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Splunk Integration with PAN-OS



VM-100 (or better) running PAN-OS ver. 7.1.5 + (Lab-in-a-Box Lab A)

Panorama VM running ver. 7.1.5 + (Lab-in-a-Box Lab A)
configured as per Lab-in-a-Box Lab B' instructions.
Kali Linux
Configured as per Lab C Kali Image Setup' instructions.

Kali Linux with Palo Alto/Splunk demo

This installation will provide auto-generated traffic specific for the PAN Splunk app.

Summit Pre-Work
Follow installation instructions provided in the Lab-In-A-Box documentation on our Live page
(15586) configured as per PS Summit Lab Diagram detailed by Michael Weber in email dated 8
Dec. 2016. Verify web UI access to your Kali VM Splunk demo <IP-of-Kali-VM>:8000


(PS Summit Labs Diagram.pptx)

Presentation Requirements

- Need either HDMI cable for connection of laptop to projector OR Thunderbolt video adaptor
for input type to projector
- Lab prerequisites detailed above
- No special internet connection (conf. wireless OK)