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SAP CoE FUT/TUT Documentation

Issue Log Date/Month Month year

Requestor Name / Global ID
Remedy Ticket #s Ticket number

Support Request (SR) # Request number

SR Type Customization

Release: Release type


Development Hours 10 hrs

Transport Request # (If any) TR number

Description of SR Modifications to Asset report

Currently the system is not displaying the Vendor number and Vendor
Summary of Issue name for the Assets when the user run the transaction Asset report

The field Vendor name and account number added for the Output in the
Summary of Resolution query for the Asset report



Test Date

SAP Test Client


Testing Hours 2 Hrs.

FUT/TUT Documentation
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SAP CoE FUT/TUT Documentation

FUT/TUT Test Case

If test cases are in QC attach the QC Path with screen shot ;if not update test step here < >

QC Domain:
QC Project :

Test Execution Date:

Test Environment:
Tested by:
Test Ste Step Test Data Expected Result Actual Executed
Condition p Description Result/Remark By/Date
To Check 1 Described Company Values to be Same as
transaction below Code: Any displayed for expected
Asset report Company Account number of
code Vendor

Attach Relevant Screen Shot below if not executed in QC:

Test Result:.

Test 1 Description/Title: To Check transaction Asser report

Objective of the The fields vendor name and the vendor number should be
positive test: displayed for the Assets
Objective of the NA
negative or regression

Execution of Test 1
Step Purpose Successful
or not
1 To Check the fields vendor name and the vendor number should Yes
be displayed for the Assets

Input details:

FUT/TUT Documentation
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SAP CoE FUT/TUT Documentation

Report Output

The Account number of Vendor and the name is now displayed

FUT/TUT Documentation
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