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Luru Mata (behind the Embassy USA) Mobile: (+670) 77312234

Dili, Timor-Leste E-mail: nurhuda_dacosta@yahoo.co.id

Nurhuda da Costa Gomes

1. Position Applied for : National Infrastructure Economist
2. Name : Nur huda da Costa Gomes
3. Date of Birth : Boruwali,12 July 1980
4. Nationality Timor-Leste
5. Profession : Auditor and Lecturer

6. Key expertise and Experience : Financial and Accounting Management

Lecturing and Teaching
Financial and Accounting Consultancy

7. Education and Professional Qualification : MM in Management (Major in Banking and Financial)

BA in Management (Major in Banking and Financial)

2014-2015 Fundacao Klibur Mata Dili, Timor-Leste
Auditor Dalan
Auditing and analyzing the accuracy, legality, item
prices, procedures of all units proposals within Klibur
Foundation (IOB, FIKLI, ETI) for approval of President
of Klibur Foundation;
Conducting weekly controling and monitoring on
Klibur Foundation physical cash;
Conducted survey and analyzed on proposals related
to physical infrastructure of Klibur Foundation to figure
out the existed item prices;
Responsible for auditing all inventories of Klibur
Foundation periodically;
Responsible for auditing all vehicles of Klibur
Foundation for their maintenance monthly;
Responsible and analyze all Income Statement reports
of Fini Klibur (FIKLI) monthly;
Create and give out recommendations or support
letters on findings about any misconduct within all
units to the President of Klibur Foundation;
Auditing and analyzing on all academic writings
(Academic proposals and Thesis within IOB;
Auditing and analyzing professional performance
within all units of Klibur Foundation (IOB, ETI and
Responsible for conducting and inspection toward all
infrastructure projects on their finishing stages and
report to the President of Klibur Foundation;
Responsible for auditing and analyzing Cash Flow
(investments, operational and funding) and Liquidity
Ratio of Klibur Foundation;
Controlling and monitoring the operational cost (petty
cash) of all units within Klibur Foundation; and
Designing and setting up an auditing system (standard
operational procedure) as the best practice for the all
units within Klibur Foundation.

2012 - 2013 Institute Of Business (IOB) Dili, Timor-Leste

Head of Research & Publication
Conducted feasibility study for new construction
Tecnical School for IT in Baucau;
Conducted feasibility survey to estabilish IOB
paralel classes through out the country (three
IOB paralel clasis are in place; Ermera, Baucau
and Maliana);
Conducted periodic survey and internal
evaluation toward overall lectures (evaluating
professional and performances);
Writer of Poverty in Timor-Leste: a reflection
(IOB Academic Journal);
Writing public opinions (as columnist) in daily
local outlets);
As one of founder of KIEPSTIL (Klibur Ensino
Superior Privado Timor-Leste) with other
Setting up calendar work for IOB Academic
Voice; and;
Monitoring and observing parliamentary debate
on State General Budget.

2011-2012 Institute Of Business (IOB) Dili, Timor-Leste

Head of Financial Department
Responsible for all academic administrative works
of IOB Financial Department (new students
enrollment, preparing and updating data of all
students to report to the Ministry of Education
annually, etc.).

2008- 2011 Institute of Business (IOB) Dili, Timor-Leste

Head of Academic Affairs
Preparing academic transcripts, Preparing result
Arranging academic schedule, Organizing students
evaluation schedule (Mid-term and Final Exams)

EDUCATION 2010 2011 Universitas Gajayana Malang, Indonesia

Masters Degree in Management
Major in Financial Management
2003 2007 Sekolah Tinggi Ekonomi Jakarta, Indonesia
Graduate in Financial Management & Banking Ahmad Dahlan
2002 2003 International Islamic Gombak,
Pre-sessional English Language University of Malaysia Malaysia

INTERESTS Professional career in Economic, Financial, Accounting, Research, Survey,and Management.

1. Marcelina da Conceicao, MA (670) 77299387
2. Hiplito da Costa Gama (670) 77232424