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Smart Planet 1 Unit 4 Translation

Name Class Date

1 Can 3 Asking for repetition and

Translate the phrases into your language. clarification
1 Jenny can paint very well. Translate the phrases into your language.
1 So, your name is Jan, is that right?

2 Can you swim? Yes, I can. 2 Yes, thats right.

3 How do you spell that?
3 Jamie and Harry cant speak French.
4 Sorry?

4 Can they play the guitar? No, they cant. 5 Can you repeat that, please?

6 Of course.
5 We can watch TV until late on Friday nights.

4 Review
6 My sister cant go out with her friends at the Translate the dialogue into your language.
weekend. Sarah: Hi, Peter. Can I ask you some questions?
Peter: Of course!
Sarah: So, you like swimming, is that right?
Peter: Yes, thats right. Can you swim, Sarah?
2 Love, like, hate Sarah: Yes, I can. I love it! I go swimming on
Translate the phrases into your language. Saturday morning. When do you go
1 She loves playing the guitar. swimming?
Peter: O
 n Thursday after school with my friends.
Then I play basketball with them.
2 He doesnt like doing his homework in the evening. Sarah: Can you play basketball too?
Peter: Y
 es, we love it! Its our favourite sport. Were
in the school basketball team.
3 I really like my English teacher. Sarah: Cool! Can you sing?
Peter: N
 o, I cant! I hate singing and I dont like

4 I hate exams!

5 My brothers are nice. I love talking to them.

6 Our teacher never gives us homework.

7 Carlos is my best friend. I like playing basketball

with him. 

PHOTOCOPIABLE Cambridge University Press 2015 Unit 4 Translation

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