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How to create a blog in blogger?

IES Seminar Villaviciosa Blog
Ginés Pérez Pando
How to create a blog?
There are many platforms, but for its simplicity and easy handling let's start b
y Blogger. Let our Internet browser and enter the following address: https: / /
www.blogger.com/start?hl=es leads us to the page to create a new blog or to acce
ss we already have created with this platform.
If you already have google account, fill in the fields with the user name and pa
If you must create an account click here to access the next screen.
Enter the email address, which you should already have. Enter the password that
you must invent and remember it. Very important! Type the word you enter, is to
prevent a computer crash the page. Brand accept, and then click the arrow to con
tinue. 2
Think of a title for the blog, the name must be original, but simple and easy to
remember. The name can be changed later. We must also think of a URL, this can
not be changed and will be the final so that we can find on the Internet. The wo
rd complete the blogspot.com address. We must check availability.
After choosing the template that you like, click continue, and raisins to the la
st screen. Click start running and you've got blog.
How to write in the Blog?
How to add an image in the Blog?
How to add hyperlinks in the Blog?
When we finished writing our entry or post must be pressed in public, so it is f
ixed in our blog, and you can link the word is linked, because the browser is se
t to hand shape when passing over it, and if we click will take you to the addre
ss we have introduced.
How to add labels to post?
When we finished writing our entry or post, we can assign a label or item, to ma
ke it easier to locate when we have many post and different themes. You can also
add then the option to edit entries.
How to add and organize elements of the template?
To add and arrange page elements, which are all elements that lie at the side of
the blog. You have to click to customize / design / features of the page. You c
an add new elements and existing order. On the next page we will see some elemen
We can add elements to the side of the blog
Added a slide show, shown to access the blog. Add a survey that you can put a qu
estion during a certain time. Adds a list of links to other websites. Advertisin
g is added. Html code is added, we can get on different pages, here we counters,
calendars, etc. Add the labels provided to each of the entrances to the blog. I
t adds a toolbar google video or youtube video.
Adds a list of what you want.
Add a picture.
It adds a text. New features are added to a specific website, current news are a
dded. Add the logo blogger.
The profile, the file and header are fixed elements are included when choosing t
he template. All others are optional, and can be ordered, up or down the element
s just as we are interested in drag. Most overlook a lot of game and functionali
ty to the blog.
Configuration section
By clicking on the section of accessible upon registration can create entries, e
dit the template (Design), and also enter the configuration section, which I com
ment below. Almost all the sections and are explained with commentary, making it
easy to configure, but I am going to recommend as necessary, modify the time zo
ne, the number of entries in the homepage of our blog, and the issue of comments
and permits.
Should put our time zone GMT +1, because the default is Pacific Time.
How to add a video to a post?
To add a video for each site that hosts videos on the web, if youtube, google vi
deo, etc. We must follow the following procedure: Copy the embed code that we pr
ovide and paste it in the post or entry of our blog, where we want to. After pre
ssing issue and have it hosted.
How to add other elements in our blog?
Currently, the Web 2.0. gives us a huge amount of multimedia elements with which
we interact, and we can host on our blog. We can include: presentations, maps,
music, videos, games, flash files, time lines, clocks, calendars, questionnaires
. All these elements are found in various websites, many of which you can link t
hem in http://semiblogies Blog Seminar.blogspot.com for inclusion in our blog, a
ll follow the same process: 1 .- We checked into the web site. 2 .- We make up t
hat shows an embed code (html). 3 .- We paste the code in an entry or item from
our blog.
1. 2. 3. 4. Create Blog link at the Seminar. Insert a video in an entry. Inserti
ng images and text. Add a presentation of one of the sites commented on the blog
. 5. Insert a Chat messaging system on the blog by Cbox tool. 6. Comment on the
main blog. 7. Embed a widget, as shown in the blog seminar, personal blog. 8. Di
scuss in chat blog main difficulties you have had or have questions in particula
r to test the functionality. 9. Compare the various wikis created for the semina
r. 10. Modify the template of the blog to try other formats.
Manual produced by Ginés Pérez Pando Blog Seminar, IES 2007/08 Villaviciosa