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Mock Interview Rubric

Student Name:______________________________ Date: __________ CS Signature: ______________________

Mock 5 - Mastery 4 Emerging 3 Basic Skill 2 Inadequate Skill 1 No Skill
Interview Mastery
Criterion -
Appearance Immaculate attire and Well groomed and Functional attire, Neat and clean but Unkempt,
grooming for the appropriate attire neat grooming for inadequate for the inappropriately
position for the position the position position dressed for the

Attitude and Highly confident, Very confident, Appears confident Limited confidence Lacking confidence
Position inspires others, asserts self-directed and and hold self well and direction, poor and direction, poor
presence motivated eye contact posture

Expression Exceptional, speaks Thinks and speaks Speaks well, Incomplete Uncommunicative
clearly, concisely, ideas clearly, confidently expresses ideas conversation, short, or poor vocabulary
are well thought out adequately choppy responses (yes/no type; one-
word response)

Motivation Highly motivated, Strong interest and Communicates Limited motivation, Disinterested, no
eager to work well, desire, motivated desire to work and no expression of motivation
positive do well energy

Personality Extremely pleasant, Pleasing Likeable Too neutral to Unpleasant

charming, very likeable assess personality

Job Excellent; Clear Very good; Satisfactory; some Inadequate No job knowledge
Knowledge understanding of the understanding of knowledge of either knowledge of both of position
position and details of position and the position and
the employer employer position/employer employer

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Mock Interview Rubric
Student arrived in a timely manner (10 to 15 minutes early):

Student greeted interviewer by name:

Student offered a firm handshake:

Student sent resume a minimum of 72 hours in advance:

Student sent cover letter a minimum of 72 hours in advance:

Student sent job description a minimum of 72 hours in advance:

Student sent/gave thank you letter within 72 hours post-interview:

I would hire this student/candidate:


Student came prepared to interview:


Dress was appropriate given the major/job applying for:


See comments/rubric on reverse side Last Updated: 7/25/2014 SLM