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Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

for Desktop, Cloud and Mobile
Confirm enterprise asset management
solutions enable public and private sector
organisations to deliver complex, critical public
infrastructure services; maximising operational
efficiencies while minimising administrative costs.

Executive summary
Infrastructure asset management is the integrated, multi-disciplinary process of using a range of
strategies to sustain the usable life and level of service provided by public infrastructures.

Rollout of Confirm
has delivered cashable
savings of over 1.5
million and resource
Critical public infrastructure commonly thought of in this context includes: Urban roads and
highways, bridges, structures, parks and green spaces, trees, street lights, signage, street efficiencies of more than
furniture and property. 3 million over a five year

Confirm is an enterprise asset management solution from Pitney Bowes Software specifically
designed to empower public bodies with the insight to make informed decisions on the repair,

Alan Aistrup,
maintenance and investment for critical public infrastructure assets against tightly constrained Divisional Highways Manager,
budgets and timescales. Lincolnshire County Council

Business challenge
Managing an aging asset portfolio while striving to deliver improved public services is the single
biggest challenge todays asset management professionals face. Delivering a reliable and stable
service that keeps an authorities critical infrastructure running is of paramount concern. Finding
ways to streamline asset management processes to deliver cost savings across multi disciplinary
teams is widely recognised as the key business challenge for local government bodies. Services to over
140 million citizens
In addition, balancing the short and long term needs of the varied asset stock in todays complex
urban environments presents further challenges to everyday success to asset custodians. Providing enterprise
asset management
Solution solutions worldwide
Confirm allows asset managers to maximise operational efficiencies and minimise for over 20 years.
administrative costs while meeting Statutory Requirements and key performance indicator (KPI) Confirm helps public
measures. and private sector
A 3600 view of an authorities full asset portfolio is provided, seamlessly connecting with a wide
provide critical
range of CRM, GIS, Finance, Resource and Reporting systems. The solution allows different
public infrastructure
users throughout your organisation to communicate efficiently while realising the cost saving and
services to over 140
economies of scale a modular enterprise solution provides.
million people on
Providing both strategic and tactical asset management operations, Confirm supports your 4 continents.
business process and key workflows via desktop, cloud and mobile deployments.
Multiple Asset Types Supporting Key Users Public & Private Sector
Confirm enables Confirm supports your most Confirm has long been the
stakeholders to make valuable asset - the teams solution of choice for Local
informed and accurate of dedicated individuals that Government bodies of any
decisions on multiple asset help keep an authorities scale for effective asset
types including: Urban critical infrastructure management. However,
roads and highways, running day in day out. it is also used by private
bridges, structures, parks sector organisations within
and green spaces, trees, Everyday value is driven by outsourcing, PPP and PFI
street lights, signage, street capturing key workflows that engagements to provide
furniture, property, cleansing allow users to consistently mission critical services
resources, refuse collection achieve their goals. In to Local Government in a
and management resources. Confirm these workflows cost effective competitive
support a wide range of environment.
Confirm users can opt to professionals including:
manage as much or as little Community Officers, Asset Leading global consultants
of their asset portfolio as Managers, Surveyors, Field such as Jacobs, Amey,
required while still benefiting Operatives, Contractors, Balfour Beatty, Mott
from the significant ROI Streetworks and Compliance McDonald, Capita, BT, and
and efficiencies we expect Inspectors, Safety Inspectors, Mouchel all use Confirm
to see from a fully capable Customer Services Teams, given its ability to deliver
enterprise solution. Finance and Resource instant value and substantial
Managers, IT Professionals cost savings while operating
and Executive Managers, and in critical environments.
Decision Makers.

Using Confirm as our single IT system has allowed

us to increase site inspections by 85% and increase
completed maintenance tasks by 69%
Garry Livingstone,
Asset Management Manager,
Aberdeen City Council
Simply effective. Confirm provides asset
management professionals with process efficiencies,
simplified workflows and a 3600 view of their full asset
portfolio. Deliver enhanced public services while
observing time and budget constraints.

Confirm has helped us

Optimised Asset Management focus on the thing that
Owners of infrastructure assets are required to provide increasing levels of service from an really matters - providing
aging asset stock while observing ever tightening budget constraints. The collection of asset the best possible service to
information, condition data and the optimised management of maintenance activities is central to
our community.
providing citizens and users of infrastructure assets the services they demand.

Phil Moore,
Confirm supports both strategic and tactical asset management operations. Tactical operations
Head of Highways &
including pre-planned, routine and reactive maintenance can be used in tandem with long term Parking Services,
strategic planning. Confirm optimises treatment options over multi-year periods taking into Medway Council
account your budgetary considerations and operational priorities.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Government organisations and commercial companies responsible for the maintenance of
infrastructure assets can realise significant operational efficiencies using Confirm to manage a
wide range of everyday mission critical tasks.

The ability of Confirm to inventory complex assets in a single environment provides economies
of scale across organisations. Plan and record the collection of condition information, record
and monitor defects, produce financial and operational performance reports and capture citizen Integrated Solutions
from Pitney Bowes
With a single point of truth linking asset data, operations, and financial systems; informed
Confirm is just one
decision making and optimised maintenance management can be used to drive significant of a range of desktop,
monetary savings. enterprise and mobile
solutions from Pitney
Modular Enterprise Defined Bowes Software that
allow users to add loca-
Confirm is a scalable modular solution that grows to support your business needs providing the
tion intelligence to busi-
economies of scale found with traditional enterprise solutions and the customisation found in
bespoke systems. ness processes.Confirm
Easily deployed across multiple dispersed departments Confirm allows you to maximise the with our flagship
fiscal return on your investment while offering the ability to deploy an Enterprise solution in product MapInfo GIS,
cost effective increments. and our web based
mapping solution
Understand Your Assets Manage Your Assets Communicate Across Teams
Asset Register Asset Maintenance Contractor Access
All infrastructure assets are held Create scheduled and reactive Streamline the management
in a central register recording all maintenance programmes of contractor relationships by
location, operational, financial, and incorporating: Works priorities, providing secure self-service
structural information. schedules of rates, contract access to your Confirm asset
documentation, bill of quantities, database.
Asset Valuation contractor bid evaluation and cost
Systematically determine the forecasting. Financial System Interface
depreciated value of assets and Integrate with SAP and Oracle
transfer asset valuations to your Contract Management Financials to automate the
Financial Management System. Manage term and non-term contracts submission of cost-coded
with complete control of works committed and actual expenditures
Condition Surveys instructions, variations, prioritisation, and asset values based on the
Monitor the condition and rescheduling, performance current status of works and the
performance of assets and monitoring, payments, and budgets. condition of the asset.
fulfilment of regulatory inspections
with scheduled or ad hoc condition Pavement Management Reports
surveys. Visualise and analyse standard Create fully customised reports
inspection data to predict failure which can be scheduled to run
Mapping and determine optimum timing of automatically and deployed via
GIS interfaces and the integrated treatment or renewal. email or web to team stakeholders.
Map tool enable graphical, map-
based interaction with assets, plus Risk Management Dashboards
access to GIS spatial modelling and Determine the probability of Make real-time decisions based
data analysis capabilities. failure, consequences of failure, on customised dashboards that
and mitigation strategies of assets monitor the metrics important to
Performance Monitoring based on defined failure modes, risk your business. Dashboards provide
Verify completion of contract works classes, asset condition and age. management and operational
and adherence to standards with level visualisation of performance
random and targeted monitoring Street Works indicators.
of works in accordance with Manage the complete life-cycle
contractual terms. of street openings and ensure Citizen Enquiry Management
compliance by automating the receipt Streamline the citizen enquiry
and issuing of essential notifications process by instantly recording
to authorities and the public. customer enquiries directly
against assets and convert them
Works Management into inspection activities. Provide
Comprehensive suite of works better communication to enhance
management tools for budgeting, customer satisfaction while
planning, costing, implementing, and providing an auditable trail of
managing operational and contractor maintenance activities.
activities including labour, materials,
plant, equipment and overheads.
Asset management anytime, anywhere and on any
device. ConfirmConnect empowers field operatives
to perform all critical workflows. Share updates
with management teams and colleagues in real-time
using a single low cost mobile device.

Productivity in Your Pocket

ConfirmConnect is a mobile asset management solution that delivers efficiency savings by 
Confirm mobile
configuration tasks
enabling a real-time two way flow of information between the asset owner and the field workforce that used to take hours
using the next generation of smartphones and tablet devices. ConfirmConnect provides
now take seconds with
organisations with up to date information on assets and maintenance activities allowing faster
and more informed decision making. ConfirmConnect. With
its flexibility, power and
Designed with user experience and efficiency savings in mind ConfirmConnect allows up-to-date support for
inspectors, surveyors and work crews to spend more time in the field carrying out work activities
iOS and Android tablets
using a single low cost device. Scarce resources are used efficiently and accountability is
maintained at all levels. ConfirmConnect ticks

Supporting Key Workflows

all the boxes
Jason McFarland,

Connect your mobile workforce to realise new efficiencies and cost savings across all asset System Support & Development,
management functions; key workflows supported include: Southampton Highways Service
Responding to public enquiries as they are reported keeping members of the public updated
about progress.
Integrated Bing Maps
Automatically download assets and their attributes for Condition Survey inspection.
comes with Microsoft
Undertake real time asset inspections updating your central asset register with the latest
Bing Maps fully integrated
straight out of the box.
Alternatively your own GIS
Pro-actively manage work crews and contractors by scheduling jobs from the field. Maintain
data and map tile service
an audit trail, track the status and costs of maintenance activities.
can be used to customise
ConfirmConnect to your
Manage Street Works on site ensuring quality and compliance with statutory requirements.
specific requirements.

Online, Offline, Any Device

ConfirmConnect supports both online and offline working where no network connectivity
exists. Users can download up-to-date information and tasks and then continue to work offline
in geographical areas where network connectivity is not assured. Once connectivity is restored
ConfirmConnect will automatically sync devices and data meaning there is no need to return to
home base.

ConfirmConnect is available for all major mobile operating systems including Apple iOS, and
Google Android. In addition, Blackberry Playbook devices and the Windows 7 operating system
with internet browsers are also supported.
Deliver Your Enterprise Vision Professional Services & Support
Asset management solutions are often the missing part of Pitney Bowes Software is an industry trusted advisor
a comprehensive enterprise vision for Local Government; with unmatched experience in delivering business
Confirm fills this gap. transformation support, operational process planning
and central government improvement strategies.
Seamlessly connecting with a wide range of CRM, GIS,
Our Professional services group can provide support
Finance, Resource and Reporting systems, Confirm allows
to implement the Confirm solution in a way which
different users in a wide range of departments to communicate
complements existing business processes and creates a
efficiently. Maintaining a single point of truth regarding
new way of working for maximum ROI.
asset management, maintenance and valuation removes
inefficiencies, administration bottlenecks and the potential
Using our skilled and experienced staff as an extension
for error.
of your own team, the cost, time of implementation and
Completing the enterprise vision, Confirm bridges the gap downstream support can be minimised; services include:
between government and citizen. It provides support for full
life-cycle request management from initiation and notification Project management - resource planning, project
to escalation, completion, valuation and feedback to the initiation, stage reporting, implementation and risk
requesting citizen. management

Consultancy services - business or technical changes,

Desktop, Cloud & Mobile problem resolution
Confirm provides asset managers a range of solutions that
Application and process review - reduce operating
allow long term costs to be easily forecast or fixed in advance.
costs, improve business processes
Traditional on-premise solutions are easy to install and
Managed service
configure to exactly match your key workflows and business
processes. Our cloud based on-demand solutions provide all
Infill services
the economies of scale you expect from a hosted solution with
no IT infrastructure or on-going maintenance costs.
Training - Pitney Bowes Software is a Gold standard
member of the Learning and Performance institute
Finally ConfirmConnect lets your mobile workforce be
effective where it matters in the field, sharing updates with
Technical services
management teams and colleagues in real time using a single
low cost mobile device.

The Confirm on Demand hosted solution has

saved us over 800K in one year by removing
the need for Amey to purchase and manage
our own IT infrastructure
Adrian Annabel,
IT Solutions Consultant,
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