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Springtime in the Shores Calendar of RSCA Events

After a very wet winter, its time to think about spring! We hope you will join us at Shores events!
EGGstravaganza -- RSCAs Spring Egg Hunt
eres so much to celebrate in March!

Saturday, April 8th, 1:00-1:01pm @ Marlin Park

Dont forget to reset your clocks for Daylight Saving Time
as we spring forward an hour on Sunday, March 12th, 2017.

Sounds of the Shores Summer Concerts

According to timeanddate.com,
Sunday, June 11th, 5-7pm @ Marlin Park
over 70 countries use
Sunday, July 9th, 5-7pm @Marlin Park
DST today, mainly to:
Sunday, August 13th, 5-7pm @ Marlin Park
make better use of
(bands will be selected in late-spring)
natural daylight,
conserve energy otherwise
Annual Levee Cleanup -- August
spent on artificial light,
(stay tuned for details)
decrease road accidents by making sure
roads are naturally lit during the hours with most trac.
Help yourself to some pie and celebrate the mathematical Halloween Walk -- late October
(stay tuned for details)
constant Pi this month (3.14).

Santa Visits the Shores -- December

(stay tuned for details)

You can always nd more information about these

and other community events on our web site at
May you be festive, blessed and lucky this St. Patricks Day,
on Friday, March 17th!
e first day of spring is
Monday, March 20th, 2017!
Spring marks an annual
RSCA Event for Shores kids.
e planning has already begun,
and we look forward to seeing you at Marlin Park for this
quick and delightful ritual, plus visits with the Bunny and
local safety personnel. RSCAs EGGstravaganza will be held
on Saturday, April 8th, sunshine permitting. Areas are
marked for dierent age ranges and families are asked to
WAIT for the event to ocially begin at 1pm SHARP, and
the searching lasts for one minute (yes, seriously)!
For those seeking sunshine after the rain, keep an eye out
for opportunities to meet neighbors and share enjoyment of
our beautiful Shores parks and trails!
Page 2 March 2017 e PILOT
Full Page
274 Redwood Shores Pkwy, PMB #603
Redwood Shores, CA 94065 - 1173

2017 Board of Directors

Lynn Kathleen Adams Connie Munevar
Nina Boire Sue Nix
Jim Cvengros Ben Ploshay
Stacey Jamison Clemencia Rodriguez
Carol Ford Harris Rogers
Shannon Guzzetta Steven Tsujisaka
Don Long Bob Slusser
Mike Mancusi Andrew Young

RSCAs Board of Directors meet at the

Redwood Shores Library on the 2nd ursday of each
month at 7pm. Our next Board Meeting will be:
March 9th, 2017
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Magical Bridges Concert April 1st ..........................Page 2
From the Mayor: What Lies Ahead........................Page 5 Jim Cvengros Carol Ford Sue Nix
Stay Connected with myRWC App .......................Page 5 For CC&R copies & information, email <ADB@rsca.org>
Notable Women Presentation March 25th ..............Page 5
Its Elementary School Update ...............................Page 6
At Home in the Shores: Cabinets...........................Page 8
Peninsula Clean Energy Coming in April ............Page 10 DEADLINES for e PILOT
Potable Water Transmission Project .........................Page 12
e deadline for space reservation is normally the end of the
Tall Ships at the RWC Port in March ..................Page 12
first week of each month for the following months issue.
Goats Redux?.......................................................Page 14
Rotary Cars for Veterans ......................................Page 14 Please email <ThePILOT@rsca.org> for a precise schedule.
St. Marks Corner: Town Hall Meetings .................Page 15 PUBLISHER: Redwood Shores Community Association
RWS Tennis Club: Membership Mania ...............Page 15 e PILOT is the ocial monthly publication of
Classified Ads ......................................................Page 16 the Redwood Shores Community Association.
Library Events in March ......................................Page 16
CIRCULATION: 6,000 Shores Households & Businesses
RWC Library Foundation Fundraiser March 31st ..Page 17
Lynns Kitchen: St. Patricks Day Recipes................Page 17 Opinions published in e PILOT are solely those of the
End Notes: Lucky to Live in the Shores ...............Page 18 authors and not the expressions of RSCA unless so ocially
and expressly designated.
For Your Health: Tzatziki & Lavash Chips...........Page 18

Page 4 March 2017 e PILOT

e greatest adventure is in what lies ahead.
(J.R.R. Tolkien)
I love that quote because so often I like to look back at
things Ive accomplished, forgetting the importance of the
future and what great opportunities lie ahead.

myRWC App Oers Easy Way to

In last months PILOT, I wrote about the accomplishments
that WE, our Community, Sta, and Council, achieved in

Access City of Redwood City Services

2016. My goal for 2017 is that we not lose our togetherness;
that we stay focused on what WE can accomplish in 2017.
As our City Council gathered early in the new year at our To make it easier for residents, business owners and visitors
retreat, here is a snapshot of some of the things well be to communicate with the City of Redwood City, sta
discussing throughout the year: created myRWC, a multi-platform solution oering access
Developing & budgeting a 5-year Capital Improvement to government services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Project Plan. e app is an innovative way to make processes easier and
Review of our Downtown Precise Plan. smoother, letting customers quickly report an issue or access
150th anniversary celebrations - for all upcoming events, services without looking for phone numbers or coming to
see: http://www.rwc150.org. City Hall. ey simply download the app onto their
smartphone or they can submit a request through the City
Fiscal stability through prudent budget planning. website by clicking the Make a Service Request link at
Housing opportunities. www.redwoodcity.org/myrwc.
Recruitment of a new City Clerk. Once connected, users can access many City services in one
Increased neighborhood improvements. stop. e app allows people to report issues like flooding,
grati, abandoned vehicles, broken parking meters, trac
Revitalization of our Neighborhood Associations.
concerns and street cleaning problems. Users may also access
Multi-unit housing smoking ban. class registrations, City employment opportunities, parking
Additional, active park space. permits, special event permits and online bill payment.
Completion of the city-wide trac & transportation plan. Users can provide additional details if they wish, and even
I hope youll stay involved, or get involved, as WE, our attach a photo. myRWC will automatically know the issue
Community, Sta, and Council seek to achieve great things location if users have enabled their devices GPS and location
in 2017. You can follow us online, attend our meetings in services. One submitted, the request gets routed to the
person, or email your thoughts to the City Council at Redwood City team members responsible for addressing
<council@redwoodcity.org>. that type of concern. ose who report issues can share their
concern with others (followers), and track the status and


resolution of the request right from their phone!
For more information go to www.redwoodcity.org/myrwc.
If you have a question to ASK
THE MAYOR, email it to e San Mateo County History Museum is
<jseybert@redwoodcity.org>. excited to present Notable Women of San
Include ASK THE MAYOR on Mateo County on March 25 at 1pm.
the subject line. I will select one e Museum Auxiliary will present
reenactors who will portray ten remarkable
question from all those I receive
women of San Mateo County during World
and answer it the following
War II. Refreshments will be served after the
month. If your question is chosen,
performance, and the audience will be
youll win a prize!
welcome to meet the reenactors.
Mayor John Seybert, City of Redwood City For more details, go to historysmc.org or call 650-299-0104.
e PILOT March 2017 Page 5
I T S E LEMENTARY Save the date for
Sandpipers 2017
Greetings! Currently, we are analyzing the kindergarten Day on Friday,
registrations for the 2017-18 school year that took place March 31st from
last month. Our February kindergarten registration is fairly 6pm to 8pm.
predictive of our enrollment in the fall. Typically, our final
kindergarten enrollment figure in September is about 3% e 20 dierent nations this year are representations of the
greater than our number of February registrations. If wonderfully diverse student population at Sandpiper and the
Belmonts kindergarten enrollment continues to grow, we world in general. We are opening up Sandpiper's
expect to add two temporary classrooms at Central Multicultural Event to our community by inviting parents to
Elementary School in Belmont. ese rooms will join their children in celebrating the diversity of our school.
accommodate a 14th class of kindergarten in Belmont this For more details contact <president@sandpiperpta.com>.
year and next, so that students can attend school reasonably
close to where they live. For its part, the Shores has been
fairly stable, with between 160 and 180 kindergarten
students (7 classes) each year since 2012.
From a programmatic standpoint, we have a number of
exciting things happening in the District. Last month we
piloted a Chinese Exchange Program at Cipriani
Elementary School. Four students and a teacher from Qao
Chi Elementary School in Qao Chi, China, stayed with host
families and visited at Cipriani for three weeks. e
exchange teacher and students led a number of cultural
performances and activities for our students. It was a
remarkable experience for everyone involved.
Our teachers are familiarizing themselves with the states new
science standards, known as the Next Generation Science
Standards. Adopted by 16 states so far, the standards were
developed by a partnership including the National Research
Council, the National Science Teachers Association and the
American Association for the Advancement of Science. e
standards include contemporary science content knowledge as
well as core skills that scientists use in their practice. is is
an exciting development, as our last science standards were
adopted in 1998. A lot has happened in the field of science
since then! Having said that, the development of new
curriculum and textbooks can be a slow processnew
curricular materials are expected to come out in 2018. In the
meantime, we are sharing ways in which our sta can modify
their existing activities to begin the shift to the new standards.
ank you for your interest in and
support of our schools. I welcome
your feedback, and can be reached
at <mmilliken@brssd.org> or
Michael Milliken, Ph.D.
BRSSD Superintendent

Page 6 March 2017 e PILOT


e PILOT March 2017 Page 7

Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets
Choosing the right cabinets is the most important decision
when renovating your kitchen. Not only will they make a
huge impact on the look and feel of the space, cabinets are
also the costliest part of a project. Heres a handy checklist
to help you make the right choice for your home.
1. Know your budget
Stock cabinets: e least expensive option (under $100 per
linear foot), stock cabinets are pre-manufactured and
available at places like IKEA or Home Depot. e downside
is there is a limited selection of styles, colors and materials.
Semi-custom cabinets: Semi-custom cabinets provide the
option to change certain dimensions or depth, and are
available in dierent styles, finishes and wood. ese are the
most popular choice for homeowners in the Shores, and cost
between $200 and $400 per linear foot. Painted white cabinets create a clean, timeless look. Photo courtesy of
Cynthia Collins at Gilmans Kitchens & Baths: www.gkandb.com.
Custom cabinets: Built to your exact specifications for size, style
and finish, custom cabinets can be personalized to your 3. Dont forget accessories
precise kitchen needs. e downside is they usually take a few Useful kitchen accessories include pull out spice racks or
months to build and can cost $500 or more per linear foot. trash cans, built in charging stations, or countertop
2. Pick your door style, wood and finish compartments to conceal small appliances. While they may
Stock cabinets come in a limited set of styles and finishes. be helpful, accessories can add up to 20% to your kitchen
Semi-custom cabinets oer more choices. cabinet costsso budget accordingly.
Door style: Two popular door styles are Shaker and slab.
Shaker-style doors (five-piece door with a recessed center Liza Riguerra is a technology
panel) work in classic or contemporary settings, and range professional turned award-winning
from simple to decorative. Slab-style doors are most often interior designer who lives in
selected for modern designs. Dont forget to choose Redwood Shores. Connect with her
hardware that complements the style you choose. on Houzz, LinkedIn or Twitter.
Wood: Wood cabinets come in a variety of colors, grain
patterns and durability. Cherry is a popular wood with warm,
red undertones and a noticeable grain pattern. Keep in mind
that it darkens with age and is a more expensive premium
wood. Maple is creamy-white with a subtle grain pattern, and
is best for light to medium stains. It is durable, reasonably-
priced, and creates a uniform look. Oak is a durable wood
with a distinct grain pattern that is less popular today.
However, there are more expensive cuts of oak (quarter-sawn
or rift-sawn) that create a clean, contemporary look.
Finish: Wood cabinets can be left in their natural state,
painted or stained. Paints provide an opaque look and stains
add color while enhancing the woods natural beauty.
Surprisingly, lighter cabinets hide dirt better than darker ones.

Page 8 March 2017 e PILOT

e PILOT March 2017 Page 9
Page 10 March 2017 e PILOT
Full Page for
Anna Ow
RH centerfold

e PILOT March 2017 Page 11

Page 12 March 2017 e PILOT
is notice is to inform you that Redwood City is
implementing a City-wide Water System Seismic Reliability
Program. is is a program to upgrade water tanks, pumps,
equipment and various pipelines to make the water delivery
system more reliable and better able to withstand the eects
of an earthquake.
As part of the program, in this project were upgrading
sections of pipeline at seven locations in Redwood Shores
(see Location Map) to allow for emergency connections to
supply potable water in case of an earthquake:
Holly St at Redwood Shores Pkwy Out of the roadway
Airport Way
Twin Dolphin Drive
Marine Parkway
Bridge Parkway Bridge
Work started in Mid-February and ends in Mid-June.
e contractors working hours will be 7:30am to 4pm.
Trac across the bridges will be maintained throughout the
project, although there will likely be periodic temporary lane
closures. e contractor will provide appropriate trac
control and construction signage. ere will always be at
least one lane open on each trac direction with proper
flagging per California Manual for Uniform Trac Controls
and Redwood City Standards.
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. e
contractor is being directed to minimize disruption to
residents and local businesses during this project. No
Parking signs will be posted 48 hours in advance when
needed to perform work on the street. Access to property
will be maintained for residents, patrons and emergency
services. Water service disruption is not expected.
ank you for your patience and cooperation during this
important work, which will help to ensure a stable and
reliable water delivery system in Redwood Shores. Please
contact the Project Engineer Javier Sierra at (650) 780-7364;

Tall Ships Visit RWC Port March 16th to 29th

or email jsierra@redwoodcity.org if you have any questions
or concerns.
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT e historic tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain
ENGINEERING & TRANSPORTATION DIVISION will visit the Port of Redwood City on March 16th to 29th and oer
1017 Middlefield Road / P.O. Box 391 education programs to elementary school children during the days
as well as public dockside vessel tours, adventure and battle sails.
Redwood City, CA 94064
Enjoy a living history experience, sea shanties, maritime storytelling
Telephone: 650.780.7380 and the boom of cannons, (minus the cannon balls of course).
Facsimile: 650.780.7309 To review the full schedule and find more information, please visit
www.redwoodcity.org historicalseaport.org. e Port of Redwood City is located at 675
Seaport Boulevard, Redwood City, CA 94063.
e PILOT March 2017 Page 13
by Harvey Radin is January, in their ongoing program of providing
In last Julys issue of e PILOT, I mentioned seeing a herd automobiles for combat wounded veterans, Belmont
of goats brought in for a few days to graze on foliage along Redwood Shores Rotary Club presented two vehicles to two
the levee trail. What was billed as heavy El Nino rain during vets. One vehicle was a Saturn SUV, the other a Lexus
the fall/winter season back then, combined with unusually GS300, both were provided to us by two of our members.
warm weather, had caused the foliage to reach new heights. e vehicles in our program are roadworthy and available
e goats pretty quickly and eciently trimmed lots of with the generous help of local businesses such as Kirberg
foliage the old-fashioned, natural way. Motors, Summit Auto Body, Redwood General Tire, Family
Without knowing if goat herd maintenance is being planned Auto, A&E Automotive, who provide various services to
this year, if it is, there just might be a culinary bonanza out make sure the vehicles are mechanically sound, detailed and
on the levee after fall and winter rains this year that out- handed over with new registration and a full tank of gas.
drenched the most recent El Nino. You just never know with We work closely with retired Marine James Brown, a veteran
California. Years go by with so little rain that you begin to of Desert Storm, in searching out recipients for the vehicles
wonder if tumbleweed and cactus will take over the Bay based on needs and circumstances. James is also closely
Area. en suddenly, this winter, theres more rain than ever associated with the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, Wounded
and our Bay Area begins to resemble the English Warriors and the Patriot Guards, a group of veteran Marines
countryside. As Im writing this article in February for next providing escorts for various functions including some of
months PILOT, lawns are looking almost British green and our events in handing over these vehicles.
moss growing on the trunks and branches of many trees
Some of our recipients have gone though life challenging
looks a lot like United Kingdom moss.
circumstances with combat injuries, personal family issues,
If Mother Nature has a PR department maybe two of which were homeless and living in cars.
the PR advice should be... is rain sure is great,
but don't you think enough's enough for now?
Maybe save some for next year?
Because you just never know. California weather could turn
arid again. So even though there's abundant rain and Sierra
snow filling reservoirs right now, maybe prudent water
consumption is still a good idea.
But back to goats. If they're going to be out here along the
levee trail, they better bring a robust appetite because there
should be a bumper crop of weeds and other wild foliage to
munch on this summer. And according to a Florida A&M
report, goats can consume up to five percent of their body
weight. And they relish a large quantity of available Pictured here are Belmont Redwood Shores Rotary Club
vegetative foliage. Even weeds, according to an Australian President, Geo Wiggs with the proud owner of the Lexus GS300
expert. So, whats growing wild that needs trimming is, for Marine Sargent Robert Gemoya.
goats, a yummy buet.
Vehicles can be donated to our program through the
(After a career in corporate
Belmont Redwood Shores Rotary Foundation, a 501c3
communication, Harvey Radin
foundation, and are eligible as a tax deduction.
wrote books and articles about public
opinion and PR. His articles have Membership in Rotary is open to anyone regardless of race,
been published in Business Insider, gender, religion or creed. If you would like to know more,
American Banker and regional news please feel free to join us at any of our regular lunches.
media. He can be reached at: Belmont Redwood Shores Rotary meets every Monday at
<hoastrategic@gmail.com>.) e Vans Restaurant, 815 Belmont Avenue, Belmont. You
can also check us out online at www.belmontrotary.org.

Page 14 March 2017 e PILOT

A Good Ol Fashioned Town Hall
by Richard Watkins
I would like to talk to you about town hall meetings. Now Im not
talking about the town halls we all had to endure during the recent
presidential campaign season where every question was answered
(or not answered as it were) with vague references, obscure responses,
ambiguous retorts, hateful attacks and spiteful indictments.
Rather, Im talking about those good ol fashioned, turn of the
century, boys in knickers and girls with ribbons in their hair lets
get together and help old man Jenkins rebuild his barn or
should we build a statue or a fountain for this years founders
day celebration? town halls.
ere is something to be said for people coming together for a
common good; or to talk about issues and events that have
happened or could happen; or even to argue alternative views and
air grievancesyou know, without calling someone nasty.
Town halls are supposed to be about the open expression of ideas.
To instill new ways of thinking or to reinforce old ways of thinking.
It could be argued that the First and Second Continental congresses
were huge towns halls meetings, and look what that produced. Or,
as is more metaphorically appropriate, the Sermon on the Mount
or the Feeding of the Five-ousand. Really, those were town hall
meetings just without the towns.
St. Mark has had its own fair share of town halls. Parishioners
were given the opportunity to talk about the likes and dislikes of
the way the parish was being run and the clergy had the occasion
to explain why things were being done or handled in a certain
way or manner. Parishioners were oered a chance to make
suggestions as to what they wanted to see developed or
discontinued in terms of community, hospitality, stewardship and by Monique Seibel
liturgy - which clergy could consider under advisement from the Tennis players in the Shores are excited about the newly resurfaced
pastoral council. But by far, the most important decision made courts, but a very wet season (not to mention the resulting
at these town halls was whether to indulge in the complimentary construction delays) has limited our opportunities to try them out.
cookies or muns with your coee. Nevertheless, the rain is a welcome sight after so many dry years.
Since St. Marks last town hall, a lot has changed. eologically, Its March already and time for MEMBERSHIP MANIA.
liturgically, ministerially, procedurally, administratively and All tennis players are welcome at this event, especially those
physically. And now the time has come again to look back on the whove thought about joining but hesitated. Come discover the
path the church took, to assess its achievements, to evaluate its Redwood Shores Tennis Club, play a little tennis, and meet some
shortcomings, and forge a new path and direction on its quest to nice people. Coee and breakfast pastries will be served.
successfully accomplish its mission; which is to promote the living e date this year is March 18th, and the place is Shorebird Courts
gospel of Jesus of Christ and live the universal call to holiness. on Marine Parkway. In case of rain the event will be cancelled
If you are interested in hearing what St. Mark is doing in the but youll have an opportunity the following weekend to come
Redwood Shores community, learning more about St. Mark, its watch a tournament and get any of your questions answered.
parishioners and clergy in general or are curious about a specific Please note that drop-ins/non-members cannot be accommodated
ministry, program or oering in which you might like to volunteer at the tournament on March 25th.
or are in need of its services, you are invited to come to the next
the courts in Redwood Shores. Our web site is www.rstc.org.
Look for our posters (featuring our members in action) at all
town hall which will be held on Sunday, March 19 at 12:35 PM.
And if you do, Ill make you a deal: you bring your open- Lets play tennis!
mindedness and Ill bring the cookies!

e PILOT March 2017 Page 15

20% OFF for
(Van Available)
(650) 921-2038
Redwood Shores
Certified Public Accountant
Providing tax preparation and planning,
accounting and bookkeeping services
15+ years experience Shores Resident
Call Kerman at 650-291-4219
Redwood Shores Handyman
No job too small, can do almost anything.
Redwood Shores Resident
Call Scott 650-464-3276
or email shenderson4@aol.com

Silvias Housecleaning Service

License #22085 - Bonded and Insured
References available on request
Serving the Shores for 21 years
(415) 860-6988


Excellent service, good references.
Call Ana or Edgar 650-924-0406


High Quality Licensed Child Care & Preschool in the Shores.
Chinese Immersion and Montessori Program.
Enrichment Curriculum. Nutritious Food.
Convenient Location. Experienced Teachers.

Page 16 March 2017 e PILOT
(How a Connecticut Yankee embraced California Cuisine) SUPPORT YOUR LIBRARY?

Kiss Me, Im Irish -- St. Patricks Day Recipes

Lynn Kathleen Adams
Come and join us at
Devils Canyon Brewery
If youve read this column before, you will remember my for a Cheers! For Charity
fondness for St. Patricks Day. Its not just our Irish (and event. Family friendly,
Welsh) heritage! Its another well-celebrated holiday that dogs welcomed too
falls in the middle of a month where the weather comes in (must be on leash)!
like a lion and leaves like a lamb, as the old Farmers
Almanac used to forewarn. Here we are in lovely Northern Cost: event is free,
California after all the much needed rain we received the its your purchase of beer & food that supports
beginning of the year. Spring has sprung my daodils are RCLF for the Shores Interactive Center Project*
out, the mock cherry tree in the backyard is about to burst When: Friday, March 31st at 5pm to 11pm
into pink flowers (which the squirrels love to eat), the acacia
trees are in bloom (ah-Choo!), and yet my Connecticut Where: Devil's Canyon Brewing Co.
family members are still up to their eyebrows in snow. As 935 Washington Street, San Carlos
one of my brother-in-laws recently claimed Im just so
SICK of all the SNOW but I had to remind him hes just *A portion of sales will be donated to the
sick of shoveling and plowing it, but still revels in all of his Redwood City Library Foundation.
ski trips to Vermont searching for knee-deep powder and
that perfect downhill run!
Heres a yummy quick and easy dinner for those of you who
like lamb. County Wicklow in Ireland was founded by the
Vikings but its lovely location south of Dublin on the east
coast of the island rises from the harbor to gently rolling Lightly rub the chops on each side with vinegar and season
hills farmland frolicking with what else, but lambs. Lots with salt & pepper. Heat the olive oil in a grill pan or large
of lambs! Pair these delicious chops with braised green beans skillet over medium high heat and cook the lamb chops for
and mashed potatoes and enjoy! 3 to 4 minutes on each side, or until done BUT still pink in
the center. Do not overcook!
To Serve: Arrange 3 chops on each of 4 plates and drizzle with
BASIL DRESSING the basil dressing. Serve with green beans & mashed potatoes.
1 Bunch Fresh Basil Leaves (about 2 ounces)
1 Clove Garlic, Minced BRAISED GREEN BEANS
Juice of 1 Lemon 2 Tablespoons Unsalted Kerrygold Irish Butter
Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cup Homemade Chicken Stock or canned Low-
Sodium Chicken Stock
Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper to taste
8 Ounces Fresh Green Beans, trimmed
Combine the basil, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and salt &
pepper in a food processor and process until smooth. Set aside. Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper to taste
In a large skillet over medium-high heat, melt the butter. Let
it brown slightly, then add the chicken stock or broth and
bring to a boil. Add the green beans, salt & pepper. Cover,
2 Racks of Lamb, trimmed and cut into six chops each reduce heat to low, and simmer for 5 to 7 minutes or until
2 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar the beans are tender BUT still slightly crisp. Remove from
Sea Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper to taste heat and serve with County Wicklow Lamb Chops.
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil (Lynn has been an RSCA Board member since 1994.)

e PILOT March 2017 Page 17

eres always a lot going on in our area, and recent meetings information about the state of the Shores, our library, state
in the Shores emphasized how lucky we are to live in such a of Redwood City and San Mateo County, our school district,
wonderful community. e RWC Conversations in January our water treatment plant and pipeline, and a chance to
at the Shores Library was not hugely attended, but those mingle with neighbors. RSCA also elected its new Board of
present had a thoughtful conversation about what we like, Directors, which meets monthly to review issues aecting the
what challenges we have, and what we hope for the Shores. Shores and to plan community events. Board members also
Similarly, the RSCA Annual Meeting in February was an provide information, follow up on situations and make
opportunity for community updates relevant to home and connections for the benefit of all Shores members.


family lives of every Shores resident. Speakers presented For information, or to get involved, please visit rsca.org.

LAVASH CHIPS lavash bread seasoned

with spices and baked to a crisp
With Spring around the corner, this Mediterranean inspired INGREDIENTS
combination is a winner on the lighter side. Tzatziki is protein Lavash bread; 2 pieces
packed with Greek yogurt yet light and refreshing with cucumber cup olive oil (adjust as needed)
and mint. e Lavash chips are an addicting partner in crime that - 1 tsp garlic powder (optional)
bake in minutes and are very simple and quick to prepare. Herbes de Provence* (DRIED rosemary, fennel, thyme, basil,
Enjoy and Happy Spring! (Recipes contributed by Teena Arora.) marjoram, Italian parsley, lavender flowers, oregano, tarragon,
bay powder) or any Italian dried herbs
TZATZIKI Greek yogurt cucumber dip/sauce/condiment Fresh cracked/ground black pepper (to taste)
INGREDIENTS Sea salt or Himalayan pink salt (to taste; sprinkle on as soon as
2 (7-ounce) containers Greek yogurt (Fage) chips come out of oven)
1 hothouse or English cucumber; unpeeled (grated and/or *Feel free to experiment with dierent herbs and seasonings!
thinly sliced) e.g. Red chili flakes and fresh rosemary are worth trying.
cup sour cream
2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice METHOD
1 tbsp white wine vinegar Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.
1 tsp garlic (2 cloves); minced In a bowl, combine the olive oil along with the seasonings.
1 -2 tsp salt (adjust to taste) Cut lavash into triangular shapes.
tsp ground black pepper Brush on the olive oil mix on both sides of each piece.
2 tbsp fresh dill; minced
Place on a large baking sheet and bake for approximately 4 minutes
2 tbsp fresh mint; minced
or until the topside gets lightly browned. en, flip the chips and
continue to bake for another 4 minutes until lightly brown.
Note: You may have to use multiple baking sheets or do this in batches,
Place yogurt in a medium bowl. especially if you use more than 2 pieces of Lavash bread.
Grate the cucumber on a box grater on the largest grating side.* Cool baked chips on paper towels & adjust final seasoning with salt.
Squeeze the grated cucumber with your hands to remove all of
the liquid. Chef Teena is a nationally recognized, award-winning
Add the grated cucumber to the yogurt. curator of cuisine that is robust in flavor, medicinal,
and often Indian inspired! She has over 25 years of
Add the sour cream, lemon juice, vinegar, garlic, 2 teaspoons salt, Culinary Education & Consulting experience and has
teaspoon pepper, dill and mint, and combine/mix well. notably worked as a Chef Consultant at Stanford
University and a Chef Instructor at Whole Foods
Taste for seasonings (adjust salt if needed). Market Salud Cooking School. Currently, Chef Teena
Serve cold (refrigerate for 2 hours) or at room temperature. oers cooking classes, corporate team-building events,
private in-home instruction, pop-up dinner tastings,
*Note: Another option is to peel cucumber(s), cut in half lengthwise, personal chef services, and restaurant consulting. She is
use a small spoon to scrape out and discard seeds. en grate the cukes. passionate about teaching people how to cook healthy,
Or, yet another option is to thinly slice the cucumber using a mandolin. vibrant, nutrient rich, delicious foods, with ease!
After all, you are what you eat and health is wealth.
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