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Polly has been sick.

But this afternoon she was feeling a little better and she
decided to write Betty. Heres the letter she has just written.

15th July

Dear Betty,

Im afraid I cant go to your birthday party. Ive just caught a cold and I must stay in bed.

Ive already bought your present. I hope youll like it. Im sorry to miss all good things that

are at you parties: the delicious birthday cake with the magic candles, the tasty sandwiches

your mother makes herself, the talking and the dancing with all our friends. Wee, I wish you

many happy returns on the day, and hope well be able to meet real soon.



Polly has been in bed for three days. She hasnt seen her friends next door since

last weekend. She has written to all her friends in Paisley, Scotland. She hasnt

heard from them since January. She has been in London for five months now. She

misses her old friends and her hometown.


What has happened to Polly?


Has she already bought Betty her present?


What does Polly miss? ________________________________________________________

What does she wish Betty?


For how long has she been in bed?


Since when hasnt she seen her friends?


What has she done lately? _____________________________________________________

B Lets practice:

Have you ever..?

Answer the questions YES, I HAVE / NO, I HAVENT.

1- Have you ever played baseball?


2 - Have you ever played football?


3 - Have you ever done parachuting?


4 - Have you have scuba dived?