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Bishops grieve Press Statement on

Death Penalty

House approval
THE House of Representatives has given its consent
for the State to kill. We, your bishops, are overcome
with grief but we are not defeated nor shall we be
silenced. In the midst of Lent we prepare to celebrate
the triumph of Life over Death, and while we grieve
that the Lower House has voted for death, our faith

of death penalty
assures us that Life will triumph.
We call on all Catholic faithful and all Filipinos
who stand for life to continue the spirited opposition
to death penalty. We urge Catholic lawyers, judges
and jurists to allow the gentleness of the Gospel of
Life to illumine their reading and application of the
law, so that their service to society as teachers and
agents of the law and of justice may bring life. It is
indeed that we may have life to the full that the Lord
came into our midst.
They may have won but it does not mean that
they are right.

Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan
President, CBCP

March 7, 2017

Tax Church-run schools?

Bishops say its govts call but

Students of San Beda College - Manila, President Rodrigo Dutertes alma mater, hold a candle lighting protest in solidarity with several Catholic schools nationwide that staged
simultaneous Noise for Life against the extrajudicial killings and the proposed revival of the death penalty, March 8, 2017. ROY LAGARDE

Bishop Pablo David of Kalookan with Pope Francis at the Vatican, Sept. 7, 2016.
By Roy Lagarde Lawmakers on March 7 voted 217-54 grief but we are not defeated nor shall LOSSERVATORE ROMANO
to resurrect the death penalty bill, which we be silenced, Villegas said.
seeks to reimpose capital punishment In the midst of Lent we prepare to IT is the governments a revisit of the governments
CATHOLIC bishops are for heinous drug-related crimes. celebrate the triumph of life over death, prerogative if it wants to income tax policy, claiming
grieving over the approval Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop and while we grieve that the lower House impose tax on religious that some schools cater
by an overwhelming vote at Socrates Villegas, Catholic Bishops has voted for death, our faith assures us schools but the move should to students from higher-
Conference of the Philippines president, that life will triumph, he said. be studied thoroughly, income families and hike
the House of Representa- lamented that the lower House has At the same time, the archbishop
tives of a measure to revive Catholic bishops said. tuition.
given its consent for the State to kill. called on the Filipinos who stand for life Bishop Pablo David of The bishops and various
the capital punishment. We, your bishops, are overcome with Death / A6 Kalookan said that the church organizations have
Church would probably been strongly vocal against
Ombudsman to seminarians: Dont let greed ruin environment, not be running schools if
only the government could
the extrajudicial killings as
a result of the governments
Help fight corruption, injustice says Archbishop Arguelles adequately provide quality
education, especially on
war on drugs and the revival
of the death penalty.
the primary and secondary San Jose Bishop Roberto
levels. Mallari, chairman of the
The fact is, it cannot, CBCP Commission on
David said. We always Catechesis and Catholic
thought that we in the Education, asked lawmakers
Church were doing the to get to know more the
government a favor by Catholic schools and its
making quality education contributions to society.
available wherever the state In fact, government
is unable to do it adequately. should even think of
This failure, he said, is supporting them to
visible in public schools maximize the good that they
where many students are can do, Mallari said.
cramped in classrooms and
the huge backlog in the Free education?
construction of classrooms David warned that some
and the ne ed for more Catholic schools are even
More than 500 Theology seminarians attend the opening Mass of the Kapatiran Environment Secretary Gina Lopez (left), Archbishop Ramon Arguelles (2nd from right)
2017 at the UST Chapel in Manila on Saturday, March 4, 2017. Kapatiran is an teachers. closing because of lack of
and other rallyists raise their fists during the Walk for the Environment outside the
annual gathering of Philippine Seminarians Network, an association of major Senate building in Manila on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. ROY LAGARDE He added that even the resources and the escalating
seminarians from various diocesan seminaries and formation houses around the governments resources are salaries of teachers.
country. ROY LAGARDE still not enough to provide He added that many
WHAT has selfishness got said greed and indifference
THE countrys anti- Speaking before a to do with the destruction are the source of all the decent education to all its Catholic schools have been
graft chief has called on gathering of seminarians of the environment? A lot, a environmental problems the citizens. suffering because of the
seminarians to help uproot at the University of Santo Catholic archbishop said. country is facing today. We merely augment the exodus of teachers to the
the widespread culture of Tomas on Saturday, In his Ash Wednesday Selfishness is the cause of lack when the government public schools where they
corruption and be more Ombudsman Conchita homily, Lipa Archbishop the worlds many problems. cannot adequately provide can get a better pay and the
active in fighting injustices. Fight / A3 Emeritus Ramon Arguelles Greed / A7
it, David said. We do not the declining population
even rely on public funds to brought by free education.
run our schools. Pretty soon we may have
Cardinal Tagle: Real change must come from within ourselves Should they not treat us to close down some of them,
as their partners and allies David said.
CARDINAL Luis Antonio Tagle put is that it does not focus oneself but on peace, nothing will change, Tagle said. rather than as adversaries? And contrary to public
ashes on the foreheads of faithful God, through His Word, and on others. I hope these 40 days of Lent we he said. perception, the bishop said
Wednesday to usher in the Lenten When there is little change in the intensify our prayers as well as in Speaker Pantaleon that public schools are not
season. society, we should look inside us, he reading and listening to Gods word, Alvarez, who once called entirely free because they are
In his homily, he said Lent is the said. he added. the bishops as a bunch run with taxpayers money.
time when Catholics should look into The cardinal also cited a line from the Aside from getting on track spiritually, of hypocrites, yesterday Thats not a bad thing in
themselves and repent of their sins. song Let There Be Peace on Earth that Cardinal Tagle said that Lent is also a said church-owned schools itself. Were of course happy
Changing the self, he said, is how one is often sung in churches in explaining time of good works and charity. should be taxed to improve when public education is
can be the change. his point. He urged the faithful to take part of the governments revenue upgraded for the benefit of
Maybe our most important We often sing Let there be peace on the Manila archdioceses Fast2Feed collection. the poor but lets not have
contribution to the country and the Earth, and let it begin with me. For as program, which aims to feed hungry At the hearing on the any illusion about it. It is
world today is conversion, Tagle said. long as we dont turn the heart towards children not just in Manila but also from Duterte administrations not free! It is paid for by the
And a key aspect to this transformation God, neighbor, justice, truth, caring, other provinces. (CBCPNews) tax reform bill, he called for Tax / A7
A2 WORLD NEWS March 6 - 19, 2017 Vol 21, No. 5 CBCP Monitor

Vatican Briefing Europe will be adrift if it loses


Mafia crime is radically opposed to the Gospel,

Pope says
Christian roots, faith leaders warn
Frequently an outspoken critic against organized PARIS, France, Mar 3, 2017 Catholic of the common good. persecution within societies that claim
crime, Pope Francis again came out with harsh words for and Orthodox leaders in a joint statement They focused in particular on the to be open, they said.
those involved in the mafia and other criminal activities, urged Europeans to remember their effects that terrorism and extreme Cultural relativism, devoid of truth
which he said are stained with blood and go directly Christian roots, and to return to them secularization have on young people. or moral good, cannot be established
against the faith. The phenomena of the mafia, which during this time of widespread concern Often, they noted, radicalized terrorists as dogma, because this actually leads to
is an expression of a culture of death, is (something) for (the) future of Europe. are distraught young people who see division between human beings.
to oppose and to fight, the Pope said Jan. 23. Pope ...our societies are turning to violence as an outlet, and as a way to Addressing the large waves of
Francis spoke to members of the National Anti-Mafia their spiritual resources, to draw out exact revenge on non-believers and migrants that Europe has experienced
and Anti-terrorism Bu-reau during an audience with the means of responding to the situation infidels whom theyve been taught to in the past few years, the leaders
organization in the Vaticans Apostolic Pal-ace. (Elise that Europe is experiencing, and to see as other. described welcoming the stranger as
Harris/CNA) trace the path ahead for a future full Youth, however, is the time of hope a Christian duty, and urged them to
of hope and greater confidence, the and of building the future. We invite all remember Abraham, whom Christians,
On Trump presidency, Pope says we must wait leaders said. young people to commit themselves to Jews and Muslims have in common
and see During the 5th European Catholic- building a fraternal world that excludes as a father in faith. They added that
In a new interview published Saturday, Pope Francis Orthodox Forum, 12 delegates of no one, they said. migrants in turn have a duty to
said he will wait to see what U.S. President Donald the Council of European Bishops We do not hesitate to recall that our peacefully integrate into their host
J. Trump does before making any judgments, em- Conferences (CCEE) met in Paris with Churches themselves have undertaken countries, which must be united by a
phasizing Gods own patience with him and his faults. 12 representatives of the Orthodox just such a work to gain a deeper foundation that respects the religious
In an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais Jan. Churches in Europe last month to understanding of the word of God in the and human rights of all people.
20, the same day as the U.S. presidential inau-guration, discuss the theme, Europe in fear of the Scriptures not according to the letter Pluralistic societies are a real
Pope Francis said he doesnt like to get ahead of himself threat from fundamentalist terrorism, that kills but according to the Spirit that challenge for contemporary mankind,
or judge people prematurely. We will see. We will see and the value of human person and gives life (2 Corinthians 3:6). especially in Europe. Our long Christian
what he does and will judge. The world is so upside religious freedom. They also noted the effect that tradition has taught us that the Gospel of
down, that it needs a fixed point, grounded firmly in While governments guarantee the some concepts of secularism are Jesus has been ableand is still ableto
reality: what did you do, what did you decide, how do fundamental rights of the human having on the young people of bring men and women of every origin
you move. That is what I prefer to wait and see, he said. person, many forces are currently Europe, which have led entire together in one single people of faith,
(Hannah Brockhaus/CNA) at work that seek to marginalize or generations to a form of religious they said.
eliminate religion from the public illiteracy which deprives citizens of Ultimately, they said, in order for
Pope makes a strong call for better marriage prep square, the leaders said. the basic knowledge that is necessary peace to prevail in Europe, the continent
Pope Francis stressed the pressing need for effective We believe that Europe needs for them to understand their own must be willing to engage in a dialogue
education and prepara-tion for the sacrament of more than ever the breath of faith in cultural heritage, as well as the with people of different faiths, and to
marriagenot only to guard against invalid mar- Christ and the hope that it provides, cultural heritage of other traditions return to its Christian roots, which
riages, but also to strengthen the faith of the couple as they said. Christianity is a marker that are inspired by religion. provided Europe with its universalist
they prepare for the unique blessings and challenges of identity that does not deny others Ignoring the religious heritage vision, its notion of the dignity of the
of married life. The goal of this preparation consists, their human rights, but seeks to of Europe often leads, even if human person and its moral principles.
namely, in helping engaged couples to know and cooperate with all for the realization unintentionally, to discrimination and (CNA)
to live the reality of marriage as it is intended to be

Egypts Christians are being driven out

celebrated, so that it is possible to do so not only validly
and lawfully, but also fruitfully, so that they are able to
make this celebration a stage of their journey of faith,

will the world notice?

Pope Francis said. In this spirit, I would reiterate the
need for a new catechumenate in preparation for mar-
riage, he said in his Jan. 21 address to the judges of the
Roman Rota at the Vaticans Clementine Hall. (Hannah
Brockhaus/CNA) CAIRO, Egypt, Mar 2, 2017 reported murders of Nassif said, and have fled to a really poor economic
A spike in attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt in the churches, Coptic charities, or situation, and theyre taking
Siblings arrested in cyber attack that compromised Christians in Egypt, spurred last three months, Bishop to relatives homes. advantage of a very difficult
Vatican computers by a video threat from ISIS, Angaelos said in a recent Bishop Angaelos insisted geographic area to target
Two arrests have been made in a widespread cyber- has drawn the prayers and statement, culminating in that the one common Christians, he said, many of
attack that compromised communications of prominent concern of advocates, who the most recent murders denominator is that these whom have been killed in
Italian institutions and individuals, including the are urging global leaders to of seven Christians in Al- innocent children, women lone wolf attacks intended
Vatican. Italian police have arrested Giulio Occhionero, take notice. Arish, the largest city in the and men have had their lives to instill fear in the rest of
45, and his sister Francesca Maria Occhionero, 49. The Americans need to countrys Sinai region. brutally and tragically ended the Christian population and
siblings, who also work as engineers and have dual know that one of the oldest Twenty-nine were killed for no other reason except drive them out.
residencies in London and Rome, are accused of illegally Christian communities in the in a bombing at St. Marks that they are Christians, Their goal is to really
ac-cessing classified information, and breaching and world is under threat from Coptic Orthodox Cathedral noting that written threats create real deep anxiety
intercepting information technology systems and data being completely pushed in Cairo in December. The have been left in villages among all the Christians in
communications. The attack reportedly hacked as out of Egypt, which would Islamic State took credit for urging Christians to leave Egypt, and to sow this sort
many as 18,000 accounts, including computers used by be disastrous both for Egypt the bombing and released a or die. of narrative that they were
Cardinal Gianfran-co Ravasi at the Pontifical Council for and for Christianity itself, video threatening to target The current Egyptian part of this sort of counter-
Culture, computers at a Vatican guest house regularly Philippe Nassif, executive Christian crusaders in government has condemned coup against the Muslim
used by prelates visiting Rome, and thousands of e-mail director of the advocacy group Egypt. the attacks and in the past has Brotherhood, he continued.
mes-sages. (CNA) In Defense of Christians, told Oh crusaders in Egypt, pledged to protect embattled The Muslim Brotherhood
CNA. this attack that struck you in Christian minorities in the had governed Egypt before
Youth to be protagonists in upcoming synod of We pray for those your temple is just the first country, but Christians they were ousted in a 2013
bishops suffering terrorism and with many more to come, still suffer most in rural military coup. General
With the 2014-2015 Synod of Bishops on the Family violence, for God to grant God willing, they said. areas outside the capital of Abdul Fattah el-Sisi became
barely falling out of sight, the preparatory document for them peace and reassurance Since the videos release, Cairo where the national president months later after
the next synod dedicated to youth has been released, that they are not forgotten more Christians have been government has lesser elections were held, and
indicating that young people will play an active role by Him or by all those who killed in Egypt and hundreds oversight. Christians have been blamed
in both the preparation and the discussion. Through not only witness their plight have reportedly fled their The security situation by insurgents as aiding his
every phase of this Synod, the Church wants again to but strive to advocate for homes in the Sinai region in Sinai itself has just rise to power.
state her desire to encounter, accompany and care for them, His Grace Bishop in the north of the country deteriorated dramatically in The international
every young person, without exception, a preparatory Angaelos, general bishop of after several murders there, the past year, Nassif said, community must take notice
document for the 2018 synod read. The Church cannot, the Coptic Orthodox Church the group In Defense of in the area with a large of this persecution, which
nor does she wish to, abandon them to the isolation and in the United Kingdom, said Christians claimed. Christian presence. has gone largely unnoticed,
exclusion to which the world exposes them. The theme Tuesday. Many of these Sinai The ISIS affiliates in the Bishop Angaelos stressed.
for the 2018 50th General Assembly of the Synod of There have been 40 residents are very poor, Sinai are basically using (CNA)
Bishops, Young People, the Faith and the Discernment
of Vocation, was announced Oct. 6, 2016. (Elise
Cardinal Bo warns of environmental holocaust
YANGON, Myanmar, March 3, 2017
Cardinal OMalley appointed to Vatican office for Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon
Doctrine of the Faith warned that greed is fueling the worlds
The Vatican announced that Cardinal Sean OMalley ecological crisis while equating the
of Boston has yet another reason to come to Rome, destructive powers of climate change to
with his appointment as the newest member of the that of nuclear weapons.
Vaticans Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Today we face an environmental
Already a member of the Popes Council of Cardinals holocaust. It is a scary moment,
and President of the Pontifical Commission for the Cardinal Bo said in his keynote speech
Protection of Minors, OMalleys appointment to the at the Asia-Oceania Meeting of Religious
CDF, announced in a Jan. 14 communique from the (AMOR) forum in Yangon on Feb. 27.
Vatican, adds yet another major role to the list of Just over 130 men and women
duties he is accumulating. Headed by Cardinal Gerhard religious attended the forum held at
Muller, the CDF is also home to a new judicial section St. Marys Cathedral compound Feb.
established by the Pope last June to handle cases of 27-March 3.
abuse of office on the part of a bishop or religious Climate change is an atom bomb
superior accused of being negligent in handling waiting to explode, he said.
instances of child sexual abuse. (Elise Harris/CNA) The 69-year-old cardinal told the
forum that greed has unleashed
Conversion is a prerequisite to ecumenism, Pope ecological terrorism upon the Earth
says while adding that the poor are the most
For Pope Francis, personal conversion is pretty much affected.
Religious women and men from across Asia who joined the Asia-Oceania Meeting of Religious (AMOR) XVII as seen
the key to the Churchs success in all of her activities, together in the St. Marys Cathedral in Yangon on March 1. PHOTO COURTESY OF AUNG MARIA GORETTI
Who is dying? The poor are dying,
from Church governance to pastoral work, from Curial he said. Conference of Myanmar, said action forum was to undergo in-depth biblico-
reform to evangelization and dialogue. He reiterated this During his speech, Cardinal Bo cited is required to put in place policies that theological reflection on the challenges
point in a Jan. 19 speech to an ecumenical delegation Pope Francis environmental encyclical promote sustainability and protect the posed by Laudatosi and of the Papal
from Finland, telling them that true ecumenism is Laudatosi and said that degradation environment. Bull MisericordiaeVultus (The Face of
based on a shared conversion to Jesus Christ as our to the environment was being caused Sister Maung told ucanews.com that Mercy) by which Pope Francis convoked
Lord and Redeemer. If we draw close to him, we draw by economic terrorists and ecological it was significant that once-isolated the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.
close also to one another, he said, and pointed to his terrorists. Myanmar held the international AMRO was founded in 1972 and
trip to Sweden last fall for a joint-commemoration of Overall, Cardinal Bos speech stressed religious conference. was created to enable women religious
the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Pope Francis the forums theme Call for Global It is a special privilege for us to leaders across Asia to meet every three
spoke to members of the Ecumenical Delegation of the Ecological Conversion. exchanged the ideas about ecology and years to exchange ideas. It is AMROs
Lutheran Church of Finland who traveled to Rome for
for each country will draw an action plan first meeting in Myanmar.
their annual pilgrimage marking the feast of St. Henrik, Sustainability on preserving our mother Earth, said Impoverished Myanmar is considered
the coun-trys patron. (Elise Harris/CNA) At the forum, Sister Margaret Maung, Sister Maung. the second most vulnerable nation to
president of the Catholic Religious One of the five objectives of the climate change. (UCAN)
CBCP Monitor March 6 - 19, 2017 Vol 21, No. 5 NEWS FEATURES A3

5 online challenges vs culture of life Whats it like to be an invisible child

under Chinas one-child policy?
BACOLOD City Amid the groundswell 2. Trolls. Second is the existence of Church initiatives BEIJING, China For some 35 entire life hidden at home,
of public sentiment against the culture trolls functioning as IT spin-masters To those who criticize the Catholic years, the population of China watching her older sister go
of death and as provinces organize who usually twist sensitive issues, in Church for not doing anything, Quijano was strictly controlled by the to school and have friends and
prayer rallies to uphold the sanctity of favor of their cultic-leader, by labeling mentioned several initiatives made in Communist governments get a job.
human life, there is a need to champion those who oppose the death penalty as Bacolod alone, as expressions of a more one-child policy. You cant get married
life everywhere, anywhere even online. yellowtards whom they even accuse of formative approach, namely: Parents were only allowed without registration, Xue
This is the observation of Fr. Ronald hatching a destabilization plot against Bahay Pag-asa of La Salle in Granada; one child, and additional said. Then, if you have a
Quijano, chairman of the Commission the current administration. Rehabilitation in Victorias; pregnancies meant forced child, your child cant be
on Family and Life of the Diocese of 3. Misunderstanding of separation Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics abortions or hefty fines and registered.
Bacolod. of Church and state. Third, is the Anonymous at the Redemptorist penalties, such as the loss When the one-child policy
misconception of the separation of Church; of a job. These additional changed in 2015, it was
5 challenges to life Church and state; as if the Church is Rehabilitation for minors in Don children could be denied unclear what that meant for
The Family and Life chairman pointed a stumbling block to the affairs of the Bosco, etc. family household registration, unregistered people like Xue.
out the following challenges Catholic government, added Quijano. The Walk for Life in Manila and other which is the equivalent of Sometimes I want to travel.
citizens have to face to uphold the 4. Misconception that the Church prayer rallies in the provincial cities denying them citizenship and But I dont have an ID, so I
culture of life: favors criminals. The priest noted: are opportunities for evangelization to basic services such as public cannot. I cannot buy tickets,
1. General indifference to death. First Fourth, is the impression that educate our people about the Churchs transportation and education. she said.
it is worth to cite a millennial hashtag it easy for the Church to speak teachings on human life and to explain There have been recent Even though she was denied
which says #killpamore in reference to against death penalty but how about the harmful repercussions of the recurrent relaxations of the one- a public education, Xue has
thousands who already died due to the the trauma experienced by the extra-judicial killings (EJK) and the re- child policy. Alarmed by an been studying law on her own
war on drugs, and the common remark victims and their family members? imposition of the death penalty, he said. aging population, shrinking to sue the police for her right
of police reports in TV news inimbitahan, Is the Church defending more the It is ironic that Congress gives high workforce and potentially to citizenship. In August 2016,
tumakas, lumaban, binaril; and when offenders and remains indifferent priority to House Bill no. 01 which stagnating economy, she was granted registration,
asked who did it, the answer is We do not to those who have been abused and legalizes the death penalty, lamented government officials but has been unable to access
know; perhaps his fellow drug pushers oppressed? the priest. announced in 2013 that state benefits, because she
killed him, shared the priest. 5. Perception of a non-proactive Due to the governments war on couples could apply to have a lacks records from the first 23
A supporter of the death penalty Church. Lastly, Quijano referred to the drugs, threats of terrorism and other second child if either partner years of her life.
commented that, since many are challenge to the Church that is perceived social problems, it appears as if we are was an only child themselves. The policy has also
complaining about extra-judicial as limiting herself to reacting to the in a hopeless situation and the only In 2015, the rule relaxed even penalized unmarried parents.
killings (EJK), so we will now make it issue on death penalty but not taking solution to violence is also to commit further, changing from a one- Liu Chunyan, a single mother,
judicial killings by legalizing it, shared the proactive approach as proper to a violence, he observed. (Fr. Mickey child policy to a two-child had to choose between paying
Quijano. Mother and Teacher. Cardenas/CBCPNews) policy for everyone. an exorbitant fineabout
But what about the $120,000or having her

National Migrants Sunday: Church seeks estimated 13 million

unregistered second and third
children, stuck in the cracks
daughter be unregistered, and
therefore forgo state benefits.
Unplanned children, if

protection of migrant women, children of a government policy that

refused to recognize their
they disappear one day, we
dont even need to de-register
them, Chunyan said. Its
MANILA The Catholic A short documentary sad. As if they had never been
Church has dedicated this entitled Invisible lives: in this world.
years National Migrants The legacy of Chinas family With the recent relaxation
Sunday to women and planning rules from the of the policy, it was
children, saying these Thomas Reuters Foundation announced in April last year
vulnerable groups are explores the lives of these that unregistered children
not being given sufficient people. could be registered without
protection. I dont think the Chinese fines. Chunyan registered
The bishops Episcopal government has realized the her daughter, who has since
Commission for the Pastoral human rights catastrophe been attending school and
Care of Migrants and Itinerant caused by the family planning struggling to catch up with
People said there is real need rules, said Yang Zhizhu, an the other students. So far, she
to protect women and children associate professor of civil law has not been contacted about
who are vulnerable to abuse in Beijing. a fine.
and exploitation. The family planning rules Zhizhus family wants
As its marks the 31st have always been a mistake. more children, but fears
NMS, coinciding with the Its not that we dont need additional fines. When the
observance of the First them now. Its that we never policy changed to a two-child
Sunday of Lent, the Church needed them. policy in 2015, several Chinese
invites dioceses and parishes In 2010, Zhizhu was citizens told the New York
to be more vibrant in suspended from teaching Times that they werent sure
attending to the problem. and fined $36,000 nine the new policy would make
The ECMI said special times the average income them want to have second
attention must also be given in his district for having children, citing the high cost
not just to overseas Filipino a second child. Since then, of raising children in China.
workers (OFWs) but also to Zhizhu has tried to come up Another impact the one-
other nationalities who are Overseas Filipino Workers in Hong Kong. FILE PHOTO with creative ways to fight child policy left in its wake
victims of persecution, war, by the Philippine Statistics OFWs, mostly women who migrants of the CBCP. the policy, including posting a is an imbalanced gender
and discrimination. Authority (PSA) reported are eventually forced into The ECMI is mandated photo of himself online trying ratio. Poor and rural families
Concretely, it is likewise that there were slightly more exploitative conditions, drug by the CBCP to provide and to sell himself to come up often preferred boy children
an invitation for us in the OFW women than men. trade, and white slavery. coordinate pastoral and with the money for the fine, over girls, sometimes even
parishes, as one community to In terms of age, women The supposed positive social services to the migrants and being careful to write resorting to infanticide to
do our part of accompanying OFWs also tend to be younger experiences and productive and their families, especially and record his experiences of ensure they have a son, the
them. especially women than men. In short, they impacts of migration are those who are in distress and injustice with the policy. New York Times reported.
and children who are leave the country at a much overshadowed [by] hardships facing complex problems In 2012, the university So while many agreed that
vulnerable and voiceless, younger age. and difficulties, putting because of migration. reinstated his salary, but he the one-child policy needed to
said the ECMI. The PSA said about seven in jeopardy the migrants ECMI assists parishes is still not allowed to teach. change, they have viewed the
Overall, recent government percent of female OFWs were human rights and dignity as and dioceses in organizing It wasnt Zhizhus plan to new policies with trepidation.
statics show how migration is in the 15 to 24 years age group persons, it also said. a ministry for migrants spend his life fighting the And it is unclear how long it
becoming feminized as more and 29.5 percent were in the The first NMS celebration and their families. It also family planning rules, but will take culturally to change
women are migrating of their 25 to 29 years age group. was held on March 8, 1987 coordinates with hundreds because no one else seems to the minds of a generation who
own volition, seeking better As previously reported, the and has been marked since of chaplains and pastoral be doing it, I have to do it, has been raised to believe that
economic opportunities. ECMI said there are more then through the efforts of countries in more than 50 he said. one child is best.
The 2015 survey on OFWs than a million trafficked the ECMI, the service arm for countries. (CBCPNews) Li Xue is another living There has been progress
casualty of the one-child over the years, but it doesnt
policy. The second daughter live up to our hope, said Mrs.
to her parents, who couldnt Zhizhu.
Iraqi Christians erect large cross in area liberated from ISIS afford to pay the fines
that would allow her to be
It takes many generations
to create the society we wish
MOSUL, Iraq After years of hope and for the people to return Patriarch Sako said. registered, Xue has spent her for. (CNA/EWTN News)
darkness, hope has returned to to their towns to begin a new stage Before the celebration of the
Fight / A1
Telekuf-Tesqopa. Located just 17 of life. Mass, a delegation came to Telekuf-
miles from Mosul, the village is The patriarch said that Christians Tesqopa to assess the state of damage
Carpio-Morales has warned in the domain of the divine.
rebuilding after being liberated from will thus demonstrate to the world and to thus ask for the support
that the accomplice to Corruption, she said,
ISIS. that the forces of darkness, which of international organizations for
the crime of corruption is as old as time but it is
As a visible sign of the rebuilding, wreaked havoc and ravaged their reconstruction. Saint George Church
is frequently our own universally and morally
a giant cross was erected on a hill, land, are ephemeral and that the was cleaned by volunteers from
indifference. reprehensible.
marking the victory of the Christian Church of Christ, although it suffers, the French aid organization SOS
The Ombudsman said At this point in time,
faith against the darkness of the is built upon rock. Chrtiens dOrient. (SOS Christians
she is counting on the I think what we need is a
jihadists. When the Mass was over, everyone of the East).
aspiring priests in the pursuit reformation of such sort
On Feb. 18, the Chaldean Catholic went out to a hill located on the The placement of crosses has
of the common quest to not just spiritual reformation
Patriarch of Baghdad, Louis Sako, outskirts of the city. There Patriarch become a recurring gesture since
uphold integrity and good but a cultural reformation as
visited the village, where he blessed Sako blessed the huge cross which the Iraqi Army began the offensive
governance. well, Morales added.
the large cross and participated in was raised amid fireworks and with to recover the city of Mosul, the ISIS
As you fulfil your prophetic More than 500 seminarians
the celebration of the first Mass after cries of Victory! Victory! Victory! stronghold in Iraq.
mission, keep in mind that from as far as the Bicol
two and a half years in Saint George For those who chose the faith and In every village liberated on the
the prophets of ancient region, Ilocos Sur, and Capiz
Church. those who return! Plain of Nineveh, Christians have
times stood up to kings and attended the whole day
According to the website of The Catholic Patriarch said that this made wooden crosses and have
emperors and challenge their gathering hosted by the UST
the Patriarchate of Babylon, cross will announce to the world that placed them on the roofs of churches
evil ways. Therefore, do not Central Seminary.
the authorities and officials of this is our land, we were born here and homes.
fret, Morales said. The event opened with a Mass
the region were present at the and we will die here. Our ancestors Muslims have also participated in
Morales was the keynote presided over by Lingayen-
celebration. were buried in this pure land and we these events. Last week, a group of
speaker of this years Kapatiran Dagupan Archbishop Socrates
In his homily, Patriarch Sako said are going to remain to preserve them Muslims youths joined those cleaning
(Brotherhood), a gathering of the Villegas, president of the
that this event is the first spark of with all our might and for future a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary
Diocesan Seminarians Network Catholic Bishops Conference
light shining in all the cities of the generations. located in east Mosul, liberated by the
(SemNet) of the Philippines, of the Philippines.
Nineveh Plain since the darkness of It is a sincere and great call to Iraqi Army.
an association of theology Founded in 1991, SemNet
ISIS, which lasted almost two and a return and rebuild. We are joined to This action is part of a campaign
seminarians. was primarily aimed to
half years. our land, to our future on the land that seeks to remember the religious
For around 16 minutes, she bring focus on socio-political
This is our land and this is our of our ancestors. Here we can be coexistence that was present in the
spoke about the problem of awareness as well as the integral
home, he told the faithful. He also proud of our history and here we can city before the jihadists occupied it in
corruption that creeps not formation of seminarians in
said that now is the time to regain obtain the granting of all our rights, 2014. (CNA/EWTN News)
just in the government and theology. (Roel Joe Abonal/
the private sector, but even CBCPNews)
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