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18-09-2016 SECTION 10.00 A.M. TO 12.30 P.M.


DOs :
1. Check whether the Register No. has been entered and shaded in the respective circles on the OMR answer sheet.
2. Check whether the Centre Code has been entered and shaded in the respective circles on the OMR answer sheet.
3. This Question Booklet is issued to you by the invigilator after the 2nd Bell i.e., after 10.15 a.m.
4. The Serial Number of this question booklet should be entered on the OMR answer sheet.
5. The Version Number of this question booklet should be entered on the OMR answer sheet and the respective circles should
also be shaded completely.
6. Compulsorily sign at the bottom portion of the OMR answer sheet in the space provided.
7. The 2nd point printed in Kannada matter should be copied as it is in the OMR answer sheet at the space provided.

2. The 3rd Bell rings at 10.30 a.m., till then;
Do not remove the seal present on the right hand side of this question booklet.
Do not look inside this question booklet.
Do not start answering on the OMR answer sheet.
1. This question booklet contains 100 questions and each question will have one statement and four distracters. (Four different
2. After the 3rd Bell is rung at 10.30 a.m., remove the seal stapled on the right hand side of this question booklet and check
that this booklet does not have any unprinted or torn or missing pages or items etc., if so, get it replaced by a complete test
booklet. Read each item and start answering on the OMR answer sheet.
3. During the subsequent 120 minutes:
Read each question carefully.
Choose the correct answer from out of the four available distracters (options/choices) given under each
Completely darken / shade the relevant circle with a BLUE OR BLACK INK BALLPOINT PEN against the
question number on the OMR answer sheet.
Correct method of shading the circle on the OMR answer sheet is as shown below :

4. Please note that even a minute unintended ink dot on the OMR answer sheet will also be recognized and recorded by the
scanner. Therefore, avoid multiple markings of any kind on the OMR answer sheet.
5. Use the space provided on back pages of the question booklet for Rough Work. Do not use the OMR answer sheet for the
6. After the last bell is rung at 12.30 p.m., stop writing on the OMR answer sheet and affix your left hand thumb impression
on the OMR answer sheet as per the instructions.
7. Hand over the OMR ANSWER SHEET to the room invigilator as it is.
8. After separating the top sheet (KEA copy), the invigilator will return the bottom sheet replica (Candidates copy) to you to
carry home for self-evaluation.
9. Preserve the replica of the OMR answer sheet for a minimum period of ONE year.
10. In case of any discrepancy in the English and Kannada versions, the English version will be taken as final.

An atom consists of protons, neutrons and (C) Load Commutation
1. electrons. Which of the following statement is
true ?
(D) Supply Commutation

4. Which of the following Vitamin is obtained by
? our body from sun light ?
(A) Protons are negatively charged.

(B) Electrons are negatively charged and (A) Vitamin A

present inside the nucleus.

(B) Vitamin B

(C) Neutrons are electrically neutral. (C) Vitamin C

(D) Neutrons are revolving around the (D) Vitamin D

2. Boolean expression A system has the transfer function . It
is called
can be simplified to

(A) lowpass system
(A) lowpass

(B) (B) highpass system

(C) bandpass system
3. In a thyristor DC chopper which type of
(D) allpass system
commutation results in best performance ?
DC allpass

6. "Jaimini Bharata" was written by

(A) Kumara Vyasa
(A) Voltage Commutation

(B) Lakshmeesha
(B) Current Commutation

(C) Ranna

(D) Pampa (C) flexible overlay on rigid pavement

7. For a given discharge, efficiency of (D) rigid overlay on flexible pavement
sedimentation tank can be increased by
sedimentation tank
10. The purpose of using flux in soldering is to
(A) Increasing depth of tank (A) increase fluidity of solder material.
(B) Decreasing depth of tank
(B) fill up gaps left in bad joints.
(C) Increasing surface area of tank
(C) to prevent oxides forming.
(D) Decreasing surface area of tank
(D) lower the melting temperature of solder.
8. The nuclear scientist who was executed by
Iranian government for revealing the country`s
top secrets to the enemy is
11. The dynamic characteristics of capacitive
transducer are similar to those


(A) Shahram Amiri
(A) Low pass filters

(B) Shahim Imam
(B) High pass filters

(C) Mohsen Fakhrizadeh
(C) Notch filters

(D) Imam Haidiri
(D) Band stop filters

9. Bankelman beam deflection method is used for
design of 12. A periodic function f(t) having a time period
Bankelman beam deflection T, repeats itself after half time period T/2.
The Fourier series of f(t) would contain
_______ design T periodic function
(A) rigid overlay on rigid pavement f(t), T/2

(B) flexible overlay on flexible pavement

(A) cosine terms only (B) better cooling
cosine terms
(B) odd harmonic terms only (C) good appearance
odd harmonic terms
(C) sine terms only (D) higher efficiency
sine terms
(D) even harmonic terms only 16. In impulse reaction turbine pressure drops in
even harmonic terms
13. While designing controller, the advantage of ?
polezero cancellation is that
(A) Fixed nozzle

(B) Moving blades
(A) the system order is increased
system order
(C) Fixed blades
(B) the system order is reduced
system order
(D) Both fixed and moving blades
(C) the cost of the controller becomes low

17. In order to avoid interference for pressure
(D) system`s error reduced to optimum levels angle, minimum number of teeth should be

14. Given two coupled inductors L1 & L2, their
mutual inductance M satisfies
(A) 12
L1 L2 ,
M (B) 18
(A) M =
(C) More than 11
M> 11
(D) Less than 18
(C) M >
(D) M < 18. Factor of safety is the ratio of
15. Fins are provided over engine cylinder of a
two wheeler for ?

(A) Yield stress / Working stress
(A) higher strength of cylinder (B) Tensile stress / Working stress
/ 22. Power factor of a pure inductor is

(C) Compressive stress / Working stress
/ (A) 0
(D) Bearing Stress / Yield Stress
(C) 1
19. How many instances of an abstract class can
be created ? (D)

? 23. For implementing a Multiprogramming
Operating System,
(A) 1
(B) 5
(C) 10
(A) Special support from processor is essential
(D) 0

20. Dissolved oxygen in streams is
Dissolved oxygen _______.

(A) Maximum at noon (B) Special support from processor is not


(B) Minimum at noon

(C) Cache memory must be available
(C) Maximum at midnight

(D) More than one processor must be available
(D) Same throughout the day

21. Software testing techniques are most effective
if applied immediately after 24. Sprinkler irrigation system is suitable, when


? (A) the land gradient is steep and soil is easily

(A) Requirement specification

, .
(B) Design
(B) the soil is having low permeability.
(C) Coding
(C) water table is low.
(D) Integration
(D) the crops to be grown have deep roots.

() PDM
. (D) PCM System
25. A diesel engine theoretically operates on PCM
which of the following thermodynamic cycle? 28. The Dewan of Mysore who had attended the
3 rd Round Table Conference was
? ?

(A) Constant volume (A) Sir M. Visvesvaraya

() . .

(B) Constant pressure (B) Sir Mirza Ismail


(C) Constant temperature (C) N. Madhava Rao


(D) Constant entropy (D) M. Kantha Raje Urs

() .

26. Which of the following is not an intermediate 29. In a synchronous machine, if field flux is
code form ? ahead of the armature field axis, in the
direction of rotation then machine is working
(A) Postfix notation

(B) Syntax trees

(A) Asynchronous Motor
(C) Three address codes

(B) Asynchronous Generator
(D) Pseudo code
(C) Synchronous Motor
27. Which of the following requires a
synchronizing signal ?
(D) Synchronous Generator

30. Double integration of a unit step function
(A) Single channel PPM System
would lead to

(B) PAM System
(A) an impulse
(C) PDM System

(A) Leo Tolstoy

(B) a parabola
(B) Charles Dickens

(C) a doublet
(C) William Shakespeare

(D) a ramp
(D) Mahatma Gandhi

31. How many minimum number of flipflops
required to store a decimal number 15 ? 34. The designation M33 2 of a bolt means
15 M33 2
? (A) Metric threads of 33 number in 2 cm.
(A) 15 2 33
(B) 4 (B) Metric threads with cross section of 33
(C) 3 of 2 bolts.
(D) 5 33
32. In a transconductance amplifier, it is desirable 2
to have
(C) Metric threads of 33 mm outside diameter
Transconductance amplifier and 2 mm pitch.
? 33 mm 2 mm
(A) a large input resistance and a small output
(D) Metric threads of bolt of 33 mm nominal
input resistance output diameter and having 2 threads/cm.
resistance. 33 mm 1 2
(B) a large input resistance and a large output
input resistance output 35. The path followed by a fluid particle during
its travel is called

(C) a small input resistance and a large output
resistance _______
input resistance output
(A) Stream line
(D) a small input resistance and a small output
resistance (B) Streak line
input resistance output
resistance (C) Path line
33. Historical Novel `War and Peace` is written
(D) Equipotential line
` `

36. `Vande Matram` is written by
` ` code ?
(A) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Special Code Temporal Code
(B) Rabindra Nath Tagore
(A) Shift registers

(C) V. Savarkar
. (B) Counters

(D) Sarojini Naidu
(C) A/D converters
37. Who among the following gave two important A/D
socioeconomic principles `Kayaka` and (D) Combinational circuits
`Dasoha` ?
`` ` `
40. The reduced bearing of a line is N 87 W. Its
- whole circle bearing is
? Reduced bearing N 87 W
(A) Akka Mahadevi whole circle bearing _______.
(A) 87
(B) Basavanna (B) 3
(C) 93
(C) Allama Prabhu (D) 273
41. The basic for measuring thermodynamic
property of temperature is given by
(D) Bijjala

Thermodynamic property of temperature
38. A single winding single phase motor has

(A) Zeroth law of thermodynamics
(A) Low starting torque

(B) I law of thermodynamics
(B) Zero starting torque

(C) II law of thermodynamics
(C) High starting torque

(D) III law of thermodynamics
(D) Starting torque equal to full load torque

42. Percentage of total sediment flow depositing
in the reservoir is called its
39. Which one of the following can be used to
change data from special code to temporal

_______ ?
(A) NaOH
(A) Capacity inflow ratio (B) NaCl
(C) CCl4

(B) Sediment coefficient (D) H2SO4

46. Consider a system with the transfer function

(C) Displacement efficiency G(S) = . Its damping ratio will be

0.5 when the value of K is
(D) Trap efficiency

G(S) =
43. Which of the following is the unit of
Kinematic Viscosity ? 0.5 K

? (A)
(A) Pascal
(B) 3
(B) Poise (C)

(D) 6
(C) Stokes
47. Slump Test is a measure of
Slump Test _________
(D) Faraday

(A) Tensile strength
44. The Crowning on pulley helps

(B) Compressive strength
(A) increase in velocity ratio

(C) Impact value
(B) decrease in slip of belt

(D) Consistency
(C) automatic adjustment of belt position so
that belt runs centrally
48. In machine tools, Chatter is due to

(A) Free Vibration

(D) increase belt and pulley life
(B) Random Vibration

45. The chemical formula of table salt is
(C) Forced Vibration (C)

(D) Self excited Vibration (D)

49. Lateral earth pressure distribution due to soil 52. The correct order of capillary rise in
on a retaining wall is increasing order in different types of soil is
capillary rise

_______ . _______.

(A) Rectangular (A) fine sand, clay, silt, colloids

, , , .

(B) Triangular (B) silt, fine sand, clay, colloids

, , , .

(C) Trapezoidal (C) fine sand, clay, colloids, silt

, , , .

(D) Parabolic (D) fine sand, silt, clay, colloids

, , , .

50. Which of the following is the award 53. Which University gave the honorary
associated with film Industry ? doctorate to Veteran Kannada actor Dr. Raj
Kumar ?


(A) Sir M. Visvesvaraya award
. .
(A) Bangalore University
(B) B.C. Roy award

. .
(B) Mysore University
(C) Ekalavya award

(C) Karnataka University
(D) Dada Saheb Phalke award

(D) Mangalore University
51. Which one of the following formula indicates

load factor ?
Load Factor 54. Who was the man of the match when India
won the First World Cup in Cricket against
West Indies in 1983 ?
(A) 1983

(B) ?
(A) Kapil Dev

(A) Magnetic field

(B) K. Srikanth
. (B) Electrostatic field

(C) Mohinder Amarnath
(C) Thermoelectric emf
(D) Sunil Gavaskar
(D) None of these

55. Cyclomatic number in software testing refers
to 58. Laplace transform of the signal
x (t) = t u(t) * cos 2 t u(t)
will be

(A) number of functions x (t) = t u(t) * cos 2 t u(t)
(B) number of statements
(C) number of independent paths

(D) number of jobs

56. Which material has the highest value of
Poisson`s ratio ?
Poissons Ratio ______. 59. Who among the following did not participate
in 1857 India`s First freedom war (Sepoy
(A) Rubber Mutiny) ?
(B) Wood ( )
(C) Copper (A) Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai

(D) Steel (B) Tippu Sultan

57. Air friction damping should not be used (C) Tatya Tope
where the deflecting torque in the instrument
is produced due to
(D) Kanwar Singh

, 60. Carbon Steel is

(A) made by adding carbon in steel

(B) refined from cast iron
(A) 1

(B) 2
(C) alloy of carbon and iron with varying (C) 3
quantities of Phosphorus and Sulphur.
(D) 0

64. The transfer function of a linear system is the

(D) extensively used for making cutting tools

(A) Ratio of the output Vo(t) and input Vi(t).
Vo(t) Vi(t)
61. Which of the following need not be a binary
tree ?
(B) Ratio of the derivatives of the output and
the input.

(A) Binary Search Tree

(C) Ratio of the Laplace transform of the output
(B) Heap and that of the input with all initial
conditions zero.

(C) AVLTree

(D) BTree
(D) None of these
62. Hormone that helps the body react to danger
is 65. For a fault at the terminals of a Synchronous
Generator, the fault current is maximum for a

(A) Prolactin
(A) Three phase fault
(B) Adrenaline

(C) Insulin
(B) Three phase to ground fault
(D) Thyroxin

63. The minimum number of temporary variables (C) Line to ground fault
needed to swap the contents of two variables
(D) Line to line fault (D) tr.
69. A two stage amplifier with negative feedback
has on overshoot when damping factor "K" is

66. If a spring is cut down into two springs the
stiffness of cut spring will be "K"

(A) less than unity

(A) half (B) greater than unity

(B) same (C) Zero

( )

(C) double (D) Negative


(D) unpredictable 70. Which of the following sections performs

better on the ductility criterion ?
section section
67. Hermatically sealed unit implies
"ductility criterion"
(A) Compressor is sealed
(A) Balanced section

(B) Compressor motor is sealed
(B) Overreinforced section

(C) Compressor and motor are sealed
(C) Underreinforced section

(D) Nonprismatic section
(D) Complete refrigeration unit is sealed

71. The early effect in a Bipolar junction
transistor is caused by
68. Which of the following UNIX tools receives
input only from the standard input ?

(A) Fast turn ON

(B) Fast turn OFF
(A) awk.
(B) grep.
(C) Large Collector Base reverse bias
(C) sed.

75. Gear box in automobiles is placed between

(D) Large emitter forward bias

72. Band refers to (A) Clutch and differential

(A) the number of bits transmitted per unit (B) Steering and engine
(C) Engine and clutch

(B) the number of bytes transmitted per unit (D) Differential and Hooke`s joint

76. The unit of heat is
(C) the rate at which the signal changes. (A) Kelvin

(D) Bandwidth in terms of bytes. (B) Celsius

73. How many gold medals are won by Indian (C) Watt
Mens Hockey team in Olympics so far ?

(D) Joule

(A) 8
77. World`s first History book "Historia" was
(B) 4 written by
(C) 10 () "
(D) 12 "
74. Who among the following leader is known as
" Kannada Kula Purohita" ? (A) Herodotus
" "

? (B) Archimedes

(A) Nittoor Srinivasa Rao
(C) Socrates

(B) Alur Venkata Raya
(D) Charles Darwin

(C) T.S. Venkannaiah
. . 78. Who is the author of "Malgudi Days" ?
" "
(D) K.V. Puttappa
. . ?

(A) R.K. Lakshman (A) Exponential
. . Exponential
(B) Shankar Nag (B) Uniform
(C) R.K. Narayan (C) Poisson
. . Poisson
(D) Chetan Bhagath (D) Gaussian
79. Which of the following tests must be 82. At approximately what height above the Earth
performed on a transformer to determine its does the Geostationary orbit is located ?
leakage reactance ?


(A) 80,000 km
(A) SC test only (B) 16,000 km
SC 16,000
(B) OC test only (C) 36,000 km
OC 36,000
(C) Both OC & SC tests (D) 48,000 km
OC SC 48,000
(D) Test by an impedance bridge 83. Which of the following sorting algorithm has
the worst case time complexity of n*log(n) ?
80. Which of the following is not a computer
programming language ? n*log(n)

(A) Bubble sort
(A) C++
(B) Quick sort

(C) Insertion sort

(D) Selection sort

84. Which of the following are typical
81. The spectral density of white noise is characteristics of a RISC Machine ?
White noise spectral density RISC

? (D) Vayuputra

(A) Instruction taking multiple cycles
87. Who is the present VicePresident of India ?

(A) Pratibha Patil
(B) Nonpipelined

(B) Hamid Ansari
(C) Instruction interrupted by microprograms

(C) Ramesh Jairam

(D) Multiple register sets
(D) Kalyan Singh

85. Which semiconductor power device out of the
following is not a current triggered device ? 88. Two 2 H inductance coils are connected in
series and are also magnetically coupled to
each other, if coefficient of coupling is 0.1,
then total inductance of the combination can
2 H
(A) Thyristor

(B) G.T.O.

(C) TRIAC (A) 0.4 H

(B) 3.2 H
(C) 4 H
(D) 3.6 H

89. An attribute of one table matching the
primary key of another table is called as
86. Indias indigenous light combat aircraft
designed by HAL is named as

(A) Foreign key

(B) Secondary key

. . . 1
(C) Candidate key
(B) Virat 1

(D) Composite key
(C) Tejas

90. The use of capacitor filter in a rectifier circuit (D) it could be anything
gives satisfactory performance only when the
93. In a common emitter amplifier, the
unbypassed emitter resistance provides
Common emitter amplifier unbypassed
emitter resistance ?
(A) Current is high (A) Voltageshunt feedback
(B) Current is low (B) Currentseries feedback
(C) Voltage is low (C) Negativevoltage feedback
(D) Voltage is high (D) Positive current feedback
91. Static indeterminacy of a two hinged arch is 94. Which BJP MP has been elected to Rajya
Static Sabha recently from Karnataka Assembly ?
indeterminacy _________

(A) Zero ?
(A) B.S. Yedeyurappa
(B) One ..
(B) Nirmala Sitharaman
(C) Three
(C) Uma Bharathi
(D) Two
(D) Smrithi Irani
92. The X : R ratio of 220 kV line has compared
to 400 kV line , then 400 kV line is 95. Which of the two diseases have been reported
X : R 220 kV 400 kV to be the cause for highest number of global
death of children in India ?
400 kV

(A) Greater
(A) Pneumonia, Diarrhoea
(B) Smaller
(B) Measles, Chicken Pox
(C) Equal
(C) Rubela, Whooping Cough

(D) Measles, Rubela (B) Transport layer
96. For a constant value of coefficient of lateral (C) Session layer
friction, the value of required super elevation
increases with
Super (D) Network and Data link layers

Elevation _______
99. Which of the following is not an assembler
(A) Increase in both speed and radius of curve directive ?

(B) Decrease in both speed and radius of curve


(C) Increase in speed and decrease in radius of (C) BYTE


(D) Decrease in speed and increase in radius of
100. The diffusion potential across a pn junction

(A) decreases with increasing doping
97. A serial RLC circuit has R = 50 , L =
100 F and C = 1 F. The lower half power

frequency of the circuit is
R = 50 , L = 100 F C = 1 F (B) increases with decreasing band gap.
serial RLC Lower

half power frequency ?
(A) 30.55 kHz (C) does not depend on doping concentrations.

(B) 51.92 kHz
(C) 3.055 kHz
(D) 1.92 kHz (D) increases with increase in doping
98. End to End connectivity is provided from host concentrations.
to host in

(A) Network layer



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