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American University of Ras Al Khaimah

School of Engineering/ MSc in Engineering Project Management Program

MEPM 542 Supply Chain Management for Project Managers

Assignment # 1

Due Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017

Answer each of the following selected questions:

Question # 1:
Consider the purchase of a can of soda at a convenience store.
Describe the various stages in the supply chain and the different
flows involved.

Question # 2:
What are some problems that can arise when each stage of a supply
chain focuses solely on its own profits when making decisions?
Identify some actions that can help a retailer and a manufacturer
work together to expand the scope of strategic fit.

Question # 3:
Study the following Amazon and Walmart financials for 2010, and
answer the following questions:
1. Looking at the metrics, where Amazon was better, and where
Walmart was better?
2. What was the reason of that Amazon performance?
3. How Wal-Marts announcement to move into urban areas is
going to continue to affect the two drivers they perform worse
than Amazon?
For the year, 2010, the various financial metrics for Wal-Mart and Amazon are as