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School Name: Crandall University Daily

Developed by: Angela Saulnier, Deborah Wynter and Cody Guard Weekly
Date(s): March 27th, 2017 Unit

Grade level: 4 Subject: Physical Education

Strand: Doing
Universal Design for Learning Learning Target (s)
- Sound bard for music SCO: 4
- Chart paper that will explain the Objective: Learn 2 dance steps to a particular
Song that involves galloping
Days agenda: Student friendly language: I can
Intro gallop in new ways
Dance lesson
Cool-Down Required Materials, Tools and Technology
-Sound bar with remote
- Demonstration of the dance steps - Ipod for music
(modelling) - Music:

Action of Expression - chart paper

- Dancing to a variety of music - chart markers
that requires galloping - Tape
Using a level chart for a self-evaluation - link to dance steps website

Engagement Assessment (formative/summative, self-peer)

- Individual and dancing in pairs: What prior data is informing your instruction?
All students will be engaged and moving Observation of students when practicing
- Checking for understanding dance moves
- Asking the students to self-assess the Strategies used to check for understanding
Their performance from 1-4 Formative Assessment: Checking and making
sure students understand the dance steps
Summative Assessment: Students will
Combine all the dance moves to complete
the dance

Safety issues to consider

Make sure that each student has enough
room when dancing to avoid hitting anyone
else (arms length)
make sure all students have their sneakers

- This class should be fun and not stressful. Everyone has their own speed to
learn the steps and that is okay. The goal is not for the students to be
experts but participants
- If some students are having difficulty with the dance, we will break down the
steps (task analysis)

- Students will have a chance to evaluate themselves between 1-4 regarding
their effort. This allows for reflection on the part of the student and ways
they can progress in their learning
- Students should be able to step-count to learn the moves ex: 123123...
Cross-Curricular Connection
Multicultural connection
Health: Building positive self-esteem

Before: Warm-up
Music used:

- Review the days agenda and outcomes

- Attention getter is YeeHaw
- Explain the safety rules: sneakers laced and arms length when dancing
- Play song
- Lead students into a warm-up
- follow the leader. Music comes with a pattern. Students gallop during the
rhythm of the pattern. Following one of the leaders. 2x First time basic gallop.
Second time mix it up, have them go back and forth
During: Skill development
Pair up: Find somewhere in the gym. Sit down. We show them the more complex
moment in the front. Then have them practice them together.
Whole group: Show them the new step with the kick.
Whole group: Have them line up/gather behind us, and we will do the dance moves
we worked on for the day.

Music used: Gangnam style

Alternate exercises if students grasp the moves quickly:
- Have these students add another step
- Speed up the song to give them more of a challenge
Culminating activity: Students will dance together at the end of the class with all
the moves combined
After: Closing/Checking for understanding/Cool down
- Music used:
- Attention getter: heehaw
- Go over the outcomes with the students and allow them to explain the moves
involved in the song
- Play the cool-down song:
- Cooling down the horse
- A lap around the gym one way and then the opposite way to cool down the
- Stop the students, ask them to gather around you
- Explain to the students that next class, we will be adding two more moves to
- Ask students to do a self-evaluation on their way out by giving themselves a
grade from 1-4 (4 is giving their all and 1 needing improvement)
Reflections: There will be a follow-up reflections sent from Angela, Deborah and