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FTA1100 Fire Pump Controllers for

Business-Critical Continuity
Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controllers
Product Description


Minimum Run Timer / Off Delay Timer
Programmable Daylight Saving Time Option
Weekly Test Timer
Description Firetrol combined automatic and manual Engine Run Time Meter
Mark IIXG based diesel engine fire pump controllers are Digital Pressure Display
intended for starting and monitoring fire pump diesel USB Host Controller and Port
engines. They are suitable for use with both mechanical Solid State Pressure Transducer
and electronic type engines. The controller is available for Data Log
12 or 24 volt negative ground systems, using lead acid Event Log (3000 events)
or Nickel-Cadmium batteries. The controller monitors, Simultaneous Display of Battery Voltages, Charging
displays and records fire pump system information. Rates, AC Volts, Pressure and Alarm Messages
Disk Error Message
Approvals Firetrol fire pump controllers are listed by Disk Near Full Message
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., in accordance with Pressure Error Message
UL218, Standard for Fire Pump Controllers, CSA, Standard Fail to Start Message
for Industrial Control Equipment (cUL), and approved by Low Suction Pressure Message
Factory Mutual. They are built to meet or exceed the Crank Cycle Status Indication (Displays Cranking Bat-
requirements of the approving authorities as well as tery, Number of Starting Attempts and Crank/Rest
NEMA and the latest editions of NFPA 20, Installation Time Remaining)
of Centrifugal Fire Pumps, and NFPA 70, National Electri- 300 psi (20.7 bars) wet parts (solid state pressure
cal Code. transducer, solenoid valve, plumbing) for fresh water
NEMA Type 2 enclosure
Standard Features The following are included as stan- Each standard controller comes with user configurable
dard with each controller: options for:
AC Line & Battery circuit breakers AC Power Loss Start Interlock Alarm
Manual-Off-Auto selector switch Low Pressure Aud. Low Suction
Manual test push-button Main Sw. Mis-Set Manual Test
Two manual crank push-buttons Pump Run Alarm Remote Start
Two 10 Amp battery chargers with 4 stage charging User Defined Input Weekly Test Setup
cycle, selectable AC voltage (110 / 220), selectable DC Low Pump Rm Temp Low Reservoir
voltage (12 / 24), and selectable battery type (Lead Relief Valve Open High Fuel Level
Acid, Ni-Cad 9/18 Cell, Ni-Cad 10/20 Cell) High Reservoir
Door mounted display/interface panel featuring a 128
x 64 pixel backlit LED graphical display, Membrane
Type User Control Push-buttons and easy to read LED
Indicators for:
Special Enclosures -CPL Contacts for remote indication, system 115% over pres-
-T NEMA Type 3R (IEC IP14), Painted Steel sure (for use with PLD engines only)
-E NEMA Type 4 (IEC IP56), Painted Steel -CTS Built-in low suction pressure alarm panel (Includes select-
-F NEMA Type 4X (IEC IP56), #304 Stainless Steel, Unfinished** able auto/manual reset, audible, visible and remote alarms
-FXP NEMA Type 4X (IEC IP56), #304 Stainless Steel, Painted Finish and mounted and
-FD NEMA Type 4X (IEC IP56), #316 Stainless Steel, Unfinished** wired pressure switch)
-FDB NEMA Type 4X (IEC IP56), 12 Gauge, Seam -EE Additional contacts for remote indication, engine trouble
Welded, #316 Stainless Steel, Polished and (common alarm) - 1 set provided as standard
Brushed Finish -EF Additional contacts for remote indication, main switch
-FDP NEMA Type 4X (IEC IP56), #316 Stainless Steel Painted Finish mis-set (common alarm) - 1 set provided as standard
-G NEMA Type 12 (IEC IP52), Painted Steel -EH Contacts for remote indication,
** Unfinished (Not painted, polished or brushed). relief valve discharge1
-EJ Visible flow meter on alarm1
Mounting Legs -EK Contacts for remote indication,
-N31 Standard 12 Mounting Legs flow meter on1
-N32 Base Mounting Legs 6 -JR Visible jockey pump running indication
-JT Audible and Visible jockey pump trouble indication
Anti-Condensation Space Heaters -KH Contacts for remote indication, common output for any
-H 120 Volt Space Heater alarm
-J 120 Volt Space Heater with Thermostat -LC Contacts for remote indication,
-K 120 Volt Space Heater with Humidistat high fuel level1
-L 240 Volt Space Heater -LD Visible fuel spill alarm1
-M 240 Volt Space Heater with Thermostat -LE Contacts for remote indication,
-N 240 Volt Space Heater with Humidistat fuel spill1
-LG Contacts for remote indication,
Pressure Transducers, Solenoid Valves, Plumbing reservoir high1
-B 0-600 psi (0-41.4 bars) wet parts for fresh water applications -PE Contacts for remote indication,
-C 0-300 psi (0-21.1 bars) wet parts for sea water/foam or copper low system pressure
corrosive applications
-D 0-600 psi (0-41.4 bars) wet parts for sea water/foam or copper Miscellaneous
corrosive applications -AZ Low pump room temperature switch, mounted and
Alarms -BA 220-240 Volt operation
-AC Additional contacts for remote indication, engine run- -EL Series pumping, high zone controller
ning - 2 sets provided as standard -EM Series pumping, mid zone controller
-AJ Contacts for remote indication, -EN Series pumping, low zone controller
engine overspeed -S Tropicalization
-AK Contacts for remote indication, -ZPA Customized, annual service display message (factory
low oil pressure programmed)
-AL Contacts for remote indication, -ZPN 5150 Ethernet Connectivity Module (Allows users to
high water temperature monitor limited controller status via a single computer or
-AM Contacts for remote indication, over a computer network)
engine failed to start -ZPM Serial Modbus RTU Communications Protocol (Allows
-AN Contacts for remote indication, users to monitor all aspects of the controller status via
battery / charger failure a RS485 communications network (system integration
-AP Contacts for remote indication, required). (Includes RS485 to twisted pair breakout
main switch in manual module, optical isolation module (4000 ft. range) and
-AR Contacts for remote indication, customer connection terminal blocks).
main switch in off
-AS Contacts for remote indication, FTA1100-K1 Low fuel level switch, 16 Max. Length2
main switch in auto FTA1100-K1-X High/Low fuel level switch - specify levels/tank
-AT Contacts for remote indication, dimensions2
pump room trouble (common alarm)1 FTA1100-K2 Low fuel level switch, 25 Max. Length2
-AV Contacts for remote indication, FTA1100-K21 380-480 volt operation (transformer)2
low pump room temperature1 Export packaging (Wooden crating to conform to IPPC standards)
-AW Contacts for remote indication, reservoir low1
-AY Contacts for remote indication, low suction pressure1 1
- Initiating switches by others
-COM Low suction pressure alarm, (Includes 2
- Shipped loose for installation by the customer
selectable auto/manual reset, audible, visible and remote
alarms, initiating pressure switch not included)

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