Call for IPSF European Regional Office (EuRO) Regional Working

Group (RWG) Subcommittee Members 2016-17

2nd Wave

IPSF EuRO is calling for interested individuals to run for Subcommittee member
positions to support the IPSF EuRO RWG 2016-17. Subcommittee members work
under the EuRO RWG and their work is more specific to certain activities. These
positions require little or no travelling. You should be able to work on a daily basis
throughout the year in your position and have regular internet access; you must be
reachable throughout the duration of your Term; you should expect to dedicate, at
minimum, 5-7 hours per week to the position.

Please note that for some positions you may be required to attend a Skype interview.

If you are interested in joining the IPSF EuRO RWG Subcommittees but are
uncertain as to what role to undertake, or would like to become more active in IPSF
EuRO but with less responsibilities than a RWG Member, being a Subcommittee
member is an excellent opportunity!

Below are the role descriptions of the positions.

Regional Media & Publications Subcommittee

This subcommittee will work under the Regional Media and Publications Officer
(RMPO) of IPSF EuRO. It consists of 2 Subcommittee members which are “Website
Coordinator” and “Quality Control Coordinator”.
Candidates for this subcommittee are generally required to:
- Have good communication and time management skills.
- Be creative and innovative.
- Have the passion to learn and improve their skills.
- Be familiar with Social Media Platforms.
- Have some level of proficiency using design and editing software.
1- The Website Coordinator will be working with the RMPO in the development
of content for the EuRO website. The candidate should have the following
competencies, among others: have experience in design, video production;
have good knowledge of the English language (knowledge on other IPSF-
Official languages can be a plus); understand website dynamics and have
demonstrated skills with wordpress, through previous work examples.
2- The Quality Control Coordinator will be working with the RMPO in
guaranteeing compliance and uniformity of the materials produced, as well as
proof-reading. The candidate should have the following competencies, among
others: keen eye for detail; capability of interpreting an advertising plan;
experience in social media editing and management; English native speaker
or good proficiency in English.

For more information, please contact Ms. Inês Oliveira at, with
the following email subject heading: Regional Media & Publications Subcommittee

Application Process Details

To apply to a certain Subcommittee position, please follow the link below and fill in
the online nomination form. Please note that you will have to choose the position you
are applying to. Each candidate can only apply to one Subcommittee position.

To apply, click here.

Please submit your nominations via online nomination, no later than Friday,
7th April 2017, 23:59h, GMT+1.