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1. Present the Feasibility Study in a PowerPoint presentation. The fonts

must be readable (20-28 font size).

2. Include credits (group members and section name)

3. There will be consultation of the feasibility study on starting March 31

and April 1, 2017 (2PM) at the CAS Faculty Room. Bring your hard copy.

4. The presentation must be strictly 15minutes only. All members of the

group must be able to present.

5. Submit the Feasibility Study hard copy before the start of the
Culminating Activity.

Countercheck the Essential Part of your Feasibility Study with the

example I have given you through Ms. Caras and Mr. Almalbis

Group 1 : Runway for Medical Suit

1. Take Note of the Rubrics.

2. Follow the guidelines of the Runway.

3. Facebook (30%) Actual Run way (70%)