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Canyon Ministry Leaders

Andrew Gutierrez, Elder, Pastor-Teacher


Jason Drumm, Elder, Associate Pastor


Dave Lutz, Elder

Small Group Ministry

Brad Penner, Elder


Josh Farmer
Music Ministry

Rob Leahy
Security Team

Jeff Nordyke

Joe Sapko
Childrens Ministry

Chuck Schafer
Needs Ministry

Jeff Timm
Set-Up, Tear-Down & Sound

Kristy Tracy
Womens Ministry

Canyon Bible Church // Prescott

Church Office: 122 N. Cortez Street, Ste. 317
Phone: 928.277.0017 CanyonPrescott.org
The Suffering Servant
John 13:1-11

March 19, 2017

Prayer Meeting: 8:40 in Mrs. Sobos Classroom

Welcome and Announcements

Scripture Reading: Colossians 2:6-15
Pastoral Prayer
Song: Christ the Lord is Risen Today


Assurance of Pardon & Thanksgiving

Song: It is Finished

Song: I Surrender All

Sermon: The Suffering Servant
Scripture: John 13:1-11

Lords Table
Offering & Song: Great is Thy Faithfulness

Application: Are there examples to follow? Commands to obey?

Errors to avoid? Sins to forsake? Promises to claim?
Thoughts about God? Principles to live by?
Friday Canyon Announcements
Visit the new website, below, for Petra International Min- Friendship Folders
istries whom Canyon Bible Church partners with and has Please pass the Friendship Folders, for prayer requests and praise
previously done short term missions trips with in Nicara- reports please also register your attendance. If there is no one
gua. Be praying over this ministry, the pastors and church- sitting at the end of an aisle, please make sure the worship guide
es in Nicaragua, and upcoming Canyon short term mission gets passed.
trips. Dates for those trips will be announces soon.
Student Ministries
http://www.petramissions.org/ Student Ministries resumes this Wednesday, March 22 at 6:30-8:30
p.m. at the Sommerville home.

James Gems
James Gems will meet for fellowship and browsing at Black Dog
Coffee, 10 a.m., Friday, March 24. Enjoy a hot beverage, followed by
some time in 5ive, the quaint vintage shop next door, 514 E. Shel-
don Street. Parking is located in the back, or along one of the side
streets. RSVP to Lynn, 928-778-2734, lynndpenner@gmail.com.

Womens Bible Study

Pick up your workbooks for our Jonah study (March 21-April 11)
before and after church this Sunday, March 12th at the Womens
Saturday Ministry table in the foyer at PHC. You will need to work the first
weeks lesson before our first meeting.Morning Ladies will continue
Resources: to meet 9:00-11:00am at American Warehouse, 226 N Montezuma
Book of the Month: Street, Prescott AZ 86301.Evening Ladies will meet at 6:30
Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges 8:30pm at our new location, Alta Vista Retirement Community, 916
Canterbury Lane, Prescott AZ 86301.If you have any questions or
Since suffering is a reality in a cursed world, we should not still need to sign up, contact Kristy Tracy at kristytracy@gmail.com or
be surprised when trials come our way. The Bible teaches (907) 232-3743.
that God is sovereign over suffering and that He is also near **Important Change for the evening ladies: We will be meeting at
as a comfort to those in the valleys of life. In Trusting God, Alta Vista Retirement Community( 916 Canterbury Lane, Prescott,
Bridges teaches us about the character of God as it relates AZ 86301 ) instead of American Warehouse.
to suffering so that we might be able to trust Him, even when
life hurts. Men at War
Our four-week study through Jonah will begin on Thursday March
Blog: 23rd. Time and location will remain the same. If you were a part of
See the links below for reviews on the book The Shack the Ruth study, there is no cost for Jonah. If you were not involved,
in the Ruth study, workbooks are $5. All can pick up their books on
-http://www.challies.com/book-reviews/a-review-of-the-shack- Sunday March 12th during worship service. The first lesson should
download-it-here be completed before Thursday, March 23rd. For more information,
see the churchs website.
Please remember water bottles only in the Ruth Street Theater.
Monday Wednesday
We learned yesterday about Jesus ministry of service to As Christians, we must not derive our worldview from the
His disciples in the face of death. Which of the following world around us, but from the true world revealed to us in
sermon points challenged your heart? Which of the fol- the pages of Scripture. All our definitions must be defined
lowing sermon points encouraged your heart? Why? 1. by theBible, not by the world. Take love for example. The
The Sovereign Love of Jesus (1-3) 2. The Humble Service world would have us adopt its up-and-down emotionalview
of Jesus (4-5) 3. The Necessary Cleansing of Jesus (6-11) of love.Love is not a rollercoaster. You cannot get in and
out of it. It does not merely create emotional butterflies in
your stomach for a brief time before leaving you back where
you started.Love is a lot more like a plow. It does not take
you anywhere; you must push it along with all your might. It
leaves you spent and exhausted, emptied of yourself at the
end of an uphill row, butlooking back through perspiration
soaked eyes at a most rewarding and breathtaking view of
what your toil has accomplished, taking mere dirt and turn-
ing it to fruitfulness. Our definition of love is is not from the
pages of the world, but isdefined by a man agonizingon a
cross for our sakes. Let us love truly, not as the world loves,
but as our Christ loves.

Tuesday Thursday

In 1 Timothy 1:12-17 we see that Christ came to save sinners. In In2 Cor 5:14-15, Paul writes, For the love of Christcon-
this the Apostle Paul shows us an example of the effect that trols us, because we have concluded this: thatone has
the true gospel can have. Paul was once very much against died for all, therefore all have died;15and he died for
Christ and refers to himself as the foremost of sinners. It all,that those who live might no longer live for themselves
would not be a stretch for us to see ourselves as Paul de- butfor him who for their sake died and was raised. Med-
scribes himself in verse 13. Pray and thank the Lord for the itate long and hard on these phrases. Why did Christ die?
mercy and grace given to you, as a believer, and worship These verses say it was sothat those who live might no
Him as Paul does in verse 17, To the King of ages, immortal, longer live for themselves. How would it change your
invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for-ever and ever. marriage if, rather than living for yourself, you were living
Amen. for Christ, because you were so convinced of his death
in your place? What effect should it have on you if you
truly believe in the death of Jesus in your place? If he did
that for you, will you continue to live the same? for your-
self?How would it change your parenting, if, rather than
expecting your kids to fulfill your desires, you sought to
serve them for the glory of the one who died for you? How
should your work ethic be changed by his death in your
place? As a Christian, there is a man who died for you, and
that changes everything. He did it so that you wouldno
longer live for yourself.