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IGA Teacher: Andressa Pinheiro

VERB TO BE (ser e estar)

Affirmative Form Negative Form Interrogative Form

I am (Im)
You are (Youre) I am not (Im not)
She is (Shes) You are not (You arent) Am I ?
He is (Hes) She is not (She isnt) Are you?
It is (Its) He is not (He isn`t) Is he?
We are (Were) It is not (It isnt) Is she?
You are (Youre) We are not(We arent) Is it?
They are (Theyre) You are not (You arent) Are we?
They are not(They arent) Are you?
A- Substitute with the correct subject pronoun.
Are they?

a) Jennifer is a good student . c) The pen is black e)Susan and you are chefs
_______ is a good student _________is black __________are chefs

b) Susan and Jack are friends d) My name is Sara f)Ana

my mo
_______ are friends ________Sara ________is my mom.

1)Complete with the correct verb: am, is, are.

a) I____from Brazil
b)You _____a cook
c)It ____a fork
d)How ____ she?
d)Students ____hungry
e)Bob and Jane ___ famous people.

2)Change to the negative form (use contractions)

Ex: I`m a doctor
I am not a doctor (I`m not a doctor)

a) It is a spoon c)Im a chef e)She is in the kitchen

_______________ ________________ ___________________

b) The hamburguers are delicious d) This is a special dish f)The grape is green
________________________ ____________________ ____________________

3)Change to the interrogative form

Ex: You`re a cook -> Are you a cook?

a) The pans are dirty c) My friend is hungry e)She is in the kitchen

______________ _______________ ___________________

b) I am a waiter d) You are from Italy f) They are at a restaurant

________________________ ____________________ ____________________