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Agricultural Mapping Activity Climate Regions

Using the maps on pages 352-355 and Ch. 11, answer the Follow the steps for identifying information on the map or
following questions or label the information on the map. answer the questions directly paper.
Subsistence Agricultural Commercial Agriculture
1. Label and shade in on the map the location of Shifting 9. Label and Shade in on the map Livestock Ranching.
Cultivation. Shifting Cultivation is found primarily in Ranching cattle is found primarily in what climate region
___________ climate regions. _______________. Ranching seems to have two universal
2. ______________ is the practice of seasonal migration geographic features besides climate ___________ and
of livestock between mountains and lowland pasture ______________.
areas. Label and Shade in on the map. 10. ________ _________ is type of agriculture seen primarily
3. Label and Shade in the agricultural practice that is in U.S southeast.
found at or just below the Equator and above the 11. Label and shade in the location of Dairy Farming. Dairy
Tropic of Capricorn. Farming is found primarily in _______________ climate
4. Intensive subsistence wet rice not dominant areas regions.
produce _____________ and ____________, because 12. The Midwestern region of the United States is often
the climate is too dry for ____________ production. referred to as the Breadbasket of the world, but we have
Label and Shade each individually on the map. less land devoted than Russia and China to grain farming.
5. _______________________agriculture is Explain what factors may lead to this difference in
predominantly found in the Highlands Climate region. production.
6. ________________ is the only commercial agriculture
found in the tropics. Identify which areas of the world 11. Explain how cattle ranching has changed in the United
see this type of commercial agriculture. States?
7. Many times subsistence agriculture is presumed to be
less harmful to the environment. Explain what
geographic factor might lead opinions to lean in that 11. What is the difference between winter wheat and spring
direction. wheat?

8. Identify which form of subsistence farming has the 12. The production of _____________ has limited the
largest effect on the environment and explain why this expansion of agricultural production in some LDCs and
is the case. NICs. These products are mostly sold in _________.