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March 23, 2017

Contact: Nick Wilock, 518-878-6568



On Wednesday, the City of Saratoga Springs Republican Committee interviewed

candidates who were seeking the Republican endorsement for city and county representation.
Specifically, the Committee sought out city residents interested in running for Mayor following a
tumultuous two years under incumbent Joanne Yepsen.

In endorsing the slate of candidates, the city Committee acknowledged the sterling
credentials, credibility and experiences each candidate will be bringing to the campaign.

The slate of candidates the City of Saratoga Springs Republican Committee endorsed

Mark E. Baker, Mayor

Don Braim, Commissioner of Public Safety
Anthony Skip Scirocco, Commissioner of Public Works
Matthew Veitch, Saratoga County Supervisor
John Safford, Saratoga County Supervisor

We are honored to have a tremendous group of individuals who possess the intellect,
drive and vision to be the leaders we desperately need in City Hall. Their dedication and
commitment to representing all city residents is glowing. I know well see campaigns run on the
issues and now we can work to make Saratoga Springs even stronger, because each of these
individuals are Saratogians first, said Matthew Hogan, Chairman, Saratoga Springs Republican

My entire career is built upon credible leadership, building consensus, personal integrity
and most importantly listening, said Baker. Each of these has been sorely lacking in City
Hall over the last four years. Saratogians deserve a Mayor who will lead by example. Someone
who will give, not take. We deserve a Mayor who will listen first, and build consensus rather
than put up barriers. We desperately need a Mayor who understands the basic fundamentals of
business and management.

Most importantly, we need a leader who will restore ethics in City Hall. Someone who
respects Saratogians enough not to think twice about abusing power.

I thank the Saratoga Springs Republican Committee for its endorsement and look
forward to earning the trust of all Saratogians.
Baker, a U.S. Air Force Veteran, is a 1977 graduate of the University of Wisconsin. From
1983-2016, Baker served as Executive Director/President of the Saratoga Springs City Center.
His past and current affiliations include the Downtown Business Association, Saratoga County
Tourism Committee, Saratoga Convention Bureau, Saratoga Arts, Home Made Theater, Saratoga
150 Anniversary Committee, Viet Nam Commemoration Committee and St. Pauls Lutheran

Embattled Mayor Joanne Yepsen has come under fire in recent years for transgressions
including ethical oversights, conflicts of interest, lack of sense of public service and political
infighting with other members of the City Council. Baker believes this severely limits her ability
to be able to accomplish much given her ethical lapses and brash, divisive management style.

Building a stronger, safer and more unified city is something all Saratogians can get
behind, and Im confident the team we have assembled will accomplish great things, said
Braim. Building consensus and bridges with the number of city departments and community
organizations that public safety reaches is incredibly important. My career has given me
experience and perspective on how we must move forward to ensure our beloved city remains
strong and safe. I thank the City of Saratoga Springs Republican Committee for its support and
look forward to earning the support of the city I love.

The Department of Public Works continues to maintain our citys infrastructure while
balancing our budget and spending within our means, said Scirocco. I have a tremendous team
who work so tirelessly each day on behalf of our city. The growing needs of our City have been
met with long-term plans under my administration and I look forward to continuing this work.
Thank you to the City of Saratoga Springs Republican Committee for its continued support.

Thank you to the City of Saratoga Springs Republican Committee for its continued trust
in representing our great and cherished city at the county level, said Veitch. We have unique
challenges in both our city and county. I believe I have been able to effectively build bridges
between our city and county while never wavering on what is right for all Saratogians. I will
continue to fight for technology upgrades, public safety improvements and continued responsible
economic development growth for our city and county.

I am sincerely humbled by the opportunity to serve our city at the county level, said
Safford. My business background gives me the unique experience to fight for responsible
planning and growth in our city and county. Like Supervisor Veitch, we need more individuals in
public service who are good stewards of taxpayer dollars. I thank the City of Saratoga Springs
Republican Committee for its endorsement and look forward to working with this dynamic and
energetic team.

Also endorsed at last nights meeting for re-election were Saratoga County Sheriff
Michael Zurlo, Saratoga County Clerk Craig Hayner and Saratoga County Coroner Susan Hayes-