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Bible Bowl Questions

Acts of the Apostles Chapters 1-10

Chapter 1
1. Who wrote Acts of the Apostles?
2. Who is the book of Acts addressed to? (1:1)
3. How many days did Jesus appear unto the apostles? (1:2)
4. John baptizes with water, but in a few days what shall the disciples be baptized with?
5. According to Jesus, what (1:7)
6. In what places would the disciples be witnesses? (1:8)
7. What would the disciples receive when the Holy Spirit came upon them? (1:8)
8. Which object received Jesus into heaven? (1.9)
9. Fill in the blanks: Ye men of __, why stand ye __ up into heaven? this __ Jesus, which is
taken up from you into __, shall so come in __ manner as ye have seen him go into
__ .(1:11)
10. Name the mountain that the returned from to Jerusalem. (1.12)
11. Name all the people who were in the upper room. (1.13)
12. How many disciples were there all together? (1.15)
13. What did Judas purchase with the reward of iniquity (the money)? (1.18)
14. What is the name of the field called in the proper tongue? (1.19)
15. What does Aceldama mean? (1.20)
16. Let his habitation be desolate. And let no man dwell therein: and his bishoprick let
another man take. Where is this written? (1.20)
17. Name the two who were appointed to become apostles. (1.23)
18. Name the person who was to be numbered with the eleven apostles. (1.26)
Chapter 2
1. (2.1)
2. (2.3)
3. (2.4)
4. (2.5)
5. Bonus: On the day of Pentecost, there were believers from every nation under
heaven. For 5 points each name all the places from which they came.
6. Who spoke these words: And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will
pour out my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters will prophesy,
and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. (2.17)
7. Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be this. (2.21)
8. Whose sepulcher is with the Jews until this day? (2.29)
9. True or False: David has ascended into the heavens (2.34)
10. Fill in the blanks: __, and be __ every one of you in the __ of Jesus Christ for the __ of
__, and ye shall receive the __ of the Holy Ghost. (2.38)
11. This number of souls was added unto them (2.41)
12. On which day were three thousand souls added? (2.42)

Chapter 3

1. Name the two disciples who went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer.
2. Peter and John went up into the temple together. At what time did they go? (3.1)
3. Which hour is referred to as the hour of prayer? (3.1)
4. At which gate was the lame man laid daily? (3.2)
5. How long did the lame man suffer from his infirmity? (3.2)
6. What instruction did Peter give the lame man first? (3.4)
7. Multiple choice: Which of these did Peter say he does not have. (3.6)
(A) Silver and gold
(B) Diamond and gold
(C) Silver and bronze
(D) Ruby and Diamond
8. Fill in the blank: Then Peter said, __ and __ have I none, but such as I have give I thee:
In the __ of Jesus Christ of __ __ up and __
9. By which body part did Peter take the lame man? (3.7)
10. How soon did the lame man receive his strength? (3.7)
11. What was the reaction of the people upon realizing what had happened to the lame
man? (3.10)
12. Multiple choice: After healing the man at the temple gate, the people ran to Peter and
John at which porch?
(A) Davids
(B) Hezekiahs
(C) Solomons
(D) Sauls
13. Jesus was denied in the presence of this man. (3.13)
14. How did Peter describe Jesus on Solomons porch (3.14-15)
15. What would be blotted out if the people would repent and be converted? (3.19)
16. Who would heaven receive until "the times of restoration"? (3.20-21)
17. What will happen to every soul that does not hear the prophet? (3.23)
18. To whom did God say, "And in your seed all the families of the earth shall be

Chapter 4

1. Which groups of people came upon Peter and John as they spoke to the people? (4:1)
2. Peter and John preached Jesus through the resurrection from the dead. How did the
priests, the captain of the temple, and the Sadducees fell about their teachings?
3. How long were Peter and John put in hold (4.3)
4. What was the number of men who heard and believed the word Peter and John
taught? (4.4)
5. Name the high priest. (4.6)
6. What question did Annas and those of his kindred ask Peter and John? (4.7)
7. What was Peter filled with? (4.8)
8. Peter compared Jesus Christ to this item. (4.11)
9. By whose name are we saved? (4.12)
10. What did the council say they could NOT do about the miracle? (4.16)
11. To who was the miracle of the lame man manifested? (4.16)
12. True or False. The council commanded them (Peter and John) not to speak at all nor
teach in the name of Jesus. (4.18)
13. Why did the council let Peter and John go? (4.21)
14. About how old was the lame man that Peter and John healed at the temple gate?
15. Name the groups that were gathered together against the holy child Jesus. (4.27)
16. After selling their lands and houses, where did the people lay the money? (4:35)
17. What other name is Barnabas referred to? (4:36)
18. What is the meaning of the name Barnabas? (4:36)
19. Of what tribe was Barnabas? (4:36)
20. From what country was Barnabas? (4.36)
Chapter 5
1. Name the man and his wife who sold a possession. (5.1)
2. How much did Ananias and Sapphira keep back of the price? (5.2)
3. Where did the Ananias lay the money?
4. True or False: Sapphira was privy to her husbands actions. (5.2)
5. Peter claimed this person filled Ananiass heart to lie to the Holy Ghost. (5.3)
6. Name the two people to whom Ananias lied. (5.3,5)
7. What happened to Ananias after he heard the words from Peter? (5.5)
8. Name the three things the young men did to Ananias (5.6)
9. Who buried Ananias? (5.6)
10. How long was it before Sapphira came in? (5:7)
11. Name the person to whom Ananias and Sapphira agreed together to tempt. (5.9)
12. How long after Peter
13. What came upon the church and as many as heard these things? (5.11)
14. By what were the many signs and wonders wrought among the people? (5.12)
15. What two types of people were healed? (5:16) Sick and those tormented by
unclean spirits
16. 165. Who rose up and was filled with indignation? (5:17) The High Priest and
those with him 166.
17. Of what sect was the High Priest? (5:17)
18. Where did the High Priest and his people place the apostles? (5:18)
19. Who opened the prison doors and brought the apostles forth? (5:19)
20. When did the angel of the Lord open the prison doors? (5.19)
21. After releasing them prison, what did the angel of the Lord tell the apostles to do?
22. At what time did the apostles enter into the temple? (5.21)
23. Which groups of people did the high priest call together? (5.21)
24. When the officers opened the prison doors, who did they find within? (5.22,23)
25. True or False: The captain with the officers brought the apostles in with violence.
26. Why did the captain with the officers bring the apostles in without violence?
27. According to Peter, who are we to obey instead of men? (5.29)
28. Name the person that is a doctor of the law. (5.34)
29. A Pharisee, a scribe, a Sadducee. To which sect of the Jews did Gamaliel belong?
30. Name the man to whom a number of men, about four hundred, joined
themselves. (5.36)
31. Name the man who rose up in the days of taxing. (5.37)
32. Finish the sentence. For if this counsel or work be of men. (5.38)
33. Finish the sentence. If it be of God (5.39)
34. True or False: The council beat the apostles before they let them go. (5.40)
35. In whose name did the council command the apostles that they should not speak?
36. In what places did the apostles teach and preach Christ? (5:42)

Chapter 6

1. Why did there arise a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews? (6.1)
2. When were the number of disciples multiplied?
3. (2.2)
4. How many men were to be appointed over the business of the widows? (2.3)
5. The seven men to be appointed over the widows had these characteristics. What are
they? (2.3)
6. Name the man full of faith and the Holy Ghost. (6.5)
7. Name the seven men that were chosen to care for the widows. (6.5)
8. Who is the proselyte of Antioch? (6.5)
9. Where did the word of God increase and the number of disciples multiply? (6.7)
10. A great company of this group were obedient to the faith. (6.7)
11. Who did great wonders and miracles among the people? (6.8)
12. From where did those who disputed with Stephen come? (6.9)
13. What were those who were disputing with Stephen not able to resist? (6.10)
14. Name the two people that the men claimed to hear Stephen speak blasphemous
words against. (6.11)
15. Name the groups who were stirred up against Stephen. (6.12)
16. What kind of witness was set up against Stephen? (6:13)
17. Against what two things did Stephen not cease to speak blasphemous words
against? (6.13)
18. Who delivered the customs that would be changed by Jesus of Nazareth?
19. When the council looked at Stephen, what did his face look like? (6.15)
20. How did the council look at Stephen? (6.15)

Chapter 7

1. Who was often referred to as the father of the Jews? (7:2)

2. Where was Abraham when the God of glory appeared unto him? (7.2)
3. True or False: Abraham was in Charran when the God of glory appeared unto
him. (7.2)
4. Before Abraham lived in Charran, where did he live? (7:2)
5. From which land did Abraham come out of and where did he go? (7.4)
6. True or False: Abraham received an inheritance in Charran. (7.5)
7. How many children did Abraham have when God promised that he would the
land to Abraham for a possession? (7.5)
8. In what land would Abrahams seed sojourn? (7.6)
9. How long would Abrahams seed be in bondage? (7.6)
10. What covenant did God give to Abraham?
11. On which day was Isaac circumcised? (7.8)
12. What moved the patriarchs to sell Joseph into Egypt? (7.9)
13. God gave Joseph these two things, after delivering him out of all his
afflictions. (7.10)
14. What position did Joseph receive in Egypt? (7.10)
15. What came over the land of Egypt? (7.11)
16. Over what lands did the dearth fall? (7.11)
17. Who sent the fathers to get corn in Egypt? (7.12)
18. How many of his kindred did Jacob call to Egypt? (7.14)
19. In which land did Jacob die? (7.15)
20. In which land is Jacob buried? (7.16)
21. Who bought the sepulcher in which Jacob is laid? (7.16)
22. From who did Abraham purchase the sepulcher? (7.16)
23. True or False: Another king arose who did not know Joseph. (7.18)
24. For this many moths Moses was nourished in his fathers house (7.20)
25. Who is described as exceeding fair? (7.20)
26. Who took Moses up after he was cast out? (7.21)
27. Fill in the blanks: And Moses was learned in all the __ of the Egyptians, and was __ in
__ and __. (7.22)
28. How old was Moses when it came into his heart to visit his brethren? (7.23)
29. How did Moses avenge the Israelite that was oppressed? (7.24)
30. Who said these words and to whom were they spoken. Who made thee a ruler and
judge and a judge over us? (7.27)
31. Name the land into which Moses fled. (7.29)
32. Stranger, friend, father, slave. What was Moses in the land of Madian? (7.29)
33. After how many years did the angel of the Lord appear to Moses in a flame of
fire in a bush? (7.30)
34. Where did the angel of the Lord appear to Moses? (7.30)
35. What did Moses do when he saw the bush? (7.31)
36. Finish the verse. Then said the Lord to him, Put off thy shoes from thy feet:
. (7.33)
37. How long were the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness (7.36)
38. In which places did God shew wonders and signs to the Israelites? (7.36)
39. While in the wilderness, to what place did the people turn in their hearts?
40. What objects did the Israelites want Aaron to make? (7.40)
41. What kind of idol did the Israelites make while in the wilderness? (7:41)
42. What did God give the people in the wilderness up to worship? (7:42)
43. Name the tabernacle that the Israelites Stephen quotes Amos and mentions
what specific tabernacle? (7:43) Tabernacle of Moloch 274. What star did
Stephen mention? (7:43) The star of the god Remphan
44. To where would the people of God be carried beyond, according to Stephen?
45. What tabernacle did the "fathers" have in the wilderness? (7:44)
46. How was Moses instructed to make the tabernacle of witness? (7.44)
47. This man found favor before God, and desired to find a tabernacle for the God
of Jacob. (7.46)
48. What did Solomon build for the Lord? (7:47)
49. True or False. The most High dwelleth in temples made with hands. (7:48)
50. How was the law received? (7.53)
51. Who did Stephen see as he was filled with the Holy Ghost and as he looked
up into heaven? (7:55)
52. Where was Jesus standing when Stephen saw him? (7:55)
53. At what young man's feet did the witnesses lay down their clothes? (7:58)
54. What was Stephens last words? (7.60)


1. True or False. Saul was consenting unto Stephens death. (8.1)

2. Where was there a great persecution against the church? (8.1)
3. With the exception of the apostles, where were the believers* scattered? (8.2)
4. Which men carried Stephen to his burial? (8.2)
5. He made havock of the church. (8.3)
6. Who went to the city of Samaria and preached Christ? (8.5)
7. What miracles did Philip perform in Samaria? (8:7)
8. Name the man who used sorcery and bewitched the people of Samaria. (8.9)
9. Which two people were sent to Samaria after the apostles heard that Samaria
had received Word of God? (8:14)
10. What happened after the apostles laid their hands on the new believers?
11. What did Simon offer for the power to? (8:18- 19)
12. Who said these words and to whom were they spoken. Thy money perish with thee,
because thou hast thought the gift of God may be purchased with money. (8.20)
13. What part of Simon was not right in the sight of God? (8:21)
14. Fill in the blanks. "For I perceive that thou art in the __ of bitterness in the
bond of __." (8:23)
15. When Peter and John returned to Jerusalem, where did they preach the
gospel? (8:25)
16. Where did the angel tell Philip to go after preaching in Samaria? (8:26)
17. Who told Philip to go unto Gaza? (8.26)
18. From which country was the man that had come to Jerusalem to worship?
19. From which country did the eunuch of great authority from? (8.27)
20. Under which queens authority was the eunuch of great authority? (8.27)
21. The eunuch of great authority was sitting in his chariot reading which prophet? (8.28)
22. Who told Philip to go near and join the Ethiopian (8.29)
23. Who did Philip preach about to the Ethiopian eunuch? (8.35)
24. What caught away Philip after he and the Ethiopian eunuch came up out of the
water? (8.39)
25. Where was Philip found after the Spirit of the Lord took him away? (8:40)
26.Philip preached in all the cities until he came to what city? (8:40)

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