoid block, the
servo adjustments are still tight.
How can this be? The
computer is issuing the right
command, the valve body and
solenoid block have been
replaced. What can be causing
the band to be tight when it
should be off?
What a lot of techs dont
realize is that both servo pistons
use release oil to push them off
when they arent supposed to be
applied. They have springs that
help, but they require release
pressure to remain off.
The release pressure applies
to the big side of the piston. If
the piston is hard, has a tear in
the seal, or even if it becomes
delaminated (figure 4), the release
oil leaks across and becomes
apply oil, applying the band when Figure 4
it should be holding it off.
On many of these units, we hear
that the servos air check fine. They do,
because the apply side of the piston
isnt the problem; its the release side
thats damaged.
Depending on how bad the leak
on the release side is, it can create
different types of problems:
A bad leak can cause a bind in
reverse and manual low, and wrong
gear starts.
A small leak can cause wrong
gear starts, or a clutch or band
failure after a short time, with gear
ratio codes.
So, whether its a new job or a
comeback, if you have wrong gear
starts or a bindup, always check the
commands from the TCM. If theyre
okay, perform this quick test on
the bands.
The problem could be as simple
as a bad servo and thats not just
smart thats Street Smart!

6 GEARS March 2017

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Original standards. Remanufactured.

Ford is your source for remanufactured gas engines. Each one
is built to original performance specs, including the latest Ford
engineering enhancements. And since every remanufactured
gas engine is built with parts that keep it specific to make,
model, year and emissions calibration, youll get the right fit
every time. No guesswork. Thats the power of original.


Contact the Ford Powertrain Assistance Center

at 800-392-7946 or visit FordParts.com.

See dealer for warranty details.

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by Scott Shotton

The Driveability Guys

How are Your Signals?

F aulty crankshaft and camshaft
position sensors can cause a
variety of customer complaints.
Some of these issues can prevent the
engine from starting, cause the engine
(PM) generators or digital sensors.
PM generators output an analog,
AC signal that varies in frequency
and amplitude with speed. In todays
complex vehicles that incorporate
that switches on and off between zero
and reference voltage. The reference
voltage can be anything, but are usually
either 5 or 12 volts.
These digital sensors usually take
to stall, turn the MIL on, and even cause systems such as variable valve timing, the form of either a Hall Effect sensor
improper shifts. And these are only a accuracy is critical. PM generators or a magneto-resistive sensor. The
few of the possibilities. This article is tend to be less accurate for measuring difference between the two is the way
the first in a series about crankshaft and position than digital sensors. in which they create their digital, on/
camshaft position sensors. Although PM generators are still off signal, but the signal is basically
For many years, crankshaft and widely used for measuring speed, digital identical.
camshaft position sensors, as well as sensors are used more often on todays Today well focus on these digital
other position sensors, have mainly been vehicles to measure position. Digital sensors, using a 2000 Dodge Dakota
one of two types: permanent magnet sensors output a DC, digital signal with a 4.7-liter engine. The customers
complaint was the vehicle would
intermittently stick in one gear, stall
intermittently, and the MIL was on.
The first step was to retrieve
diagnostic trouble codes: There were
eight DTCs stored in two modules.
Here are the codes we found:

P0320 No crankshaft reference
signal to the PCM
P1391 Intermittent loss of
camshaft (CMP) or crankshaft
(CKP) signal
P0340 No camshaft signal to the
P0700 EATX controller DTC

Figure 1

8 GEARS March 2017

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If this is what it feels like trying to get the
transmission kit you need, call Precision today.

We know the drill: its 4 p.m. on a Thursday and your customer at

a local transmission shop needs a transmission kit ASAP for a Friday
repair. Thats why we stock over 40,000 ready-to-ship foreign and
domestic kits from this years newest to hard-to-find oldies.
Precisions 98% on-time delivery means youll get it the next day
with each part clearly labeled, easy instructions and, very often, a
few extra parts you might need to get the repair done. Tech help is
always fast and free (with plenty of how-to videos on our website),
or contact our engineering manager Vinnie Soverio directly at
800-872-6649 x3022. Were here to help.
14 Todd Court Extension, Yaphank, NY 11980
(631) 567-2000 Fax (631) 567-2640
Toll Free: 800-872-6649
E-mail: sales@transmissionkits.com
ISO 9001 Certified & 68,000 sq. ft. of inventory.
When you need it, were ready to ship.

Gears magazine MAR 17 trim 8.125 x 10.875 Bleed 8.375 x 11.125 Live 7.7625 x 10.375
March 2017.indd 1 1 4c #255
2/27/17 11:08 AM
7:45 AM
Crank and Cam How are Your Signals?

Figure 2

When the computer systems have a Knowing how the individual

TCM long list of codes stored, its a good idea codes set can be valuable. Notice the
P0725 Engine speed sensor circuit to step back and look for relationships PCM stored code P0320, which could
P0720 Output speed sensor error between the codes. Dont clear the indicate a missing crankshaft (CKP)
P1790 Fault immediately after codes and see what resets yet: First, signal. P1391 could indicate a missing
shift record all the codes and freeze frame crank signal, but could also be caused
P0731 Gear ratio error in 1st gear data. by a camshaft (CMP) sensor.
10 GEARS March 2017

1scottshotton317jt.indd 10 2/24/17 3:34 PM

ETE Reman March 2017.indd 1 2/27/17 7:25 AM
Crank and Cam How are Your Signals?

Figure 3

For reference, Chrysler products At this point, a lazy technician sensors is 5 volts. So the digital sensors
can often set a crankshaft sensor code would probably have sold the customer signal should probably toggle on and
when the camshaft sensor is the issue both sensors, and theres a good chance off, between 0 and 5 volts.
and vice versa. To muddy the waters itd have solved the problem. But that Once you have the scope connected
even more, theres a P0340 camshaft technician would miss out on two and set up properly, start the engine and
sensor code. So which sensor could be things: knowing what the actual failure wait for the failure to show up. The
causing the problem? Moving forward, was, and the pride of diagnosing and waveform in figure xx shows the signal
the P0700 indicated that we should repairing the problem properly. while the engine was running with no
check DTCs in the transmission control Then again, theres always the faults present.
module. chance that the sensors arent at fault For now, both sensors appear to
The TCM had code P0725 stored and replacing them wont fix the have good clean switching on and off
for the engine speed signal; thats taken problem. Then theyd have to start over. just as youd expect from a digital
from the crank sensor. It turns out that There could always be issues with the sensor. The voltages, 0 volts and 5
the P0720, P1790, and P0731 codes can ground or reference voltage that they volts, also appear to be correct for this
all set due to discrepancies between both share. The smarter choice is to test vehicle.
the engine speed (CKP) signal and the and prove the failure. This is one of the areas where
output speed signal. Diagnosing eight To test a digital sensor, youll need scopes shine. If you use a voltmeter to
DTCs might seem a little daunting, a wiring diagram to determine where measure the crankshaft sensor signal,
but with a little thought and research, to connect your scope leads. On this itd measure about 2.5 volts. Thats
a pattern began to emerge: All of these vehicle, the camshaft sensor signal is because voltmeters average the changes
DTCs could trace back to a crankshaft located at connector C1, pin 18. Connect in the voltage signal. If a digital sensor
or camshaft sensor error. Things were channel A (blue) at this location. outputs a 5-volt signal half of the
starting to look a little clearer. The crankshaft sensor signal is time and 0 volts the other half, the
A check of available service data located at connector C1, pin 8. Connect average would be 2.5 volts. The scope
indicated that all eight DTCs could channel B (red) here. reveals the detail you wont get from a
trace back to a failing crankshaft Youll want to make both voltmeter.
sensor. In addition, all of the customers connections at the PCM to make sure As the engine continued to run,
complaints could be caused by the same the signal is getting back to it. In this the waveform started to change, even
failure. case, the reference voltage to both though the vehicle continued to run

12 GEARS March 2017

1scottshotton317jt.indd 12 2/24/17 3:34 PM

Transtar March 2017.indd 1 2/22/17 2:53 PM
Crank and Cam How are Your Signals?

Figure 4

correctly. The crankshaft sensor wasnt Is there an engine or electrical

pulling reference voltage all the way diagnostic issue youd like to see
to ground, or 0 volts. Eventually the addressed? Let Scott know. Send him
crankshaft signal disappeared and the an email at scott@driveabilityguys.com
vehicle stalled. and you just may have your question
So there was the problem: the covered in a future issue of GEARS.
waveform provided proof that the
crankshaft sensor was failing. This
would have never been possible using
a scan tool or voltmeter. Replacing the
crankshaft sensor resolved all the DTCs
and the customers complaints.
This particular case study covered
a few points:
How to test digital sensors.
The importance of taking the
time to step back and assess the
problem before clearing codes.
The value of a sound diagnostic
The reason to pinpoint the fault
before throwing parts at the
In the next issue, well continue
our diagnostic exploration and move
beyond sensor voltages. Well address
the camshaft and crankshaft position
sensors relationship to one another, and
discover how to expand the tests weve
already covered.

14 GEARS March 2017

1scottshotton317jt.indd 14 2/24/17 3:34 PM

Raybestos March 2017.indd 1 2/22/17 7:47 AM
by Steve Garret

rogramming a vehicle is becom- Eliminate or disconnect aftermar-
ing part of everyday service ket equipment that could interfere
for most shops today. More and with the programming process.
more problems are being addressed by In addition, many modules now
software updates rather than hard part require the program be stored in a
replacement by all manufacturers. flash drive one with at least 4GB
Like other vehicle technology, the formatted to FAT32 because the
reprogramming process continues to software loads are so large.
evolve, and with that evolution, prob- As of late, a number of
lems with programming continue to technicians have run into problems
occur. Some programming issues are loading software or calibrations into
self-inflicted, while others are due to the TEHCM on the 6L and 6T series
vehicle issues or software conflicts. transmissions. A year or so ago, these
There are some basic processes units seldom experienced problems,
to follow to minimize the chance of but today, as they become more
issues during programming. These popular and as reprogramming system
include: changes have been implemented,
Use a memory saver to regulate difficulties are showing up.
and maintain battery voltage. Here are a few common scenarios
Never use a battery charger; and how they play out:
the voltage fluctuations can cause Scenario 1 A vehicle comes in
programming errors. with an issue related to the trans-
Check the battery and replace it if mission. The technicians decide a
needed prior to programming. software update may address the
Make sure your scan tool, pass-thru issue, so they start to install the
device, and computer have the update. Everything goes wonder-
correct software. fully right up to the end when they
Make sure you have a good internet receive an Error Message, Program
connection and PC-to-pass-thru Failed, indicating the software
connection, preferably hard-wired didnt load properly.
to your reprogramming equipment. No matter what they do from this
Select the correct RPO codes based point, the software wont load. In
on how the vehicle is equipped. addition, the transmission is now

16 GEARS March 2017

1SteveG-317.indd 16 2/23/17 1:47 PM


GFX March 2017.indd 1 2/22/17 1:17 PM

STP_HONDA_Codes_Ad_2017_PRINT.indd 1 2/14/2017 2:31:10 PM
Oh No! Another Programming Failure!

in default or limp mode. So the

manager now has to explain
why a vehicle that drove into
the shop now cant drive out of
the shop.
Scenario 2 A vehicle comes
in with an issue related to the
transmission. The customer
is price-sensitive, so they
decide to install a reman or
salvage yard unit. Once again,
everything goes fine, right up
until they get an Error Message,
Program Failed, and now the
new transmission wont operate
properly because the systems in
default mode.
Scenario 3 A vehicle comes
in with an issue related to
the transmission. It appears
to have a TEHCM problem,
so the technicians replace it.
Everything goes fine until they
get an Error Message, Program
Failed, and the transmission
wont work properly because
its stuck in default mode.
You may already be aware
that GM has Global A and Global
B technology incorporated into
many of their modules. You
cant swap modules in the global
platform vehicles because the
module ID wont match, which
will lock the module out.
The vehicles in the example
scenarios arent global modules,
but the lockout action operates
as if it were a global controller
When you face one of these
situations, youll likely have codes
associated with the programming
failure. These codes typically
arent the codes youll see on your
scan tool, because your scan tool
wont be able to communicate
with the TEHCM. Typically youll see one or more plete, calibration data files. It
The codes are displayed on your of these codes displayed on your typically isnt related to a module
computers reprogramming screen computer screen: or vehicle issue.
as part of the failed programming E4398, E4399, E4403, E4414, E4399/M4403 is generally related
process. Dont be fooled here. E4423, E4491 (E4423 and E4491 to a communication loss between
You may see some transmission are the most common) the module and the programming
data, but the data parameters are M4404, M4413 tool. This could also be due to a
coming from the ECM, not the All of these error codes have to drop in battery voltage, aftermarket
TEHCM. In addition, you may find do with some sort of programming components, connections, wiring
a communication error code failure: issues, or a delay or interruption
U0101 stored in some of the E4398 indicates a programming in the data transmission into
other modules. error due to a lack of, or incom- the module.
18 GEARS March 2017

1SteveG-317.indd 18 2/23/17 1:47 PM

Automatic Transmission Standard Transmission Parts
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Transgo Shift Kits Electrical Components

Version 5.0
Digital Catalog
For quicker access & more info, including
our Tranny Guide, ask for our CD
Catalog. With clickable links to take you
from index, to complete photo layout, to
individual part descriptions instantly!

Ads JanFeb 2017.indd 15 1/9/17 9:11 AM
Oh No! Another Programming Failure!

E4414/M4413 is usually related an existing VIN. That means youll

to the GM programming system need to install a new, blank TEHCM
not recognizing the calibrations for the calibrations to load and the
stored in the module. A * symbol transmission to operate correctly.
will typically be attached to the As this situation is becoming a
calibration number, indicating common problem, you should also
it can recognize the calibration. get familiar with the additional parts
Address this issue by restarting the of the message thatll be displayed
SPS reprogramming system and on your PC when this failure occurs.
selecting Replace and Reprogram These include:
as the programming method. This E4491 Reprogramming error!
process overwrites the unidentified Check all connections and reset
software and calibrations. programming interface
M4404 indicates no communi E4423: Unknown programming
cation with your scan tool or error
pass-thru device. It typically isnt IMPORTANT: Dont replace the control
related to a module or vehicle module immediately! First make sure
problem. Check for proper battery your programming device is updated
voltage and for good connections with the latest software and is connected
between your scan tool and the PC properly to the service PC. Then attempt
to isolate the problem. reprogramming. If the failure persists,
E4423/E4491 are currently the contact technical support.
most common issues. These codes
indicate an incompatibility between LINE Operation Error Code
the software or calibrations and
the module. They can be due to 20 1A 31
battery voltage issues, aftermarket 15 3B FD
components, and now a previous
VIN being stored in the module. 15 EE 0
With regard to the scenarios we
discussed at the beginning, these Well as you can see, times are
problems are often caused if the changing and so is the technology
TEHCM in the transmission isnt youre expected to work with. And
the same as the one the vehicle was itll continue to change, so youll need
originally equipped with, usually to change with it.
due to transmission or TEHCM
The VIN is one of the last bits
of information written to the module,
completing the software/calibration
load. So, if a new VIN cant be
written, the process results in an error
code at the end of the programming
In addition, when programming
or reprogramming a TEHCM, the
software and calibrations are erased
as part of the process. If the program
ming process cant be completed
due to a conflict, the TEHCM wont
be able to function. Thats why the
system defaults into limp mode.
Not long ago, you didnt need to
worry about a VIN being stored in
the TECHM; we had ways to work
around the system and overwrite a
new VIN. Not any more: The GM
SPS no longer allows you to overwrite

20 GEARS March 2017

1SteveG-317.indd 20 2/23/17 1:48 PM

We make getting hard parts easy.



GFX March 2017.indd 1 2/22/17 8:13 AM

Raybestos Advertorial March 2017.indd 22 2/27/17 7:29 AM
Raybestos Advertorial March 2017.indd 23 2/27/17 7:29 AM
Raybestos Advertorial March 2017.indd 24 2/27/17 7:29 AM
Raybestos Advertorial March 2017.indd 25 2/27/17 7:29 AM

by Rob Faucett

he key to repairing any problem One problem to consider when it RPM. Always check the line pressure
successfully is twofold: You comes to the MAF sensor is when the command and actual line pressure to
need to address the problem sensor is reading improperly, but still verify solenoid and pressure regulator
and the cause. Fix only the problem within specs so it doesnt trip a code. operation.
without addressing the root cause of For example, a MAF that only delivers After inspecting the MAF and
that problem, and you can bet that the an airflow reading equivalent to idle determining it was operating properly,
car will be back. speed, so it doesnt provide the proper we removed the pan. As suspected,
What do we mean by addressing input for the computer to adjust the there was a lot of clutch material in the
the root cause? Lets take a look at air/fuel mixture for off-idle operation. sump; more than likely from the torque
a 6L80 with a no high gear and no This can also cause lower line pressure converter clutch.
lockup. The owner of the truck says and lead to premature transmission Once we had the transmission on
the engine seems to run at higher RPM failure. the bench and apart, there was very
than normal at highway speeds, and Heres a simple check for mass little damage, other than converter
the shifts seem to be firmer after it gets airflow sensors: At idle, in park, with clutch material. The stator support
warm. During the test drive it shifted no load, the grams-per-second signal shaft and bushings looked good, as
hard, had no high gear, no lockup, and should be right about equal to the was the input shaft.
the Check Engine light was on. engine size in liters, plus or minus Dave Hammond at Atlantic
A check for codes revealed P0741: about ten percent. At around 2500 Torque Converter cut this converter
torque converter clutch stuck off. Line RPM, it should be about twenty times open so we could get a firsthand look
pressure issues can lead to torque the engine size in liters. at what happens to these converter
converter failure, so, with the scan tool So a 5.0-liter engine should be clutches (figure 1). Sure enough, it was
still connected, youll want to check close to 5 grams per second at idle, hammered.
line pressure command and MAF and around 100 grams per second, So we know the converters shot,
(mass airflow) sensor operations. plus or minus ten percent, at 2500 but is that the root cause or just the

26 GEARS March 2017

1Rob 317.indd 26 2/23/17 1:48 PM

Figure 1

GEARS March 2017 27

1Rob 317.indd 27 2/23/17 1:48 PM

The Problem and the Cause

Figure 2

result of another problem? One

possible source of a problem that
can damage the converter is bore
wear in the valve body or pump.
So your next step should be to
examine a hydraulic diagram to
determine which valves control
the torque converter.
The TCC regulator valve is
inside the valve body (figure 2).
This valve controls pressure to
the apply side of the converter
clutch. If the TCC regulator valve
is damaged, sticking, or the valve
bore is worn, it may not provide
adequate pressure to the converter
clutch, which would allow it
to slip.
The TCC control valve is in
the pump (figure 3). Fluid makes
its way from the TCC regulator
valve to the TCC control valve,
then on to the apply side of the
converter clutch.
A common issue here is bore
wear at the end of the valve, which
prevents pressure from the TCC
pressure control solenoid from
stroking the valve completely.
This can reduce the apply
pressure to the converter, once
again allowing the clutch to slip
(figure 4).
The best way to verify bore
wear is to vacuum test the valves
and bores. If you dont have
a vacuum test stand, consider
buying one, or even building
your own. Jarad Warren wrote Figure 3

28 GEARS March 2017

1Rob 317.indd 28 2/23/17 1:48 PM

Figure 4

a very thorough article in June, 2015 and reamer, so the only option was to time to check every possibility for the
issue of GEARS, where he provides replace the pump body. root cause of the failure, instead of
part numbers and instructions for With the pump body replaced, we focusing on the results.
making your own vacuum test bench. buttoned up the transmission, installed By addressing the root cause first,
This is one of those tools where, a new torque converter, and reinstalled you can avoid costly comebacks, keep
once you begin use and understand the unit. During the test drive, the your transmissions on the road, and
it, youll wonder how you ever got by transmission worked great; chances keep your customers happy. And isnt
without one. are good that itll continue to work that really how you want all your jobs
The valve body passed the properly for years to come. to work out?
vacuum test, with 20 in Hg. But the No one likes working on the same
TCC control valve in the pump failed transmission a second time; so, before
at just 13 in Hg. For now, no one the one youre working on today finds
offers an oversized TCC control valve its way back on the bench, take the

GEARS March 2017 29

1Rob 317.indd 29 2/23/17 1:48 PM

by Pat Wolfe
Sage Network & Communications

ouve probably heard about cloud The significant change over the Hands-free microphone so that you
services from a wide variety past is the amount of fiber available, can communicate with your tech-
of sources. The phrase in the and competition has lowered the price nicians in the shop without them
cloud has become a familiar way of to where its common to see 50 Mbps having to walk over to a phone and
saying that something is somewhere of download speed for less than $100 pick it up to answer a call
out on the internet. per month. This is up to 20 times faster Customized music on hold, giving
But what, exactly, do we mean than a T1 for about a third the cost. customers on hold the opportunity
when we talk about internet cloud If your business has a reliable to learn more about your company.
services? Simply put, cloud services broadband connection, this is great Mobile attendant console so you can
provide customers with a way of news and something you should monitor and manage calls from any
accessing applications off site: take advantage of to reduce your computer, anywhere.
Applications that arent running at other telecommunications costs, by Call recording and call waiting with
your location. running your phone, fax, or POTS caller ID.
Why is this important? Generally, lines through your primary internet Conference calling at no additional
its about cost savings and security. Its connection. cost.
just less expensive and more secure A compelling use of broadband is There are a lot of benefits of
to provide access to applications to run your voice traffic across this con- switching from a hardwired landline
that are hosted on a server in a nection. This can save you a bundle by to Voice over IP. If youre still using
remote data center than it is for you to eliminating separate fees for phone calls the old, copper-wire solutions, I urge
purchase the software and a server to and for maintaining a phone system. you to look into upgrading to VoIP for
host it, plus the costs to implement the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) your business.
solution and maintain it. can replace these hardwired systems.
Cloud services are also known as A properly designed and implemented
software as a service. The beauty of VoIP system will not only save you
it is its simplicity, as it provides a pay- money, but also provide you and your
as-you-go model for an application employees several nice features that
that is hosted and maintained by a will add to your customers satisfaction,
dedicated provider. There are countless staff productivity and your profitability,
examples of this, such as ATRAs Tech such as:
Repair Center members.atra.com Single number reach, so that, if If youd like to learn how to take
or QuickBooks online version you're away from the office, you can advantage of VoIP for your business,
quickbooks.intuit.com/online. receive and return calls from any contact Pat Wolfe at Sage Network &
Whats critical to using internet smartphone. Communications. Hell work with you
cloud services is having fast, reliable Unified messaging so that voice- to develop a plan thats right for your
internet access. These days, thanks mails are delivered to your email company. Call Pat at 877-848-3009,
to broadband internet becoming and your phone, allowing you to email pcwolfe@sagenetcom.com, or
more accessible than ever before, the retrieve voicemail from outside visit Sage Network & Communications
internet is often referred to as the 4th the office from any smartphone or on line at www.sagenetcom.com.
utility for many businesses. web-enabled device.
30 GEARS March 2017

VoIP 317.indd 30 2/23/17 1:56 PM

TCRA March 2017.indd 1 2/27/17 7:31 AM

by Pete Huscher

yundai/Kia Motor Company
introduced its first, internally
A6 six-speed automatic transmission
in 2009. Designing and manufacturing
this new transmission was an enormous
undertaking for them, with more than
150 engineers spending nearly four
years to bring it to market.
With over 300 patents and over
600 individual parts, the transmissions
compact design is on its way to
becoming the soul of Hyundai/Kias
gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles.
In this article, were going to take a
brief look at the A6MF1 transmission
(figure 1).

Compact Design
The A6 six-speed automatic Figure 1: A6MF1 Transmission
transmission was specifically designed
to be compact. It has a super flat torque application. The first is the A6GF1, maximum torque rating of 170 lb-ft.
converter (figure 2), and its smaller and which usually comes with the lower- Next is the A6MF2, which
lighter than its five-speed predecessor. performing 1.2L, 1.6L, 1.8L, and 2.0L usually appears with the 2.4L engine
engines, with less than 160 lb-ft of with a maximum torque rating of 210
The Soul of the A6 torque. lb-ft.
The A6 transmission is quite The second transmission in the A6 Then theres the A6LF1, which
versatile. Currently, there are six lineup is the A6MF1, which usually sits comes with the 3.3L engine with a
different variations, depending on behind 2.0L or 2.4L engines having a maximum torque rating of 245 lb-ft.
32 GEARS March 2017

1pete 317 v2.indd 32 2/23/17 1:49 PM

The A6
was specifically
designed to Figure 2: Super Flat Torque Converter
be compact.
It has a super
flat torque

Thats followed by the A6LF2,

which shows up behind 3.5L or 3.8L
engines, with a maximum torque rating
of 265 lb-ft.
Finally, theres the A6LF3, which
sits behind the 4.0L engine that has a
maximum torque rating of 300 lb-ft.

A6 Components
The A6 transmission uses three Figure 3: Compact 3 Planet Design
braking clutches low/reverse,
underdrive, and 2/6 two driving
clutches overdrive and 3/5/reverse
and a one-way clutch, in conjunction
with a compact design, three-planetary
set (figure 3) to create six forward gears
and reverse.
The torque converter is a super flat
design and the closed-type differential
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
carrier assembly uses four-pinions for
greater durability.
The pump is parachoid design,
which looks similar to the older style
pump rotors, but has a new tooth shape
that provides greater oil flow.
1 Line Pressure Control Solenoid 5 UD Solenoid
It uses a three-piece valve body,
2 Shift Solenoid A 6 2/6 Solenoid
which houses eight solenoids line
3 Shift Solenoid B 7 3/5/R Solenoid
pressure control, shift solenoid A, shift
4 OD Solenoid 8 TCC Solenoid
solenoid B, OD, UD, 2/6, 3/5/reverse,
and TCC (Figure 4) six accumulators,
and various control valves. Figure 4: Valve body with Solenoids

GEARS March 2017 33

1pete 317 v2.indd 33 2/23/17 1:49 PM

Hyundai/Kias A6 Family of Transmissions

The input and output speed

Just recently, they eliminated the A6 sensors are mounted in the trans-
mission case (figure 5). The updated
transmission oil level gauge to allow internal harness allows for replacing
for installing an oil filler cap and individual components (figure 6),
including the speed sensors, trans-
oil level overflow plug. mission fluid temperature sensor,
and the solenoid harness.
The transmission range switch
mounts externally on the shifter

A6 Service
Servicing the A6 transmission
Output Speed Sensor is simple. Just recently, they
eliminated the A6 transmission oil
level gauge to allow for installing
an oil filler cap and oil level
overflow plug (figure 7).
Input Speed Sensor The oil strainer or filter mounts
directly to the oil pump assembly
and isnt accessible without
disassembling the transmission.
The oil filler cap and oil
level overflow plug mount on
the transmission side pan. The
Figure 5: Input & Output Speed Sensors transmission side pan is plastic; be

Oil Filler Cap

Oil Level Overflow Cap

Figure 6: Updated Internal Harness Figure 7: Oil Filler Cap & Oil Level Overflow Plug Added

34 GEARS March 2017

1pete 317 v2.indd 34 2/23/17 1:49 PM

careful you dont damage the filler cap
or overflow plug and threads.
To service the A6 transmission:
1. Remove transmission oil drain
plug (located on the bottom
of the transmission) and allow
the transmission fluid to drain.
www.systemonetechnologies.com 1-800-711-1414
Discard the oil drain plug gasket.
2. Install the oil drain plug with a
new gasket; torque the drain plug
The Industry's
to 30 lb-ft; 41 Nm.
3. Remove the oil filler cap and oil
Most Powerful
level overflow plug. Discard the
oil level overflow plug gasket.
Parts Cleaning Technology
4. Add at least 5 quarts of Hyundai
genuine ATF SP-IV ATF through
the filler cap hole (the transmission
holds 7.1 quarts; 6.7 liters dry).
5. Start the engine and allow it to idle
Pure Solvent
until it reaches normal operating
temperature (140F; 60C).
6. Move the shifter lever through
each range twice; return to park.
Every Day,
7. Slowly add transmission fluid
through the oil filler cap hole until
All Day!
fluid dribbles out the oil level
overflow plug hole.
8. Install the oil level overflow NOW AVAILABLE FACTORY DIRECT
plug with a new gasket (torque
overflow plug to 30 lb-ft; 41 Nm).
9. Install the oil filler cap. Clean
oil residue from drain plug and
overfill plug area.

10. Test drive vehicle to verify proper
transmission operation. $0 Down; $0 Deposit; $0 Advance Payment; $1 Buy-Out
FREE Shipping within Continental USA
FREE 60 Month Full Term Extended Parts Warranty

Delivers pure cleaning solvent 24/7/365

at the simple touch of a button.

No parts washer service required EVER!

Recovers 100% of cleaning solvents, Eliminates 100% of hazardous solvent waste,
100% VOC free with Qsol solvents
Significantly increases productivity and reduces operational costs

The technology leader in parts

cleaning for over 20 years
Start saving today
Lease Now and Your First
3 Payments Are On Us!

GEARS March 2017 35

1pete 317 v2.indd 35 2/23/17 1:50 PM

Hyundai/Kias A6 Family of Transmissions

A6 Diagnosis TCM Relearn

Diagnosing the A6 transmission is module (TCM), located in the left rear Youll need to perform a transmis-
pretty straightforward. Luckily, the A6 engine compartment. You can access sion control module relearn procedure
transmission has pressure ports for each transmission control module through after any major transmission repair
clutch circuit, the TCC apply and release the DLC connector, located below left or replacement, or after replacing
circuits, and reducing pressure circuits dash area. or reprogramming the transmission
(figures 8, 9, and 10). This makes it easy Refer to your specific vehicle control module.
to diagnose hydraulic problems. application for code definitions and There are two types of TCM
The A6 transmission system is diagnostic routines. The TCM is capable relearning procedure to be performed
controlled by the transmission control of relearning. on the TCM. The first is called the
garage shift or stationary relearn
procedure. This procedure teaches the
TCM to provide proper engagement.
To perform the garage shift/stationary
LR Pressure Tap relearn procedure:
1. Bring the engine to normal
operating temperature (140-240F;
2. Verify the engine idle is below 700
3. Apply the service brakes.
4. Move the shifter lever from park to
neutral and hold it in neutral for more
than 2 seconds; then return to park.
5. Move the shifter lever from park to
Figure 8: LR Pressure Tap drive and hold it in drive for more
than 2 seconds; then return to park.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 at least four times.
That should do it: the garage shift/
stationary relearn procedure should
be complete.
UD Pressure Tap The second TCM relearn procedure
is the drive relearn procedure. This
teaches the TCM how to shift the
transmission. To perform the drive
relearn procedure:
1. Move the shifter lever into drive.
2. Accelerate from a stop through the
complete shift pattern. Maintain an
APPS percentage between 15-20%
with no more than a 3% change.
Figure 9: UD Pressure Tap 3. Come to a full stop.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 at least four times.
Thats all there is to it; the drive
Dampner Release Pressure Tap relearn procedure should be complete.

More A6 Information
Dampner Apply Pressure Tap Well, there you have it: a brief look
at Hyundai/Kias A6MF1 transmission.
For more information, such as bulletins,
GEARS Magazine articles, and a
webinar on the A6LF1 transmission,
35R Pressure Tap visit the ATRA Tech Center.
With a little bit of knowledge and
understanding, you should have no
26 Pressure Tap problem keeping Hyundai/Kias family
of A6 trannys rolling.

Figure 10: Dampner, 35R & 26 Pressure Taps

36 GEARS March 2017

1pete 317 v2.indd 36 2/23/17 1:50 PM

MARCH 21 & 22
REOF10A/B (CVT) - Intro

APRIL 4 & 5

This and other technical webinars

are made possible by;

ATRA Webinars are presented every two weeks

from January to October.
Login at http://members.atra.com and click on the
webinar schedule under the events menu. Once
registered, you will receive an email confirming
your registration along with the information you
need to join the webinar.

*Free for everyone on the day of the webinar. ATRA Members have
access to all pre-recorded webinars.

The technology leader in parts cleaning for over 20 years

ATRA_Webinars March 2017.indd 1 2/27/17 7:22 AM


by Thom Tschetter

p Your Business is an The following story is about
exclusive GEARS Magazine a shop that reached that breaking
feature in which I share sto- point the point where bending over
ries, insights, and reflections about real backward for the customer just wasnt
business and life challenges. enough. In this particular case, I didnt
In over 20 years as an arbitrator and serve as an arbitrator; instead, I was called
mediator, Ive observed that most customer to help coach the shop owner, whos one of
disputes are over unmet expectations or our ATRA Good Guys.
misunderstandings. The BBB reports that
warranty disputes significantly outnumber First the Oil
almost all other categories of disputes. 1. The customer came in with an older high
In my last article, I discussed how ATRAs mileage 4X4 pickup truck that was losing
Golden Rule Warranty was appropriately transmission fluid. He stated that it had been
named because so many of the ATRA Good going on for quite some time, but he hadnt
Guys are committed to running their businesses had the money to fix it. Hed recently received
according to the underlying philosophy of the his income tax refund and wanted to take care
Golden Rule. Its a personal statement of moral of it now.
commitment to honoring others, without expecta- 2. The diagnostic procedure revealed no evidence
tion of reciprocity. of leaks from the transmission, but the trans-
That simple principle has served as the mission fluid was low and the transfer case
foundation for ATRAs ethical standards of was overfilled. The transfer case was leaking
conduct since 1954. Additionally, in recent years, from the rear seal.
youve heard that one of the keys to success in 3. The problem was determined to be a one-way
todays business climate is being customer- leak between the transmission and transfer case.
centric. But, as youll see, sometimes enough is 4. Additionally, material in the transmission pan
enough. There comes a point when a shop just has showed evidence of internal damage, likely
to say, No more. from having been run low on fluid.

38 GEARS March 2017

1tschetter 317 v2.indd 38 2/23/17 1:53 PM

5. The shop recommended pulling the clutches, bands, and seals in the bullet on the transmission and only
both units to inspect for leak-related transmission, necessitating another charge the customer to install his
damage in the transmission and the rebuild. They offered to rebuild the choice of the new radiator or the
internal condition of the transfer transmission for $1250 (50% of the by-pass cooler. They convinced
case. They told him that, most likely, original price). him that, even if he won in small
the transfer case would only need 5. No surprise, the customer went claims court, his reputation would
new seals, but the transmission sideways when the shop advised him be smeared on social media and at
would probably need to be rebuilt. that the work they performed four the BBB.
6. Looking at the age and general months prior had nothing to do with 9. The customer accepted the offer and
condition of the truck, the shop this new problem. He didnt buy agreed to purchase only the by-pass
thought they should prepare the the shops explanation that they had cooler.
customer for the likelihood that nothing to do with the transmission
the cost would be over $3000, fluid cooler failure and the related 30 Days Later
and possibly as much as $4000, transmission damage. Now What?
depending on the damage. They 6. The customer became very angry Upon returning to his shop after
asked the customer straight up: Are and threatened to take them to small a 3-day weekend, the shop owner was
you sure you want to put that much claims court, notify the BBB, and to greeted by the customer standing next
money into a truck thats only worth blast them with negative reviews on to his truck, red-faced with anger,
about $2000? the internet. and waving a tow bill. The customer
7. The customer said that he liked the 7. The shop owner told the customer angrily shouts, You guys are either
truck and planned to keep it, and that he wanted to do what was crooks or the most incompetent repair
that he felt good about putting that right. He suggested that they both shop ever! Now my truck overheated
much money into it. take a few hours to calm down and and the engine is shot! Im out over
8. Ultimately, the total bill came to to think about a fair solution. The $4000 on a $2000 truck that doesnt
almost $3600, because they also customer agreed. even run and its all your fault!
found that it needed new mounts, 8. After a quick phone call to his Trying to keep his composure,
CV-joints, U-joints, and a carrier attorney and conversations with our ATRA Good Guy replied, Please
bearing assembly. a couple trusted friends, the calm down and well look into the
9. The customer authorized the repairs. shop owner decided to bite the matter to see whats going on. He told
The shop gave a 12/12 warranty
on the transfer case reseal and
driveline repairs, and a 24/24 on the
transmission rebuild.

Fast Forward Four

Months Now the Water
1. After four months and about
1500 miles, the customer returned
complaining that the transmission
was leaking and was significantly
2. The shops diagnosis revealed that
the transmission cooler was leaking
engine coolant into the transmission,
causing the transmission to be
overfilled with the all-too-familiar
strawberry milkshake. The only
good news was that there was no
ATF in the cooling system.
3. The shop quoted $400 to install a
new radiator, or, as a less expensive
alternative, $150 to install a by-pass
transmission fluid cooler.
4. They advised him that the radiator
failure was unrelated to the work
theyd performed four months earlier
and that the coolant mixing with
the transmission fluid had damaged

GEARS March 2017 39

1tschetter 317 v2.indd 39 2/23/17 1:53 PM

First Oil, Then Water Now What?

the customer to give them a few hours even threatened personal harm and My Advice
to check things out and hed call him to torch the shop. This all occurred After listening to the shop owners
as soon as he knew what happened. on the phone, but as a precaution story, I asked him for two things:
1. It was readily apparent that the and to get it on record, the shop 1. Copies of all repair orders, diagnos-
radiator had failed and the engine owner called the local police. tic sheets, and written warranties.
overheated. 6. This time the shop owner stood his 2. An explanation of what he thought
2. To make matters worse, the engine ground and told the customer to get the customers version of the story
had a blown head gasket, coolant his truck out of the shop and that he would be. I asked him to role play
and motor oil had mixed in the was banned from returning there. with me, with him playing the part
engine and cooling system, and 7. The customer sent a tow truck and of the customer.
engine wouldnt run. The customer never came in or called back. He In reviewing the paperwork, I
might have been right about the did file a complaint with the BBB, found that he had done a good, but
engine being shot, but was it the which included scathing, hateful not great, job of documenting all the
shops fault? accusations mixed with some of facts. The biggest mistake was related
3. The shop owner called the customer the facts as he viewed them. In to the second repair: Hed failed
and advised him that the engine and essence, he saw the entire process as to include any form of disclaimer
radiator had indeed overheated and a continuum, with the shop being at regarding future failures related to the
suffered severe, possibly terminal cause the entire way. cooling system. There was no mention
damage. 8. He used the fact that the shop had regarding the risk associated with the
4. The shop owner said that in any accepted responsibility the first time customer choosing the by-pass cooler
event, the shop had not caused he came back with the coolant in instead of a new radiator.
nor contributed to the engine and the transmission fluid, and he was Finally, his role-play of what he
cooling system failure. now demanding a full refund for all thought the customers story would
5. As you might guess, the customer the work. include was full of innuendo and
again went sideways. In fact, this At this point, the shop owner was opinion. But he felt that both he and
time he went ballistic. He became frustrated, upset, and concerned, so he the customer would agree on the
furious, used abusive language, and called me for advice. bare facts.
renewed his previous threats. He

40 GEARS March 2017

1tschetter 317 v2.indd 40 2/23/17 1:53 PM

In all fairness, I didnt speak He concluded the letter with the So in conclusion, while running
with the customer, but I felt that our following statement: your business by the Golden Rule
customer-centric ATRA Good Guy We have gone above and and being customer-centric usually
was being victimized by an abusive beyond to satisfy the customer. means you go beyond expected norms
customer. I do not intend to work for to make a customer happy, it doesnt
I suggested that he write a Mr. ________ again. This is mean that you never take a stand.
response letter to the BBB in which primarily because he threatened Just like on the playground when
he chronologically stated in simple, to burn my business to the ground we were kids, sometimes the only way
non-technical terms the details and to harm my employees and to stop a bully is to stand your ground.
of what happened, with no opinions, myself. I have been in business for
name-calling, or emotions just the 40 years and I have never had a
facts (essentially, as Ive done above). I situation like this.
felt that, by doing this, even if it ended The letter was well written and About the Author
up in small claims court or arbitration, the accompanying documentation Thom Tschetter has served our
he had his case fully prepared. illustrated that the customer had industry for nearly four decades as a
He wrote the letter to the BBB omitted and even misstated some of management and sales educator. He
owned a chain of award-winning trans-
as I recommended. He included the details in his complaint letter.
mission centers in Washington State for
all documentation (with dates and
mileage) of diagnostics, repairs, and What Happened? over 25 years.
He calls on over 30 years of
written warranties. He also included Its standard BBB practice to experience as a speaker, writer, business
some simple descriptions and diagrams send the businesss written response consultant, and certified arbitrator for
that explained the relationship and to the complaining customer. In this topics for this feature column.
functions of the radiator relative to the case, the customer never replied to the Thom is always eager to help
transmission and engine. He clearly BBB. The BBB notified our ATRA you improve your business and your
demonstrated that, while the radiator Good Guy with a letter of appreciation, life. You can contact him by phone at
affects both, its separate in how it thanking him for his cooperation, and (480) 773-3131 or e-mail to
relates to and functions with each closed the case. coachthom@gmail.com.
of them.

RostraTransmission.com rostratweets RostraPC

GEARS March 2017 41

1tschetter 317 v2.indd 41 2/23/17 1:53 PM

LEARN More...EARN More!


March 4 Charlotte, NC
March 11 Boston, MA
March 18 Biloxi, MS
March 18 Coeur DAlene, ID
March 25 Salt Lake City, UT
April 1 St. Louis, MO
April 8 Minneapolis, MN SCHEDULE FEES
April 22 Concord, CA
Registration ......7am-8am All Pricing in US Funds
April 29 Dallas, TX Seminar......................8am* ATRA Members ..........$165
May 13 Denver, CO Lunch .............12pm-1pm Non-Members ............$210
May 20 Des Moines, IA *Vancouver Seminar Every 4th person........FREE
Begins at 9am On-site registration.....$240
May 20 Albuquerque, NM
May 27 Vancouver, BC
August 5 San Antonio, TX
August 12 Atlanta, GA
August 19 Anaheim, CA
Phone toll-free: (800) 428-8489
August 26 Portland, OR
August 26 Tulsa, OK Fax your payment &
(805) 988-6761
September 9 Billings, MT registration information to:
September 16 Newark, NJ Online: http:// members.atra.com
September 23 Chicago, IL Mail your payment to:
November 4 Baltimore, MD ATRA Seminar Registration
2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030

seminar 317 pg1.indd 1 2/21/17 2:19 PM

Whats Covered CHRYSLER
GENERAL 42-48RE Units AS68RC
- TCC Shuttle, Bucking, Feels Like a - Input Shaft/K1 Clutch Update and
All LCT 1000 Misfire Changes
- Remote Reprogramming Reprogramming - Stator Support Shaft Updates and
- TCM-PCM-TCCM Calibration - 2014 Chevrolet Silverado HD, Changes
- No Forward or Reverse
Updates 2014 GMC Sierra HD - Oil Pump Cover Update and
All Hyundai 62TE Reprogramming Changes
- 1-2 Neutral Shift
- Unable to Program the TC/PCM - 2014 Chrysler Town & Country - Stator Support Pump Body
Subaru J2534 Dodge Grand Caravan, 2014 Updates and Changes
- Dog Clutch Pressure Transducer
- Reprogramming Not Available on Dodge Journey Reprogramming - Pump Body Updates and Changes
Factory Website 845RFE - Bind in Park After Rebuild
All Reprogramming - Reprogramming - Scraping Noise from Flywheel Area
- Unable to Program, No Error
FORD U150 RE0F11A,
CFT 6F35 - Slipping or Binding Shifts, Solenoid RE0F10D/E/H/J
- Delayed Engagement After - Moves Forward in Neutral and Test - Primary Speed Sensors
Overhaul, DTC 0868 Binds in Reverse After Overhaul - Slipping or Binding, Solenoid Test - Output Speed Sensors
Torqshift, 4R100, E4OD, - Reverse Engagement Issues - Air Checks - Ratio Control (Stepper) Motor
4R70W 4R70W - Pump Gear Direction - External Lube Filter Replacement
- Wiring Issues - Locks Up on Top of 2nd Gear - Anti-Rattle Clip - Service Information
Torqshift - Pressure Regulator Valve - Sprag Rotation RE0F10D/E/H/J
- Coast Clutch Drum Repair 6R80 - Clutch Application - Input Speed Sensors
- Delayed Forward Engagements - Updates - Solenoid Identification RE0F11A
- Delayed Reverse - Torque Specifications - Speed Sensor Shims
- Bind Ups - Bolt Removals - Solenoid Identification and Function
- Binds in Reverse - Valve Body Breakdown - Fluid Temperature Sensor
- Binds in Drive - Accumulator Location - High Clutch Pressure Sensor/
- Venting - Codes Switch
ZF6HP19A - Case Connector
- Coolant in Transmission
Pressure Sensors/Switches
Clutch Apply Chart w/ Ratio
4L60E, 4L80E 6L50 - Transmission Fluid Contamination Change
- Erratic Shifts, Possible P0730 Set - Updated Pendulum Torque Mercedes 7G DCT - Pressure Tap Locations
4L80E Converter - Introduction - Secondary Bearing Failure
- No Lock-Up Command 6L50/80/90 JF011E - Broken Transmission Case
6T30/35/40/75, 8L45 - No Reverse After Valve Body - DTC P0845, Valve Body RE0F10A/B
- No Lock-Up Command Replacement Interchange - Solenoid Identification and Function
6T30/35/40/75, 8L45 6L80/90 Nissan/Jatco CVT RE0F06A
- Hybrid Start/Stop Feature No - No 4th, 5th, 6th Gears, Possible - Applications - Solenoid Identification and Function
Longer Operates After Repairs, No DTC P0796 - Introduction RE0F09A/B, RE0F08A
DTCs Set - Burnt 2-6 Clutch - Idle Neutral Control - Fluid Temperature Sensor
6T40 - Delayed Engagement, Slip, - G Sensors (Late Models) RE0F06A
- DTCs Set After TEHCM Shudder, Clutch Damage - G Sensors Calibration - Fluid Temperature Sensor
Replacement - Interchange 1-2-3-4/3-5-R Drum - Speed Sensor Function RE0F10/09/08
- Fast Learn Software Changes Intermittently Neutrals on Launch - Fluid Temperature Sensor - Pressure Sensors/Switches
- Generation 3 Oil Pump Update 8L45/8L90 - Ratio Change Most Other CVTs RE0F10A
Change - Harsh Shifts - Pulley Assembly Tools - Pressure Tap Locations
6T40/45/50 - Delayed Engagement, Drops Out RE0F11A, JF015E, - Service Information
- AWD Final Drive Failure of Gear at Stop Signs F1CJB - Secondary Bearing Failure
Slipping/Damaged 3-5-R or 8L90 - Introduction - Pressure Sensor Failures
4-5-6 Clutch - Hard Downshifts, Especially the RE0F10/09/08A/B, - P0218 Transmission Overheating
6T70 3-1 Shift, Possible Flare/Bump on RE0F06A - Case Air Checks
- Repeat Burnt 3-5-R Clutches the Upshift or Downshift - Introduction Nissan/Jatco CVT
6T70/75/80 - Applications, Accelerator Pedal RE0F11/10A - Heater Thermostat
- TCC Slip, Shudder, No Apply After Position Sensor Updated Design, - Range Sensors - Push Belt Failure
Service Shift Point Changes RE0F10D/E/H/J VT1F
- Gen 2 Valve Body Identification 4T65E - Speed Sensor Locations - Belt Failure
6L45 - P0742 Set, Chuggle/Surge During - Fluid Temperature Sensor RE0F09A
- No Reverse Followed by No Deceleration When Coming to a RE0F10/09/08A/B, - Pulley Failure
Forward or Reverse, GM and Stop RE0F06A/B - Bearing Failure
BMW Applications LCT1000 - Speed Sensor Locations F4A42-F5A51
6L50, MP1622G, - DTC P0847 - Harsh Engagements
MP3025G - 2nd Gear Hold
- Transfer Case Shift Concerns - 2-3 Flare
Colorado and Canyon - No 3-4 Shift Commanded

seminar 317 pg2.indd 1 2/21/17 2:18 PM

by Jim Cathcart

hats the last big change you
didnt expect to see, but it came
about anyway? Looking back a
few years, how about some of these:
Yellow Pages replaced by
Google searches or asking Siri
Customers talking to each other about
you via Yelp! without you knowing
Trade school graduates not considering a
transmissions specialty
Tablets and smartphones replacing
desktop computers
Teens not being eager to learn to drive or
have their own cars
Newspapers giving way to newsfeeds on
Movie theaters with 14 screens showing
14 different movies simultaneously
Garth Brooks becoming the number one
selling live performer of all time!
The USA not having a Bush or Clinton
in the White House
Saturday Night Live becoming the most
popular political show on TV
Computers becoming as vital as basic
mechanics in transmissions
Televisions being light and thin enough
for a child to lift them

44 GEARS March 2017

1chatcart 317.indd 44 2/23/17 1:53 PM

Futurist Daniel Burrus says we and CDs, simply a stage in the investment into their Apple or
can predict whats coming more accu- ongoing series of tools that help us Windows or Samsung phones than
rately when we learn to recognize the access information or entertainment. into their cars. They still need cars,
difference between hard trends and The use of smartphones is a hard but they dont connect with cars the
soft trends. trend. Well always want portable way we do.
A hard trend is something thats phones and well always want Burrus recommends that you start
such a strong reality that its un- information access. So, whether its looking to multiple sources for news
stoppable, such as the aging of the a watch or a handheld phone or a on whats coming. He suggests that
Baby Boom population: the 78 mil- wearable device, the tool will stay we learn to distinguish between hard
lion people born between 1946 and in demand. and soft trends so that we can plan
1964. Theyre turning 70 at the rate of What does this hard trend of accordingly.
10,000 per day, and their automotive technological advancement mean to Most of all, he says we need to
needs are following their life changes. you? It means that the technology avoid assuming that were learn-ed.
So, if you plan your services you rely upon today will likely be Thats the past. We always need to be
around the needs of an aging driver, obsolete within three years and maybe learn-ers, seeking everything we
then youll still find customers for it already is. If you were to resist can know as we continue to grow.
many years to come. But 70-year-olds learning to use newer technology or
dont buy like 50-year-olds. Larger advanced processes, then you also
type on your web site and signs in would soon be obsolete.
the shop and on the service forms is Theres also a hard trend of
just one of many needs coming up. Millennials entering your workforce.
How accessible is your waiting room Those born around the year 2000 are
seating and rest room? Do you offer now in their late teens and theyll be
WiFi for customers who are waiting? your next crop of coworkers. Period.
On the other hand, a soft trend You cant change that.
is one that could change or that wont So? Well, when Millenials grew Jim Cathcart is a strategic
necessarily last long. For example, up, cars werent nearly as important advisor to ATRA and a longtime
the recent increase in the popularity to their families as they were to yours contributor to GEARS. His newest
of tattoos. This trend will probably and mine. We love cars. Theyre our book #17 for Jim is The
last for a few years and then diminish. Freedom Machines. Theyre a form of
Self Motivation Handbook get
Remember flat tops? How about bell self-expression: Im a Ford guy, We
bottoms? Pokemon? only drive Chevys, Mopar Rules! yourself to do what needs to be
Technologies tend to produce Chrysler all the way! doneeven when you dont feel like
soft trends, too. Laptops and tablet Millennials have Uber, Lyft, and it. Get yours today on Amazon.
computers are, like 8-tracks, cassettes, carpools, so they put more emotional

GEARS March 2017 45

1chatcart 317.indd 45 2/23/17 1:54 PM

by Steve Bodofsky

I f the lingering wet and chilly

winter weather has the Mamas
and the Papas tune, California
Dreaming, running through your head,
maybe you should take heed and make
The TCRA event begins bright
and early on Friday, April 21, with
a bus ride to the HAAS Automation
plant. This is where they build some
of the CNC machines that are used in
dividends for years to come, to help
improve your bottom line.
Then its lights out: Youll need
to get your beauty sleep, because the
seminar programs start at the crack of
your plans to head out to where its many of todays torque converter dawn on Saturday morning.
safe and warm in Southern California, rebuilders shops. Discover some Youre probably thinking, Why
for this years TCRA Seminar pro- of the more advanced technology would I go to a torque converter
gram, right in Ventura. that goes into building parts for seminar program? I dont rebuild
The 2017 program will be held todays converters. converters. Maybe not, but theres
at the Marriott Ventura Beach, just a From there, its a short ride over a lot more to be learned at the TCRA
stones throw from the Pierpoint Bay. to the ATRA home office in Oxnard, seminar program than just torque
Temperatures here rarely dip below for a catered lunch hosted by ATRA. converter rebuilding techniques.
50F, and in April will probably be This is going to be a traditional SoCal What about the transmission
somewhere in the mid-70s. experience a Santa Maria barbecue problems that you somehow always
This would be the perfect so bring your appetite! Well bring end up blaming on the converter?
opportunity to combine business with the food and the napkins. ATRAs Mike Souza will be
pleasure, as the entire event takes After lunch, youll get to take a discussing issues like those that always
place right near a wealth of world-class walk through the ATRA offices, where seem to crop up, along with ways to
attractions, including Disneyland, youll meet the team that brings you avoid building converter problems into
Knotts Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic all that terrific tech and management your transmission rebuilds.
Mountain, Hollywood, Ventura and training material. Match the faces with Then theres the management
Venice beaches, and Californias the voices youve become familiar information: GEARS Managing Editor
famous wine country. with, and grab a selfie with some of Rodger Bland will be discussing
So maybe this would be the your favorite ATRA folks. management issues that are just as
perfect year to mix a little business Then its back to the Marriott, important to transmission shops as
with pleasure, and bring your whole for a TCRA Members meeting, they are to torque converter rebuilders.
family out for a few extra days of fun followed by a reception where youll But hes only too happy to assure
in the sun, while you take a couple get a chance to talk shop and press the everyone that he wont be saying a
days to help build your business flesh with some of the most influential thing about torque converters again
contacts and learn a few things that are members of the torque converter repair this year.
sure to pay off in your shop. Its a win- industry. This is where youll make Something comes up thats a little
win for you and your entire family! business contacts thatll keep paying out of your comfort zone? No problem:

46 GEARS March 2017

TCRA Event 317.indd 46 2/27/17 9:52 AM

Machine and Grinding
A Brief History of TCRA

n 1997, Corky Meyers was TCRA is still governed by a
manufacturing and selling board of directors; with day-to-day
torque converter rebuilding operation in the capable hands
equipment under the TCRS brand. of its current executive director,
One day, while speaking with a Chris Horbach.
client, it occurred to him just how The Associations focus now
valuable itd be if the independent is twofold: first, to offer the
torque converter rebuilders were exchange of technical informa-
to band together in an association, tion among its Members, by way
whose goal was to support and of a web site and online forum;
promote the industry. second, to foster a relationship
Several rebuilders met the between the automatic transmis-
suggestion with enthusiasm and, sion rebuilding industry and the
Take a break from the seminars and a few months later, the Torque torque converter rebuilders.
wander past the exhibiting vendors Converter Rebuilders Association Each year, TCRA holds a
tabletop displays. Its like a mini trade (TCRA) was formed. Initially the seminar program over the course
show, featuring some of your favorite Association boasted a membership of two days: The first day includes
vendors from both sides of the pump. of 15 individual rebuilders. Today, a tour of a relevant company
And everyone who attends the even with all the changes taking or industry icon, followed by a
seminar program will be eligible place throughout the industry, sev- social event to help foster indi-
for one of the many drawings thatll eral of those founding Members vidual relationships among those
take place throughout the event. Who are still active within TCRA. in attendance.
knows? You might come back as the The founding Members The second day of the pro-
big winner for the weekend. appointed a board of directors, gram is devoted exclusively to
Then, after the program, you can who began to define the goals and classroom seminars. Featured
rejoin your family and head over to requirements of the Association. speakers from both sides of the
one of the attractions that youve heard In those early days, Carol pump talk about transmission
about for so many years. This is your Meyers handled the day-to-day and converter failures and fixes.
opportunity to kill two birds with operations of the fledgling As- To learn more about TCRA or
one stone: Have a terrific business sociation, and by 2003, TCRAs to make contact with your nearest
training experience and enjoy a few membership had ballooned to TCRA Member, visit the web site
days with your family that youll all nearly four times its original size. at www.tcraonline.com, or contact
remember for a lifetime. Later that year, Carl and Executive Director Chris Horbach
So if the haunting strains of Corky decided to retire. Len Wack at TCRAtech@gmail.com.
California Dreaming are running had recently retired from Sonnax,
through the back of your mind, escape so Carol suggested that he take
the gray skies, head for where its over as executive director of
safe and warm, and take a walk on a TCRA. Over the next few years,
winters day in Southern California: TCRAs membership swelled to
Reserve your place at the TCRA around 110 Members, where it
Seminar event at the Marriott Ventura stands today.
Beach for April 21 and 22. Dont wait: And today, TCRA is truly
Sign up today! an international association,
with about a third of its mem-
bership operating outside the
United States.

GEARS March 2017 47

TCRA Event 317.indd 47 2/27/17 9:52 AM


by Martin Brooks
President, TCRA

ne of the difficulties in dealing cedures you use. One slight difference clearance will have a dramatic effect
with people from around the can change the entire result. on TCC apply and release, which of
world and even sometimes To avoid these discrepancies, the course will affect its performance in
just over in the next county is that Torque Converter Rebuilders Association your transmission. Other components
people often identify things differently. (TCRA) Technical Committee has that can affect converter performance
Maybe you remember the old put a set of specifications together are the stator fin count and angle, and
Gershwin song, Lets Call the Whole to standardize the way that torque the vane angle.
Thing Off, You like tomato and I like converters are measured, both exter- When you look at a converter
tomahto nally and for internal adjustments. catalog, youll see terms such as hub
Speaking differently can also So what does this mean for the style, mounting type, bolt circle and
affect the transmission industry. transmission rebuilder? It means that maybe lockup yes/no. Most of these
Around here, we call them Zee-F, your local TCRA Member has access choices are obvious and there isnt a lot
while the British use Zed-F. These to a set of standards to refer to when of room for confusion, but you need to
minor differences are fine when were theyre faced with a rare unit or one make sure that youre using the same
speaking, because eventually we can they havent seen before. names for the same converter parts
work out what they other is trying In todays transmissions, there (figures 1 and 2).
to say. are a number internal torque converter When it comes to clearances and
But when were talking about components that can affect the way other measurements, everyone needs
specifications and measurements, what the converter works. Just as in the to follow a standard procedure. Many
you say is just as important as the pro- transmission, correct lockup clutch of the standards developed by TCRA


Hub Mounting Pad

Front Cover
Angle of Vanes

Figure 1 Figure 2

48 GEARS March 2017

1Brooks 317.indd 48 2/23/17 1:55 PM

relate to internal measurements; theyll
only apply to the rebuilding process.
But when choosing the right converter
for your transmission, youll need to
verify the converter by its external
specifications, such as overall height,
hub length, and so on.
Heres how to check the overall
converter height (figure 3):
Set the converter on a flat surface,
with the pilot protruding through the
surface. The easiest way is to have a
hole drilled in your workbench for
the pilot to fit through, but you can
use spacers to raise the converter.
Just make sure you raise it evenly.
Measure the overall height to the
end of the hub. If you used spacers
to raise the converter, make sure Figure 3
you subtract that amount from your
overall measurement.
Always measure to the highest
point of the hub. When measuring
a converter with a tang-type hub,
measure to the top of the tang.
To measure hub length (figure 4),
measure from the end of the hub to the
flat area of the impellor; not the weld.
Finally, consider stall speed. On
converters with ribs (figure 1), you can
identify the different stall speeds by
the angle of the ribs. While this doesnt
give you an exact measurement, it
will allow you to compare stall speeds
between two different converters;
the greater the angles of the ribs, the
higher the stall speed.
Of course, there are other
elements that affect stall speed, but
theyre internal, such as differences in
the stator. Converters with a smooth
body arent quite as easy to identify;
for them, youll have to depend on
the converter rebuilder to supply the
correct converter for your application.
So, whether you speak with
a different accent or a different
language, or even just disagree on the
proper way to pronounce tomato,
using standard terms and measuring
methods will mean that were all
speaking the same converter language.

Figure 4

GEARS March 2017 49

1Brooks 317.indd 49 2/23/17 1:55 PM

by Mike Giles
Sales & Marketing Manager, Superflow

B uilding great torque converters

demands proper alignment of
your torque converter welder.
With your reputation and bottom line
in mind, well discuss the importance
the life of the welder. You
should check the collet and
spindle regularly for wear,
and the spindle, collet, and
table for concentricity and
of welder alignment, and how to check perpendicularity.
whether yours needs attention.
Even a tiny misalignment between CHECK COLLET
the welder collet and table will create FOR WEAR
enough offset between the converter 1. Insert the alignment
halves that theyll shake badly when pin into the collet and
installed. This leads to damaged lock it in place. Dont
pump bushings, fluid leaks, and bottom it out inside the
pump failures. collet.
You should check the alignment 2. Leave the collet in the
of your TCRS converter welder up position and place
monthly, to make sure its still the dial indicator on the
within the factory specifications and bottom of the alignment
will continue to produce precision, pin.
aligned converters. 3. Push on the alignment pin
There are two common ways your and release it; record any
machine can go out of alignment: The movement away from zero on
first is through wear over time (15-20 the indicator. CHECK SPINDLE
years of daily operation). The second 4. Pull on the alignment pin and FOR WEAR
is damage from impacts to the collet release it; record the movement 1. With the alignment pin still
or table. Checking your machine away from zero on the indicator installed move the collet down
regularly takes only a few minutes and 5. The collet should not move off of into operating position, apply the
makes sure your welder is providing zero more than 0.001 to 0.002 dial indicator to the alignment pin,
accurate assemblies. in any direction. If it does your directly under the collet.
There are five key areas to check collet may be worn and should be 2. Very slowly, move the spindle up
to maintain precision alignment over serviced or replaced. with the valve (dont touch it) and
50 GEARS March 2017

TCRA 317.indd 50 2/23/17 1:55 PM

watch the indicator as it travels SPINDLE TO TABLE TABLE
indicator reaches the bottom of There are four, equally spaced Look for three large, 1 adjust-
the alignment bar, your indicator steel blocks and adjusting or bucking ing bolts below the turntable base.
should still be within 0.0005 and screws, located right below the These bolts control perpendicularity of
should not have deviated from that turntable. This assembly allows you to the tables surface to the spindle axis.
during travel. adjust turntable/spindle alignment. 1. Set up the magnetic base assembly
If the indicator shows more than 1. Reinstall the alignment pin; this as mentioned earlier.
0.0005 from top to bottom of the time bottom it out. 2. Rotate the collet/magnetic base
spindle stroke, the spindle may be 2. Position a 6 magnetic base and assembly, stopping at each of the
worn excessively. dial indicator on the lower part of three Allen cap screws under the
the alignment pin. turntable.
SPINDLE TO COLLET 3. Lower the spindle about halfway 3. Measure the fluctuation between
CONCENTRICITY through its normal travel. the table and alignment at each of
1. With the alignment pin installed 4. Lock the clamp switch and the these cap screw locations. If the
in the collet dont bottom it lock switch. fluctuation exceeds 0.0005, youll
out inject a shot of grease into 5. Dont lock the hold down switch, need to adjust it.
the fitting on the left side of the as doing so could drive the CAUTION: Always disconnect the
headstock. alignment pin out of the collet electrical power before removing any
2. Apply the runout indicator from housing. covers for this procedure.
the right side of the welder to the 6. Position the indicator so its 4. Remove the nine cap screws
alignment pin. measurement rod touches the from the front cabinet panel to
3. Insert a shaft through the hole in inside diameter of the turntable gain access to the three large,
the lower end of the alignment pilot hole. 1 adjusting bolts that hold the
pin and rotate the collet/spindle 7. Insert a shaft into the lower hole turntable to the A-102 frame.
counterclockwise. The measured of the alignment pin, and rotate 5. Make sure the locknuts, adjusting
runout of the spindle to collet the spindle and indicator a few screws, and Allen cap screws are
should be less than 0.001 total revolutions counterclockwise. Be- all tight.
indicator reading (TIR). If so, gin each swing at one of the steel 6. Determine which points are low,
move on to Spindle to Table blocks and proceed turn to the and tighten the respective bolts
Concentricity. next one, reading the indicator at with a 1 boxed-end wrench. Be
4. If the total indicator reading is each position. These are the points careful not to damage the photo-
more than 0.001: where the adjustment screws are optic sensor or slotted wheel; later
a. Back out every other bucking effective. If the indicator reads models may not have photo-optic
screw on the bucking ring. more than 0.001 total indica- sensor. By tightening the bolts,
b. Set your indicator to zero. tor reading, youll need to adjust youre bringing the low points of
c. Rotate the collet 180. the turntable. the turntable to their highest point.
d. Check your reading using the To align the turntable: 7. Check the indicator fluctuation
bucking screws; move the 1. Loosen the hex-lock nut on each of again. Repeat steps 3 and 5 until
collet until you achieve a total the four steel blocks. the fluctuation is less than 0.0005
indicator reading of 0.001 or 2. Using a 3/8 Allen wrench, total indicator reading.
less. slightly loosen the four bucking 8. Replace the front cabinet panel.
e. Rotate your collet 90 and screws. 9. Remove the magnetic base
repeat the procedure. 3. Determine a low point on the assembly.
f. After youve done this for all swing of the indicator, and tighten 10. Turn the lock switch and clamp
the bucking screws, fully rotate the bucking screw opposite switch off.
the collet. It should have a total the side of the table where 11. Hold on to the alignment pin and
indicator reading of 0.001 or the measurement rod is resting. turn the collet switch off.
less. This will push the table toward 12. Reconnect electrical power to the
g. Tighten the other four screws the indicator. machine.
while watching the indicator, 4. Tighten the bucking screw on the Thats all there is to it: Your
not to exceed 0.001 total opposite side. converter welding machine is in
indicator reading. 5. Rotate the alignment pin/indicator perfect alignment, to provide you
5. Check the runout again; repeat again, stopping at the location of and your customers with the best
the process as necessary until you each steel block. Check the total converters possible. Sure, it sounds
can maintain 0.001 total indicator indicator reading at each position. like a lot of effort, but isnt your
reading. 6. Repeat steps 1-5 until you obtain a reputation worth it?
6. Retract the indicator to its original total indicator reading of 0.0005
position. or less.
GEARS March 2017 51

TCRA 317.indd 51 2/23/17 1:55 PM

Registration Opens in June

*A Da

hosted by

expo 317 pg1.indd 1 2/21/17 2:18 PM

Worlds largest
event devoted
exclusively to the
repair industry!

Over 40
hours of
& Technical

The best Network with

location on industry
the strip! colleagues!

3655 S Las Vegas Blvd 3645 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109 Las Vegas, NV 89109
(877) 603-4389 (877) 603-4389
Room Rate: $179* Room Rate: $119*
Cut-off Date: 9/25/2017 Cut-off Date: 9/25/2017
*A Daily Resort fee of $29 will *A Daily Resort fee of $29 will
be charged. be charged.

expo 317 pg2.indd 1 2/21/17 2:17 PM
by Steve Bodofsky
Brought to you by:

Albuquerque, NM
n February 1992, Bob and
Patricia Franklin and their
18-month-old son, Matthew,
emigrated from their home in England
to the United States, to pursue the
American Dream. They received an E2
Visa and moved to the U.S., where they
began looking for a business.
Our dream was to come live and
work in the States, says Bob. Wed
come here on vacation loved it
here and kept gravitating toward
Albuquerque, a beautiful neck of the
woods that kind of suited us. We sold
off everything we had in the UK and
came here with seven suitcases.
It didnt take them long to choose
Bob and Patricia Franklin, owners of Budget Transmission Masters in Albuquerque,
Budget Transmission Masters in New Mexico. 25 Years in business together; 40 years in marriage together!
Albuquerque, New Mexico. The shop
was just off Route 66; it had three business, says Bob. The embassy continued our search for a few months,
lifts and six employees. It had been prefers it to be a business with at least and then one day at about 2 oclock
operating since 1976 and, after 16 a couple employees, but also a business in the morning it came to me that it
years, was fairly successful. that we could add value to; at least that really kind of fit what we were looking
Before buying Budget, Bob was a was the theory. for.
national account manager for Nestle; When you look for a business, One thing they havent had to deal
he had no experience in auto repair particularly in New Mexico, the ones with is any kind of nationalistic bias.
or transmissions. But he had a strong that are available are generally related In fact, just the opposite: I love the
background in sales and marketing. to food or printing. American people, and Ill be honest, I
So what made them choose a Budget was available. We liked think they love dealing with us, too. Its
transmission shop? Since I came in that it had a half dozen employees and been our unique selling point in many
on an E2 Visa, I needed to find a that it was an established business. We ways. I think Americans admire small
54 GEARS March 2017

1shop profile317.indd 54 2/27/17 8:04 AM

Dennis Rogers, General Manager, Bob's right From Left to Right: Eric Yazzie, Jason Begay,
The main shop area.
hand man for 20 years! Paul Lujan (aka 007), Carlos Rivera

entrepreneurs who come here, want

to invest, and want to do something
positive in their communities.
Weve been in business for 25
years now; weve built fantastic, long
relationships with not just the parents
but now the next generation as well.

Larger Building
Six years after buying their the lifts, customers can see them from
transmission shop, Bob and Tricia had the office. and subframe again, so they could
to make a decision. Their building lease When we first opened our reinstall the transmission. It was a lot
was up and theyd either have to renew business we had three lifts, explains of wasted effort.
the lease or buy the building if they Bob. So, to keep the shop busy, theyd The new shop has 14 lifts, so
wanted to remain there. have to pull a transmission out, reset they can leave cars on the lift until the
But, by this time, theyd more the subframe and suspension, and push transmissions done, without interfering
than doubled their business, and the the car out. Then, once they had the with their workflow.
shop they were in didnt provide near transmission ready, theyd have to push Having the office looking down on
enough room for them to work, let it back in and remove the suspension the shop also gives Bob the opportunity
alone continue to grow.
As luck would have it, a building in
the area became available. It was an old
Hyundai dealership, with 13,500 square
feet of space, including more workspace
and a full office and waiting room.
They purchased the building in 1999
and were able to move their business
without any noticeable interruption
in their work.
One thing that makes their new
building unique is that it sits on two
levels: The office is at street level, but
the technicians have to drive down a
ramp to the service bays. When the cars
are up on a lift, theyre almost level Back Row L to R: Marty Lopez, Dennis Rogers, Joe Rivera, Carlos Rivera,
Paul Lujan (aka 007), Jason Begay, Eric Yazzie. In front: Bob and Patricia Franklin
with the office, so, when the cars are on
GEARS March 2017 55

1shop profile317.indd 55 2/27/17 8:04 AM

Budget Transmission Masters, Albuquerque, NM

L to R: Dennis Rogers, Carlos Rivera

Paul Lujan (aka 007) and Carlos Rivera Pair of Triumph Restoration Projects!
and Joe Rivera

If you check Budgets web site
youll see they list some general
service in addition to drivetrain repairs.
But they dont do a lot of that. I
wanted to start being able to provide
L to R: Marty (been with the company 25 years) general repair work for our customers,
and Joe, doing diagnostics. explains Bob, so I brought a guy
in who could handle that end of the
for themselves and show initiative. business.
It didnt happen overnight; But we never quite married up the
when people have been prevented mix. Our focus here is, and always has
from making decisions, it takes time. been, transmissions. Id be reluctant to
Jason getting ready to install. But now we want to see examples of branch out into too many other areas,
initiative from our people. We want because, if you dont have the skill set
to keep an eye on things from above. them to think smart we want them to and the consistency for it, were not
Whats more, having the work area be part of the business; we want it to be going to be most peoples long-term
set down keeps the bays a little cooler part of their lives. solution.
during the summer months. At first, that response sounded When they do accept other types
as though Bob wasnt really paying of work, its often something related
Business Philosophy attention to the question. But, after a to the transmission, such as a radiator
When asked about a business second or two, it sinks in: Hes building or starter: Things that fit easily within
philosophy, most shop owners jump a team of ambassadors for his shop. our mix. But detailed engine work?
right into the familiar customer first Every employee feels comfortable and Well usually refer that to one of the
discourse. Its hard to argue with; empowered that theyre an integral general shops we work with and really
experience proves it works as a business part of something bigger; not just an trust.
model. employee. One thing theyre happy to work
Bobs response was dramatically With that attitude, theyre only too with are remans; about half of the
different: When we first came here, we happy to bring the people they meet transmissions they sell are remans.
had people working here with virtually into their shop. Its a big part of why When I entered this business,
no vacation time. This seemed to have Budget Transmission Masters remains we only had to work on a few
been characteristic of the industry 25 busy: The entire staff represents their dozen transmissions; today there are
years ago. shop to the community, each and every hundreds, says Bob. And even within
So the first thing we did was day. the same family of transmissions, there
double their vacation time. And people And, because of that, we have a are so many different variations.
whod been with the company for a wonderful team of people here, with Thats a big part of why Budget
long time got an extra few days. We very little turnover, says Bob. Tricia now uses remans for so many of their
brought in what we felt was a fairer agrees: Anyone whos ever left for customers cars. Even with our scale
program. greener pastures usually wants to of purchasing, we cant always compete
We also discovered that the come back, because of that feeling of effectively with the prices for a reman.
employees couldnt do anything in the being part of something that they dont Thats been our challenge over
shop without channeling it through the seem to get anywhere else. the last three or four years: Discovering
owners. No one could make a decision Sounds like an interesting business which reman supplier provides the
without taking it to the boss. We gave philosophy after all. best units and the best service for our
them the authority to make decisions business.
56 GEARS March 2017

1shop profile317.indd 56 2/27/17 8:04 AM

Today were seeing transmission Barriers to
jobs costing $3000, $4000 even Citizenship
$5000. At those prices, you cant be Bob and Tricia came to the U.S. 25
experimenting on your customers years ago, and theyve been productive
cars. If you dont have the skills for members of their community for the
a particular transmission, youre entire time. So why havent they
better off choosing a company thats become U.S. citizens? Turns out, its
proficient with it. not that easy.
And, of course, theres the issue of According to Wikipedia, there is
time: With remans, theres no question a path from the E2 visa to citizenship.
of waiting for a part to come in. After But according to Bob, thats a difficult to yo
they order the transmission, we put path to follow, it requires massive ou r to ol b
the car in the air, pull the unit out, financial backing, and can take years to From
flush the cooler, and, the next day, the accomplish.
remain is here. We have the car back to Ive only known two people Todays Technology:
the customer later that day. whove managed to navigate that Basics, Basics, Basics
We try to get the balance right: passage, says Bob, and you really Todays vehicles have a variety of technology - ECM/TCM,

We rebuild the more common units have to be a multimillionaire and have

PCM, CAN BUS, TEHCM, etc. Many technicians pause when
they get a vehicle with a DTC or a vehicle with a
once-in-a-while, temperamental drivability concern.
that are still profitable to rebuild, but the liquid funds to make it through. Typically, well plug in a scanner or well use a code reader to
get the correct DTC that may or may not have the Check
we prefer to buy the units that are less The issue of immigration has taken Engine or SES light illuminated on the dash. Remember: not
all DTCs will turn the SES or Check Engine lights on.

familiar. center stage recently, and there are a lot For years, weve had a diagnostic process that gave us some

of different situations to consider. But basic direction depending on the DTC we pulled. The DTCs
for todays vehicles are specific to each circuit and solenoid.

Budget and ATRA its hard to argue that folks like Bob and
For example:
P0740 - TCC Solenoid Circuit
P0741 TCC Solenoid Stuck Off

Budget Transmission Masters has Tricia are exactly the ones for whom P0742 TCC Solenoid Stuck On
P0743 TCC Solenoid Circuit Electrical

been an ATRA Member since before we should be rolling out the welcome
P0744 TCC Solenoid Circuit Intermittent

Conversations with technicians calling our Tech Line might

Bob and Tricia bought the shop. mat. They work hard, they provide sound familiar: I have a TCC code and Ive replaced the TCC
Solenoid, but I still have the same code! Whats going on?
Im not a technical person, says jobs, and they spend a lot of money to After some discussion, we find out that the vehicle had to be
jumped to get it started or there were other codes in the

Bob. I couldnt build a transmission help support our economy. vehicle as well.

in a hundred years. But what was Their son, Matt, is 26, and is
Maybe, just maybe, did we not do our due diligence during
the information part of the diagnosis? Simple questions
should be routinely asked, questions like:
necessary to me was having access presently working in Florida, thanks What other codes does the vehicle have currently?
Do you have any history on this vehicle?

to ATRAs professional support to his H1B visa, which is sponsored by Does this code set during a specific operation of the vehicle?
What is the battery voltage?

resources. the company he works for. If not for his This information can assist in determining the repair process
you will follow and the correct repair procedure. And, any
Were the only shop in education and skill set, hed have been correct procedure should always start with the basics.
Simply fixing the basics can resolve code problems,
Albuquerque to send our technicians required to move back to England when drivability issues, many customer complaints, and
intermittent issues. The basics include:

to every training seminar that comes he turned 21, even though his parents Connectors

to the area. Were the only ones to take are here and he was raised here since he
Cleaning the connectors at the sensors or at the PCM or
ECM/TCM can result in many Solved DTCs and drivability
concerns. Always use a good electrical contact spray and
the exams. was 18 months old. dielectric silicone to protect the connector.

A few years ago, we sent everyone Because of these difficulties, Battery Voltage
12.66v: 100% Battery Charge, Normal vehicle operation.

from the shop to Expo in Vegas. It Bob and Tricia have gotten together 12.45v: 75% Battery Charge, Vehicle will probably start, but
you may have issues with AC or high beams.

was important for team building; we with a few other expats to form an 12.24v: 50% Battery Charge, Vehicle may or may not start,
Restricted engine power and possible restricted
transmission operation (no 4th , 5th or 6th gear).
had a few great days there. It was a organization whose goal is to reform 12.06v: 25% Battery Charge, Vehicle will not likely start
cold, Restricted engine power and possible restricted
wonderful learning experience. the E2 visa. Their site E2visareform. transmission operation (no 4th, 5th or 6th gear) or limp
Theyre planning to make this org provides a lot of valuable 11.89v: 0% Battery Charge, Vehicle will not likely start hot
or cold, Restricted engine power and likely transmission

years Expo a big event for their team, information about the issues facing limp mode.

because this is the 25th anniversary of immigrants working on an E2 visa.

Vehicle Grounds
This may be the most important and the most
misunderstood area during any vehicle repair procedure.
when Bob and Tricia came to America I know the immigration debate Consider not only the battery cable ground connections,
but all of the G1xx (under the hood) grounds that are the
and took over the company. has gotten a lot of press lately, says basis for all the electrical controls and sensors.
Each of the control modules in each vehicle will have 2 to 6

And, of course, theyre thrilled to Bob. Id like everyone to remember grounds attached to these G1xx grounds. It is common that
these sensor and module grounds are extremely corroded.

be able to offer the ATRA Golden Rule that there are a lot of people coming Just as common is that the primary grounds for the entire
electrical system are very corroded as well. Simply cleaning
these grounds that are usually attached to the back of the
Warranty on the units they rebuild, here who follow every rule and make engine heads and are easily accessed while the transmission
is removed can resolve many issues. Confirming that the
which enables them to compete with a significant contribution to this great bolt and screws are properly tightened will help resolve
come backs.
the large transmission chains. country, but are still having difficulty Bottom line? Any automatic transmission in use today

getting a green card. requires a good operating electrical system. Dont assume
the electrical system in the vehicle you are repairing is good.
Always verify the basics.

Gary S. Carne, Brad Laskowski, &

Mark Kidder

GEARS March 2017 57

1shop profile317.indd 57 2/27/17 8:04 AM

GEARS does not endorse new products but makes this new information available
POWERTRAIN INDUSTRY NEWS to readers. If you have a new product, please email the press release information
with applicable digital photo or drawing to apena@atra.com or send by mail to
GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030.

ProTorque Introduces AMSOIL Introduces Adapt-A-Case Introduces

Street Muscle Series New Diesel Oils New Pump Alignment Tool
Torque Converters

AMSOIL has introduced two new

diesel oil product lines, designed to Adapt-A-Case has a new tool that
deliver exceptional engine protection, changes the way you align the pump
reduced wear, and prolonged vehicle halves on almost every transmission
and equipment life. (excluding 6L80).
ProTorque's Street Muscle New AMSOIL Signature Series Many different tools exist but they
Series torque converters offer great Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil and all seem to come up short somewhere.
performance for daily driven vehicles AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Adapt-A-Cases new T-7867AC aligns
without breaking the bank. Itll flash Diesel Oil replace the former Premium pumps from 7-inch diameter up to
to get the motor happy under wide- Synthetic Diesel line and OE Synthetic 10.5-inch diameter (plenty big for those
open throttle but maintain excellent Diesel line, respectively. The new 4R100s).
driveability characteristics. products are formulated to exceed Theres nothing to twist by hand
ProTorque has worked closely the new API CK-4 requirement in the or with pliers. Simply slip the tool
with Justin Big Chief Shearer of following areas: into place and squeeze the handles.
Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws Improved wear protection Thepump halves stay alignedand
to test this new converter in his daily Stronger oxidation stability locked in place until you hit the release
driven ProCharged street truck, called Better shear stability lever.
Wanda. Increased resistance to aeration For more, visit Adapt-A-Case on
Big Chief has a busy schedule and Reduced emissions line at www.adapt-a-case.com.
he managed to rack up an estimated Improved fuel economy
15,000 miles in one year on the new AMSOIL Signature Series Max- TCRS Releases New Low
ProTorque converter without incident. Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil represents Pressure Bonding Option
Even more impressive, he recently the top-tier of AMSOIL protection SuperFlow announced the release
put over 750 rear wheel horsepower and performance for diesel engines. It of a new, low-pressure bonding option
through the ProTorque SM 12 LS1 offers six times more engine protection for their TCRS torque converter piston
converter without any problems. than required by the Detroit Diesel bonder. It was designed to allow lower
This torque converter has all the DD13 Scuffing Test for Specification apply pressures for small clutches like
most important bases covered: It's DFS 93K222, while significantly those found in some Hondas, as too
affordable, reliable, and powerful. exceeding industry requirements. much pressure can actually prevent the
Incredibly priced at just $479 It is available in 5W-30, 0W-40, friction material and glue from creating
MSRP, the SM 12LS1 Street Muscle 5W-40, and 15W-40 viscosities, a proper bond.
Series torque converter for the GM meeting the full OEM specification The option adds a second pressure
4L60E transmission is built with a coverage. range to the TCRS bonder, to reduce
focus on quality that has been the AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic the apply pressure to 25 PSI, while
catalyst for ProTorque's success. Diesel Oils provide outstanding retaining use of the normal operating
The Street Muscle Series torque protection and performance for range of the machine (70120 PSI).
converter will be offered with a 2800 customers seeking an upgrade over An added benefit is the pressure
RPM to 3200 RPM stall speed, 11" conventional and other synthetic diesel controls move to the front of the bonder
outer diameter, Torrington bearings, oils. AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic for easier access. Its available with any
furnace-brazed blades reinforced with Diesel Oil is available in 10W-30, new TCRS bonder and will retrofit to
TIG welds, and a carbon lockup clutch. 5W-40, and 15W-40 viscosities. existing 8-inch and 10-inch bonders in
For more information, visit For more contact your nearest the field.
ProTorque.com, on Facebook AMSOIL distributor, call AMSOIL at For more information, contact
atfacebook.com/ProTorqueand on (715) 392-7101 or 1-800-777-8491, or SuperFlow at 888-442-5546 or visit
Instagram at@protorque. visit them on line atwww.amsoil.com. www.SuperFlow.com.
58 GEARS March 2017

1PINS 317.indd 58 2/23/17 1:57 PM

Sonnax Introduces looking for longer service intervals can H&A Welcomes
GM Powerglide Smart-Tech also use Max Duty Super F. Mike Wheeler
Ratio-Style Servo Kit Max Duty is formulated with an
mPAO base and a 30-weight viscosity
for less thermal breakdown, cooler
operation, and better converter lockup
over standard 20-weight formulas.
Thoroughly tested, this 100% synthetic
fluid contains Type F friction modifiers
for quicker, more positive shifts and
longer clutch life.
Recommended for use in GM
With the Sonnax Smart-Tech Powerglide, TH350, TH400, Chrysler
ratio-style servo kit 28821-10K, racers TF727, TF904, Ford C4, C6, and
are finally freed from OE design flaws high performance 4L60E/65E/70E, Mike Wheeler, H&A R&D Tech

that cause band failure, broken shafts, and 4L80E and 85E, as well as non- H&A Transmissions, Inc. is proud
and staging issues. electronic transmissions. to announce the addition of Mike
Its patent-pending design ATI Performance Products, Wheeler toits technical R&D team.
completely eliminates the pin bias Inc. is located in Baltimore, MD, Mike comes to H&A with 42 years
effect with an apply area equal to the and specializes in producing and in the automotive industry and 38 of
original Powerglide, but a larger release maintaining high performance products those have been working with Hondas
area just like modern servos. for street and strip applications. Over and Acuras at the dealership level.
Supported servo design eliminates the years, ATI has earned a reputation While Mike is widely versed in all
piston binding for its cutting edge technology, facets of Honda vehicles, his strengths
Significantly lighter spring prevents attention to detail, and rigorous testing have been in the troubleshooting
staging issues and backing up when under race conditions. arena working with powertrain issues.
trans brake is applied Visit ATI at www.atiracing.com for With Mikes extensive knowledge of
Delivers more total net apply force more information. Honda vehicles, he makes a truly great
than any stock-sized servo addition to H&As technical team!
Allows greater tuning of high Ranchos New H&A has been after Mike for
clutch apply to prevent tire spin and Drop-in Type 1 almost 15 years, so theyre extremely
pedaling after the shift 3.88 Ring & Pinion excited hes decided to become part of
Prevents input shaft failure due to the H&A family.
tie-up on shift Visit H&A at www.hnatrans.com
Eliminates need to calibrate servo for more information.
return spring to line pressure or
varying case depth Cottman Launches
Learn more at www.sonnax.com. Transmission Physician
ATI Introduces Max
Duty Super FFluid
by the Gallon
ATI has intro-
duced its widely
popular Max Duty Rancho has just introduced an
Super F trans- exclusive 3.88 ratio ring and pinion for Cottman Transmission and Total
mission fluid in both early keyed and later splined VW Auto Care has introduced a refreshing
gallon containers Type 1 applications. new element to its consumer auto
(part #100024) This new combo can be used as a repair marketing the Transmission
as well as quarts direct replacement for worn out OEM Physician.
(part #100021). 3.88s or a perfect way to upgrade to In the age of smartphones and
Both sizes are sold individually or by Freeway Flyer specs when replacing tablets, answers to any question are
the case. 4.12 or 4.37 gears. just a click or two away. But with so
ATI recommends 30-weight max Available exclusively from Rancho many opinions out there, how can
duty full synthetic Type F transmission Performance Transaxles, the new ring- concerned car owners get the right
fluid for transmissions used with and-pinion set retails for $395. information about their transmissions?
large displacement, supercharged, Call Rancho direct at 714-680-6737 Enter Transmission Physician, an
or turbocharged engines, or in any or visit www.ranchotransaxles.com for animated transmission expert who
extreme racing applications. Anyone more information. debunks common transmission myths
GEARS March 2017 59

1PINS 317.indd 59 2/23/17 1:57 PM

and shares specialized, transmission- available for use on lathes during the they drew the winning ticket. The
specific advice to drivers everywhere. cut-open phase of the rebuild. winner was Lisa Gomez, a resident of
To view the Transmission Physician For more information, contact Modesto. For just a $10 ticket, shes
Video series, visit www.cottman.com/ SuperFlow at 888-442-5546 or visit now the proud owner of that gorgeous
Transmission-Physician. them at www.superflow.com. silver Mustang.
The raffle sales came to
Rostra Introduces Ralphs Transmission $10,900.20, which Mario donated
Toyota A750E/F Raffles 2007 Mustang directly to St Jude Childrens Hospital,
Wire Harness for St Judes Hospital a worthwhile organization founded
by actor/comedian Danny Thomas
in 1962. According to their web site,
their mission is leading the way the
world understands, treats and defeats
childhood cancer and other life-
threatening diseases.
A worthwhile endeavor working
Rostra is pleased to introduce a new Nearly $11,000 was raised selling raffle tickets for within the community. No wonder
this 2007 Ford Mustang donated by
internal wire harness, P/N 350-0163, Ralphs Transmissions of Modesto, CA. Mario is a leader in business marketing
for the Toyota A750E/F. Pictured L-R; Yvette Ramirez, Ralphs Transmission, through community involvement. Way
Jungle Jim from Kat Country radio,
This harness uses a 15-pin Maria and Mario Jauregui of Ralphs Transmission. to go, Mario!
main connector along with seven
small solenoid connectors and two DEWALT Charlotte Plant
temperature sensors.This original Celebrates Production of
equipment harness is a direct 10-Millionth Tool
replacement for these Toyota and
Lexus applications:
Model Year Trim Engine
Limited, 6 Cyl 4.0L,
4 Runner 2004-2014
SR5 8 Cyl 4.7L Ralphs Transmission and Kat Country 103 FM in
Modesto, CA team up to raise nearly $11,000 for
FJ Cruiser 2007-2014 6 Cyl 4.0L St. Jude Childrens Hospital .
Pictured L-R; Scott Simon of Kat Country,
Land Cruiser 2005-2007 8 Cyl 4.7L Krista Graham of Ralphs, Kat Country Program Director,
Andy Winford, Yvette Ramirez, Ralph's Transmission,
Limited, D.J. Walker and Maria and Mario Jauregui. Company executives build the 10-millionth tool,
Sequoia 2004-2010 8 Cyl 4.7L a 20V MAX* XR Lithium Ion Brushless,
Theres only one thing that can 3-Speed Hammer Drill (DCD996P2), at DEWALT
Tacoma 2005-2014 6 Cyl 4.0L offer a shop better recognition than Charlotte, NC manufacturing plant.

DLX, community involvement, and thats D E WA LT Charlotte, NC

6 Cyl 4.0L,
Tundra 2004-2014 Limited, community involvement that also helps manufacturing plant celebrated a
8 Cyl 4.7L
SR5 support a worthwhile cause. significant milestone last month, as the
GX470 2004-2009 8 Cyl 4.7L Mario Jauregui, owner of Ralphs professional tool brands 10-millionth
Transmission in Modesto, California, tool rolled off the production line.
LX470 2005-2007 8 Cyl 4.7L
did both: Company executives were on hand
Rostras new harness is in stock and A few month ago, a customer came to build the 10-millionth tool a
available for immediate delivery. into his shop with a 2007 Mustang 20V MAX XR Lithium Ion Brushless
For more, visit Rostra on line at that had transmission trouble. For 3-Speed Hammer Drill (DCD996P2).
www.rostratransmission.com. the customer, it was the last straw, so Across its seven U.S. manufacturing
Mario offered to buy the car and take it plants, the brand produced more than
TCRS Releases New off her hands. 90 million individual products made in
Faceplates with He rebuilt the transmission, the USA with global materials in 2016,
Ford 8-Bolt Pattern checked the rest of it out to make sure an almost 50 percent increase from the
SuperFlows TCRS division it was running right. He had the car 62 million individual products in 2015,
released a new faceplate design for detailed until it looked like it just drove just one year earlier.
their torque converter welder and off the showroom floor. Then he put it Frank Mannarino, president of
balancer that includes slots for the Ford up for a raffle, with tickets going for DEWALT Professional Products
8-bolt pattern. just $10. Group, said, Year after year,
All new machines now include this He got the local radio station, KAT DEWALT has significantly increased
style faceplate and it can be retrofitted Country 103 FM, involved to spread its production of tools made in the US
to machines matching the current the word and promote the raffle. with global materials. We have worked
production units. The plates are also Then, on Friday, February 17th, hard to drive greater productivity
60 GEARS March 2017

1PINS 317.indd 60 2/23/17 1:57 PM

and efficiency at our manufacturing after another. But the EV1 was only the Ford Launches
facilities, delivering products with beginning. Omnicraft Line
the same Guaranteed Tough quality Rivera saw the need for a converter All-Makes Parts
customers have come to know and with less capacity for the mid-range
expect from the brand. We are a global horsepower engines that are common
brand proud to have been founded in in the X275, Ultra Street, and Outlaw
the United States and proud to continue 8.5-style categories, targeting the 1200
to manufacture in the United States. to 2200 horsepower range. This is
DEWALT understands that buying where the new EV2 torque converter
American products and building the went from a drawing on a napkin to
American economy are important to its become a reality.
customers. Connie Grant, an employee With the new EV2, were excited Ford dealers now have access to
at the Charlotte plant, said, It makes to specialize a converter in the mid- a complete family of parts to sell and
me proud to work for a company that range horsepower levels, just as we to service all makes of vehicles as
still values the American workforce. did the EV1 for the Pro Modified and the Ford Customer Service Division
DEWALT is committed to crafting Radial vs. The World markets, says (FCSD) launches its new Omnicraft
tools as strong as its American pride. Rivera. brand.
Visit www.dewalt.com to learn more For more, visit ProTorque on line at Adding Omnicraft to Fords family
about DEWALT products. www.protorque.com. of parts line to also cover non-Ford
vehicles means an improved customer
ProTorque: New Year, Alto Receives experience through competitive
New Facility, and the Two Awards in pricing, quality and convenience.
New EV2 Converter Bauma India Show Omnicraft is a significant benefit
to any vehicle owner who needs parts
or to have their vehicle serviced, said
Frederiek Toney, president, Global
Ford Customer Service Division.
Now, owners of non-Ford vehicles
have access to quality parts at a
competitive price, backed by Ford and
installed by Fords world-class certified
ProTorque's New EVT2 Converter For launch, Ford focused on
In 2016, ProTorque had about as developing the most commonly
Sudhir Kumar, president - Alto Products India division
successful of a season as you could ask requested parts at a competitive price.
for on the racetrack. With numerous Alto is pleased to announce that Initial offerings include oil filters,
championships, countless event they received two awards at the brake pads and rotors, loaded struts,
victories, and number one qualifier recent Bauma India show: the 2016 and starters and alternators.
awards, Joe Rivera and his skilled team Excellence Award and the 2016 Best Today, 1500 parts numbers are
solidified their stature as one of the Technology Components Supplier available with plans to eventually reach
leaders in drag racing torque converter Award. approximately 30 parts categories and
technology. Sudhir Kumar, president of the 10,000 parts, Toney said. We targeted
In mid-December, Rivera and his Alto Products India division accepted the most requested parts first to provide
team opened the doors of their new the award and was the keynote our dealers with a solid foundation of
facility in Medford, New York, just speaker for the session on Maximizing inventory.
minutes from their former home. Construction Equipment and Heavy At launch, Omnicraft parts will
Featuring a more high-tech lab Duty Business Opportunities in the be available at Ford and Lincoln
environment with new machines and World. dealerships and will roll out to
expanded shelving and work area, the The award is very gratifying, other Ford Authorized Distributors
new building will deliver fresh energy says Kumar, who heads up sales in throughout 2017.
and get the creative juices flowing the region.It recognizes all the hard Omnicraft is the first new brand
all throughout the front office and work and dedication that goes into offered by FCSD in 50 years and is
assembly rooms at ProTorque. making our products and serving our an important growth opportunity for
ProTorque is always working to customers. We will no doubt continue dealerships as they will be able to sell
find the next big thing in the world to strive to be the best we can. parts and offer service for all vehicles.
of torque converters. The market For more information about Alto For more, visit media.ford.com.
was flooded when they released the Products Corp and their line of heavy
revolutionary EV1 just a few short duty products they offer, visit them on
seasons ago and the records fell one line at www.altousa.com.
GEARS March 2017 61

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Americas leading international trade fair for the automotive
service industry targeting trade visitors from the US & Canada

Exhibition: July 26-28, 2017

Training: July 27-29, 2017
McCormick Place West, Chicago, IL



NEW PRODUCTS just hitting the market

FREE TRAINING by the industrys top EXPERTS
NETWORKING with manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and importers


Visit NACEAutomechanika.com/Register
Enter coupon code: ATRA2017

AutoMechanika March 2017.indd 1 2/27/17 7:25 AM

GEARS Shopper advertising costs $325.00 for a one time insertion ad, (2 1/4 X 3) 2.25 X 3. Larger ads can be placed
elsewhere in the magazine and are charged at comparable rates. Check or money order must accompany all orders.
For information on Shopper advertising in GEARS, contact GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030, or call
(805) 604-2000.

Division of Wentworth Engineering

Need Hard
Authorized Parts Distributor Parts?
Reman Trans 6HP - 5HP - 4HP
BMW - Audi - Jaguar - Range Rover
Valve Bodies & Torque Converters

Just Ask!
Soft Parts / Friction Kits / Steel Kits / Repair Manuals
Lifetime Fluids / Rebuild Kits / Valvebody Kits

Fax: (860) 395-0047
www.zftranspart.com 1.877.888.5160
146B Elm St., Old Saybrook, CT 06475

COMPUTERS gcor-just-ask-2014-2.25x3-shopper.indd 1 12/1/13 7:18 PM

Foreign & Domestic

Computer Module Specialist Engine Control Module (ECM)

Off Vehicle Flash Programming Transmission Control Module (TCM)

A/C COMPRESSORS A/C Parts Specialist

Accept Major Credit Cards One Year Warranty

Technologies, Inc.
8515 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77037


CASH for Transfer Case Assemblies

with Encoder Motors
Solenoid CORES Reman Transmissions
New & Reman Engines
Aisin AW 5- & 6-Speed
3 yr./100,000 Mile Parts &
Chrysler 45RFE/545RFE/68RFE
Labor Warranty
(early & late) & 62TE
Nationwide Delivery
*Ford 5R55N/W/S & E4OD/4R100
Truckload Pricing
Honda 5-Speed Dual Linear
Only at
Visit www.sonnax.com
to start a core return online, or call
(800) 843-2600, Ext. 379 GREEN BAY, WI

*OE & Remanufactured


GEARS March 2017 63

1shoppers 317.indd 63 2/27/17 8:12 AM

GEARS Shopper advertising costs $325.00 for a one time insertion ad, (2 1/4 X 3) 2.25 X 3. Larger ads can be placed
elsewhere in the magazine and are charged at comparable rates. Check or money order must accompany all orders.
For information on Shopper advertising in GEARS, contact GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030, or call
(805) 604-2000.

BMW Mercedes-Benz Audi

Remanufactured to
Hundreds of Transmissions in-stock.
Immediate installation available.
2 year unlimited warranty.
Remanufactured torque converter included.

Toll free 800 - 372 - TRANS

1331 Rollins Road Burlingame, CA 94010
tel 650 - 348 - 3990 fax 650 - 348 - 3019

With over 150,000 transmission, engine and
internal part cores on the shelf, we have the cores
you need _ ready to ship today!


Las Vegas, NV Chicago, Il

800.426.8771 800.826.7403
702.649.7776 773.624.6111
702.649.6777 FAX 773.624.6660 FAX
Find vintage cores on Memory Lane

64 GEARS March 2017

1shoppers 317.indd 64 2/27/17 8:13 AM

Expect the
Standard Transmissions
Transfer Cases
Quality New & Used Parts
Remanufactured Rebuilt Units
Torque Converters *ONE CALL DOES IT ALL*
Distributorships Available
Visit our website:
www.cvcconverters.com 866-571-GEAR
4 3 2 7


The Future of CONVERTERS?
Training at
Your Fingertips

Overhaul System!


Call for a free catalog

MARCH 7 & 8 845RE 6747 Whitestone Road Baltimore, MD 21207
MARCH 21 & 22 RE0F10A/B (CVT)
APRIL 4 & 5 HYDRAULICS Equipment Manufacturing Corp.
ATRA Webinars are presented every two
weeks from January to October.
Login at http://members.atra.com and
click on the webinar schedule under $4,995.00
HARD PARTS FOR the events menu. Once registered, you In Stock
Domestic and Foreign will receive an email confirming your
registration along with the information
you need to join the webinar.
Late and Early models
This and other technical webinars *Free for everyone on the
are made possible by; day of the webinar. ATRA
Members have access to all
CALL 602-971-0477 pre-recorded webinars. See
page 45 for details.

WE SHIP UPS DAILY The technology leader in parts cleaning for over 20 years

GEARS March 2017 65

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GEARS classified advertising cost $95.00 for up to 50 words for a one time insertion. ATRA members are eligible to receive up to three (3) FREE classified
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above. Ads exceeding the maximum word count will cost $1.50 for each additional word (not including phone number and address).


our full line of high-precision Why buy foreign,
When you can buy
American Quality
rebuilding equipment. Tools and parts
At an
Unbeatable Price!

Visit our website for more information, n Pushes 18,000 lbs up a 5% grade
or the links below for our Parts Washers:
n Safe for use on plastic bumpers
n Variable Speed Soft Touch Control
www.partscrubber.info www.partscrubberx.info
n Built-in 115V charging system

powerpusher.com | 800-800-9274
www.SuperFlow.com/gears | 1.888.442.5546 2017 Nu-Star, Inc.

BUSINESS FOR SALE/LEASE: Looking to hunting, fishing, and off-road sports just minutes Art Eastman -TransShop Consultant(714) 325-
Expand or Relocate? 8,000 sq. ft. Reputable and from town. In addition to a great work environment, 7777or Trans_ShopSales_R_US@hotmail.com.
established shop for lease or sale in sunny Arizona, we offer competitive pay, a 5-day work week, local ATRA Mbr
located near Las Vegas and Lake Havasu City. healthcare, individual and team bonuses, and a
Operated as a transmission shop for 23 years, matching IRA plan. For more information on our HELP WANTED: Looking for a motivated, punctual
same owner. Call (928) 530-6350 to inquire. shop visit our website at www.bakerstransmission. mechanic and or transmission rebuilder. Must be
ATRA Mbr com. E-mail your resume to bakerstransmission@ available to work Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm,
gmail.com or Fax to (970) 242-8589. We look have own hand tools, speak English and most
BUSINESS FOR SALE: Pennsylvania areas forward to hearing from you! ATRA Mbr importantly follow directions. Preferred experience
only transmission shop, 23 year old successful removing and installing transmissions front and rear
business great reputation. Business equipment HELP WANTED: Southern Oregon Close to wheel drive. Not required but preferred! Reading
and inventory; lifts: flywheel grinder; parts washer; Hunting, fishing, camping, boating and shopping. and comprehension necessary. Pay is good,
waste oil heater; office equipment and software. Automotive General Technician with transmission weekends and holidays off. Great opportunity for
Located near Allegheny National Forest. Excellent removal & installation abilities, generous the right person with a positive attitude and strong
hunting, fishing, hiking, boating. Lease available compensation for the right person, benefits work ethic. Call or text Steve at (805) 896-2939 or
on building, turnkey operation. Priced to sell. Owner included. Transmission Rebuilder also needed with trans58.sp@gmail.com. ATRA Mbr
wishes to retire. Email PaTrannyShop@gmail.com ability to do all Automatics and Standards. Seperate
(814) 406-9440. ATRA Mbr rebuild room with heating and A/C, organized HELP WANTED: Positions available for Sales
parts room with about 75K parts in inventory. Manages, Rebuilders, R&R, and General Techs
EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: G-TEC Transmission Fast pace shop with quality-minded technicians throughout California. Contact California AAMCO
Dyno for front and rear wheel drive. Universal to work with, complete diagnostic equipment with Dealers Association: (800) 850-9944, Fax (702)
adapter for most front and rear wheel drive Mitchell On Demand, Identifix, Transgo Tec, Steve 562-0660 (CADA), Email: cada@gettingmail.com.
transmissions and torque converter. It has a built Younger, ATRA, ATSG, computer system for build
in hoist, digital gauges, transmission fluid tank with room. Call us: (541) 535-1075 ask for Jim or Rich HELP WANTED: Experienced transmission
pump and filtering system, Sonnax flow meter and jimnewcomb1978@gmail.com ATRA Mbr installer for busy shop in the Smoky Mountains
many extras. This dyno new was over 100K, Im of Western, North Carolina. Come work and play
selling for $17,000 OBO. Please contact Johnny HELP WANTED: Globe Transmissions in in one of the most beautiful areas of our country.
at: (310) 714-3869 or Email pctransmissions@ Southbridge, MA is seeking full time, experienced Hunting, fishing, boating, hiking and motorcycle
yahoo.com ATRA Mbr R&R Tech, Rebuilder and swingman. Candidates riding are just a few of the many outdoor activities
must have minimum 5 years experience with that this area has to offer. If you are tired of the
HELP WANTED: COLORADO SHOP SEEKING foreign and domestic transmissions. Valid license, rat race and want a better life style, this position
TRANS REBUILDER: Are you an experienced transportation and tools a must. Send resumes to may be just what you are looking for. Call us
transmission rebuilder with great references Bob at: globetransmissions@gmail.com or call us at: (828) 456-5753 or email advancedtransmis@
and a positive, team player attitude? This is an at (508) 764-9400. ATRA Mbr bellsouth.net. ATRA Mbr
extraordinary opportunity to join a shop who truly
cares for our customers and values our employees. HELP WANTED: OUTSTANDING Southern HELP WANTED: Ralphs Transmission is a growing
We have an excellent reputation in the industry California Shop Needs: 2nd $1,000,000 Producer shop in Modesto seeking qualified and experienced
and we get to live and work in the beautiful Grand akaAssist Service Manager,$1K Relocation after transmission specialists. We have an excellent
Valley of Western Colorado with hiking, biking, 90 days - North San Diego County. Contact: facility with completely upgraded equipment.

66 GEARS March 2017

1classfd-317.indd 66 2/27/17 8:14 AM

Don't Miss the ATRA SEMINAR Near You!


3/4 - Charlotte, NC 3/11 - Boston, MA 3/18 - Biloxi, MS
3/18 - Coeur D'Alene, ID 3/25 - Salt Lake City, UT 4/1 - St. Louis, MO http://members.atra.com
4/8 - Minneapolis, MN 4/22 - Concord, CA 4/29 - Dallas, TX MEMBERS.ATRA.COM

ATRA'S POWERTRAIN EXPO 2017 October 19 - 22

Ralphs offers a positive work environment, HELP WANTED: Rapidly growing hard parts HELP WANTED: NATIONAL EMPLOYMENT
competitive pay, benefits and other great employee company in the Dallas/Ft Worth area is looking for a HEADQUARTERS FOR THE TRANSMISSION
incentives. We are currently accepting applicants salesperson. Must have knowledge of hard parts INDUSTRY. Fast, Easy and Free service to
for the following positions: R&R Specialist, and soft parts. Also in need of two people with hard industry employees! Low cost and an easy way
Diagnosticians, Service Advisors (Sales). Visit: parts knowledge to help with the inspection process, to recruit nationwide for shop owners! Serving the
www. RalphsTransmission.com to learn more as well as cleaning, packaging, and stocking them. transmission industry since 1997. Visit our website
about Ralphs Transmission and employment Please send resume and requirements to atraadd@ at: www.transteam.com or call us toll free at: (888)
opportunities. Contact Mario Jauregui at (209) 526- gmail.com. 859-0994.
1909 or Mario@RalphsTransmission.com.

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JULY 2015

6/19/15 12:08 PM
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Address______________________________ City ________________ State ______ Zip __________
U.S. $30 ~ Canada $45 ~ Other Areas $65 Please enclose check or money order in U.S. funds and send to:
GEARS 2400 LATIGO AVENUE OXNARD, CALIFORNIA 93030, or call: (805)604-2000

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NamePage NamePage

Adapt A Case.............................................................. 29 Precision International................................................... 9

www.adapt-a-case.com www.transmissionkits.com
ATRA Expo.................................................................. 52 Raybestos Powertrain................................................. 15
www.powertrainexpo.com www.raybestospowertrain.com
ATRA Seminars, Webinar...................................... 42, 37 Rostra Precision Controls Inc...................................... 41
members.atra.com www.rostratransmission.com
Automechanika Chicago............................................. 62 Seal Aftermarket Products...................................... OBC
NACEAutomechanika.com www.sealaftermarketproducts.com
ETE Reman................................................................. 11 Sonnax Industries...................................................... IFC
www.etereman.com www.sonnax.com
EVT Parts.................................................................... 27 Superior Transmission Parts....................................... 17
www.evtparts.com www.superior-transmission.com
Ford Customer Service Division.................................... 7 Sussex Auto Parts Ltd................................................. 39
www.fordparts.com www.sussexautos.co.uk
GearSpeed.................................................................. 40 SystemOne Technologies Inc...................................... 35
www.gearspeedpartsstore.com www.systemonetechnologies.com
GFX, Inc...................................................................... 21 The Torque Converters Rebuilders
www.gfxcorp.com Assoc.(TCRA).............................................................. 31
Jasper Engines & Transmissions.............................. IBC www.tcraonline.com
www.jasperengines.com Transmission Specialties............................................. 45
LUBEGARD, A Stellar Automotive www.transmission-specialties.com
Group Company............................................................ 3 Transtar Industries, Inc................................................ 13
www.lubegard.com www.transtar1.com
Precision European Inc............................................... 67 Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc................. 19
www.PEIus.com www.wittrans.com

ATRA Supplier Members

Reserve your free table top display for the
ATRA 2016 technical seminar series today!

Call (805) 604-2018

See ATRA Seminar

Schedule information at:
Also see pages 42 and 43.

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Jasper March 2017.indd 1 2/27/17 7:27 AM

More critical components, more OE More critical components, High Performance Kits
components, more premium seals and more OE components, more engineered utilizing best-
gaskets, plus design enhancements, premium seals and gaskets, plus in-class materials for racing,
patented components and all the little design enhancements, patented diesel, heavy duty and RV
extras you wont find elsewhere. components and all the little applications.
extras you wont find elsewhere.

Hi-Per Blue pistons are reengineered Accept NO Substitute! The Beast Largest selection of individual
original equipment design with is reengineered to correct the bushing and kits including
upgraded AEM material for superior weakness in the spline area of the hard-to-find and most recent
thermal and chemical resistance, better original equipment design General applications available separately
fit and higher performance. Motors 4L60E/TH700-R4 reaction or in kits. Engineered utilizing
sun gear shell. US Patent No. 6,561,944 best-in-class materials and
machining processes.

Technical Questions or Comments? Contact us: (800) 582-2760 (954) 364-2400

sealsap.com technicalsupport@sealsap.com 2016 Seal Aftermarket Products. All rights reserved.

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