Building Renovations and Improvements By School Cost

(OG) Replace double door at Admin entrance
(OG) Replace transformer in PE building $5,500
(OG) Install roof hatch access at Bldgs. 700 and 400 $11,440
(OG) IT outlets for each classroom $24,200
(OG) Add lighting south of MPR $22,000
(OG) Replace roof Bldg 700 $67,980
(OG) Re-carpet and refinish floors $95,370
(OG) Refinish and/or replace millwork and countertops $286,000
(OG) Interior renovations (paint, ceiling tiles) $520,618
(OG) Replace four set of double doors inside MPR $22,000
(OG) Subdivide Art Room into two spaces $28,600
(OG) Renovate Boys and Girls Locker rooms $71,500
(OG) Renovate student restrooms $100,100
(OG) Relocate partition in band room to enlarge rehearsal space $107,250
(MZ) Recoat Kindergarten, MPR, Library and Admin roofs $54,517
(MZ) Renovate student restrooms $114,400
(MZ) IT electrical outlets in each classroom $22,000
(MZ) Repair and replace counter tops $110,303
(MZ) Interiors - new floor coverings, new ceiling tile, new interior paint $337,429
(MZ) Install HVAC in health office room $27,500
(MZ) Renovate computer lab to classroom $71,500
(MZ) Replace plumbing fixtures in countertops $22,000
(MZ) Replace exhaust fans in restrooms $55,000
(ELC) Emergency Lighting Battery pack replacements $8,800
(ELC) New Interior paint $9,900
(MAC) Storm drain improvements $33,000
(HS) Fire Sprinkler System and alarm improvements $38,500
(HS) Exterior security gates - three additional crash bar exits $19,800
(HS) Building A - Replace AC unit at electrical room $11,000
(HS) Select door and window replacement $125,963
(HS update Intercom Systems $19,274
(HS) Add intrusion alarms $110,000
(HS) Rekey School - manual door lockset replacement only $126,500
(HS) Additional to rekey school with electronic key system $192,500
(HS) New Camera Security System $88,000
(HS) Facilities office / Heat pump and evap cooler $27,500
(HS) Exterior walls water proofing and joint sealing $374,303
(HS) Upgrade Theater and Auditorium Lighting System, audio system, rigging? $357,500
(HS) Resurface Auditorium Stage Floor $8,800
(HS) Band room instrument locker Replacement $189,728
(HS) Seal/Sand Gym Floor $79,200
(HS) Replace carpeting, refinishing floors throughout campus $748,605
(HS) Repaint interior walls throughout campus $349,349
(HS) Renovate Student Restrooms- new mirrors, partitions, new lavatories, $491,205
(HS) Interior Renovations replacing countertops and refinishing millwork, $330,000
(HS) Sound system for stadium $33,000
(HS) Wrestling: replace wall and floor mats, $62,700
(HS) Weight room: replace existing wood doors with hollow metal $6,600
(HS) Gym - duplicate set of wrestling mats $19,250
(HS) Replace ceiling tiles throughout $203,500
(HS) Roof Recoating at Facilities Bldg only $33,000
(HS) Renovate locker rooms & training room: finishes & fixtures $220,000
(HS) Reconfigure serving lines to increase efficiency and reduce theft $220,000
(HS) Add floor drains at emergency shower units at Science Classrooms $44,000
(HS) IT electrical outlets in each Classroom $69,300
(SD) Restoration, Restroom & MPR renovation, exterior painting, new door hardware, Kiva concrete, kiva shade structure
(SD) IT outlets for each classroom $22,000
(SD) Interior renovations (Carpet, paint, ceiling tiles, wood ceiling) $464,607
(SD) Repair and replace millwork and countertops $132,000
(SD) Shingle roofing repair at 8 pods $50,600
(VV) Upgrade custodial closets $33,000
(VV) Reseal masonry $194,786
(VV) Replace intercom console unit $38,500
(VV) Reroof MPR and replace skylights $145,402
(VV) Interior Renovations - Repainting, new floor finishes $132,941
(VV) Reseal all upper decks with coatings $126,611
(VV) IT electrical outlets in each classroom $22,000
(VV) Repair/recoat roofs (allowance) $66,000
(CV) Replace Fire Alarm Panel $22,000
(CV) Replace playground equipment set at northwest playground $66,000
(CV) Security office enhancements - lockdown alert $3,300
(CV) Recoat/repair select roofs (allowance) $66,000
(CV) IT Fiber backbone Replacement $46,947
(CV) IT electrical outlets in each classroom $22,000
(CV) Refurbish/repair millwork and countertops $132,000
(CV) Interior Renovations - repaint interiors, new flooring, ceiling tile $348,492
(EC) Replace intercom/bell system console $36,300
(EC) Replace/Repair millwork and countertops $171,600
(EC) Reseal masonry walls $182,325
(EC) Interior renovations - new carpeting, interior paint, $360,360
(EC) IT electrical outlets in each classroom $22,000
(EC) Renovate restrooms $171,600
(EC) Recoat select roofs $66,000
Improvements to Grounds By School Cost
(OG) Baseball/softball/soccer field renovations $385,000
(OG) replace irrigation pump for fields $22,000
(OG) Replace Tennis courts with post tension slab $262,900
(OG) Fields fence improvements (back stops, track, etc.) $46,750
(OG) Resurface track and address exposed tree roots $165,000
(OG) Improve access from parking lot to fields $55,000
(OG) Expand irrigation system $22,000
(OG) Resolve flooding issues at Bldg. 300 $5,500
(OG) Remove and replace asphalt in parking lots $333,300
(OG) Modify curb at bus bay to facilitate easier turning $3,300
(MZ) Add 4 Square Court $16,500
(MZ) Replace low chain link fence along south back section $55,000
(MZ) Address eroding bank from upper to lower playgrounds $137,500
(MZ) Replace asphalt in parking lots $156,200
(MZ) Replace playground equipment $88,000
(MZ) Install new seat wall at kindergarten $22,000
(ELC) Replace artificial turf at playground $6,600
(ELC) Seal coat parking lot $7,725
(MAC) Repave parking lot $92,376
(MAC) Repair concrete curbing $5,500
(MAC) Provide lighting for bus yard $165,000
(MAC) Pave bus yard $81,277
(HS) Sidewalk repairs through-out campus $11,000
(HS) Fencing to separate stands from fields $13,200
(HS) Stair addition in middle of bleachers $16,500
(HS) Improve athletic fields $1,430,000
(HS) Resurface running track $110,000
(HS) Install lighting at Multipurpose field $275,000
(HS) Restore irrigation at the perimeter and inside the campus $33,000
(HS) Resurface long jump track $27,500
(HS) Replace deck tile in Plaza $165,000
(HS) Provide erosion protection throughout campus $55,000
(HS) Parking Lot Seal and Coat $44,000
(HS) Provide ADA access to first tennis court $44,000
(SD) Seal coat parking lots $60,500
(SD) Renovate small playfield at NW $82,500
(VV) Change exterior lighting building and parking lots to LED $194,786
(VV) Clear all storm drain lines $37,400
(VV) Replace broken sidewalk on east $17,600
(VV) Redesign Bus Drop off/pick up area , replace asphalt, add shade canopy $465,850
(VV) Cover exposed tree roots, reroute drainage to mitigate erosion $27,500
(CV) Remove and Replace asphalt in parking lots $198,000
(EC) Provide erosion control at canyon and surrounding areas $44,000
(EC) Replace tennis courts and backboard $275,000
(EC) Resurface track $167,200
(EC) Improve access to and renovate fields $385,000
(EC) Reconfigure parking lots and drive and signage, replace asphalt $469,150
(EC) Re-establish irrigation $27,500
Energy Efficiency Upgrades By School Cost
(OG) HVAC Replacement at Bldgs. 200 & 400 $66,000
(OG) Plumbing: hot water heaters $33,000
(OG) Parking lot lighting improvements $71,500
(MZ) Water heater controls $9,941
(MZ ) Replace two AC Units on CARE $33,000
(MZ) Plumbing and HVAC Repairs $11,000
(MZ) Convert parking lot lights to LED $38,500
(MZ) Add supply air sensors in ductwork $6,600
(ELC) HVAC / Plumbing repair and replacements $13,200
(ELC) Provide gas line on roof for future Gas Heat Pumps $5,500
(ELC) Replace parking lot lights with LED $19,800
(MAC) Water heater controls $1,775
(MAC) Replace HVAC and EMCS Systems $275,000
(HS) plant controls and upgrades $115,188
(HS) Central Plant Energy Improvements $110,000
(HS) Air handler controller replacement $110,000
(HS) 19XL (2) Replace 2 Chillers $990,000
(HS) Install and repair Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) $137,500
(HS) Replace Air handler water control valves $165,000
(HS) Refurbish Air Handlers (33 total) $385,000
(HS) HVAC piping Flex connector replacement $55,000
(HS) Replace HVAC plumbing $110,000
(HS) Retrofit exterior lighting to LED $165,000
(HS) Retrofit Interior lighting $88,000
(SD) Replace 11 HVAC units at Bldgs. Including EMCS controls $181,500
(SD) Replace water heaters $108,900
(VV) Replace exhaust fan units $110,000
(EC) Parking Lot LED Lighting improvement $108,900
(EC) Replace select existing HVAC units (allowance) $108,900

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