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Kuala Lumpur
26th March 2017



The Malaysia International Commission of Illumination (MyCIE) in collaboration with

The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM) is embarking on an
Electronics Waste (EW), Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) & Fluorescent Lamp (FL)
Recycling Programme, from 15th June 2015 to 15th June 2019 (four years) in Malaysia.
Following the success of our earlier two phases of CFL & FL recycling efforts, we believe
this third phase will achieve greater impact. This third phase involves collection, storage
and disposal of Electronics Waste (E-Waste) in addition to the CFL and FL recycling.
Used and discarded electrical and electronics appliances and components including
batteries are commonly known as commonly known E-Waste. They contain harmful
substance such as mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, lithium, chromium, etc. E-waste if
disposed of in landfills, the hazardous metals and materials can contaminate our soil,
water and air. Hence, efforts in raising environment awareness and facilitating the
collection of this E-waste are crucial.
TEEAM serves to elevate the public awareness and understanding of CFL & FL recycling
through talks. TEEAM conducted free awareness talks in schools, colleges, offices and
residential areas to reach out to many platforms of audience such as office staffs,
students/teachers and general public. TEEAM has helped to establish more than 50
drop-off points at retail outlets, trader outlets, government agency offices, corporate
offices, organisations, universities and schools. TEEAM has also helped many
companies & schools to initiate in-house recycling programmes. By working with the
different sectors of the community, TEEAM has been able to ensure that this
programme runs at minimal cost and is self-sustaining.
We are inviting participations from the manufacturing industry, suppliers, contractors
and academia in the said focus areas of expertise. We hope to achieve a sustainable
model of EW, CFL and FL recycling in Malaysia. We are receiving the strong support
from our Sponsors namely Philips Lighting, Selangor State Government and Kewpump

to share the responsibility to collect back the pollutants and other materials from this
recyclable waste.
Through our programme, we hope to achieve the following objectives:
* To reduce the environmental risk from improper disposal of EW, CFL & Fluorescent
lamps to landfill/incineration,
* To educate and encourage the public to practice recycling in their daily life,
* To enable self-sustainable EW, CFL & FL recycling works by working closely between
industries and the government when it comes to waste separation and recycling at the
For further information on our programme, please contact the following officials:
1) Dr Tan Ching Seong, Organising Chair, EW, CFL & FL Recycling Programme
Email: chingseong@den-aire.com

2) Ms Thila, Programme Co-ordinator on EW, CFL & FL Recycling Programme

Email: thila@teeam.org.my, secretariat@mycie.org.my Tel: 03 9221 2091
Website: www.teeam.org.my, www.mycie.org.my

About us

The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM)

TEEAM is a representative body of the electrical and electronics industries in Malaysia. TEEAM
was established in 1952 and it aims to work closely with all government departments, statutory
bodies and the private sector to ensure and promote orderly growth and development of the
electrical and electronics industries. TEEAM participate actively in national development
through assisting government to shape policies and regulations that affect the E&E industry.
TEEAM is officially represented in the various relevant government bodies Council and
Committees. Besides, TEEAM is also represented in the ASEAN Consultative Committee for
Standards & Quality (ACCSQ) Joint Sectoral Committee on Electrical & Electronics Equipment
(JCS EEE) and is a member of the Asean Federation of Electrical Engineering Contractors
(AFEEC). For more information on TEEAM, please visit www.teeam.org.my
Malaysia International Commission of Illumination (MyCIE)
TEEAM has initiated and formalised the Malaysian National Committee of CIE (NCCIE) with the
support of the government through Standards Malaysia. The Malaysia International Commission
of Illumination (MyCIE) is the Working Committee that carries out all the project works. TEEAM
hosts and facilitates the Secretariat of MyCIE/NCCIE. This Malaysia Chapter consists of
membership from the industry and universities. It is a platform for them to reach out to the
international illumination community for technology and market updates. For more
information on MyCIE, please visit www.mycie.org.my