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This post has been updated for 2015, and includes a lot of extra words and

examples. This post is for educational purposes and is not meant to offend anyone.
If you do become offended, please navigate to a different part of the blog and keep
in mind that this is the only post that uses naughty language like this. Also realize
that actually saying these words to a native Russian speaker could land you in a lot
of trouble, so make sure you can walk the walk if youre gonna talk the talk!

In Russia, there are a list of words that are called (mat), which is short for
[matrnj jzk]. Some of the words below are on the list. These
words can actually get you in trouble in Russia, because they can be considered
disorderly conduct (mild hooliganism). These words are censored in the media.

I have added IPA transcriptions in brackets ([]) for the words below. Romanized
Russian text is provided in parentheses for those of you that do not know Cyrillic.

[xuj] dick

(HOOY) Listen to pronunciation

This word translates to DICK. It may refer to the male penis or a guy that acts like
one, just as in English! The beauty of this word is that it is used in so many different
ways. It is the king of all swear words! It is commonly used to tell someone to fuck
off! or to give them a nice, fuck you! Interestingly, the literal translation for this
phrase is Go (get) on a dick!: !/ !. There are several
other useful phrases that use :

! I dont give a fuck!

! ( , ) Youll get nothing! (lit. A dick for you! (in the ass, in the

( ) . I dont know. / Who fucking knows.

Whats the difference between and when telling someone to fuck off?
is often seen as more offensive and aggressive, so it may come in
handy when a friend or family member really pisses you off.
There are a lot of words that are derived from


, a large number, a (fucking) lot, a shitload

? ? Why the fuck for?, What the fuck for?

? ? Why the fuck for?, What the fuck for? (more disapproving)

1) jack shit, nothing 2) no, no fucking way, wow, what the fuck!
(exclamation). It may be seen with : ! Wow?! What the fuck?!

, dont care, dont give a fuck

, excellent, fucking awesome, very good (adjective:


fucking great, very good (adjective: -)

shitty, fucking awful, very bad (adjective: -)


, dickhead, dipshit, asshole

liar (male)


garbage, bullshit (positive and negative)


1) no need, do not! 2) nothing

pf. (impf. ) 1) to become cheeky (rude), cocky 2) to experience

a strong feeling about something (to be astonished, surprised, shocked, confused,
pissed off, etc.)

! Holy shit! What the fuck?! Ha!!

! Suck my dick!

! You have a small dick!

? Why the fuck are you still standing here?

? Why the fuck do I need this?

. We caught a shitload of fish!

. I dont remember jack shit from


You might also encounter the word [xer], which has the same meaning as
but is considered slightly less offensive. has its own versions of most of the
special forms that you just saw with , i.e. , , etc. There is also
another word, [tlen] penis, that isnt really considered offensive at all. You
can use it when you want to make sure that you are getting your point across that
you are talking about the male genitalia: a dick in your mouth.

[suk] bitch

(SOO-ka) Listen to pronunciation

This word translates to bitch, slut. It may be used for female dogs, women, or
even men! There is also the diminutive form, , which has the same meaning.
You can also call a man son of a bitch with: .

, ! Shut your mouth, bitch!

[srat] to shit

(SRAT) Listen to pronunciation

This word is a verb and it translates to to shit. It may also mean to not care or
to not give a shit. This verb is imperfective and it is conjugated like : ,
. Its perfective counterpart is . Several other verbs may be
formed by adding prefixes:

pf. to not care for

pf. to shit oneself

impf. (pf. ) to shit all over it, to defame something

pf. , to lose (vulgar)

There are a few useful nouns and adjectives derived from this verb:
asshole, bastard, an ass (colloquial), and shitty, nasty,

. My cat often shits underneath the couch.

! I cannot take a shit!

. I dont care for your opinion.

. I hate my shitty job.

[pzda] cunt

(pi-ZDA) Listen to pronunciation

This word translates to cunt. It most often refers to the female genitalia,
commonly known as pussy or vagina (its technical term) in English, but it also
has a lot of other meanings! When used to describe women it has an obscene
figurative meaning that may roughly translate to bitches or hoes in English.
When used to describe men, it is reserved for those who have extremely negative
behavior (i.e. dickheads) or those that are deceitful or liars. You may also use it
when you are tired of using when you want to say Fuck off! or Fuck you!:
!/ ! Whenever it is used with the preposition it has
the same meaning as dont give a fuck, doesnt matter to me.

There are a few other words that have the same root as this word: very
bad (fucked up) situation or an exclamation Holy shit!, What the fuck!,
excellent, great, good, impf. to lie, to tell lies, a lie.

. I dont give a fuck about your problems.

! Everythings great!

[pdras] homosexual
(pi-da-RAS) Listen to pronunciation

This word is a very offensive form of gay or homosexual. In many contexts it

could be translated as faggot, queer, homo, etc. There are some other similar
words with the same offensive translation: , , . If you wish to
use some less offensive words you can say: , , , or use the
adjective light blue. Whenever this adjective is used in conversational
Russian, it can be understood as gay ( ).

[mdak] asshole

(moo-DAK) Listen to pronunciation

This word carries the meaning asshole, smart ass, horses ass, pain in the
ass, and dickhead. It is such a lovely word You might find it interesting to know
that this word is derived from which means testicles. Another word with the
same meaning is .

[op] ass

(ZHO-pa) Listen to pronunciation

This words meaning is simple: ASS. It may be used to refer to the ass of a person or
a person who behaves like an ass. It may also be used to tell someone to fuck off,
piss off or go to hell:

/ ! Fuck off! / Go to hell!

! Move your ass!

! Kiss my ass!

! Dont be an asshole!
There are several insulting words that share the same root of this word:
asshole, dickhead, greedy person, kiss-ass, ass-kisser (lit. ass licker),
asshole, dickhead, greedy person; faggot, queer.

? Why are you such a kiss-ass?

, . Youre acting like an asshole.

[jbat] to fuck

(yi-BAT) Listen to pronunciation

This word is a verb and it translates to to fuck. It is imperfective and conjugated

like : , . But in the past tense it can be seen as or . Its
perfective counterpart is . You will probably most often see it in the phrase
which literally means (I) fucked your mother, but carries other
meanings such as go to hell, fuck off, goddamn you. It may also be used as an
exclamation in which it can mean Ill be damned!, Really?!or Motherfucker!
Furthermore, you can use this phrase as the equivalent to motherfucking or like
a motherfucker.

, , ! Pass the motherfucking vodka!

, . I fought like a motherfucker to


You may see the verb pair / used instead for the meaning to
fuck, to have sex, e.g. . I want to fuck her.

There are many words that contain the root of this verb. Several other verbs may be
formed by adding affixes:

impf. (pf. ) to do something in a way that is unusual,

extravagant, or too complicated
impf. (pf. ) to hit/beat someone or something, to drink, to steal

() pf. (impf. ()) to exhaust, to make very tired, to have sex


pf. (impf. ) to get rid of, to leave alone, to not disturb

! , ! Excellent, awesome, cool, fucking great! (used as an


! Fuck off, Get the fuck away from me!

! Beat him!

There is also the adjective, , which simply means fucking. And there are
several nouns: stupid ass, dunce, idiot, fucker, lover, sex
partner and act of fucking, sex.

, ! Oh, you fucking whore!

! She looked fucking great in that dress!

. I used to only think about

fucking and never about love.

[drmo] shit

(dir-MO) Listen to pronunciation

This word translates to shit. It is used much like its English equivalent. It may be
used as an exclamation Shit!, to refer to things: All of this shit!, or to refer to
people: Piece of shit! Another word that has the same meaning, but is slightly
more offensive is [gvno]. Its used just like which means it refers to
the shit coming that could be coming from your ass, the shit that is cluttering up
your apartment, or any piece of shit person!

Lets say that your friend ( ) told you about a movie that you shouldnt watch
( !), but your girlfriend wants to watch it anyways. You can say to her:
, , , . My friend, Dima, said
that film is total shit.

[blt] whore

(BLYAT) Listen to pronunciation

Whore. Thats the basic translation of this word, but it may also mean bitch, slut,
prostitute, or a promiscuous person. It is considered to be a general-purpose insult
to anyone, so it may be used with both women and men. It may also be used as an
exclamation, in which it can mean fuck!, shit!, or damn (it)! It can also be
used as an intensive particle to add the meaning fucking, damn, etc. It is
commonly contracted to when used as an exclamation or particle.

, , , ! He fucking told me I was boring!

, , ! I fucking know where you live!

, ! Get out of here, bitch!

Here are some additional naughty words that might come in handy for you!

[gndon] noun

condom (may describe a person: asshole, weak man)

[drtit] verb impf. (pf. )

to jack off, to masturbate

[zlup] noun

dickhead (may describe a person or the actual head of a penis; derived from
to peel off)

[kisk] noun

pussy (vagina)

[mnda] noun
cunt, bitch

[sisk], [sis] noun

breast, tit, boob

() [ssat] verb impf. (pf. )

to suck, to blow, to perform fellatio

[bldk] noun

motherfucker (worthless person

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