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Southampton Solent University

BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance Assessment Brief

Assessment Details
Unit Title: Composing
Unit Code: MPM539
Unit Leader: Patrick Ainsworth
Level: FEHQ 5
Assessment Title: Band Composition
Assessment Number: AE2
Assessment Type: Coursework
Restrictions on Time/Length: 2 4 minutes
Individual/Group: Individual (written work) Group (composition)
Assessment Weighting: 50%
Issue Date: 3th March 2014
Hand In Date: Week 14 May 13th 4pm
Planned Feedback Date: 4 weeks
Mode of Submission: Written work plus recording
Number of copies to be submitted: 1 per student

Assessment Tasks

Task 1
Create an original composition with your University band.
The composition must be between 2 and 4 minutes in length
All members of the band must contribute to the composition. It is expected you will
use the song in a day part of SMILE week as a first full band workshop.
After SMILE week, the piece must be rehearsed to performance standard
All members of the band must have a part in the final performance
An audio and/or video recording will be made of the final performance of the piece
A group mark will be given for this task.

Task 2
Produce a 700 word analytical commentary explaining the composition and arranging
techniques used in the piece including the following:
A statement of intent
Explanation and analysis of composition and arranging theories and techniques used
A summary of your own contributions to the piece
An examination of style and genre
An evaluation of the final piece

Assessment criteria
See table below.

Learning Outcomes
This assessment will enable students to demonstrate in full or in part the learning
outcomes identified in the unit descriptors.

Extenuating Circumstances
The Universitys Extenuating Circumstances procedures are in place if there are genuine
circumstances that may have affected your academic performance. Remember however
you need to be fit to study; this means that you can either submit your assessed work or
declare extenuating circumstances, but you cannot do both.

A summary of guidance notes for students is given below:


Academic Misconduct
Any submissions must be your own work and, where facts or ideas have been used from
other sources, these sources must be appropriately referenced. The Universitys Academic
Handbook, includes the definitions of all practices that will be deemed to constitute
academic misconduct. You should check this link before submitting your work.

Procedures relating to student academic misconduct are given below:


Ethics Policy
The work being carried out by the student must be in compliance with the Ethics Policy.
Where there is an ethical issue, as specified within the Ethics Policy, then the student will
need an ethics release or an ethical approval prior to the start of the project.

Mark Task 1 (80% weighting) Task 2 (20% weighting)
Creative and resourceful mode of
presentation with a highly developed
A1 A4 An exceptional level of creativity is
writing style.
The work is of excellent quality, evident; a composition of professional
exceeding expectations for this level quality containing many original ideas
Secure and thorough grasp of concepts
in most or all aspects. is produced.
and theories, including their
applications and implications.
A readable style of presentation that
B1 B3 demonstrates a very competent writing
The work meets all of the intended style.
A high level of creativity is evident and
learning outcomes and exceeds the
a high quality composition containing
threshold expectations for this level Thorough understanding of concepts and
some original ideas is created.
in many of them. theories, including their applications
and implications.
A competent style of presentation
C1 C3 that communicates ideas reasonably well.
A moderate level of creativity is
The work meets all of the intended
evident and there is some clear control
learning outcomes and exceeds the Reasonable understanding of most of the
of musical resources and a viable
threshold expectations for the level relevant concepts/theories, with some
composition is created.
in some of them. ability to deal with their applications
and implications.
An adequate style of presentation that
simply communicates a limited range of
D1 D 3 Little creativity is evident, there is ideas in an understandable manner.
The work meets all of the intended limited control of musical resources,
learning outcomes but rarely exceeds but the composition has some musical Adequate understanding of the main
the threshold for this level. viability. concepts/theories, with limited ability
to deal with their applications and
Presentation is inadequate and poor
writing style.
F1 F4
The work fails to meet several/most The composition is not a viable musical
Conceptual and theoretical
of the intended learning outcomes product.
understanding inadequate with many
and is inadequate for this level.
errors, with failure to deal with their
applications and implications.