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Traceability Management for SAP Solution Manager

Product Management SAP Solution Manager

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SAP Solution Manager

1. Traceability in SAP Solution Manager

2. Traceability management for SAP Solution Manager
3. Summary

SAP 2007
2008 / Page 2
SAP Solution Manager Provides Traceability
Functions in its Standard Delivery
All systems All business processes

All training The entire documentation


All maintenance
All test information

All service planning, All customer

deliver ad follow-up developments and
information functional enhancements

All change All incident and

information problem information

All service level information All monitoring data

SAP 2008 / Page 3

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SAP Solution Manager

1. Traceability in SAP Solution Manager

2. Traceability management for SAP Solution Manager
3. Summary

SAP 2007
2008 / Page 4
Get Enhanced Transparency on Requirements
and Changes to Your Solution
What is traceability management for SAP Solution Manager?
It is an enhancement to SAP Solution Manager which facilitates operations in regulated and
validated environments.

Trace your IT requirements and changes

and take transparency to the next level

Extension to the existing and mature functions in
the following areas:
Document Management
Test Management Developed in close customer cooperation
Change Request Management and piloted successfully.
Process Structure Management
Reduced cost of compliance through enhanced
electronic signatures and pre-configured workflows
Significant reduction of test costs in validated
environments through improved traceability
Available in Q1 / 2008

SAP 2007
2008 / Page 5
Document Management Features in Standard

SAP Solution Manager uses functions from the knowledge provider (KPro) integrated
in SAP NetWeaver AS (basis for SAP NetWeaver KW)

Authorizations in SAP NetWeaver KW are controlled primarily by the following

authorization objects:
S_IWB (Knowledge Warehouse)
S_IWB_ADM (Knowledge Warehouse: Administration)
S_IWB_ATTR (Authorizations for Attribute Values)

SAP 2008 / Page 6

Document Management Additional Features
of Traceability Management

Signed Documents are displayed together with the signature (cannot be suppressed)

Signed Documents are printed together with the signature (with an additional macro)

Signature process can be aborted by the author (optional)

Extended document history (with signatures)

Mass deletion of intermediate document versions (reorganization)

Create or upload documents as an attachment/link to another document with the

possibility of having a bidirectional link

Extended reporting for document management

Customer Exit when starting a Document Signature Process to allow an individual

definition of Signature strategy (workflow)

SAP 2008 / Page 7

Test Management Additional Features of
Traceability Management

Test Workbench
Tester assignment for notification via email when execution or release status is
changing (workflow)
Setting a different execution order within each test package
Setting of successor or predecessor for each test case or test package. Successor
or predecessor could be: test case, test package, business process or business
process step
Easy way of downloading these information to a file

SAP 2008 / Page 8

Notification Requirements

Definition notification trigger

Notification possible if the test finish status was set/unset
User can define at which execution status change the workflow is started

Workflow can be started if release status is changing, e.g.

Test plan release status

Definition email document

User can create default email documents for notification at
Each test finished status change
Each execution status change
Each release status

SAP 2008 / Page 9

Release Status Change/Digital Signature
Notification Trigger (Workflow) for Test Plans

NEW / REOPEN - In case of finishing or aborting signing process all signers should be

REVIEW_RELEASE - All signers have to be notified to sign release process

- All tester are notified that test is released and execution is now
- In case of finishing or aborting signing process all signers can be

- All tester are notified that test is not released anymore

- All signers have to be notified to sign release process

PROTECTED - In case of finishing or aborting signing process all signers can be


REVIEW_REOPEN - All signers have to be notified to sign release process

SAP 2008 / Page 10


Usage of workflow, like the digital signature process

Option 1: If the tester has finished the test, he can trigger sending the message to the next
tester manually
Option 2: If a tester is setting an execution status, he is prompted to notify the next tester in
the test chain that the test is finished.
If a test package is finished all testers of the next test package will be informed

Test Package
Parallel test execution
Test Case 1
Test Case 2 Test sequence 1 Test sequence 2

Test Case 3 Test Case 3 Test Case 6

Test Case 4 Test Case 1 Test Case 4

Test Case 5
Test Case 5 Test Case 2
Test Case 6

SAP 2008 / Page 11

Change Request Management Standard
Scenario (1/2)

Adapt the solution to
changed requirements
Target Group
All customers operating an SAP
Benefits Comprehensible documentation of
planned and implemented changes
and their ramifications
Improve efficiency of change
management projects
Minimize business disruptions
Tracking and auditability

SAP 2008 / Page 12

Change Request Management Standard
Scenario (2/2)
SAPs vision of application management includes all types of
application changes
Emergency corrections
Periodic maintenance
Implementation and upgrade projects

ITIL-Process Change Management

Registration and Monitoring and

Classification Planning

Approval Building
Authorization and Monitoring

Evaluation / Post
Implementation Review

Change Program/
Manage- Project
ment Manage-

SAP 2008 / Page 13

Change Request Management Urgent
SAP Solution Manager

Service Desk

Service Service
Desk Message Requester

Request Change PRD
Change Request Management

Developer Manager

Controlled transports

Tester Document Task
List QAS

Controlled transports
IT Operator Maintenance Cycle


SAP 2008 / Page 14

Managing ABAP & Non-ABAP Changes is
Unique in the Industry

SAP Solution Manager manages changes and controls

software logistics end-to-end BEYOND ABAP

SAP Solution Manager Change Maintenance / Implementation Project

Request Management synchronizes
changes between various transport
systems on project level.
One tool for change management in
heterogeneous system landscapes. Portal DEV Portal QAS Portal PRD
Same standard process for all types Non- Non- Non-
of changes. ABAP ABAP ABAP

SAP 2008 / Page 15

Change Request Management Additional
Features of Traceability Management

Change request management

Assigning solution structure objects to change request

Outlook 2008
Determine test cases and pre/post test cases for generating test plans and an initial
execution order to a change request
Generating test plan/test packages with test case chains
Display all possible test case chains beginning at project structure object
Select one or more test case chains and generate test plan/test packages
Complexity of test case chain gives a feeling about range of change
Change request dependencies will be visible

SAP 2008 / Page 16

Retrofit Process: Support for Phased System

Project Landscape


Maintenance Landscape


SAP 2008 / Page 17

Retrofit in Detail

A retrofit system must exist in the SAP Solution Manager maintenance project (role
type: post processing system). It should be a development system of an other
project, for example, an implementation project.
The Task List of the maintenance project will have two new tasks:
General Tasks Assign post-processing system to development system
Track Section Post processing systems Retrofit Systems Start Retrofit
After the start of the Retrofit Task transport, requests from the maintenance project,
for which a retrofit is to take place can be selected.
For the execution of the Retrofit, a transport request must already exit in the retrofit

Tools used in Retrofit process:

Correction Workbench (SCWB) for Workbench Objects
Customizing Synchronization for Customizing Objects

SAP 2008 / Page 18

Process Structure Additional Features of
Traceability Management

Customer defined attributes at objects on tab Development, Transaction and

Configuration including electronic signature

Customer defined attributes for nodes of process structure including electronic

signature for projects and solutions allow for a transparent system documentation

Lock of process substructures (only structure not the tabs) with possibility of
electronic signature

Lock of assignments at nodes including electronic signature

SAP 2008 / Page 19

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SAP Solution Manager

1. Traceability in SAP Solution Manager

2. Traceability management for SAP Solution Manager
3. Summary

SAP 2007
2008 / Page 20

Traceability management is a new enhancement for SAP Solution Manager which

will be available with Support Package Stack 15 for SAP Solution Manager 4.0
(planned for Jan. 2008)

The traceability management functions were developed in close cooperation with

customers from the Life Sciences industry and offers new functions in
Document Management
Test Management
Change Request Management
Process Structure Management

It is built on top of the proven and mature SAP Solution Manager standard functions

For pricing information, contact your Account Executive

SAP 2008 / Page 21

SAP Solution Manager Summary

Mission Statement:
SAP Solution Manager enables efficient
application management and administration

Once we started working with SAP Solution Manager, we soon realized the benefits for comprehensive document
management, faster issue resolution, and effective communications.
Karen Garafalo, Director of SOAR Program Management Office, Sony Electronics Inc.

Management time spent monitoring customizing distribution has been cut by 45%. Error resolution time is also down
by 50%, and we can see that SAP Solution Manager will give us a high level of protection against inadvertently making
unwanted customizing changes.
Andreas Pott, Systems Analyst, HP.

SAP Solution Manager addresses our entire infrastructure management needs, reduces risk, lowers the cost of
ownership, and speeds the return on investment for our online buying solution.
Guillaume Legros, Project Leader, Airbus France SASRob

Reduced Cost of Ownership, Mitigated Risk, Transparency,

Available free of Charge
SAP 2007
2008 / Page 22
Further Informationen Regarding SAP Solution

SAP Service Marketplace


Various offerings from Concept & Strategy up to details on different scenarios
www.service.sap.com/solutionmanager -> Training

SAP Solution Manager E-Learning-Maps

Role-specific collection of learning materials, available free of charge for SAP customers

Books and Reading

SAP Solution Manager by SAP Press
Testing SAP Solutions by SAP Press
Performing End-to-End Root Cause Analysis Using SAP Solution Manager by SAP Press Essentials

SAP Solution Manager Forum in SAP Developer Network

www.sdn.sap.com -> Forums -> SAP Solutions -> Solution Manager

SAP 2007
2008 / Page 23
Publication Related to SAP Solution Manager:
SAP Solution Manager

Complete reference to SAP Solution Manager

Concept of SAP Solution Manager and its strategic importance for application
management and cooperation with a strong reference to ITIL

Comprehensive approach to the complete portfolio along the life-cycle - all functions, tools
and processes, incl. third-party-integration

Detailed customer field-reports deliver insight into first-hand, practical experience

German edition available ISBN 3-89842-778-1

English edition available ISBN 1-59229-091-4

SAP 2008 / Page 24

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