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(i) Seme oninions about the Bengali Edition of “Ayurvedic Treatment of Cancer.”” i Vaid) Jadayyl Trihamji Acharyya, Dr. Viegas ah. (Geveds, Boutay—o. a Tio book has becn of very great help to the physicians for Lavine s detailed knowledge of cancer and its treat- ment sesorumg to Ayurveda. 7 a (2) Ayurveda-Brihaspati (D.Sc.), Pranacharyya Vaida Sri Gobardhan Sarma Changani, Drrector, afyurocdie Board, M. P. Sitabardh, Nagpur. a I have derived great plossure by re dimz your book on the treatment of Cancer written in Bengali. Had the book been transla- tad m Hindi the whole of India would have been bene- furd for this noble achievement — Please accept the bless- ing of me vho is an octogenanan.” L154. {3} Vaidyaratna Kaviraj Pratap Sinha, D.Sc. (Ayurved), Pranachary3a, Ea-Doector, Dept. of Ayur- tds, Ryaelan Gort, Priveipal, Ray Kumar Sinka Ayur- tee College, Indure oe 7 Tins is a wnique book, first of its sind in Benegal hterature The definition of Cancer piven by you eecording to Ayurveda 1s most important. Y thank this hook should be made a text-book in all Asursedie Collees Tf this book is translated in Sanskrit and Hurvirat vill be readily accepted all over India and vill provide a mast needed knowledge of Cancer to the Asurve be Pablie, Tcermtabte you on your very successful attempt is Lrincir + cut Guts beautifully illustrated book ..... a Vist. edt shed by Favira; Sch Amal Kumar Chatterjes from The tesr cate of Hindu Chenistry & Ayurvedic Research, 61,t, Beore Averwe Reger Park, Caleutta-49 Phome South 1474 First Edtelon February 1955 reared by SrLNN Ghosh BA at ta! Chard & S21, 76 Lower Circular Koad, Cateuers 14