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Final report Q3-Q4

Summary of Quarters
Ungingj Corporation is a international company which has 10 subdivision in
different places around the world. This company has 4 grocery stores and 3 factories.
In quarter 3-4, this company had earn many revenue because I highlight to sale cheaper
price of goods. So, there are many customers come to buy goods in my stores and

For quarter 3 midpoint and quarter 3 end, this company was open more 3
subdivisions such as office and Unging-3 shop(grocery store) at Kaduna which is the
state capital of Kaduna State in north-western Nigeria and Unging-2 bakery which was a
factory that sold a tun of noodle at Sikasso. Moreover, some subdivisions that I was
open in this quarter was not efficient at all. It had less profit and sometimes loss of
profit too. So, in quarter 4, i decided to open more subdivision that i hope it will help
my company can earn many profit and revenue again.

Quarter 4 midpoint and quarter 4 end, I was create only one subdivision. Its name
was Gifts of God which was open at Yamoussoukro. Gifts of god was a grocery store
again because I ever opened stores on quarter 1 and 2 and they can gain many revenue
and profit. However, the result in this quarter was not unexpected. This subdivision
can gain revenue and profit but it do not gain as well as quarter 1 and 2. Hence, I will
explain all of my subdivisions progress in the next following pages.
Revenue of Company

Revenue of company
For the revenue of my company in these
quarter was quite low . The peak of
revenue was in q3 end also about 65,325

Asset and cash value of Company

Asset and Cash

In quarter 3 midpoint and q3 end, asset
and cash are growing up together. But
on q4 midpoint asset was grow up and
cash was lower because I was open new
subdivision(Gifts of God). Then in q4
midpoint, the company was not efficient
at all. So, the asset and cash were

Expenditure Of Company

On q3 midpoint to q3 end, the expense
was grow up very fast then on q4
midpoint the expense was grow up a little
bit. Finally, on q4 end the expense was
decrease again because I spent less.

In these two quarters, my company can earn many revenue and spent much of
In quarter 3 midpoint and quarter 3 end can earn revenue about 90,818 dollar.
Quarter 4 midpoint and quarter 4 end can earn less than quarter 3 revenue
because many subdivisions were not efficient. So, it can earn only 16,938 dollar.
For my subdivision

Unging shop : Continuation last quarter 2 end, this subdivision can earn low revenue
cause of minus profit. So, this reason will lead to make the next quarter had low of
revenue more.
Unging-2 shop : This subdivision was efficient on q3 end. It can earn profit for 5396
dollar. Q3 midpoint and q4 midpoint-end, customers were come to visit and bought my
stuffs less than q3 end. So, it make this subdivision was not efficiency as well.
Unging-3 shop : This subdivision was quite new. So, it definitely do not good at first.
The revenue was really low at q3 midpoint. And time passed, on q3 end and q4 midpoint-
end, the revenue was grow up and the profit was minus lower more and more.
Gifts of god : It was establish on q4. On q4 midpoint, this subdivision can earn 565
dollars. And q4 end, it can earn 218 dollars because I spent much money for buying goods
to sell in the store and I regardless money that I spent was too much.

Unging bakery : This factories was sell about bread. On q3-q4, this subdivision was not
efficient as well. It earn low revenue and had many expenditure. This was from I bought
so high of technology machine and high price of raw materials. So, that made the prime
cost was too high. However, If I sold my bread at high price, it absolutely did not had
any customers bought them. Thus, I set them at the low price for gain some little
revenue from customer better than set high price and do not have any customer
bought them.
Unging mill : This factory was manufacture about flour. I established this factory
because Unging bakery was manufacture bread. So, flour was the main ingredient of
bread. I don't want to spent my asset to other factories any more. For financial, can
earn the highest revenue on q4 end also 3023 dollar after I discount the sale price. So,
the problem on q3-q4 midpoint was setting price. if I set low price, the customers will
buy my goods.
Unging-2 bakery : This subdivision was manufacture about noodle. On q4 end was the
highest rate of revenue and expenditure. And q3-q4 midpoint was alike rate.

Revenue of Shop

Revenue of shops
For the shop that can gain the most
revenue was Unging-2 shop. It can
earn 81,404 dollars.
And the least revenue was Gifts of
god because it just open. So, it
cannot earn profit as much as other
shops that open before.

Expenditure of Shops

Expense of shops
Unging-2 shop was spent most of
money to buy stuffs and the least
still Gifts of god because it just
open. Moreover, on q3 Unging-3 shop
was spent less from all shops that

Expenditure of Factories

Expense of factories
Unging-2 bakery was spent the most
of expenditure from other
subdivisions. So, that means this
subdivision did not efficient as well.
And other subdivision was spent too
much money too but not high as
Unging-2 bakery.

Revenue of Factories

Revenue of factories
For factories, the most factory that
can earn revenue the most was
Unging mill. On q3-q4 midpoint, it did
not earn any revenue before. When I
set the price lower from 1.70 dollar
to 1.44 dollars. It had many
customers came to buy my goods.
That means price was really
important to sell stuffs. And other
factories, they can earn revenue
too. But less than Unging mill.

Income Statement
On quarter3 midpoint to quarter3 end, the revenue was growing so fast and then on q4
midpoint the revenue was falling down from 65,325 to 6,743 dollars because of I opened
the shop(Gifts of god). It used a lot of money to established that lead to my asset
was decreasing. After that on q4 end, the revenue was grow up again to 10195 dollars.
From guessing, I think that the involve of income statement was grow up was from
revenue of Gifts of god too.

Summary of Profitable
For my all subdivisions in these q3-q4 can earn less of profit. So, I have the only one
that can earn the most profit was Unging-2 shop. At first, on q1-2 I think this
subdivision I will closed it as soon as possible because it cannot earn any profit. And
only on Q3 midpoint, it efficient!!! It can earn 5,396 dollars. It made me proud of it.
Moreover, Unging mill can earn profit too but it did not earn as much as Unging-2 shop.
This subdivision can earn only 1030 dollars cause of it had the first revenue from I just
set the price that I sold flour lower. And other subdivisions had all unprofitable and
minus of profit rate.

On q3-q4, I got a lot of problems of all my subdivisions such as setting price, the
location of companies and technology of machine for used in the factories.

For all of my shop, I opened shops in bad locations. It does not have many populations
at all. However, I solve the problem to sell goods in the low prices but this made my
company did not earn much of revenue. Moreover, only Unging-2 was only shop that can
earn profit on q3 end. That reasons made my subdivisions do not efficient and had a lot
of minus of profit.
For all of my company, I think that I did not manage good as well. The reason were from
the locations, price that i sold stuffs, the technology of machine was too high and raw
materials that I bought in the high prices too. This made the prime cost was too high.
Nevertheless, if i set high prices, I guess that no one bought my items. So, I decided to
set the price lower even though I can earn less of profit. Finally, all my factories do
not efficient and only on q4 end Unging mill which was sold flour can earn profit. For me,
I tried several times to solve the problem, but it did not effective at all. Sometimes
the profits was lower and sometimes it higher even though it still minus rate.

Moreover, my assets and cash was lower until the bonus point was expire because I
established more subdivisions and my subdivisions was not efficient at all.

For the future I will open restaurant in France and cafe in England which were
popular countries. They had many populations, spaces and high of salary. Moreover, if
these two subdivisions were efficient and can earn many profits. I will open chocolate
factory in Belgium which a popular country that has delicious chocolate.
For all shops and factories, I will try to solve the problem which means I will try to make
my all subdivisions have a lot of profits, revenue and less expense more.

Other Components
For my company, I think the most important things were setting price, location of
company, and technology of machine. So, I will explain them below this.

Jiratchaya Nimitpanya
10 december 2016