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Intentionally Increasing Costs

posted by ROSE FARMER , Jun 27, 2016, 7:05 AM

How ethical is it to intentionally increase the cost and reduce the rewards for a relational partner as a
strategy for ending the relationship?

I believe it is very unethical to force people out of a relationship. Communication,

trust and confidence are the major building blocks of relational partners.
Communication plays an important role in perception of a relational partner. Mutual
trust builds the confidence that encourages us to continue our relationship. It is
quite possible that the other party is interested in the relation, because of the kind
of rewards he or she gets from the relation. Reducing the rewards or increasing the
cost or both may hurt the confidence on each other. We cannot simply come out of
a relationship, just because we changed our mind. It is unethical, because it focuses
on the well-being of an induvial.