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Date of Issue 28th March, 2017

Issued by Domestic Taxes Department
Issued to All URA Staff, General Public
Version 1.0

1.0. Introduction
This particular guideline is applicable where the taxpayer wants to register and
complete an online payment through the web portal using VISA/Master Card.

2.0. Background.

Uganda Revenue Authority embarked on modernization and process reforms with a

goal of enhancing voluntary compliance through excellent client service delivery. One
of the frameworks URA intends to use to stimulate compliance is by enabling
taxpayers to use the online payment method using VISA/MasterCard.
3.0. Purpose of the guide.
This is to guide staff and Clients on the procedure followed when registering and
completing an online payment on the web portal using a VISA/MasterCard.
4.0. Scope of the service.

This service is applicable to registering payments for all tax types under Domestic

5.0. Benefits of the online payment solution.

Provide a convenient means of making payments.
Reduce obstacles to compliance.
Improve the customer experience.
Improving service delivery to taxpayers by reducing turnaround time for
payment processing.
Alleviating unnecessary costs incurred in payment of taxes.
6.0. Procedure.

Step 1: log onto the URA web portal (www.ura.go.ug).

Step 2: On the right, click on e-Services, then select Payment registration under Payments

Select Payment
Step 3: Select the tax head for which you are registering the payment.

Select Tax Head

Step 4: Select the Tax Type from the drop down list and also enter the Amount under Details of Tax
Type Menu.

Select the Tax

Enter here the amount
Step 5: Enter the Tin (If the taxpayer has a Tin) under Taxpayer Details

Enter TIN here

Step 6: Select Online Payment from the drop down list under Bank Details Menu

Select Online

Step 7: Enter Text from given Image and click Accept and Register.

Enter text from given Click Accept and

image Register.
Step 8: Select UBA Payment Gateway from the drop down list on the Online payment summary page
and click continue.

Select payment

Click continue

Step 9: You shall be redirected to the UBA web page. Enter the required personal details in the space
provided on the right hand side of the page, select pay with option, and click Pay

Select payment
Enter the required
Click Pay
details here.
Step 10: Enter the card details and Click Confirm

Enter Card details

here Click Confirm

Step 11: You will be redirected to the VISA payment page. Enter the Card Pin and click Submit

Click Submit

Enter your card Pin

Step 12: On submission you will receive a Transaction Status confirmation message, a page showing the
summary of your payment registration details and the URA status confirming that the payment has been

Transaction Status