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1. Edward: I have been calling you for several days, 4. Interviewer: Have you worked in this kind of job
but I couldnt get through to you. Where have before?
you been so far?
Candidate: Yes, once, during my summer
William: I was fired, and Im desperately looking vacation.
for a job.
Interviewer: ______
Edward: ----
Candidate: No, I havent, but I do have
William: Yes, of course. But they say it will take professional qualifications and enthusiasm..
almost three months to place me in a workplace..

A) So, really you havent much experience.

A) Really? But its rather difficult to find a job these
days unless youve got a higher education degree B) In that case youre the sort of person we are
and speak a foreign language. looking for.

B) Why dont we visit my older brother? Hes just C) Tell me about your work background in more detail.
opened an employment agency in the city centre.
D) Did you enjoy the work you did?
C) Have you applied to the public employment
bureau? Ive heard that its easier to find a job E) Then you may know my brother; he was the
through this office. managing director there.

D) Its a pity! But dont get discouraged. I think youll

sort it out soon. 5. Client: What are the chances of winning the
E) Would you like me to help you scan the job
advertisements? Lawyer: _____

Client: Do you mean the chances are slight?

2. Martha: Look at the headline here. What does AU
stand for? Lawyer: Well, I cant say Im very hopeful..

Steven: I suppose its an abbreviation for the

African Union. A) If I were you, I wouldnt let it worry me so much.

Martha: ---- B) So long as nothing surprising happens, all should

be well.
Steven: Well, its the continents foremost body
promoting economic and political freedom and C) The documents we have submitted contain strong
cooperation.. evidence in our favour.

D) Dont worry, Ive handled plenty of cases like this.

A) The African Union! Never heard that before.
E) Well, a lot depends on the testimony of the
B) Some African states are suffering from economic witnesses.

C) Which country takes the lead in the African Union? 6. Under-secretary: We have received reports that
the epidemic is spreading in the area.
D) How well do you know the African economy?
Minister: Then we must take immediate action.
E) Can you compare the African Union and the
European Union? Under-secretary: _____

Minister: Yes, do that..

3. James: Ive heard that youre selling your house.
But its not really the best time for selling your
property. A) But were short of medical staff there.

Arthur: ---- B) Then Ill give the orders for doctors and medical
supplies to be sent there right away.
James: I suggest you not sell it. You could get a
bank loan instead, and Ill be your guarantor. C) It seems the children are suffering most.

Arthur: Ive never thought of it; youve given me D) We have already flown in adequate supplies of food
a great idea. I really appreciate your support.. and blankets.

E) Who else do you think we could consult?

A) The broker in my quarter says a client has already
bought one at a reasonable price.

B) Ive talked to several brokers in town, and they say

Ill have no problem getting a mortgage.

C) Ive already applied to the local bank for a loan and

Im waiting for a reply.

D) I know, but I have to do it, as Ive got a large debt

and I need to repay it urgently.

E) Recently, a relative of mine has advised me to buy

a house in the country.
7. Manager: The Annual Shareholders Meeting is 10. Assistant :- Good morning. Can I help you?
coming up. So we must get prepared for it.
Mr Jones :- ----
Secretary: Thats true. How, can I help?
Assistant :- Well, both of them have their
Manager: _____ advantages.

Secretary: Of course, thats easy. It will be ready Mr Jones :- Im sure they do. Id better let her
by tomorrow.. choose..

A) Have the letters of invitation been sent out yet? A) A laptop is more expensive than a desktop.

B) Wed better have a board meeting today. B) No, thanks. Im just looking around.

C) I dont know. But there are likely to be a lot of C) Perhaps. Im looking for a present for my daughter.
complaints. Could you suggest something suitable for a
university student?
D) Get the usual statistical information ready for me.
D) Yes, I want to buy a computer for my daughter but I
E) I know many of the employees are expecting a am not sure whether to buy a laptop or a desktop.
sizeable rise in their wages.
E) Later, perhaps. When Ive decided what I want.

8. Director: Were being hit badly by the recession.

11. Mrs Brown : The post you have applied for
Consultant: _____ involves a lot of travelling. Have you been
abroad much?
Director: Well, what do you suggest? Mr White :----
Mrs Brown : Why did you go there?
Consultant: Boost the exports.. Mr White : The company sent me there to attend
a conference..

A) I know. And something must be done about it

quickly. A) No, I havent. This will be the first time.

B) Stop worrying! Theres nothing we can do. B) Well, Ive been to central Europe once, to Hungary.

C) Yes, everyone is saying the same. Lets reduce the C) I have not thought of travelling abroad.
work force.
D) I did not know that this job requires travelling.
D) They should raise the interest rates at once.
E) Travelling is my hobby.
E) I only hope there wont be another general strike.

12. Kate :- Under the new regulations, you dont

9. Jane: Smart-phone use is on a continuous have to get a tax number.
increase in Taiwan. For example, a Taiwanese Harold :- Are you sure? Because this form I have
smart phone manufacturer has reported very to fill out has a slot where I have to write my tax
high profits. number.
Kate :- ----
Mary: What does he mean by high profits? Harold :- Oh, Im so happy to hear that. This
means that I dont have to go to the tax office,
Jane:---- apply for a tax number and spend the rest of the
day there..
Mary: Now I see what he means..

A) Yes. You should apply for one; otherwise, your

A) It has been a profitable year for Taiwan. application will not be accepted.

B) More than the Taiwanese people needed to use. B) Im quite sure that you have to pay a visit to the
tax office.
C) Almost twice as much profit as they made a year
ago. C) Im not sure, but it is likely that youll need to get
one soon.
D) I think he is referring to the worldwide use of smart
phones. D) Maybe you should check with the tax office to see
whether you already have one or not.
E) He was very happy with the technical quality of the
phones produced. E) Im positive. Your tax number is the same as your
citizenship number.
13. David: Hello, Tina. Hows your job hunt going? 17. Clark: I just read an interesting article in this
Tina: As a matter of fact, I just got a new job. Ill magazine about what makes business successful.
be starting next week.
David: ---- Sally: What does it say?
Tina: At the African Development Bank. Their
main goal is to reduce poverty and improve living Clark: ----
standards in Africa..
Sally: Well, that sounds very interesting. I never
thought of it in that way before..
A) How much money will you be making? Its not easy
to get by these days, you know.
A) I dont know if I agree with you, because the idea
B) Thats okay! Keep looking. You never know what sounds ridiculous.
will come up.
B) It seems that high-performance businesses use
C) Are you sure you are ready? Working at a bank their expertise not just to serve markets, but also
means a lot of responsibility. create them.

D) Congratulations! Thats great news! Where will you C) The article is a bit difficult to explain to a person
be working? with no background in business administration.

E) Is there anything I can do? I have friends that can D) It says something about how to make a business
help you find a good job. profitable, but I dont quite understand it.

E) It is very difficult for a large company to stay in

14. Jack: I never knew you were an urban explorer. Is businesses these days.
that what you were doing at the weekend?

Sam:Yes, I've been doing it for about a year now. 18. John: What do you think is the most serious
threat to our childrens future?
Nicole: Well, probably that there wont be
Sam: I just love the thrill of exploring, especially enough energy. We need to develop alternatives
in the abandoned tunnels under the streets.. to fossil fuels like petrol.

John: ----
A) It sounds like a thrilling experience. Is it scary?
Nicole: Probably, wind power. We need to use
B) How long have you been exploring such places? energy from the wind to meet our energy needs
in the future..
C) Is it just something to do at the weekend?

D) In your opinion, which is the best city to go urban A) How will that work? Are you saying we should stop
exploring? using our cars?

E) So you explore old forgotten places in our cities. B) That doesnt sound right. I am afraid I disagree with
Why do you do it? you.

C) What do you think is the best form of alternative

15. John:- Creditors always carry a remote risk of energy?
extreme loss.
D) Global warming is forcing everyone to think about
Terry:- How do they protect themselves against alternative energy.
E) People should give up their luxurious lifestyles and
John:- ---- use less energy.

Terry:- I think its a good idea..

19. Kenny :- Ive heard that they are privatizing this
A) Actually, a number of banks have gone bankrupt.
Peter :- Yes, so they say.
B) I think most loans are not paid back in time.
Kenny :- ----
C) The government provides a variety of incentives.
Peter :- I dont have any precise information
D) Most economists can anticipate the amount of about them, but there are rumours that there are
future losses. at least two..

E) They invest in Treasury bonds.

A) When is the privatization taking place?
16. Bill:- What are the consequences of a debt crisis?
B) Do you know anything about the bidders?
Jack:- Either inflation or deflation.
C) How many people are employed at the bank?
Bill:- ----
D) Do you know whom they sold it to?
Jack:- Well, it depends on the governments economic
priorities.. E) For how long has this bank operated?

A) The crisis can be avoided right from the start.

B) I think inflation is worse than deflation.

C) I hope neither of them will happen.

D) What measures can be taken against them?

E) How do you make your investments?

20. Joan :- My credit card bill arrived this morning. 23. Sue : The latest scientific findings suggest that a
My debt is far greater than I had expected. huge comet hit North America about 13, 000
years ago.
Benjamin :- ----
Paul: Isn't that around the time when mammoths
Joan :- No, but I always pay at least the required became extinct?
Sue :----
Benjamin :- Then thats probably why it is so
high. You pay interest on the remainder of your Paul:Sounds like a good explanation to me..

A) That\'s right. North America was full of mammoths

A) Had you repaid the whole of your debt? at that time.

B) Didnt you look at the details? B) Yes, that probably explains why they no longer
exist. The impact must have killed them all.
C) Had the bank called you about your debt?
C) Yes, so all the mammoths had to leave their natural
D) Did you spend less last month? habitat and move to South America.

E) Were you expecting a higher bill? D) No, I think they died out much later than what
people think.

21. Molly :- It says here that Gertrude Stein was one E) Exactly, so it seems that they have finally come up
of the centurys most publicized but least read with a reasonable theory.

Eileen :- I find that very sad. If one writes, one 24. Sally : What did you learn in school today?
must want to be read.
Bob: Apparently, when the universe was only a
Molly :- ---- few minutes old, the only element was hydrogen.

Eileen :- Right. And just look who listened to Sally :----

her:Hemingway, Thornton Wilder and even
Picasso!. Bob: Well, they were formed later..

A) In fact, Picasso painted her portrait. A) How can scientists know that?

B) Yes. But she had the satisfaction of knowing that B) Do you know why?
people visited her to listen to her ideas.
C) Where did it come from?
C) She actually spent more of her life in Paris than in
America. D) Really? What about the other elements?

D) Though she spent very little time in America she E) That\'s amazing! What do you think?
actually understood its people and culture very
25. Peter: I've just been to the European Festival
E) It wasnt very wise of her to stay in France during Science on Stage.
the German occupation, for she was Jewish. Alison:Yes, I heard about it. There was a lot of
talk about young people, wasn't there?
Peter : There was, especially on how to ensure
22. Jane : Can you do me a favour, please? that in the future we have enough scientists.
Alison : ----
Tony : Of course. Peter:That's exactly what I think too. Children
are our future..
Jane : Can you pick up my 12-year-old sister from
the airport tomorrow, at 2 p.m.?
A) There\'s no problem. We\'ll always have enough
Tony : ----. people who want to be scientists.

B) Personally, I don\\'t think it has anything to do with

A) Wasnt she rather young to be travelling on her age.
C) There has really been a decrease in the number of
B) I havent seen her for a long time, so I didnt young scientists.
recognize her.
D) Yes, it\\'s all to do with education. Science teachers
C) Certainly. III be pleased to do so. need to inspire young people.

D) Shes a very grown-up 12-year-old. E) I think scientists are really lucky. They\\'re doing a
job that they love.
E) You should have told her Id be meeting her; then
she wouldnt have worried.
26. Helen : How long have the TVs nature 30. Sam : Dont forget, clean coal means different
documentaries been going? things to different people.
Beth : For at least 40 years, I should think. ----. Charles : I know it does. But at least people are
Helen : Indeed they have. In one of the latest, beginning to realize that coal can be cleaned
they actually show a penguin chick developing and, indeed, should be.
inside its egg!. Sam : ----
Charles : It used to be. But there are now new
systems that are far more efficient and far less
A) The series explores the limits of animal endurance expensive..
in hostile environments.

B) And over that time theyve been transformed A) Whats the big problem, sulpher dioxide?
beyond recognition.
B) Clean coal technologies fall into three categories.
C) Moreover, the films grow even more spectacular
and sophisticated. C) But isnt the cleaning of coal an extremely
expensive process?
D) Some of the worlds leading wildlife camera teams
are with the BBCs national history unit. D) Coal that has been aged gives out more heat
and fewer gases.
E) Some remarkable footage has been shot.
E) Is it really possible to clean coal?

27. Brian : The aim of this article, apparently, is to

show that Shakespeare isnt as special as hes 31. Sue : Is your computer reasonably modern?
made out to be! Wendy : ----
Fred : ---- Sue : Then its terribly out of date! With
Brian : Well; it points out that Shakespeares computers there are new things happening all
King Lear and Cervantes Don Quixote were the time.
written in the same year, and then asks which is Wendy : That may be. But Im comfortable with
the best? mine and have no intention of changing it..
Fred : Yes. A tricky question. Thought-provoking,
A) I suppose so. Ive never really thought about it.

A) I dont want to hear any more! B) Are you trying to sell me a new one?

B) I shant bother to read it! C) Probably not. Its a bit slow, though, and that can
be annoying.
C) How does it manage to do that?
D) Oh, yes. Ive had it about six years, thats all
D) Thats the fashionable approach at the moment!
E) I dont know. But its been giving me a lot of
E) Didnt Marlowe write his plays? trouble lately.

28. Reg : Have you put your house up for sale yet? 32. Cheryl : Did Michelle tell you what happened to
Dave : Oh, yes. And Ive had several offers. The her on her vacation in Thailand?
estate agent is urging me to accept the last one. Mike : ----
Reg : ---- Cheryl : Yes, thats it. Shed booked a hotel room
Dave : Ive noticed that. Mine actually wanted me online, and when she arrived the hotel was full.
to accept the initial offer, and that was really She had to spend four hours in the rain trying to
low.. find another place to stay..

A) Thats typical. They like to get the sale over as A) When did she return from her trip?
soon as possible.
B) She told me all about it.
B) Why is that?
C) No; what happened?
C) And why is that? Are they really offering a very
good price? D) Thailand? I thought she went to Indonesia for her
D) Its not a buyers market at the moment.
E) Wasnt it something to do with her hotel
E) Dont let him push you into a sale. reservation?

29. Matthew : Ive been looking at this map of the

worlds oil.
George : Yes. I took a look at that, too. What
surprised you most?
Matthew : ----
George : Yes. I hadnt realized that either..

A) I dont think anything did.

B) I dont know. But production costs for North Sea Oil

are going up.

C) The newly discovered oil reserves in West Africa

could have proved useful.

D) Nothing really.

E) The fact that central and South America come

second, after the Middle East, for oil reserves.
33. Jeff : Are there considerable cultural differences 36. Meghan : Did you know that the government will
in the way business is conducted between China reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay this
and Western countries? year if your baby is born on or before December
Neal :Oh yes, there are many differences and you 31st?
have to be aware of these if you want to succeed Anna : Well, mines due on December 27th.
in China. Meghan : ----
Jeff : ---- Anna : Me too. I could really use a bit of extra
Neal : Well, in Western-style business, we focus money for the babys things..
on the deal, the possibilities and the risks. In
China, top businessmen spend a good deal of
time exploring what sort of person you are.. A) Well, I hope its not born after the deadline.

B) Oh no, you might miss the deadline if its overdue!

A) Your character is more important than what you do.
C) How nice to have a baby born around the New
B) What sort of differences? Year.

C) Have you ever done business in China? How does D) What does your daughter think about having a new
one go about making business contacts there? little brother or sister?

D) What are the advantages of doing business in E) Well, thats all right, then.

E) Which regions of China are the best for making 37. James : Are you planning to attend any of the
high profits? plays at the Shakespeare festival this year?
Allie : ----
James : One critic, Harold Bloom, says that its
34. Carol : People appreciate the extraordinary because he teaches us more about ourselves
beauty of butterflies, but their colours and than any other writer.
shapes might also be functional, mightnt they? Allie : That could be the reason..
Paul : Ive really no idea. In what way?
Carol : ----
Paul : Really? Thats interesting.. A) Id like to, but Im not sure Ill have time. Why do
you ask?

A) This specific chapter is on the evolution of patterns B) No, but did you know that he wasnt really
on the wings of butterflies. respected by the public during his own lifetime? It
was only a hundred years later that he was taken
B) For instance, the markings that resemble eyes on seriously.
butterflies may help them startle predators and
then escape from them. C) Im planning to see all of them. In fact, Ive already
bought a season ticket.
C) This has to do with genetics. One should try to
learn more about it. D) Do you know, Shakespeares really not my
favourite thing.
D) This book gives examples of all of this and more.
E) Yes, of course. I wonder what it is that makes his
E) Some dark forms of swallowtail butterflies mimic plays so popular, year after year.
unrelated inedible species. Is that what you are
referring to?
38. John : Have you seen the recent report released
by the American Rivers Administration?
35. Helen : I think forensics programmes on TV are Allen : No, not yet. Whats your opinion?
giving a distorted view of what forensic science John : ----
can or cannot do. Allen : So it becomes increasingly urgent for the
Mark : ---- authorities to put into effect far more efficient
Helen : But they do. Some attorneys think that measures to improve their condition. Dont you
these forensics programmes can affect the think?.
jurors demands and decisions..

A) I am sure you know that the American Rivers

A) I think most people are responsible enough not to Administration analyzes and studies the condition
be affected. of the major rivers in the country.

B) You do? In what way? B) Most comprehensively prepared. It is very

upsetting to know how endangered most of the
C) Do you actually watch those programmes? nations rivers are.

D) Oh, come on. People dont take those programmes C) Indeed, as you have just suggested, dams and
seriously! canals can be harmful to fish and wildlife
E) Whats on TV this evening?
D) As I recall from previous reports, coal mining
operations fill streams with coal and dirt.

E) It has always been admitted that the use of rivers

as a water supply for domestic and industrial needs
causes much depletion.
39. Doctor : Good to see you again. Whats the 42. Charles : Aircraft manufacturers are doing their
problem this time? best to build ever more efficient, more reliable,
Patient : Upon awakening, I feel pain and less polluting, quieter planes.
tightness on the sides of my face. Colleague : Yes, but there is a long way before
Doctor : ---- absolute reliability can be achieved!
Patient : I hope its not serious and can be Charles : ----
treated easily.. Colleague : Theres no doubt about that. Yet
every effort must be made for ultimate
A) Sleeping pills may be used occasionally to help
people who have trouble sleeping because of pain.
A) Let me stress once again that, as the economy
B) How interesting! I have always stated that people develops and per capita income rises, per capita
can take steps to break the habit of tooth grinding. travel rises even faster.

C) I see. Generally, a case like this results from B) Considered in technical terms, there have been few
muscle spasms brought on by repeated muscle or dramatic changes in large-aircraft design since the
tooth clenching and tooth grinding. 1960s.

D) Of course, treatment is needed when a person has C) It is a fact that, by the early 1940s, airplanes had
jaw pain or trouble moving his jaw. made it possible to cross the Atlantic in one long
day of travel.
E) People with this condition need to suppress yawns,
cut food into small pieces, and eat food thats easy D) On the other hand, in the 1960s, touring families
to chew. and students could fly from the US to Europe on
overnight charter flights.

40. Frank : To learn a little bit about how to cope E) Agreed. However, despite occasional horrific
with physical allergies, Ive done some reading. crashes, modern airliners are about the safest
Celia : Tell me in simple terms what you have means of travel ever devised.
Frank : ----
Celia : Sounds very sensible, doesnt it?. 43. Lucy : Is it true that China is slightly larger in
area than the US?
Kate : Thats what Ive read in a booklet on
A) Surely you are aware that photosensitivity, which is China.
an allergy, may also result from concurrent use of Lucy : ----
certain drugs or substances applied to the skin. Kate : A varied topography indeed! Besides, the
Yangtze River is the third-longest river in the
B) My suggestion is that people who are very sensitive world..
to sunlight should use sunscreens and minimize
sun exposure.
A) The principal mountain ranges are the Tien Shan,
C) As far as I am concerned, itching, asthma, or nasal the Kunlun chain, and the Trans- Himalaya.
stuffiness are among the most common symptoms
of physical allergy. B) Moreover, from the map one can see that the
greater part of the country is mountainous, and the
D) The common point everyone agrees on is that the Gobi Desert lies in the North.
best way to deal with any physical allergy is to
prevent it by avoiding whatever tends to cause it. C) I understand it has three great river systems : the
Yellow River, the Yangtze River, and the Pearl
E) As everybody knows, a physical allergy is a River.
condition in which allergic symptoms develop in
response to a physical stimulus. D) The earliest recorded human settlements have
been discovered in the Huang Ho basin.

41. Jane : The point is made in this article that we E) As you know, in the southwest is Tibet, which China
need a reliable source of electricity to meet our annexed in 1950.
needs in the 21st century.
Larry : But we also need clean air.
Jane : ---- 44. Ralph : Ive learned that there are many details
Larry : So you mean that nuclear power plants to learn about the maintenance of home
dont pollute the air. Right? . aquariums.
Dick : ----
Ralph : At first glance, its true. But do you know
A) Well, with nuclear energy, we can have both that even the decorative materials used in
aquariums should be placed properly? Otherwise,
B) Why not? Nuclear energy already generates more for example, they may obstruct the filter pipes.
than 20 per cent of Americas electricity. Dick : Really? I hadnt thought of that before..

C) Year by year there is a growing need for more

energy nationwide. A) Yes. For example, fish dont disrupt the cleanliness
of the home with messy fur or feathers.
D) In other words, the development of new energy
sources is very important to Americas energy B) Right; routine maintenance only requires a few
future. minutes of your attention daily, supplemented by
an hour or so once a week.
E) I am afraid the world is fast heading towards a
huge environmental disaster. C) Oh, are there? Ive always thought that looking
after an aquarium is very easy.

D) Anyone knows that keeping an aquarium is


E) In fact, I am as interested as you are in aquariums.

45. Chris : Did you know that several years ago 49. James : Have you been to the Dali exhibition?
Luciano Pavarotti released his first solo album of Rodney : ----
Italian pop songs? James : Why is that?
Robert : No, I didnt. I wonder what other tenors Rodney : I dont like being caught up in a crowd
thought of this. when Im looking at paintings..
Chris : ----
Robert : In which case, I suppose opera fans are
also accepting the situation.. A) I certainly have. And I hope to go again soon.

B) Not yet. I dont go to such exhibitions till theyve

A) Well, at first they were not in favour of it, but now been going for some time.
they are doing the same thing themselves!
C) I was there at the opening. What about you?
B) It was at least 20 years ago that his record
company asked him to make this album. D) Yes. I was surprised at how few large paintings
there were.
C) As far as I know, it was the song Caruso that
made him do it. E) Of course. And it was quite an experience

D) He asked three well-known singers to join him, but

for some reason they said no. 50. Liz : Do you think the Russian invasion of Georgia
will do lasting damage to Russias relations with
E) I dont know. Presumably, they were annoyed. the EU?
Brian : In the short term, tensions will be high,
but before long things will settle down smoothly
46. James : Hows your philosophy course going? again.
Peter : Its hard to say. It certainly requires a lot Liz : How can you be so positive?
of effort. Brian : ----.
James : ----
Peter : No. Quite the opposite. In the main, it
consists of learning to look at the old and A) Russias decision last year to reduce gas supplies
familiar facts in a new and fresh way.. to Europe was based on economic considerations
rather than on any political aim.

A) Which of the great philosophers are you going to B) Russia has always shown a keen interest in
study? European politics and often tries to influence it to
its own advantage.
B) But are you enjoying it?
C) The response of France has been to construct
C) Well, I hope youre finding it interesting! several new nuclear power stations.

D) I might take the course next year. D) If were to live side by side, there must be a good
measure of trust.
E) Why? Are there a lot of facts to learn?
E) Very simple. Russia needs European goods and
technology as much as Europe needs Russian gas.
47. Mary : What I look for in an airline company is a
punctual take-off and a punctual landing.
June : ----
Mary : And why not?
June : Think about it! Something as common as
bad weather can lead to delays. Would you care
to take off in a hurricane?.

A) What I look for is flight safety.

B) But face it; thats not always possible.

C) For long flights they now provide beds in business


D) However hard they try to please the passengers, I

get bored!

E) You are hard to please, arent you?

48. Sue : Did you know that there are three types of zip
and that each is used in a different way?
Jane : ----
Sue : For instance, chain zips, largely suitable for
luggage, have metal teeth and are, therefore, very
Jane : I see. I didnt know that..

A) As far as I know, there are chain zips, coil zips and

concealed zips. Right?

B) What about coil zips? Ive read something about them;

they are lighter and synthetic.

C) Really? Can you give me an example and say where it

can be used?

D) Well, some are ideal for fine fabrics and others are for
stronger ones.

E) Does that mean that some of them break easily?


1 C 41 A

2 A 42 E

3 D 43 B

4 A 44 C

5 E 45 A

6 B 46 E

7 D 47 B

8 A 48 C

9 C 49 B

10 D 50 E

11 B

12 E

13 D

14 E

15 E

16 D

17 B

18 C

19 B

20 A

21 B

22 C

23 B

24 D

25 D

26 B

27 C

28 A

29 E

30 C

31 D

32 E

33 B

34 B

35 D

36 A

37 E

38 B

39 C

40 D