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-------------Publication in Bogus / Scam / Predatory Journals ----------

Dear All, Few Months Back, We Posted Two Times In Very Detail, That Don't Publish Your
Work In Bogus Journals. But People Still Doing So, And Then They say That "I Have Very
Good Profile (Like) I have 3 Publications ..... and Still I Dont Get Any Response From

Let Me Share with You That For Professors, One Bogus Journal Publication Of Yours Is More
Than Enough To Reject You. For Your Best Benefit, It Is Adviced To You Here Again, Dont
Publish In Bogus Journal.

Here Is The Link of Previous Post, Which Include All the Details About Bogus Journals and

Dear all; this post is for those who want to publish their research paper or thesis. Now-a-days
students want to publish their work in journal or conferences, because it greatly enhances your
profile, if you have any publication. But fraudulent people are common everywhere, and even
research area is not safe from them. So, the point is now-a-days people are getting email to get
publish their work in those fraudulent journals, and mostly people submit their work in these
bogus journal, almost all of them demand 50 300 US$ with each paper submission. And the
day you submit transfer money they email you that your paper has been accepted. Even
university level lecturers and professor get publication in these bogus journals. And the height of
foolishness is that they feel proud of these paper, and some university place a special
announcement that their xyz lecture / professor has published a paper.

So, the purpose of this post is to give you awareness to those who are not aware of this, new type
of fraud. Please dont submit your paper in these bogus journals, because it is not only make
your valuable work worthless, but it also damaging you in terms of money. Here is the link of
these bogus journals, when you want to submit your work in a journal, please make sure that the
journal is not included in this list. This is the most updated list. I must say master piece of work
by Jeffrey Beall.

List of Bogus Journal




List of Bogus Publishers





Now the question is, which journal is genuine and worth to publish. So, the journal that is worth
to publish should either be ISI, SCI Indexed, or it should be PUBMED and Scopus Indexed, or at
least it should be HEC recognized journal. Here are the links for these genuine journals list.

ISI Indexed List of Journals


Recently Introduce by Elsevier, Advanced Form of Scopus


HEC Recognized Journals


Here Are The Three Very Good Tools By Elsevier, Springer and IEEE, To Find Relevant
Journal For Your Paper Submission.

Elsevier Journals:


Springer Journals:


IEEE Journals:


I Will Advice You to Publish In Some Pakistani University Journal, Instead of Publishing in
Bogus Journal, Because At Least University Journal Will Not Charge You any Money.


Beware! Academics are getting reeled in by scam journals

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