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Wr Teg in English WAWW.THINKINENGLISH.NET Pa to a aay) Successful CVs = questions and howto a ULE cos Mf 16 practice exercises Job Interview Sometimes interviewees’ are their own worst enemies. interviewees" Idiotic Questions Going interviews can bea soul-destroyin” process. here we oferyou 35dltle "hings that imerviewees asked ther iterviewer atthe endothe iotrvews, ‘Alla them are genuine. You should ind the questionsYunny. However, there Isa ttrious be, ir you illeome areas at usefl aw vocabulary Moreover ‘ea clas activity would be good to dseuse” whats wrong with each question; ‘shat bd impressions wansmiting about the interviewee? To stat eth, ead through thelist and decide which ithe worst question. Are there any questons yu think are reasonable »» THE QUESTIONS 1.Am allowed’ smoking beaks? ‘ear here that fer nes cetera 3.Areyouramied? 5.Canthecompary buy 5000 copies of my ‘ites bool 6.Canyou guarantee me hat sti have sjobayeartromnow? 7,Do | get to" keep the frequent ler les tom company tps"? r {.Doyoudo prt? 9.00 you provide employees with gun lockers? 10. Does the company provide snacks? mind if leat | "tow do you define, senual my sandwich tarasment while we talk? 12, How many warnings” do you get ————=== "teram-angi o nthho Toman annals crea ‘fou esoying sey esa ‘eigen? “Tnerlewer-Oncomer soso ies *taquent ier mies as ven bans veo ans re ‘pape taser wae ih ‘anaecasome one ondl-egaun. _enaghpaimyo wegen fils ci ‘psy sce ight sHedwess-teseowoum abot debne “te ‘income ethan pinlacer-cipbotortwrstaton eletawad tomeigwnineso “Erhad 3 ‘tponantcomplexSecs\-bintkot "mum enepesan ahi asesle excess incnatherpsacn masta Bearers han teeetasting-ratytvineh Iino ‘ry yout aere “tming"24nonon ena aon tear es so. sehs es eopyou denna ‘ens 18. Ihope hiss going to take too lng "mised my lunch Ooyourindf eat 15.1 need to leave the Interview for 2 1.fldont takes lunch bes, en acu and as to my vacation tine? {71 worked here, would get an office cer acubide it ely keto be ableto ore the doo 18.1 1235 to get away with stuff 19.15 1 posible for me to get a small advance"? 20. Thejob descipton mentions wekend 2. What are your pychanic benefits? 22. What does this company consider 2 20d absentetsm record? ‘tae elight hove match ber wth reuantecaset elegant gs oowen Boatman eg dot pine cent eon probably soulmate: SPAN inerviewee wore 9 Walkman throughout” her interview. she fxplaied that she was able ten {othe ntarvow andthe muse tne >» An Amenan candidte managed ofa bens duro ere, 2» another candidat announce he had’ hd lunch and stared to emt hamburger and chips ntheinterviw erate, >» woman appcantintaruptedan inte en f ing her psychotherapist for vice" on how to snswer cussion re You Kidding? Ifyou apply for” job asa teacher in ‘Sweden, be prepared for some uncon ‘entonal questions. The Swedish educa ‘on eystem snow allowing school dren to participate inthe panes that ‘elect new teachers. The pupae over [H,areina minority and donot have the final decison, Even so, they aeallowed toaskwhatever question they ike the Strangest question recorded sofar was, Wha our favour fod? gto te taught “cis eerie dg ster se ecopmentatons sgt “hte nue morte comet TEN rectpnmwetsoes tae ““thaulder- panthers net arm ans ones ‘owphng it nant atk ntey ‘Stoo afar ne a purmeney >> A balding” candidate once excused Fhmetfn the middle ofthe nevi srareturned oth ocr afew minutes Tater wearing = halepiece >> Another male caniaste Brought 3 large" deg to hisierven >> An Englishman tuened up for 3 {ob interven with a cacatoo on his > AUS interviewee ake “Wout bea biem Tin anary mst ofthe time” Heidt get tne ob. >» Aferle candidate sang a her answer >A erent woman who asked tse thephone ater harintervew wasover "She proces fake coughing ‘earchealledin sik” a herbo=e™ 99 One American diminished” his chances" of getting the od when he inerrpted his interviewer withthe estionWilthe company poy treo- cate ny are >» Ajebanpcantchallenged”the ier ewertan arm wrestle >» Acanate explained tht her fong- term= goal” vas to replace the >» Acandiate oxpaned that he hadt fried igh senoolBeeaure he Nad been kidnapped and kept in 3 closet in Meco. >» Acanldate sad ha hewerehived ‘Criminal Vita You know tha a ob interview isnot going well wen the interviewer ealls the police and has you arrested. This iswhat happened to Anthony Philips InSullwater, Oklahoms when he went foran interview with a local building firm. The problem was thatthe staf had recognised him from CCTV" Images of burglary" shat iad taken place the previous day. He wasn't ‘offered the ob, pia ype atte act steaming ican gtr you emoreau ‘Srornatbeeu ou seine Eso EIB fnarnacomestntr ‘pte =r fotecitae ‘rast meas ‘geal ae in ‘AShtaap a area ey [Ronee aemctaee te ety by avngtecorporte loge atone on his forearm' ») A eandidite dosed off* during an D> An American canaidate sted, “Does your company havea pole” regard- Ingconceoled weapon” Perhaps even more idiotic was the bank ober fom Florida who recent ‘wrote his stiek-up* nove demanding ‘ish rom sbankon the backo is own GV. He es since been arrested Cerra ere Ce ee Predera o "do inant En siese gars er ee eens Simin clacton a Se