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Educational Technology Issue

Sara Batdorf


Radostina Zlatanov

March 26, 2017


The issue I choose is Funding for Educational Technology. I choose this issue because

funding for Education is an issue in many states, so I want to see possible funding options for

technology. As technology advances are made it is important that they are integrated into the

classroom because technology is going to continue to play a big role in everyday life as well as

in most career fields. According to one study the issue isn't so much as the need for basic

hardware for technology use, but the need to train teachers in computer use, buy innovative

software and more hardware. There is no estimate of what the funding need is to improve

technology in education, no one in charged to look into the situation and needs of schools.

Funding for education is slim, so using money to help teach teachers how to use computer seems

small next to teaching teachers how to teacher diverse students. Funding new hardware and

software is hard to justify when you have classroom that are full and teachers that have no

supplies to support their students. However with a lack of funding students are not offered the

chance to connect with peers and teachers on assignments after school hours as well as parent

teacher connection which has been successful in helping to create a more parent involved

program. With no funding schools have no way to update their current equipment or repair the

equipment that needs repaired, so money that was used to purchase these technology tools are

not well spent if schools can't keep their technology up to date. Many states Arizona included

have students take high stake testing on a computer, however because of the lack of funding

students struggle with the use of the computers which in the long run may interfere with their

ability to take the test.


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