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Giving Matters A publication of St.

Jude Memorial Foundation

Spring/Summer 2016

We would like to say Thank You to our donors!

Message from Michael Hernandez, St. Jude Memorial Foundation Board Chair
Our goal at St. Jude Medical Center is to provide innovation flourish, and provide lifesaving care to
compassionate care for the whole person mind, all who walk through our doors. Because of friends
body and soul. This continues the mission of the like you, we are one of Southern Californias most
Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange to make Gods respected and technologically advanced hospitals.
unconditional, healing love present throughout St. Jude is grateful for your trust in allowing our
the world. family to care for your family, and thankful for
Our community has been essential to our success every donation and effort from our community.
and growth. We simply couldnt do it without you. Ultimately, this is your hospital.
Your support enables us to create nationally Find out how you can help make a difference by
recognized services, acquire state-of-the-art calling the Memorial Foundation at (714) 992-3033.
technology, build facilities in which quality and
da Vinci Xi Arrives
SJMC Reveals the Latest Technology
The da Vinci Xi looks like it could have arrived from the future.
This state-of-the-art robotic surgical system is a new addition
to St. Jude and was welcomed with excitement on March 30 by
employees, guests and students from Laguna Road Elementary
School. Charitable funds from our community made it possible
for St. Jude to purchase the system, which is designed to assist
surgeons in performing complex, highly accurate, minimally
invasive surgical procedures with high-definition, 3-D views of
anatomical structures. Additions of such advanced technology
are one way that the community and St. Jude work together to
provide the highest-quality care to those we serve.
Laguna Road Elementary students enjoyed a hands-on experience of da Vinci Xi. This
opportunity allowed guests to gain a better understanding of the systems capabilities.

The da Vinci Xi Surgical System can be used across a spectrum of minimally Pictured left to right: Theodoros Daskalakis, MD, Joanne Bonnot, RN, Susan
invasive surgical procedures and has been optimized for multi-quadrant surgeries Smith, Vice President of Philanthropy, Denis Lesenne and Andre Dhont.
in the areas of gynecology, urology, thoracic, cardiac and general surgery.

A Hole in One: St. Judes 39th Annual Golf Classic

Hundreds of golfers hit the green at the 39th Annual Golf Classic on May 16 at Los Coyotes
Country Club, raising more than $155,000 to support innovation and excellence in Stroke Care
at St. Jude Medical Center. Along with rounds of golfing, the day was filled with delectable food,
friendly competition and camaraderie among the participants. Many of us look forward to this
tournament every year. Its an exciting way to come together and support St. Judes mission of
serving our community, said Jeff McHugh, Golf Committee chair.

Care for the Community
Dancing, Baking, Making a Difference
Our supporters did us proud once again at the Neighbors Helping Neighbors
dinner, raising nearly $134,000 for St. Judes Care for the Poor Program.
Summit House Restaurant, which generously underwrites the event,
welcomed, wined and dined some 200 guests. The funds raised help St. Jude
provide much-needed services to low-income members of our community,
from youth to seniors to homeless individuals. Care for the Poor also
benefited from the recent ShowCare Music and Talent Competition and
St. Cecilia Schools bake sale events where our neighbors share their
talents, time and resources for a truly worthy cause. Caring for the
underprivileged in our community is at the heart of St. Judes mission.
We are grateful for our community members, ages 5 to 95, who help us help
those in need. Care for the Poor includes our Senior Services program, the
Neighborhood Health Center, support services for homeless individuals, Pictured above: Phillip Sanchez, Deborah Sanchez, Pat Ritchie and
our Move More, Eat Healthy initiative and much more. Barry Ross, Vice President of Healthy Communities.

To learn more about our fundraising events for the Care for the Poor Program,
visit stjudemedicalcenter.org/memorialfoundationevents

Pictured above: Doris Winters, Committee Chair Joe Lins and

St. Cecilia Catholic Schools Kindergarten class. Terry Brick.

Members of St. Jude Medical Centers Youth Leadership Team with first place winner Jessica Lin
and second place winner Henry Rodriguez.

Mark Elliott and Carmen Kaiser received the St. Jude Medical
Center Presidents Commendation award from CEO, Lee Penrose,
in honor of Summit House Restaurant underwriting the Neighbors
Helping Neighbors event for the past 15 years.

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Featured Inside:
da Vinci Xi Open House
39th Annual Golf Classic
Care for the Poor Program


Volunteers Give
A Walk Among the Stars the Gift of Time
Sunday, October 16, 2016, 10 a.m. St. Jude applauds our 660 active
Anaheim Marriott volunteers who help us fulfill
our mission by providing vital
assistance throughout the medical
center. From youth volunteers to
Guild Members, our volunteers
are inspiring in their daily efforts

Light Up a Light to assist patients and families with

warmth, humor and compassion.
A Celebration of Love and Remembrance St. Jude volunteers demonstrate
Sunday, November 6, 2016 our core values dignity, service,
excellence and justice through
St. Jude Medical Center Chapel
their generous commitment.

For more information about these events, please contact Katie Flores at (714) 446-5853 or Katie.Flores@stjoe.org.