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Guava leaves

Ailments treated : Toothache, Sore Throats, Gum Disease

Guyabano leaves
Ailment treated: Arthritis, High Cholesterol Level,

Malunggay leaves
Ailment Treated: Inflammation, High Blood Pressure,

Hagonoy leaves
Ailment treated: Open Wounds, Skin Infections

Ailment treated: Asthma, Diarrhea

Ailment treated: Over fatigue, Cough

Ailment treated: Cough, Headache, Wounds

Lemon Grass
Ailment treated: Gastrointestinal problems, Fever, Flu,
Ailment treated : Bruises and sprains,Headaches, Mild
bleeding of wounds
Sinusitis, Healing wounds, Weak lungs, Common colds and
Flu, Skin Irritations and Allergies
Ear Infections

Gotu Kola
Ailment treated : relieve high blood pressure, aid
intelligence and memory, nervous disorders, including
epilepsy, senility and premature aging, combat stress and
depression, energize flagging mental powers,
Ailment treated : Cleansing Tea/ Anti-toxins/ Diuretic 2.
Arthritis / Anti- Uric Acid 3. Diabetes / Anti-Sugar 4.
Slimming Tea / Lower Cholesterol Hypertension / Heart
Ailments 5. Kidney Stones / Gall Bladder Stones / U.T.I. 6.
Goiter / Throat Infections 7. T.B. / Asthma/ Sinusitis /
Colds / Migraine / Hangover 8. Ulcer / Gas Pain / Diarrhea /
Other Stomach Disorder 9. Menstrual Problems /
Dysmenorrhea / Irregular Menstruation 10. Hemorrhoids /
Anti-Constipation 11. Cancer
(Beast,Ovary,Cervix,Bones,Prostate, etc.) 12. Anti-Ageing /
Improves Memory and Eyesight / Tooth Problems 13. Skin
Problem / Psoriasis / Smoothens Skin / Complexion (Apply
Hot Tea

Ailment treated : Promote blood cleansing & circulation
Reduce blood pressure, Regulate cholesterol level,
Regulate blood sugar level, Reduce joint & muscular pain,
Enhance liver & kidney function, Support digestive & G.I.
health, Anti-viral & anti-bacterial actions, Suppress cell
growth abnormalities, Inhibit general inflammation,
Strengthen the immune system, Relieve smooth muscle
spasms in the arteries & bronchial tubes, Enhance smooth
bowel movements, Remove toxic wastes from body,
Improve visual acuity, Peri-menopausal relief, Smoother
skin texture, Aid natural sleep cycles

Atis leaves
Ailment treated : induces or hastens menstrual flow and
used to treat dysentery, colds and fever
The leaves are applied as a poultice to children with
dyspepsia, also known as upset stomach or indigestion, a
condition of impaired digestion characterized by chronic
or recurrent pain in the upper abdomen, upper abdominal
fullness and feeling full earlier than expected when

Oregano leaves
Ailment treated : Good for cough and cold relief Helps
prevent degenerative arthritis Has Anti-aging properties
Helps relieve rheumatism and osteoarthritis Bronchitis
herbal remedy Ease asthma attacks Relieves upset
stomach Treatment of urinary tract problems Relief for
dyspepsia or indigestion Healing wounds, insect bites &
stings Cure for sore throat