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Subject : Language Testing

Group : 2 (Two)
Name and Srn : Alessandro Julio Gongngonga 201462023
: Bryan Brackman mawirampakel 201262065
: Estu Nur Hakimah 201462001
: Theresia Feronika Kadmaerubun 201462020


Major Focus 1 2 3
What Language do I I can use a variety of I can use words and I can consistently use
Use? words and phrases on expressions from a words and expressions
a range of familiar wide range on topics ideas on a wide range
topic. and begin to use of topics and use
I can begin to give
expended vocabulary expended vocabulary
more details and
within a topic. within a topic.
elaboration on a topic. I can give details and
elaborate on a topic.

KWL CHARTS : What do I Know? What do I want to Learn? What did I learn?

Reading Competence
What I do Know? What do I want to Learn? What did I Learn?
Before reading, think of key Preview the texts table of List what you learn as you
words, terms, or phrases about contents, headings, pictures, read.
the topic. charts, etc. use them as guide
posts during reading.
Use or make symbols to
Record as many as you can
List some thoughts on what
indicate main ideas, questions,
think of.
you want, or expect to learn.
or ideas dont understand.
In terms of what you will
learn, or what you want to
learn about the topic.

Turn all sentences into

questions before writing them
down. They will help you
focus your attentions during