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Instructional resources
TRAINING NR 10 - MODULE SAFETY AT WORK "Engineer / Technical Safety at Work"
1st 10 Day Time to Make a presentation. Technical presentation and the multiplie
r will ask participants to participants' awareness, emphasizing conduct brief pr
esentation stating the name, the appreciation of the area of operation and time
function. professional and professionals working in SESMT • List of attendance;
• Badge; • Pen, Paper • sulfite; • Brush atomic; • Flip chart • flip chart paper
or transparencies • Slides • Participation • Integration • Knowledge assessment
by direct observation . 10 min
2nd Time Schedule • Administrative rules of entry, exit, intervals and participa
tion. The multiplier times which will inform assessment system and assessment sy
stem that will be employed during learning and reaction training. Note: The prof
essional certificate only receive 100% participation. Present the objectives of
the course Course Objective third Moment OBJECTIVES OF COURSE: 1 - Transmit know
ledge regarding safety with electricity (module I), safety (Module II) and First
Aid (Module III), and will be divided into 3 •

10 min

20 min
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Instructional resources
2 - modules with 16 hours, 16 hours and 8 hours respectively. 3 - Commit Legal D
evices relating to NR 10 published on 08/12/2004. 4 - Prepare to take the profes
sional attitude preventionist, demonstrating the importance of training, "what i
t means to return home the same way we left." 5 - To add value to technical know
ledge, recognition of company values. At this point the analogy with multiplier
held attitudes of the day to day. 6 - Show the importance of OSH policy for the
organization. 7 - Demonstrate through analysis of costs (direct and indirect) as
the company values the professional, but need to return, or after any training
the employee should carry out activities according to what you learned.
Present mission, vision, company values.
Mission, vision, values the company fourth moment. The multiplier will present s
lides through the vision, mission, values and security policy.

10 min
Present syllabus
Presentation of content Moment The third multiplier submit slides through the pr
• •
Slide show Date /

10 min
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Instructional resources
topics to be addressed in the module "Security Book • slide projector at Work" •
Techniques for risk analysis (Risk, preventive risk analysis, Checklist) • Addi
tional risks (height, confined spaces, hazardous areas, humidity, atmospheric co
nditions) • Regulation of the Ministry of Labor and Employment - MTE (regulatory
standards, regulatory norm 10) • Protective Equipment collective (EPC, cone, ri
bbon, metal folding grid, marked strobe, stool insulating blanket insulation / h
ard cover) • Protective Equipment (PPE, head protection, eye and face protection
, hearing protection, respiratory protection, protection of the upper limbs prot
ection lower limbs, clothing, safety signs, fall protection with a difference of
level protection to skin. • accidents of electrical origin (accident at work, s
tudy of accidents and incidents, a causal model of losses, the iceberg of costs
produced by accidents, CAT, report accidents, civil and criminal liability in th
e accident at work, cases of accidents of electrical origin. • Liabilities (comp
any, employees, SESMT, CIPA)
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Instructional resources

Protection and fire fighting (introduction, theory of fire, fire spread, importa
nt points and temperatures of the fire, classes of fire, methods of extinguishin
g fire, fire extinguishers, extinguishers, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), preven
tion of fire, general instructions in case of emergencies, other recommendations
, duties and obligations.
Concepts 1. Risks Present concepts 2. Risk source of risk, risk analysis and pre
ventive electrical 3. Risks fall check list 4. Risks in transportation and equip
ment 5. Risk of insect attack in June. Risk of attack by poisonous animals 7. Oc
cupational hazards 8.€Ergonomic Risk Analysis Checklist preventive risk
Technical Risk Analysis
The first multiplier present moment which is the biggest risk that a professiona
l who works in the SEP is exposed, ie, the risk of electrical origin. Second tim
e require participants to comment on the risks of electrical origin who have exp
erienced or have knowledge of actual cases. 3rd Time Present the main factors in
fluencing the high number of falls and what measures of control that professiona
ls have to look into. 4th Moment Questioning the participants about the risks of
accidents involving the transportation of workers and the shift to service vehi
cles and the use of equipment.
• Manual • Flip chart • Brush atomic Cases • • Exercises • APR • Checklist
• Participation • Integration • Knowledge • Organization • Attention
3 pm
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Instructional resources
Time will present the fifth most common cases of insect attack during the execut
ion of services and ask participants to mention what measures of control that sh
ould take in these situations. 6th Moment The multiplier will ask participants t
o make brief comment on the risks they may face during the attack of poisonous a
nimals / household. Still seek to report what measures of control that should lo
ok into adverse situations. 7th Moment The multiplier will ask participants to s
tand up and perform some exercises ergonomic, guided by the company ergonomist.
Then submit that the benefits of performing the activities while maintaining cor
rect posture and the consequences of maintaining an improper posture. Present sl
ide through the table of "Classification of major occupational risks in groups a
ccording to their nature and standardization of corresponding colors. The theme
of risk will be finalized after application of exercises that will assist in the
teaching learning and clarification of doubts. 8th Moment The multiplier will p
resent the concept of APR, which the purpose and applicability of this technique
prior risk analysis. Ask the participants to form three groups, distribute a fo
rm of PRA and a case that
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Instructional resources
fill out the form outlining the data described in the case. The activity will be
finalized after presentation of the groups and clarification of doubts.
9th Moment The multiplier will ask the participants to report what the purpose o
f completing the Checklist and how often, to be completed. After explanation by
the multiplier will present slides of what the purpose of this tool and the impo
rtance of carrying out the filling with reliable data. The activity of nine issu
es will be finalized clarification of doubts if necessary. after
We emphasize that it is extremely important the participation of group members i
n all activities.
Additional risks present the following topics: height, confined spaces, hazardou
s areas, humidity, atmospheric conditions
1. Height 2. Confined environments 3. Hazardous 4. Humidity 5. Weather
First time through the multiplier slides present the concept of working at heigh
t, which control measures, use of PPE, work philosophy rescue, using ladders, ae
rial basket, scaffolding, 2nd Moment
• • • •
Slides Manual Flip chart marker
• • •
2h Warning Participation Knowledge
The multiplier will present the concept of confined environments, where the prog
ram entry into confined space, what equipment and general procedures that should
be adopted in this activity.
Page December 6
Instructional resources
3rd Moment The multiplier will ask the participants to report what they are haza
rdous, which is potentially explosive atmospheres, the classification of areas,
equipment, where temperature classes, types of protection, after presentation of
the themes the multiplier complement activity through reading the manual and /
or slide show. 4th Moment The multiplier which will present the fundamental prin
ciples of protection measures against electric shock in damp environments. What
measures of control that the worker should look into. Then submit the table NBR
5410 which deals with the contact of people with the potential of the land. 5th
Moment will be presented the weather conditions, indexes ray incidence, causes,
consequences and control measures.€After presentation of the issues and clarify
any doubts the multiplier finalize the activity. Regulation of 1. Standards Mini
stry of Labour and two regulators. NR 10 present the concepts of job standards M
oment The first multiplier inform what is the purpose and function of regulatory
norms. Ask participants to make reading the summary of each standard regulatory
and highlight the
• • • •
Manual Slides Flip chart marker
• • • •
Knowledge 1h Warning Dynamism Participation
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Instructional resources
importance of the implementation of NR10. After submitting the multiplier will m
ake the necessary considerations to clarify possible questions.
Provide collective protection equipment which the purpose of each collective pro
tection equipment.
1. Cone 2 signaling. Tape 3 signaling. Grade 4 metal folding. Strobe flag 5. Sto
ol insulator 6. Insulation blanket / cover rigid
1st Moment • Flip chart • Knowledge 1h The multiplier available equipment on • A
bility • atomic Brush a tarp in the classroom and ask the participants • Canvas
• Work to inform what the purpose and an example of how signaling team • Cone us
ed. • Tape signaling • Communication After submitting the multiplier will comple
ment the Grade • metal • Dynamism activity and clarify questions if necessary. •
The strobe flag folding multiplier highlight the importance of using proper ins
ulation • Stool of EPC's for the safety of professional and Manta • Insulating /
all individuals in society. coverage rigid first Moment • Flip chart • Knowledg
e 2h The multiplier available equipment on • Slides • Ability a tarp in the clas
sroom and ask the participants • Exercise • Work to inform what purpose, cleanin
g and maintenance • Brush atomic team of IPE arranged in the classroom. • Canvas
• Communication After submitting the multiplier will complement the IPE activit
y stating the responsibilities of the front flap • Helmet Dynamism employer and
employee in relation to the EPI. • Helmet tab total • Helmet front flap second m
oment with visor The multiplier will highlight the importance of use • Safety gl
asses correct the EPI's for the safety of professional and lenses colorless and
dark as the company invests to maintain the integrity • Protector auditory tp ph
ysics employee appreciation and concern for people shell. • Shield headset tp
Provide personal protective equipment which the purpose of each individual prote
ctive equipment
1. Protection of the head 2. Eye protection and face 3. Hearing protection in Ap
ril. Respiratory Protection 5. Protection of the upper sixth. Protection of the
lower limbs 7. Safety Vests 8. Signalling 9. Fall protection with a difference o
f level 10. Skin protection
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Instructional resources
insert (plug) 3 Moment • Respirator The multiplier question the purpose and keep
ing the air purifier of personal protective equipment used (disposable, with fil
ter) signaling, fall protection with differential • Respirator adduction level a
nd protection for skin. air
Then finish the task and implement the exercise of restraint.
Rubber Glove Glove Glove protective cover in scrapes and vaqueta • • Conductive
Glove Glove tp tp nitrile rubber glove • PVC (Hexanol) • Manga protective insula
ting rubber guard Cream • Skin Protection • Footwear leather boots tp • Protecti
ve Footwear tp leather boot (medium barrel) tp • Protective Footwear Leather bor
a (long barrel) tp • Footwear Protective rubber boot (long barrel) tp Protection
• Footwear • Leggings conductive security
• • •
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Instructional resources
• fabric waterproof jacket and trousers in waterproof fabric • Apparel • Protect
ive beekeeper tp tp conductive protective suit
SIGNS • Vest • reflective signaling jackets PROTECTION AGAINST FALLS WITH DIFFER
ENTIAL LEVEL • Belt Safety jumper to tp • Lanyard Safety Lanyard • tp adjustable
safety tp Y with energy absorber falls • Device lock • Skin Care Cream Guard so
Accidents of electrical origin present the origin of accidents at home
1st Time Concept • Slides 1. Accident at work through the multiplier present sli
de themes • Causal model of 2. Study of accidents and that will be covered in th
is module. losses (incidents laminated sheets)
• Caution • Integration • Teamwork
Home December 10
Instructional resources
causal power and measures 3. Loss model control 4. The ICEBERG costs produced by
accident in May. CAT 6. 7 injury report. Of criminal liability in accidents at
work in August. Cases of accidents of electrical origin.
2nd Time In • CAT module for applying the causal model of the losses • Exercises
for setting multiplier ask the participants to form groups and distribute the g
eneral procedures of the model and Cases • inform the task is structured properl
y the procedures adopted. At the end of each activity group will present its act
ivity, the multiplier will complement and clarify questions if necessary. 2nd Mo
ment Emphasize that the end of the exercise activity will be applied for fixatio
n and revision of topics and reading case studies of accidents of electrical ori

What responsibilities Responsibilities Provide Enterprise SESMT Of Employees Of
1st Time as Art Company 157 CLT Consolidation multiplier submit slides through t
he themes of labor laws mentioned, ask the participants to the extent that emplo
yees are offered interventions are performed to enrich the activity. Art 158 of
the Labor Code of Labor Laws Consolidation Moment The second activity will be fi
nalized after presentation and SESMT clarify questions if necessary. Concepts As
signments PPRA PCMSO CIPA Assignments
• • • •
Slides Flip chart Brush atomic Manual
• • •
3h Care Knowledge Share
Home December 11
Instructional resources
Protection and fire fighting Present concepts and basic techniques for protectio
n and fire fighting
1. Introduction Theory of Fire 2. Spread of fire 3. Points and four temperatures
. important classes of fire 5 fire. Methods of extinction 6. fire extinguishers
7. Extinguishing agent 8. Liquefied gases, 9. petroleum gas (LPG) 10. Prevention
of fire 11. General instructions in case of emergency 12. Other recommendations
13. Duties and obligations
The multiplier will first moment of presentation themes emphasizing the risks an
d control measures to be taken during activities of daily workers. Emphasize the
themes always looking for reports of actual cases or close to the reality of th
e participants. After presenting and clarifying doubts the multiplier finalize t
he activity and inform the module of first aid will be administered by a profess
ional health care.
• • • •
Manual Slides Flip chart marker
• • • • •
2h Knowledge Ability Care Dynamism
Home December 12