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1 To identify the learning disabled students in the class.

2 To give educational assistance at the correct time.

3 To provide motivation in learning.

4 To find out the area of difficulty.

5 To find out the extent to which students are learning disabled.


The present survey is conducted on the Rev. Fr. Gevarghese Memorial High
school karikode. This is conducted as a part of our school induction. The investigators
aim is to find out the learning disabilities among the students in class VIII B of the
school. Learning disability is a major problem the at the school student faces today.
Learning disability refers to a mixed group of disorder manifested by significant
difficulties in the acquisition and use of listening, speaking, writing, reasoning, or
mathematical ability. Learning disability should be eliminated from the school students.
Sufficient remedial measures should be taken by the school management to do this. So
this study has relevance in the present educational system.

The main objectives of the study include:
1 To find out the number of student affecting from dyscalculia in a class.
2 To get an overall idea about the number of students needs special education or
3 To suggest remedial measures to avoid dyscalculia in students.
4 To find out the reason for observation of dyscalculia in students.
5 To make awareness in teachers, about the after effect of learning disability in


The following are the hypothesis formulated for the study are:
Learning disabled children differ from normal children in mathematical ability.
Learning disabled children are deficient in attention compared to normal children.
Learning disability is related to certain socio-demographic factors.
Learning disabled children differ among themselves in specific deficiencies.
Major problem that school student faces may be in multiplication.