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Whose Phone Is This? Assignment: Choose one of the characters and complete the four steps to show what would be on this person's cell phone. Be sure your answers are written in complete sentences on a separate piece of paper. Components: Wallpaper - Sketch the character's cell phone wallpaper with colored pencils or images from the internet. Then, explain why this image choice would appeal to this character: Texts & Email - This character just received four messages. Thinking back over the reading, explain which other characters just sent messages to this character and what is the content of each message: Playlist - Write three song titles with artists’ names that would likely be on this character's playlist. Be sure to explain your reasoning as to why these three songs would appeal to this character: Search History - Write three well-known, school-appropriate websites that the character would've recently visited. Be sure to explain your reasoning as to why these three sites would be of interest to this character: Whose Iphone te This Novel Project Rubric 7 z z 1 Creaily | WOW! Very authentic | Creative and orginal | Somewhat ralve Project seems to bea and and imaginative; Geary | dlustales witor’s relica ofthe book; project Originally | illustrates witer's ‘connections to text ‘2nd original sore Is lacking in creativity and connections to text ‘connections mace iotest | authenticity ‘Analysis | Roveals an indent | Conveys a thorough Conveys a basic Provides a coniused or ‘analysis and understanding of task and | understanding of the task | inacourate understanding and interpretation ofthe | novel, makes explicit | and the novel; makos fow | of he task or the novel; Interpretation | "OH: makesinsghful | comectons ‘superficial comections | unclear or no connections ‘connections between task and novel Development | ideas aro clesty and | ideas ae clearly and’ | Ideas are brlly developed | ideas ae largely and {uly developed by ‘consistently developed by | using some details rom | incomplete; one or more Completion | mating etectve uso of | using relevant and ‘henovel;allpas ofthe paris ofthe task are ‘relevant and speciic | speciicdetais fromthe | task are complete, but. | incomplete ‘otal from the novel; | novell paris of the task_| some pats lack allpats ofthe tesk are_| are complete development ‘completed with care Language | Exhibits caret speing, | Mosty comectSpeting, | Exhibits error that ‘Bani many erors that and ‘grammar, puncation; | grammar, punctuaton; | somewhat hinder binder comprehension; Conventions. | projact uses ses appropictefeecive | comprehension; some | uses few oF no effecive ‘sophisticated language | language and appropiatelefective ‘words or sensory language and vivid detais rom | incorporates sensary | language and sensory the text detail language; verb tense Required | Allopis ae addressed | Atopic are addressed | Some topics are any ofthe requirements Components | and all requirements aro | and most questions ‘adtressod, and most ate missing or incomplete. inctuded. Information | answered wih atleast | questions answered wit 1 contains atleast 2 ‘one sentence cn each. | sentence about each sentences about each ‘Teacher Comments: Grade: