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APRIL 2017

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Prevent 4R70W Comebacks

Fits Ford 4R70E/W, 4R75E/W & AODE

Part No. 76654-01K Patent Pending

High capacity version available! Ask for Sonnax 76655-01K.

Billet steel design eliminates flexing & cracking

Increased groove depth maximizes snap ring support
Guards against comeback complaints such as slips & flares
Even if youve never seen a cracked 4R70W drum, the weak OE stamped steel design that flexes
under load is a primary cause of burnt clutches a costly comeback just waiting to happen.
Protect your warranty by installing the Sonnax Smart-Tech forward clutch drum.

Visit www.sonnax.com for details. 800-843-2600 802-463-9722

Sonnax is an Employee-Owned Company

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APRIL 2017
PHONE (805) 604-2000

Publisher Dennis Madden

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Technical Director Lance Wiggins
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John E. Anderson Steve Bodofsky
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Rick Morris Scott Shotton
Thom Tschetter
4 TALES FROM THE BENCH: 948TE Checking Fluid Levels
ATRA Technical Staff: by Jared Warren
Rolando (Rolly) Alvarez Bill Brayton
Mike Brown Keith Clark 10 Everything You Need to Know About Torque
David Chalker Rob Faucett Steve Garret
Pete Huscher Mike Souza 18 DELIVERING THE GOODS:
Shaun Velasquez Jarad Warren A Structured Approach to CAN Diagnosis
Director of Event Services Vanessa Velasquez by Keith Clark
26 ON THE ROAD: Correcting Toyota U140/U240 Shift Troubles
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Publication of product information or any advertising does not imply recommenda-
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by Scott Shotton
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Diagnosing Mazdas Supplemental Restraint System
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by Dennis Madden

n the March issue of GEARS, we conducted that revealed the top reasons members.atra.com
covered some ideas for creating U.S. drivers dont trust repair shops: All of the problems people perceive are
your companys mission statement. Recommending unnecessary from bad experiences, either personally
Hopefully youve given the idea some repairs (76%) or from others:
thought and come up with a few for Overcharging for services (73%) They seemed terrific until I had a
your shop. But before you run out Negative past experiences (63%) problem. Now they cant get me in for
to etch it in stone, I thought wed go Concerns that the work wont be three weeks.
through a couple other ideas that might done correctly (49%) Oh, sure, it worked great for two
help. Heres the link for the complete weeks. Now they say I need more work
If the thought of creating a mission article: for an additional $1000.
statement got you excited, then youve http://newsroom.aaa.com/2016/12/ When I went to pick up my car,
probably gone to the internet and looked u-s-drivers-leery-auto-repair-shops/ they said I needed additional work or
for examples to get your mind working, We can argue whether the they cant warrant the transmissions.
only to get caught up in some of the consumers who participated in this All of these are experiences that
terminology. Youll find articles on survey were justified in their responses. speak to how the shop handles post-
mission statements, as well as purpose We can even reassure ourselves with repair scenarios. Heres where working
statements. statement like, We dont break em; we on your image comes in. It comes from
As you go through the articles, just fix em. In the end, it really doesnt declaring things like:
you may not be able to distinguish matter, because the results of the survey We move all warranty repairs to
the difference, so why the different got that way for a reason. People think the front of the line.
terms? The two terms are generally what they think, even if we think theyre We wont sell a transmission job
interchangeable, with one exception: wrong. without identifying all additional
The mission statement is usually Consider a mission statement work necessary to make it right.
targeted more toward your customers. you might be working on: To provide We wont try to sell additional
That is, it tells your customers why reliable repairs in a timely manner and work that isnt necessary for the
youre in business and how your without unnecessary expense to the safety of the consumer or the
business benefits them. customer. Its simple and to the point. It dependability of the repair.
The purpose statement is for tells customers that you have an interest These are all matters that show up
you and your team and reminds you in getting their cars fixed right, on time, after the customer has agreed to the
why youre in business. The same and without padding the bill. initial work, and they play a major role
statement can work for both or you The message tells customers what in how customers perceive you as a
can have a slightly loftier version for to expect if they do business with you. business owner.
your customers, but they should say It also gives your team an idea of the Unlike the mission and purpose
essentially the same thing. customers expectations. Its a standard statements that talk about what you do
But theres a third statement, one for behavior and performance: No, and why youre in business, the image
Ive never seen used, so were coining were not going to let a car sit here for statement is for you and defines who
this term together: the image statement. a week waiting for parts. If we cant you are as a person. Its the perception
The idea came to me after reading an rebuild it in a timely manner, well buy you want customers to have of your
article by Mariam Ali, manager at a unit that sort of thing. shop that they see you the way youd
AAA public relations, titled, Most U.S. But what it doesnt do is address like to be seen.
Drivers Leery of Auto Repair Shops. any of the problems addressed in And thats a pretty good image!
In it, she talks about a survey they the survey at least, not directly.
2 GEARS April 2017

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by Jarad Warren



t seems that every few months we
hear of a new transmission coming
to market. Its hard to keep up Heres what youll need (figure 2):
with all the different transmissions A piece of aluminum 1/4" round rod,
and different ways of checking their at least 7" long.
fluid levels. A spacer with a 1/4" inside hole,
One day soon, you may find about a half inch wide.
yourself faced with a 948TE 9-speed A small set screw to hold the spacer
transmission in your shop. The 948TE in place. Figure 1
appears in Acura TLX and MDX,
Chrysler 200 and Pacifica, Fiat 500X,
Honda Pilot, and Jeep Cherokee and
Renegade vehicles.
Next thing youll realize is that
you dont have the tool necessary to
check the fluid level. Were here for
the rescue.
The 948TE transmission requires
Mopar tool P/N 10323A to check the
fluid level (figure 1). You can check your
local dealer and normal parts suppliers,
but so far, few have it in stock.
The tool isnt very expensive, so
you may want to order it now. Or you
can easily make one right away, for
less than ten bucks. Figure 2

4 GEARS April 2017

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Digital Catalog
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our Tranny Guide, ask for our CD
Catalog. With clickable links to take you
from index, to complete photo layout, to
individual part descriptions instantly!

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948TE Checking Fluid Levels

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5 Figure 6

Once you have everything together, this one doesnt rest on the bottom missions, generally because they dont
youre ready to begin assembling your of the transmission pan; more about want people adding the wrong fluids.
measurement tool. that in a minute. The 948TE calls for Mopar ZF
Cut the 1/4" aluminum round rod to Install the spacer so the bottom of 8 & 9 Speed ATF, P/N 68157995AB.
175mm. the spacer is 140mm from the tip of The fluid is pale green.
Mark the rod every 10mm, starting the dipstick (figure 6), and tighten One thing to remember is that it
from one end, from 10mm to 140mm the set screw to hold it in place. isnt a good idea to use any type of
(figure 3). Thats all there is to it; youre leak dye in this transmission.
Use a tubing cuter to scribe a ready to take your new dipstick out for To check the fluid level with your
permanent ring at every 10mm mark a dry run. new dipstick, youll need a scan tool.
(figure 4). These rings will enable Go into transmission data to find
you to measure the fluid level. FLUID CHECKING transmission temperature. (Fluid level
Drill and tap a hole for the set screw PROCEDURE varies directly with temperature).
in the side of the spacer (figure 5). Manufacturers dont make it easy
Unlike other Mopar dipstick tools, to check the f luid in todays trans-
6 GEARS April 2017

1jarad 417.indd 6 3/30/17 9:46 AM

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948TE Checking Fluid Levels

Once you know the transmission Temp. in F Min. Level (mm) Nominal Level (mm) Max. Level (mm)
temperature, refer to the chart (figure 7)
for the proper level, measured in 122 13 mm 16 mm 19 mm
131 13.5 mm 17.5 mm 20 mm
The fill check location is near the
differential (figure 8). Remove the plug 140 16 mm 20 mm 23 mm
and insert the dipstick until the spacer
on dipstick bottoms out on the case. 149 18 mm 21.5 mm 24 mm
This isnt like the 722.6 transmission,
158 19 mm 22.5 mm 25 mm
where the dipstick rests on the bottom
of the pan. 167 20 mm 24 mm 27 mm
To reach the fill plug on models
with the 2.4L engine, remove the left 176 21 mm 25 mm 28 mm
front wheel. Seems like a lot of effort
185 22 mm 26 mm 29 mm
just to check the transmission fluid, but
obviously the manufacturer didnt care. 194 24 mm 27.5 mm 31 mm
On models with 3.2L and 3.6L
engines, checking the transmission 203 25 mm 29 mm 32 mm
fluid isnt as difficult. You can reach
the fill plug from under the hood: Just 212 27 mm 30.5 mm 34 mm
remove the engine cover to gain access. Figure 7
Check fluid level with the engine
running and the transmission in park.
(At least some things havent changed!)
Let say the transmission tempera-
ture is 140F and the chart says, at that
temperature, you should be in the
16mm23mm range. If the stick reads
20mm, youre good to go.
With all the new tools and
procedures, checking the transmission
fluid level isnt easy. But, if you run
into a car with a 948TE, this little tool
can make your life a lot easier.
Dont wait until you have one in
your shop; build your dipstick now,
when you have a few free minutes.
These transmissions are out there, and
it wont be long before they start
showing up at your door.

Get your copy

of the Chrysler 948TE
Rebuild Procedures
from our Bookstore today!
Call 1-800-428-8489.

Chrysler 948TE
Rebuild Procedures
By Bill Brayton
Chrysler 948TE Rebuild Procedures

Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Assocation

2400 Latigo Avenue
Oxnard, CA 93030

2015 ATRA. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA.


Figure 6

8 GEARS April 2017

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by Steve Garret

ometimes its hard to imagine Years ago, you simply
just how much technology goes tightened a bolt to a specific 6T40
into even the smallest parts torque and your work was
in todays vehicles. Take fasteners: done. In the 1980s, engineers
Broken Final Drive Bolt
Bolts, nuts, and studs are things we in Australia discovered that
seldom think about, but they can this might not be the best
cause more problems than you may approach. Fastener engineers
realize. You see terms such as torque, really started looking at
torque angle, and torque to yield, but bolts, nuts, and studs because
few really understand what those of gasket failures that were
terms mean. occurring and to help address
How many times have you seen a believe it or not vehicle
broken bolt (figure 1), and wondered fuel economy standards.
why? How many times have you seen They discovered several
components warp or wont seal? How interesting things: We already
many times have you heard someone know that the gasket needs
say, These new parts are junk. We a certain amount of force on
never had problems like this before, its surface to seal. Youre
but now I cant keep this car out of also probably aware that
my shop? were trying to seal a surface
Turns out, theres more to that isnt consistent. Heat,
controlling leaks than just seals or pressure, and vibration can
gaskets. Fasteners provide preload all affect these surfaces. Figure 1
while attaching two or more parts Manufacturers consider these
together. Think of bolts, studs, and variables when they design gaskets So the general clamp load is
nuts as springs. The bolt provides a and fasteners. 19,861 x 3, or 59,583 pounds per
constant surface pressure, or clamp An example of this is the typical cylinder. With a cylinder head that has
load, to make sure the gasket seals the head bolt and gasket. Victor Reinz five bolts surrounding that cylinder,
surfaces properly. gasket company shared how they each bolt needs to supply 11,917
As you tighten bolts, they calculate typical head bolt clamp pounds of force to maintain the seal.
actually stretch, much like a spring. loads. General clamp load (GA) is The engine design engineers then
This stretching is what actually calculated at three times the lift off use this data to determine the size,
maintains the surface clamp load and force for the surface theyre trying tensile strength, torque, and tightening
keeps the bolt tight. Any force that to seal. A typical 4.25 race engine process. They apply the same type of
lets the bolt lose its stretch will cause cylinder bore develops about 1400 PSI calculations to the sealing surfaces in
gasket or seal failure, due to a loss of of cylinder pressure, which is equal to an automatic transmission valve body
clamp load. 19,861 pounds of force. and pump.
10 GEARS April 2017

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Everything You Need To Know About Torque

TORQUE Finally, theres the gasket itself. started to hear terms such as torque
Torque is simply a twisting or The gasket cant relax too much with angle and torque-to-yield.
turning force thats applied to a use or, even with a properly torqued When a bolt is torqued, it typically
component, in this case a bolt. Lets fastener, the gasket will fail because operates in one of four phases: elastic
say a bolt calls for 100 pound-feet of of lost bolt stretch and clamp load. phase, plastic phase, yield point, and
torque. We generally think of that 100 Due to friction variations, there shear point (figure 3).
pound-feet as being applied directly can be as much as a 35% variation Elastic Phase In this case, the
to the gasket and sealing surface; it in the torque to the bolts clamping a bolt will stretch while under torque,
isnt. In fact, it isnt even close. component, even though all bolts are but returns to its original condition
When torquing a bolt, the amount torqued to the same value. This means as soon as the force releases. Weve
of torque lost to friction can be as a lot of sealing issues have nothing all looked at a torque spec for a plain
great as 90%. This means that the to do with the gasket, but rather the old bolt and wondered, Where did
bolt is absorbing a lot of the torque or bolts themselves. This is when the they come up with that specification?
clamp load before it gets to the gasket technology started to change and you Well, the amount of torque applied to
surface. 45-55% of the loss is due to
friction between the head of the bolt
and the bolt surface; 35-45% of the
loss is due to friction loss between the
threads, leaving only 10% to apply the
clamp load on the gasket and surface
from bolt stretch (figure 2).
Think of it this way: The more
torque required to overcome friction,
the less torque you have available to
stretch the bolt and provide clamp
load on the surface. So the effects of
dirty or damaged threads on clamp
load can be overwhelming.
Dont forget the washers that
are under some bolt heads. The
correct washer hardness and contour
are critical to establishing and main-
taining the correct torque. Figure 2

Figure 3

12 GEARS April 2017

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Everything You Need To Know About Torque

the bolt is determined by the bolts

diameter, material (grade 5, grade
8, etc.), thread pitch, and the desired
clamp load.
Generally, torque specs are
established for that plain old bolt
at 75-80% of the bolts yield point.
In other words, youre trying to
stretch the bolt enough so that its
under tension, but not enough to
permanently distort or break it.
Plastic Phase Once a typical
bolt reaches the yield point and you
continue to apply torque, itll enter the
plastic phase. Weve all experienced
this when, all of a sudden, it feels
like the bolt is stretching: the oh-no
moment. If the bolt reaches the plastic
phase, it wont return to its original
length and condition after releasing
the torque. Upon examination, the
bolts shank or threads may be smaller
than it was originally.
Yield Point The point that
separates the elastic phase from the
plastic phase is known as the yield Figure 4
point. This is just before the bolt starts
to distort to the point of no return. TORQUE-TO-YIELD (TAY) Example of the effect of stretch on
Shear Point Basically, the clamping force based on bolt size:
material can no longer stretch and the Engineers discovered that, with 7/16" bolt stretched 0.070" = 11,900
bolt breaks. This occurs when you the right materials, they could reduce pounds of clamping force
exceed the plastic phase range. the bolt size if they used torque-to- 9/16" bolt stretched 0.030" = 11,900
yield technology. This method was pounds of clamping force
TORQUE ANGLE (TA) developed by SPS and is also known as Unlike conventional bolts, you
Torque angle was developed as the joint control method. tighten a torque-to-yield bolt past its
a method of limiting the effects of A standard M16 bolt torqued yield point into the plastic phase. This
friction loss on the bolt torque and, to 75-80% of its yield is equal in means, in the vast majority of cases,
ultimately, on the clamp load. By clamp load to an M12 bolt torqued the bolts require replacement once
using bolt rotational angle as a method to a specific value, followed by a theyve been torqued.
to determine clamp load, friction loss specific number of degrees rotation. Were even seeing this technology
isnt as much of an issue and clamp With torque-to-yield technology, in simple things, such as input and
load is applied more evenly across the the process for tightening the bolt is output speed sensor bolts on todays
clamping surface. usually the same as the torque-angle transmissions. Check the repair
Torque angle consists of tight- process. information: It says dont reuse the
ening the bolt to a specified torque, The primary difference is the bolts in bold print.
then continuing to rotate the bolt a fastener: Because youre using a Reusing a torque-to-yield bolt
specific number of degrees. Measuring smaller bolt, the amount of bolt stretch will likely lead to bolt failure at some
the angle requires an angle meter increases dramatically as compared point. The failure may not occur
(figure 4). Some meters are mechanical, to the standard torquing process. The while youre torquing the bolt; its
while most manufacturers use electron- tension created by stretching the bolt more likely to occur as the bolt is
ic measuring tools to check the angle. controls the clamp load. Typically, heat-cycled during use.
Torque angle has helped vehicle the longer the fastener, the more These methods are standard
engineers address uneven clamp load it stretches to achieve the desired across many industries. I just finished
(even though all the bolts were torqued clamp load. putting tracks on an excavator and,
to the same value) while improving As changes in temperature or guess what: the pad bolts were
fuel economy. It also enabled them pressure occur, the clamp load never torqued to 85 pound-feet plus 120.
to reduce production cost, because drops below predesign values. The Go figure!
it allowed them to redesign torque gasket continues to seal the surface, So far, weve discussed how
patterns and eliminate bolts. so the bolt doesnt need retorquing. fasteners control lifting force. The
14 GEARS April 2017

1SteveG-417.indd 14 3/30/17 9:48 AM

Please hold...

The trannys in 60 pieces. The cars taking up a bay.

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many of our kits come with easy to understand installation get prompt attention, not a voice prompt from the people
tips and instructions. And our Precision app gives you instant who helped us become the industry leader in transmission
access to our website which is loaded with helpful information kit customer service.
and how to videos. Whatever you need, were ready to help and we thank you
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Everything You Need To Know About Torque

Figure 5 Figure 6

shear point is also something

engineers take into consideration Fully Threaded Bolt 1/2" SAE Grade 8 Unthreaded Shank Exposed to Shear Area
when designing a clamping Threaded Area Exposed to Shear Area 1/2" SAE Grade 8
Lets say we had three 1/2" 13 SAE Thread Root Area = .126" sq.in. 1/2" 13 SAE Shank Area = .191 sq.in.
pieces of metal that were
clamped together with a bolt
(figure 5). If those parts were 60% of Tensile Strength : 90,000 LBS 60% of Tensile Strength : 90,000 LBS
subject to forces that were trying
to slide the pieces apart, wed Double Shear Load Carrying Capability (3 pieces Double Shear Load Carrying Capability (3 pieces
need to take the shear point of bolted together) = 2X.126 sq.in. X 90,000 lbs. bolted together) = 2X.191 sq.in. X 90,000 lbs.
the bolt into account, so torque
isnt the only consideration. Double Shear Load Capacity 22,680 lbs. Double Shear Load Capacity 34,380 lbs.
If the pieces of metal are
exposed to forces that are trying
to slide them apart, it exposes the bolt While theres typically no speci-
to shear forces rather than simply fication for shear strength regarding
trying to stretch the bolt, as in a fasteners, hardness (Rockwell/Brinell)
typical clamping situation. and ductility (SHCS) are considered
The force thats applied to the in the calculating which fastener the
right axis of the fastener tests not only engineers use.
the ability of the clamping torque to With this in mind, it should be
keep the parts together, but also the clear that you need to understand
ability of the bolt to prevent sliding the basics when replacing a fastener.
between the clamped parts. Simply grabbing a bolt that fits the
Lets look at two bolts of the same hole and has the correct thread type
grade and size to provide a clearer and pitch, and rotating it until it
picture of this situation (figure 6): appears to be tight, may not do the job
Both bolts are 1/2" course thread you expect.
(SAE 13 threads per inch) grade 8 Fastener failure can damage
fasteners. The only difference is that your work without any clues as to
one bolt is fully threaded, while the why youre having problems. So the
other bolt has an unthreaded shank. next time you see a gasket or fastener
In our example, the threaded failure, take the time to look a little
portion of the bolt is exposed to the deeper: You may find the solution is
shear area of the plates being bolted simpler than you think.
together, while the other example the
unthreaded shank is exposed to the
plate shear area.

16 GEARS April 2017

1SteveG-417.indd 16 3/30/17 9:48 AM


by Keith Clark

As computer-controlled vehicles have open circuits, shorts to ground, or First, youll need a basic under-
age, many issues arise that can be cross shorts. standing of the system youre working
difficult to diagnose. Some vehicles This article provides a structured on. In an earlier article, we examined
have spent harsh winters in the north diagnostic process thatll allow you the basic structure of the typical CAN
being repeatedly heated and cooled to identify and isolate the problem and system (figure 1). There really isnt
to extreme temperatures, and doused find the best resolution, without put- much to the circuit, but you need to
with salt, water, and slush. Others ting you at the mercy of the dealership make sure its electrically stable, so it
have spent time in the extreme heat or an electrical guru. can function correctly.
of the southwest deserts or the
heat and added humidity of
the south.
These vehicles are past
factory warranty; they have
an average of 100k miles
and are 8 to 10 years old.
Now they develop trouble-
some electrical issues that
the engineers could never
have predicted.
When the vehicle reaches
your shop, it has a problem that
causes the owner to believe
somethings wrong with the
transmission. You drive the car,
experience the problem, and
pull Uxxxx codes. Heres where
the fun begins. Figure 1: This is a typical, CAN circuit. The 120 ohm resistors are present to reduce signal echo
Diagnosing CAN system and provide circuit stability. The resistors in the circuit may be in the wire harness or embedded in
one or two nodes inside a module. Total resistance on this circuit is 60 ohms (+/-5ohms). Individual
problems doesnt have to be a (non-terminal) modules will measure nominally from 1 to 4 mega ohms. Most systems will also have
terrifying event. They share a bias voltage within zero to 7 volts for the HI and LO signals. They will normally have about 2.5
basic properties with most volts between CAN HI and CAN LO. Actual bias voltages will vary. See manufacturer specifications.
electrical systems. You can
18 GEARS April 2017

1keith 417.indd 18 3/30/17 9:49 AM

GEARS_0417_Ads.indd 19 3/30/17 11:32 AM
A Structured Approach to CAN Diagnosis

To approach a CAN problem
correctly, start by gathering as much
If you dont have accurate information compared
information about the overall electrical to what you see in your vehicle, you can purchase a
state of the vehicle as possible.
Be a detective: Ask questions and subscription to the OEM website or contact ATRA to get
check for recent work performed.
Most CAN-related issues stem from
the correct diagram. Critical system information will
something that was changed on the help you isolate your issues quickly.
vehicle. Heres a short list of what to
look for:
New battery, battery cables, or
alternator If the battery was Recent accident or body work a wakeup call to all the modules
disconnected, there are several Look under the vehicle for signs of communicating on the network.
systems that need to be reset or major damage. Check wiring and Some aftermarket scan tools will
relearned. Check for aftermarket components near the impact area. list all the modules communicating.
replacement components. Sometimes harnesses are crushed A CAN diagram from ALLDATA,
NOTE: If the battery was weak and and damage may not be obvious; Mitchell, ShopKey, or another
needed a jump start, it could have youll need to inspect the loom resource can provide a list of the
damaged a module. closely. Dont rule out the possibility modules you should expect to show up
Engine compartment work Any of water damage from flooding or (figures 2a & 2b). If they dont check
work done under the hood should being partially submerged. in, youll know to investigate further.
be suspect. Pay close attention Also, vehicles in regions that are You can also use OBD2 generic
to wiring harnesses, or brackets prone to rust may develop ground mode $9 to check for possible
and grounds that may have been issues. Always check the battery and aftermarket module programming or
disturbed or moved. charging system before proceeding. wrong software levels.
Added aftermarket components Next, scan the vehicle. Use the If everything checks out okay on
These components may cause OBD Direct, OBD Diagnose selection the generic side, enter the VIN ID data
problems with the CAN system. You to access the vehicle. Dont use the mode to check for parameters that may
may need to remove or disable them VIN ID method. When you initialize indicate a module problem, a recent
before proceeding with your diagnosis. the diagnostic mode, youll send reset, or a power or ground issue.

Figure 2a

20 GEARS April 2017

1keith 417.indd 20 3/30/17 9:49 AM

These are splice packs where different branches of
the CAN system can be isolated and tested.

Figure 2b

GEARS April 2017 21

1keith 417.indd 21 3/30/17 9:49 AM

A Structured Approach to CAN Diagnosis

Next, check for low ignition

voltage, battery disconnect, P06xx
codes, or low ignition cycle coun-
ters. Always inspect the computer
connectors and pins (figure 3).

For this example, well use a
2015 Nissan Sentra SV. Test CAN
Hi and Low circuits, starting at
the DLC. Using a DMM, graphing
DMM, or oscilloscope, monitor
terminals 6 and 14 using battery
negative as ground reference,
with the key on, engine running
(KOER); (figures 4a, 4b, and 4c).
You could use a breakout box
to prevent damaging the connector
terminals, but, if you use micro test
lead adapters and are careful, you
shouldnt have any issues.
The signal should be the
same at all connected modules
and splice points. If theres no
signal, check the resistance of the
CAN circuit with the ignition off:
Disconnect the negative battery
terminal, and measure resistance
across terminals 6 and 14 (CAN Hi
to Low).
The resistance should be 60
ohms (plus or minus 5 ohms).
Resistance higher than that may
indicate poor or corroded connec-
tors or an open circuit. Lower resis-
tance may indicate a cross short.
Next, retrieve all returning
codes. Get a computer system
wiring diagram, splice pack
locator, and diagnostic procedures.
It may be necessary to purchase a
subscription to the OEM web site
to get accurate wiring diagrams
and component locators specific to
your vehicle. You can also contact
ATRA for this.
There are three major splice
packs that provide test points for
diagnosis: junction connectors
E2, M1, and M3 (figures 2 and 5).
Check the signal at all necessary
points at the splice pack and
compare them to the waveform you
read at the DLC.
If you find a leg that doesnt
provide the signal, disconnect the
Figure 3: Checking pin to cavity tension is absolutely necessary when diagnosing communica- leg, see if its a terminal module (a
tion issues. Measure the pin width/diameter and select an appropriate drill bit size to verify module with an internal resistor),
proper cavity size. Repair as necessary.

22 GEARS April 2017

1keith 417.indd 22 3/30/17 9:49 AM

and test the resistance between the
CAN Hi and Low lines.
If resistance is out of speci
fications, measure directly at the
module. If its out of specifica
tion, the module is bad. If it
checks correctly, the fault is
between the splice pack and
the module. Resistance for a
non-terminal module one with
an external resistor should
be 1 to 4 megohms; a terminal
module, with the resistor built
in, will measure 120 ohms
(unless otherwise specified by
the OEM). Figure 4a
Some OEM web sites offer
extensive CAN breakdown in
formation. Nissan provides specific
situations for diagnosing CAN
failures. The Consult 3 plus also
offers more specialized testing in
cases where faults lie in the modules
or the embedded programming.
If all test results are okay or
inconclusive, youll need to use an
OEM scan tool to isolate the fault.


CAN circuits have some
unique characteristics:
The wiring is usually a twisted
pair that can be spot repaired,
but if one wire needs to be
replaced, you must replace the
Figure 4b

Figure 4c: Monitor CAN HI (4a) and CAN LO (4b) with a DVOM or and oscilloscope (4c) at the ALDL connector pins 6 and 14 respectively for
this application. Always refer to the appropriate wiring diagram for correct CAN designations for your application. Locate the appropriate
splice pack to compare the signal you see here if it is good. Use the record function on your scope or graphing DVOM to capture the signals.

GEARS April 2017 23

1keith 417.indd 23 3/30/17 9:49 AM

A Structured Approach to CAN Diagnosis

pair. They must be twisted and equal

Never use a jumper wire to test a
CAN system. Replace them from
the module to the next node or
module only.
Never unplug a module with the
ignition on or with the negative
battery terminal connected.
Avoid touching module terminals.
Static discharge can damage a good
Its okay to use dielectric grease, but
not too much; that could cause the
female terminals to distort.
Once youve completed repairs,
youll need to program or initialize
the modules, and vehicle systems may
need to be relearned. Always take a
few test drives and recheck for codes
that your repairs addressed.
CAN systems are evolving every
moment, but despite their complexity,
they have basic foundations shared
across the board. Seeing and
understanding what good looks like
makes it easier to identify bad.
Hopefully, the next time someone
asks, Can you diagnose a CAN Figure 5: The wiring diagram indicates 2 junction connectors (M1 and M3) inside the
system? you can say, Yes, I CAN! vehicle, and one (E2) under the hood. The most difficult to access is the E2 junction, which
requires removing the battery and air cleaner assembly.

24 GEARS April 2017

1keith 417.indd 24 3/30/17 9:49 AM


by David Chalker

he ATRA Tech HotLine still In this issue, well cover the
receives calls on Toyota/Lexus U140/U240 series transmissions and
U140/U240 and U150/U250 the slips and binds they run into.
transmissions with shifting issues. Well look at the U150/U250 in a
These vehicles exhibit a number of later article.
conditions, including slipping or Back in the early 2000s, the
binding shifts. Toyota Rav4 had some serious
Often these problem transmis- computer issues with harsh shifts and
sions have already been rebuilt, possible solenoid trouble codes. But
with new gaskets, seals, O-rings, what if you arent working on a Rav4?
and sometimes even new solenoids. Similar issues can and have occurred.
But they still have problems: Thats What should you do about that?
usually when we get the call. Whenever one of these trans-
The most common issues we missions comes into your shop, first
hear about on U140/U240 are long, perform a transmission memory reset
drawn-out, or flare 2-3 shifts, or a 2-3 procedure. Some aftermarket scan
flare with a bindup at the end of the tools can perform the transmission
shift. Sometimes there are even long, memory reset, but its often best to
drawn-out, slipping 1-2 shifts. The use a factory Toyota/Lexus scan tool.
U150/U250 complaints are usually Theres a factory bulletin, TC002-03
flares or slipping 2-3 shifts, or binding that covers all models from
on the 3-4 shift. 2000 - 2005 (figure 1).

26 GEARS April 2017

1chalker 417.indd 26 3/30/17 9:50 AM

Models: 00 - 05 All Models
June 10, 2003
- December 20, 2004: Applicable Vehicles section has been updated 2004 and 2005 Whenever an automatic transmission is replaced, overhauled or individual components
model years added, models and model years updated for various models; and Reset are replaced, use this procedure to clear Engine Control Module (ECM, SAE term:
Procedure 2 has been revised. Powertrain Control Module, PCM) Learned Values to minimize subsequent
- January 16, 2004: Tundra vehicles were added to the Applicable Vehicles chart. performance concerns.
- December 17, 2003: T100 vehicles were removed from the Applicable Vehicles chart. CAUTION: Failure to follow the procedure below may lengthen the time to readjust
Previous versions of this TSB should be discarded. the ECM "Learned Values", potentially resulting in performance concerns.

Refer to Reset Procedure 1 for the vehicles with Electronically Controlled Refer to Reset Procedure 2 for the vehicles with Electronically Controlled
Automatic Transmissions: Automatic Transmissions:

Reset Procedure 1
1. Connect the Toyota Diagnostic Tester to the vehicle.

2. Reset the ECM (PCM). Refer to the procedures below.

3. Start the engine and warm it up to normal operating temperatures before test-driving.
4. Perform a thorough test drive with several accelerations from a stop with "light throttle" application until proper transmission shifting is verified.

Reset Procedure 2
1. Disconnect the negative battery cable for 5 minutes.
2. Reconnect battery cable.
3. Start the engine and warm it up to normal operating temperatures before test-driving.
4. Perform a thorough test drive with several accelerations from a stop with "light throttle" application until proper transmission shifting is verified.

Figure 1

GEARS April 2017 27

1chalker 417.indd 27 3/30/17 9:50 AM

Correcting Toyota U140/U240 Shift Troubles

If you still have a slip or bind

after performing the transmission
reset, next youll want to rule out the
possibility of a faulty PCM. For that,
follow the voltage tests for solenoids
SL1 and SL2. Refer to the case
connector and solenoid apply chart
(figure 2) to follow the tests. Refer to a
wiring diagram for wire colors.
Well be using diagrams for a
2008 Toyota RAV4. To avoid connector
pin configuration and wire color
confusion, refer to the appropriate
information for the vehicle youre
working on.


Put the car on a lift and raise the
drive wheels off the ground.
Backprobe terminals 5 and 10 in the
case connector for the SL1 solenoid.
Connect your positive lead to
terminal 5 and the negative lead to
terminal 10. (figure 3)
Set your voltmeter to VoltsDC.
Start the engine and shift the
transmission into drive. With
the transmission in 1st gear, you
should see about 56 volts on your
Raise the engine speed until Figure 2
the transmission shifts into
2nd gear. The voltage should drop to
zero volts.
Raise the engine speed until the
transmission shifts into 3rd gear. The
voltage should jump back to about
56 volts, but only until the shift is
complete; then it should drop back
to zero.
If the solenoid voltages change
normally, the computer is controlling
the SL1 solenoid properly. If not,
suspect a computer problem.

If the voltage checks

for SL1 and SL2 are
okay, youll need to
check the solenoids
and valve body.
Figure 3

28 GEARS April 2017

1chalker 417.indd 28 3/30/17 9:50 AM

APRIL 18 & 19

MAY 2 & 3
6R80 - INTRO

This and other technical webinars

are made possible by:

ATRA Webinars are presented every two weeks

from January to October.
Login at http://members.atra.com and click on the
webinar schedule under the events menu. Once
registered, you will receive an email confirming
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*Free for everyone on the day of the webinar. ATRA Members have
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Correcting Toyota U140/U240 Shift Troubles


Put the car on a lift and raise the
drive wheels off the ground.
Backprobe terminals 4 and 9 in the
case connector for the SL2 solenoid.
Connect your positive lead to
terminal 4 and the negative lead to
terminal 9. (figure 4)
Set your voltmeter to VoltsDC.
Start the engine and shift the
transmission into drive. With
the transmission in 1st gear, you
should see about 56 volts on your
Raise the engine speed until the
transmission shifts into 2nd gear.
The voltage should remain between
56 volts.
Raise the engine speed until the
transmission shifts into 3rd gear. The
voltage should drop to zero.
NOTE: Both SL1 and SL2 should
drop to zero at the same time when the
transmission completes the 2-3 shift.
If the solenoid voltages change
Figure 4
normally, the computer is controlling
the solenoids properly. If not, your next
step should be to check the grounds to
the computer (figure 5).
Connect your meters negative
terminal to a chassis ground and
backprobe the individual ground wires
to the computer using the positive lead.
Each ground wire should have less
than 0.1 volts with the engine running.
Voltage greater than 0.1 indicates
a faulty ground, and that could cause
a variety of problems. Repair any
ground problems as necessary. If all
grounds are good, the computer is
probably the culprit.
If the voltage checks for SL1 and
SL2 are okay, youll need to check
the solenoids and valve body. To
understand which solenoid to consider,
youll need to know what function
each solenoid performs (figure 6).
Solenoids SL1 and SL2 block
solenoid modulator oil when the
solenoid is energized; the solenoid will
perform its respective function when
the solenoid is de-energized, allowing
modulator pressure to flow through
the solenoid.
Solenoid SL1 A normally
applied (NA) linear solenoid. When
the solenoid is energized in first
gear, it blocks solenoid modulator
Figure 5 pressure passing through the solenoid.
30 GEARS April 2017

1chalker 417.indd 30 3/30/17 9:50 AM

Figure 6

Figure 7

The PCM turns the SL1 solenoid off a solenoid test machine; energizing So here are the easiest steps to
during the 1-2 shift to regulate B1 the solenoid on the bench isnt a very identify the problems causing slips or
brake apply. During the 2-3 shift, the effective method to test them. binds in U140/U240 transmissions:
PCM turns the SL1 solenoid on for This leads us to the next item: Perform a transmission memory
a moment to exhaust the B1 brake the valve body. Solenoid modulator reset after every rebuild or repair.
during the 2-3 upshift. pressure feeds the solenoids to Test the solenoids to pinpoint wheth-
Solenoid SL2 The SL2 control the shifts. So these solenoids er youre dealing with a solenoid or
solenoid is a normally applied (NA) need modulator pressure to operate. PCM failure.
linear solenoid. When the SL2 Another valve that commonly causes Check the grounds at the PCM.
solenoid is energized in first and slips and binds is the clutch apply Look for solenoid or valve problems.
second gear, it blocks modulator control valve (figure 7). Next time well cover similar
pressure. During the 2-3 shift, the Look for the solenoid modulator conditions with the U150/250 series
PCM turns the solenoid off to regulate valve and the clutch control valve in transmissions. Always follow these
C2 clutch apply. the lower valve body. Both of these simple steps to keep your customers
Now that you know which valves can wear; always examine vehicles where they belong on
solenoid operates to control the shift, them for wearing or sticking, to avoid the road.
it makes it easier to determine which slipping or binding shifts. There are
solenoid to check or replace. The best valve repair kits and oversized valves
way to check these solenoids is to use available to correct these conditions.
GEARS April 2017 31

1chalker 417.indd 31 3/30/17 9:50 AM


How'sYour Relationship?
Part II ...
by Scott Shotton
The Driveability Guys

I n the last issue of GEARS, we

explored testing techniques for
failing digital sensors, and cov-
ered a sound diagnostic plan of attack.
In this issue, well cover another facet
timing, and the computers perception
of those timing events, can also prevent
the engine from starting.
This condition could be caused
by an improper relationship between
Lets jump right into diagnosing
an engine that wont start because of
a correlation issue. Well look at 2005
Nissan Sentra S with a 1.8-liter engine.
The customer explained the condition
of testing: crankshaft and camshaft cor- the crankshaft (CKP) sensor and the like this: Sometimes it starts and dies,
relation. camshaft (CMP) sensor. The word but most of the time it just doesnt
Obviously, a failed crankshaft correlation is often used in diagnostic start.
position sensor can prevent the engine trouble code definitions when these The car was towed into the shop.
from starting, but the same condition issues are present. Unfortunately, The customers explanation was right:
can be caused by other problems. Lack correlation issues dont always set The engine cranked but wouldnt start.
of spark or fuel are common issues we codes, or codes that do set may be very Occasionally it would sputter to life for
deal with on a daily basis. But valve vague. a few seconds.

Figure 1

32 GEARS April 2017

1scottshotton417.indd 32 3/30/17 10:20 AM

The first logical step is to connect We cranked the engine and In this case, the signals are making
a scan tool and look for anything captured a waveform (figure 1). it to 12 volts, but the peaks appear
obvious. The only code in memory is a As you can see, the digital sensor dirty. This can be due to a couple
P0340 CMP sensor circuit bank 1. signals are switching on and off cleanly, issues. First, the vehicle is cranking and
The definition, with the word circuit, which is what you want to see. The voltage is fluctuating. Youll see this
sounds like the code was set by the appropriate voltages for the crankshaft more often on a 0-to-12-volt signal than
comprehensive component monitor and and camshaft sensors on this vehicle on a 0-to-5-volt signal.
relates to an electrical failure, such as a are 0 to 12 volts, or 0 volts to system Second, the vehicle is connected
sensor or wiring problem. voltage to be exact. to a battery charger. Battery chargers
Service information for this vehicle can cause stray voltage fluctuations that
defines the code as camshaft (CMP) interfere with the electrical signal. No

sensor phase. A phase, or correlation matter: both sensors are generating the
issue, is much different than a circuit Second, the vehicle appropriate signals and the on-and-off
fault. So whats the problem: a circuit is connected to a signals are clean.
fault or a phase issue? Time to connect At this point, we know the problem
and see. battery charger. probably isnt a circuit fault. Were
As we discussed in the last issue, getting signals to the computer, so the
the first step is to consult the wiring
Battery chargers ground, reference, and signal wires are
diagrams and connect an oscilloscope. can cause working correctly. We also know that
In this case, pin 14 on the computer the sensors are functioning, so it doesnt
connector (called PHASE) is the stray voltage have a circuit fault. So the next step is to
camshaft (CMP) signal: Youll want fluctuations that move on to the phase issue.
to connect channel A (blue) of your To check phase, we need a known
oscilloscope to this wire. Pin 13 (called interfere with the good waveform to compare to our
POS) is the crankshaft (CKP) signal: capture. Luckily, the Nissan P0340
Youll want to connect channel B (red)
electrical signal. trouble chart provides a known good
to this wire. relationship. This is rarely the case, but
for this car, we have the information.

GEARS April 2017 33

1scottshotton417.indd 33 3/30/17 10:20 AM

Crank and Cam Part II Hows Your Relationship?

Figure 2

Figure 3

The key to taking a known good in this case, we used a point that was green line doesnt fall in the middle of
waveform and comparing it to a easy to see. Draw your line wherever it the large crankshaft gap as it did on the
potentially bad waveform is to look works for you. The point is to reference known good waveform. The camshaft
for something thats easy on the eyes. the two sensors timing relation to one signal is actually to the right of where
A quick observation of the camshaft another. its supposed to be. The camshaft signal
signal reveals that the sequence of Now that we have a known good is shifted to the right, which means that
pulses mirrors the firing order of 1-3- waveform, we can compare it to the the camshaft signal is retarded.
4-2. Further investigation reveals that waveform we captured from our subject To analyze these signals even
the falling edge of each cylinders first vehicle (figure 3). The green line further, we could count the crankshaft
pulse falls in the middle of the missing indicates a similar correlation point on pulses and determine how many degrees
crankshaft sensor pulse; check the red the captured waveform. the valve timing is off. This vehicle
line (figure 2). Its obvious that the two signals displays 72 pulses of the crankshaft
Note: Every vehicle is different; arent synchronized correctly. The signal in a 720 event.

34 GEARS April 2017

1scottshotton417.indd 34 3/30/17 10:20 AM

Figure 4

Imagine the empty spaces in the Second, the crankshaft-to-camshaft Do you have an engine or
crankshaft signal to be filled with relationship is off enough that the electrical diagnostic issue youd like
corresponding pulses: 720 divided by computers confused. It isnt firing to see addressed? Send Scott an email
72 pulses means that each crankshaft the ignition coils at the appropriate at scott@driveabilityguys.com and you
pulse is equal to 10. If we eyeball the time or injecting fuel correctly. The just may have your question covered in
reference lines, it looks like the camshaft combination of valve timing and a future issue of GEARS.
signal is about 15 to 20 retarded. improper fuel and ignition operation
Wait! Were not done: If we count are whats preventing the engine from
the teeth on the camshaft gear, wed starting.
find 42 teeth. 360 of camshaft rotation Crankshaft and camshaft timing
divided by 42 equals about 8.6 per have always been important for proper
camshaft tooth (figure 4). engine operation, but its even more
If we apply this to our previous critical in todays vehicles.
results, the timing chain has most Using the crankshaft-to-camshaft
likely stretched and skipped teeth. The correlation scope technique is very
estimation? 8.6 times 2 teeth = 17.2. valuable when diagnosing engine issues
Thats close enough to make the call on that arent as easy to pick out, such as
a timing chain replacement. no spark or no fuel. And it can be a very
Another important point is that this clean way to confirm a mechanical issue
vehicle has two problems with the same that might otherwise require engine
root cause. First, camshaft timing is off. disassembly to confirm.
But it isnt off enough that the vehicle
shouldnt run. It should still be able to
run; it should just run poorly.

GEARS April 2017 35

1scottshotton417.indd 35 3/30/17 10:20 AM

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Transmission Converter Driveshaft

Vol. 3

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 3 3/30/17 12:43 PM

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The OE 2-3 shift valve only applies the overrun clutch in D3 3rd 2nd APPLIED APPLIED
Gear. For greatly improved durability, the redesigned Sonnax 1st APPLIED APPLIED
valve applies the clutch in D3 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gears. 2nd APPLIED APPLIED

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 6 3/30/17 12:43 PM

4L60-E Performance Pack
The Best Sonnax Parts for Performance & Heavy-Duty Recalibration
Firmer shifts under load without sacrificing low-speed drivability
Durable parts target commonly worn areas Fits 4L60-E (94-Later),
in the transmission & prevent future damage 4L65-E, 4L70-E

The only way to eliminate PWM function without Part No. HP-4L60E-01
over-pressurizing converters (optional)
The best working
The Sonnax Performance Pack is a must-have for any heavy-duty vehicle performance units we have
and the very best foundation for high-performance racing. All components done, and thats not from
work together to carefully tune line pressure, accumulator pressure and me, but my customers.
shift calibration. Its the ultimate way to get an impressive transmission B. Bastedo
that responds to throttle and increased load with quick, firm shifts. Advanced Transmission Care

Valve Body Parts Case Parts

Forward Pinless 3-4 Accumulator Piston Kit
Accumulator Piston Kit 3-4 Accumulator Spring
Accumulator Valve Shim Servo Release Check Valve
TCC Spring & Valve
(optional for eliminating PWM function)

Pump Parts Servo Parts Accumulator Parts

Pressure Regulator Spring 4th Servo Return Spring 1-2 Pinless Piston Kit
Boost Valve, .490" Servo Cushion Spring 1-2 Piston Springs
Pump Slide Spring Servo Piston D-Ring Kit 1-2 Waved Spring

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 7 3/30/17 12:43 PM

heavy-duty shafts
Input Shafts Output Shafts
High-strength steel shafts with unbroken High-strength 300M steel shafts
performance in thousands of runs with rolled splines
Shot peened & cryogenically treated Specially heat-treated & processed
for extreme durability for maximum toughness
Unique design protects against failure Torsional design absorbs energy,
from stress cracks reducing peak loads to critical areas

Fits 4L60-E, 4L65-E, 4L70-E

300mm Shaft for Non-Reluctor Units Shaft for 4WD/AWD Units

Part No. 77733-11S Part No. 74678S-HD

300mm Shaft for Reluctor Units Shaft for 2WD & Corvette Units
Part No. 77733-12S Part No. 74678L-HD

Fits 4L60, 4L60-E

298mm Shaft Input shafts also available pre-installed

Part No. 77733-10S
in a Smart-Tech input housing.

Input Drum Reinforcement Kit

Prevents Input Shaft from Stripping Housing Splines
Chromoly steel sleeve
Fits 4L60, 4L60-E, 4L65-E, 4L70-E
Custom overrun piston works with steel forward piston
Also available installed on new OE housing with installed Part No. 77733-51K
heavy-duty input shaft (see page 9) Reinforcement Sleeve
This kit requires use of a 97-later stamped steel forward piston and dual-cage
Overrun Piston
return spring. See part instructions at www.sonnax.com for details. Piston Outer & Inner Seals

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 8 3/30/17 12:43 PM

Key Housing Benefits
Increase 3-4 clutch capacity
Stop 3-4 backing plate flexing
& distortion
Protect against fatigue failure
Prevent housing breakage
End 3-4 retaining ring blow-out

Input Housing Kit
Fits 4L60, 4L60-E, 4L65-E, 4L70-E
Upgraded Housing Eliminates 3-4 Clutch Failure Input Housing Kit
Part No. 77733-06K
Limitations of the OE input housing are the root cause of 3-4 burnup in
performance applications. The patented Sonnax Smart-Tech housing 300mm Shaft Kit for Non-Reluctor Units
design makes room for a taller clutch pack anchored in place by a Part No. 77733-11K
stronger backing plate. Get the most out of your favorite clutches
300mm Shaft Kit for Reluctor Units
the Smart-Tech housing is the only way to increase clutch capacity
Part No. 77733-12K
AND protect against destructive heat.
298mm Shaft Kit
Key Smart-Tech Housing Components: Part No. 77733-10K
3-4 Clutch Anchor Plate Overrun Piston
Input Housing 3-4 Clutch Apply Plate These kits require use of a 91-later 3-4
apply ring, 97-later ring gear, 97-later
Input Housing 3-4 Clutch Return Springs
stamped steel forward piston and dual-cage
Reinforcement Sleeve Socket Head Cap Screws return spring. See part instructions at
Rear Stator Support Bushing Seals (5) www.sonnax.com for details.

The OE backing plate flexes during apply.

Stop the flex and you stop the burn.
The OE input housing will always let you down with
another burnt 3-4 clutch. The weak backing plate flexes
during clutch apply, allowing heat to build up unevenly
Capacity within the clutch packs limited space. Burnup is the
common result.
Stop the flex and you stop 3-4 clutch failure. The
Sonnax Smart-Tech housings apply and backing plates
surround a larger clutch pack area to keep the clutches
parallel and maximize protection against overheating.

See the Flex Watch the Demo Video

OE Housing Smart-Tech Housing www.sonnax.com/smart-tech-input-housing

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 9 3/30/17 12:44 PM

super hold servos


2nd Gear
Super Hold Servo Kit Fits 4L60, 4L60-E, 4L65-E, 4L70-E

18% More Apply Area than Corvette Servo Part No. 77911-03K
Piston w/ D-Rings
Maximizes holding power in 2nd gear
Separator w/ D-Ring & O-Rings
with more positive 1-2 & 2-3 shifts
Apply Pin w/ PTFE
Avoids the timing flaws & excessive shock loads & O-Ring Seals
found in other aftermarket servos
Dual seals ensure positive band apply/release
& eliminate cross leaks
Apply pin seals reduce leakage of 3rd gear pressure

4th Gear Super Hold

Dual Servo Kit Fits 4L60, 4L60-E, 4L65-E, 4L70-E

40% More Apply Area Part No. 77767K

Patented dual-piston design delivers

greater holding power
D-ring seals prevent pressure loss
Use with OE, Corvette or Sonnax 2nd gear servo assemblies

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 10 3/30/17 12:44 PM

The Sonnax six-pinion 2.84 planet is exactly
what 60E transmissions need to further evolve
their spot in the performance world.
B. Alley Revolution Race Works

2.84 Input Carrier Kit

Ramp Up from OE Wide Ratio
to Race-Ready Close Ratio
Keeps engine in power band on 1-2 & 2-3 shifts
Delivers longer pull in 1st & 2nd gears
Fits 4L60, 4L60-E, 4L65-E, 4L70-E
Six-pinion planet loaded with advanced durability features
Part No. 77284-K
The shift from 3.06 ratio (1st gear) to 1.63 ratio (2nd gear) is a dramatic
RPM drop that causes performance engines to fall out of their power Fits 06-earlier reaction shafts only
band. Sonnaxs 2.84 input carrier transforms the popular 4L60 series and requires use of OE bearing 8642191
or 24217327 (not included in kit).
from an OE wide ratio 3.06/1.63 to a close ratio 2.84/1.55 for See part instructions at www.sonnax.com
game-changing acceleration on the track. for details.

Fits 4L60, Holley Style Linkage

Part No. AS4-04K

TV Corrector Plate Bolt
Retainer Washer
Nut Spring

Fits 4L60, Edelbrock Style Linkage

AS4-04K Part No. AS5-05K

Shown Here
TV Corrector Plate Bolts (2)
Throttle Cable Stud Washers (2)
Lock Washer Nuts (3)

TV Cable Corrector Kits

Essential for Proper Transmission Pressure & Shift Timing
Precisely sets the distance of OE TV cable travel
Eliminates the need for other high-cost adapter systems
Choose from Holley & Edelbrock style throttle linkage kits
Most aftermarket carburetors and injection systems are not configured to match OE TV cable pivot travel,
leading to incorrect 4L60 transmission pressures and shift timing. Sonnax TV cable corrector kits reposition
the throttle linkage pivot point to duplicate OE travel.

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 11 3/30/17 12:44 PM

On the street and on the track, Sonnax parts are trusted by top shops
to work harder, last longer and deliver the absolute best in transmission performance.

Components listed here in RED should always be considered for racing or heavy-duty builds.





Part Name Description Part No.

Valve Body Parts
60 60E 65E 70E Pinless 1-2 or 3-4 Accumulator Piston Kit Includes piston, seals & balls 77998-03K
60E 65E 70E Pinless Forward Accumulator Piston Kit Aluminum, dual seal 77987-01K
60 Oversized Accumulator Pin & Reamer Kit Large pin starter kit, includes 10 pins 77999-02K
60E 65E 70E Oversized Accumulator Pin & Reamer Kit Small pin starter kit, includes 10 pins 77754-02K
60 60E 65E 70E 1-2 or 3-4 Accumulator Spring Purple, 5/bag 74926
60 60E 65E 70E Enhanced Performance Accumulator Spring 5/Bag 77704S
60 60E Accumulator Valve Train Kit Medium-weight vehicles 77777L-K
60 60E Accumulator Valve Train Kit Heavy-weight vehicles 77777M-K
60 60E 65E 70E Checkball Imidized plastic, .250" dia., 10/bag 10000-08
60E 65E 70E TCC Regulator & Isolator Valve Kit Fits all years & EC3 units Yes 77754-04K
60E 65E 70E TCC Regulator & Isolator Valve Kit 10% Higher apply pressure Yes 77754-03K
For worn isolator bore in unserviced VB
60E 65E 70E Isolator Sleeve Kit Yes 77754-ISO
or for any factory remanufactured VB
60E 65E 70E Actuator Feed Limit (AFL) Valve Kit Feeds solenoids Yes 77754-09K
60E 65E 70E Forward & Reverse Abuse Bore Plug Fits two locations 77754-21
60E 65E 70E Forward & Reverse Abuse Valve Kit Improved design, fits two locations 77754-35K
60E 65E 70E 3-2 Control Valve Spring 77754-23
60E 65E 70E Oversized 4-3 Sequence Valve Kit Yes 77964-04K
60E 65E 70E 3-4 Relay O-Ringed End Plug Kit 77964-08K
60E 65E 70E Oversized 3-4 Shift Valve Kit Includes matched spring Yes* 77754-42K
60 TV Plunger Spring 5/Bag 77968-01K
60 Throttle Valve Plunger Valve Kit OEM #94 77966-94K
60 Throttle Valve Plunger Valve Kit Delays 4-3 downshift 77966-94MK
60 TV Cable Corrector Kit 5/Bag AS1-01K
Case Parts
60 60E 65E 70E Servo Release Check Valve Kit Tunes 2-3 shift 77701-076
60 60E 65E 70E 3-4 Accumulator Sleeve Kit 77998-01K
60 Governor Mostly diesel, 8642729 729
60 Governor Gas, OE 8642730, 8647041 730
60 Governor Gas, 250, 305 & 350 engines, OE 8642731 731
60 Governor Corvette & Camaro, replaces GM24202117 117
60E Shift Cable Mount Bracket 34913-01
Servo Parts
60 60E 65E 70E Extra Wide Intermediate Band Regular red lining (street version) 77700-01
60 60E 65E 70E Extra Wide Intermediate Band Kevlar lining

60 60E 65E 70E Servo Pin Kit Extra long pin, includes seals 77787-02K
60 60E 65E 70E 2nd Gear Corvette Ratio Servo Kit Replacement seal kit available 77701-04K

*Installation tooling requires the Sonnax VB-FIX reaming fixture.

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 12 3/30/17 12:44 PM

Sonnax offers more than 200 top-of-the-line transmission components for 4L60/E series units.
Visit www.sonnax.com for a complete listing and detailed product information.





Part Name Description Part No.

Pump Parts
60 60E 65E 70E Pump Vane Koyo (OE), 100/bag 1280
60 60E 65E 70E Pump Slide Pivot Pin 5/Bag 65797
60 60E 65E 70E Pump Slide Spring High RPM, replaces 2 OE springs, 5/bag 77722-01K
60 60E 65E 70E Pump Spring Spacer 10/Bag 77917-RV
60 60E 65E 70E Pump Bushing PTFE-coated like OE bushing 77005T
60 60E 65E 70E Rear Stator Support Bushing Wear-resistant PTFE 77002BT-01
60 60E TCC Apply Valve Kit Non-PWM only, steel with PTFE seal 77805-K
60E 65E 70E TCC Apply Valve Kit PWM only, aluminum with PTFE seal 77805E-K
60 Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve Yes 77917-06
60E 65E 70E Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve Yes 77917-07
60 TV Boost Valve Kit .423" Bore dia., O-ring style 77917-01K
60 TV Boost Valve Kit .471" Bore dia., O-ring style 77917-471
60 TV Boost Valve Kit .500" Bore dia., O-ring style 77917-500
60 Reverse Boost Valve Kit Large ratio, O-ring style K77898
60E 65E Boost Valve Kit .470" Dia., O-ring style, early pump design 77898E-4K
60E 65E Boost Valve Kit .490" Dia., O-ring style, early pump design 77898E-K
60 Elevated Pressure Regulator Spring Higher pressure 77917-08
60E 65E 70E High-Performance PR Spring Higher pressure 77917-10
60 60E TCC Solenoid Snout Kit 96-Earlier 77942-01K
60 60E Stator Support Shaft Kit 298mm/245mm Converter units, non-reluctor style 77918S-K
60E Stator Support Shaft Assembly 298mm Converter units, reluctor style 77918S-08K
60E 65E 70E Stator Support Shaft Assembly 280mm/300mm Converter units, reluctor style 77918S-09K
60E 65E 70E Stator Support Shaft Assembly 280mm/300mm Converter units, non-reluctor style 77918S-1K
Internal Transmission Parts
60 60E 65E 70E Input Drum Reinforcement Kit Includes sleeve & seal only 77733-02K
Reinforced Input Housing Kit
60 60E 298mm Converter units 77733-13K
with Heavy-Duty Input Shaft
Reinforced Input Housing Kit
60E 65E 300mm Converter units, non-reluctor style 77733-14K
with Heavy-Duty Input Shaft
Reinforced Input Housing Kit
60E 65E 70E 300mm Converter units, reluctor-style 77733-15K
with Heavy-Duty Input Shaft
60 60E 65E 70E Billet Forward Clutch Piston For use with OE aluminum overrun pistons 77764-01
60 60E 65E 70E 3-4 Clutch Boost Spring 88-Later, 10/bag 77763-01
60 60E 65E 70E Sun Gear Bushing 1.5X Wider than OE bushing 77010-01
60E 65E 70E Captured Front Planetary Bearing 2.157" x .199" Black, 99-later 77747-01
60 60E 65E Rear Planetary Thrust Bearing .140" Thick version 77731-09
70E Rear Planetary Thrust Bearing .160" Thick version 77731-10
60 60E 65E 70E Rear Planetary Pinion Pin 5/Bag 77732-02
60 60E Rear Planetary Rebuild Kit 4-Pinion planetary 77731-RK
65E 70E Rear Planetary Rebuild Kit 5-Pinion planetary 77732-RK
60 60E Oil Deflector 4-Pinion rear planetary 77731-08
60 60E 65E 70E Sonnax Bearing Kit 82-Later SBK-G12
60 60E 65E 70E Front Endplay Shim .015" Thick (input housing to bearing), 10/bag 77409-15
60 60E 65E 70E Rear Endplay Shim .010" Thick (rear ring gear to bearing), 10/bag 77406-10

Machining Required

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 13 3/30/17 12:44 PM


The 700-R4/4L60-E family of transmissions is the most

popular performance platform in the world, thanks in large
part to Sonnax components that allow them to run reliably
at extreme power levels. The following key areas MUST be
addressed to realize the full potential of these units:
Dont Get Burned When
Expanding 3-4 Clutch Capacity
Hunt Down Unstable Pressure, Guarding against 3-4 clutch failure has traditionally meant
the Real Pump Killer working within the limited space of the OE input housing.
When running at higher average pressures, the whole Squeezing in more frictions requires installing a thinner
hydraulic system MUST be in top condition to minimize the backing plate with thinner clutches and steels, BUT:
risk to the pump vane rings. Pressure pulsation from poor Adding friction surfaces reduces the amount of steel
PR valve control is the real danger, and a sure sign of this Steel in the clutch pack helps dissipate heat
problem is gauge needle-bounce when testing line pressure.
Without enough steel, heat builds up and clutches burn
Stabilizing pressure starts with precise valve-to-bore Adding more, thinner plates increases static holding
clearances (PR valve bore wear is common in 4L60/E capacity by sacrificing engaging capacity. Durability
units) and a quality, leak-free boost valve. Its also essential suffers in higher-load applications where more energy
to feed the boost valve with a properly working (clean) EPC goes into the clutch during the shift.
solenoid and steady AFL pressure to the EPC solenoid.
The ONLY way to expand clutch capacity without
Installing Sonnax oversized PR valve (77917-06 or 77917-07), sacrificing steel mass is by replacing the OE input housing
boost valve with O-rings (multiple options) and AFL valve with the Sonnax Smart-Tech housing (see page 5). Its
kit (77754-09K) is highly recommended for resolving custom design holds a physically larger clutch pack to
pump pressure problems. eliminate 3-4 clutch burnup while also guarding against
other common problems.
Take Care of the Servo Band
Switching to a wider band (Sonnax 77700-01 or 77000-01K)
is an ideal capacity/durability upgrade, but NEVER install
a wider band on a used drum. The old band will have
Reduce Harsh 1-2 Shift Damage
compressed the drum and created a subtle dish on its
Damage to the band, input/output shafts, sprag, etc. can be
surface. When used with a wider band, this dish leads
reduced by properly cushioning the large ratio change on
to slipping in 2nd gear, glazing and burning, and will
the 1-2 shift:
eventually throw off the band adjustment.
Never use a 1-2 servo that eliminates the cushion spring
Always check band/pin adjustment to prevent band
Never reduce the 1-2 accumulator piston stroke
release problems. Sonnax servo kits include instructions
for setting servo travel between .075" and .125" using Never leave out the 1-2 checkball
a dial indicator Never shim the servo, as this moves the Never over-drill the 1-2 feed hole
piston deeper into the bore where its more prone to Reduce ratio change by converting first gear from 3.06
bottoming out and causing band failure. to 2.84 with Sonnax input carrier kit 77284-K (see page 7).

Stop 3rd Accumulator Checkball Leakage

Its crucial to prevent even minor leaks in the 3rd accumulator checkball capsule, as these are directly related to band
and 3-4 clutch failure. Vacuum testing the capsule (located in the servo area of the case) with Sonnax vacuum test
stand kit VACTEST-01K is a quick and reliable way to check for leaks.


Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 14 3/30/17 12:44 PM

Pursue Input Sprag Perfection Stabilize Transmission Pressure
You dont move when the input sprag fails, a critical link with a Better Oil Pan
often overlooked during transmission upgrades.
The best deep pan to use is an aftermarket model with a
Install a new sprag assembly that includes new filter extension to place the filter lower into the oil sump.
inner/outer races. Used races may be worn or It helps prevent air ingestion during hard acceleration,
manufactured out of spec. which can destabilize transmission pressure and lead to
Easily strengthen and reinforce the sprag by slipping.
installing Sonnax heavy-duty 2-3 shift valve 77754-41
(see page 2). Optimize Computer Programming
Clean fluid is essential for maximum sprag durability.
& Tuning with Care
Make sure the transmission pan has a drain plug, and
No matter how well-built the unit, poor computer
change the fluid often to prevent micron-sized debris
programming will quickly kill the transmission. Its vital
from undermining sprag engagement.
to be informed about the many modification options
available and how they affect performance and durability.
Help the Rear Ring Survive Here are a few examples of classic programming pitfalls:
by Moving Up to Five Pinions Pressure Control Optimization
Increasing the number of planet pinions from four to five Setting incorrect parameters allows line pressure to
distributes load more evenly on the sun gear and around drop off the mapping table to a minimum range when
the ring gear. At high torque, this reduces stress/flexing of maximum pressure is required. Its a well-intended tuning
the ring gear and improves durability. mistake that can lead to clutch-roasting pressure drops.
Torque Management Mods
This feature often is completely disabled, even though

Control Valve Body Bleeding leaving a little on will help maximize driveline durability
without slowing the vehicle. Figuring out the best balance
The foundation of a good unit is a tight, leak-free valve requires tuning experience and a solid understanding of a
body that prevents pressure loss and conserves pump particular vehicles setup.
volume. Since bore wear is common in the 4L60/E,
Continuous Slip (EC3) TCC Control
ALL circuits should be vacuum tested to identify leaks.
Since higher-stall aftermarket converters arent designed
Find free vacuum test guides at www.sonnax.com/vactest.
for continuous slip, it might seem reasonable to
eliminate this function. Simple on-off operation can be
excessively harsh, though, especially when the converter
is damperless. A better programming option is disabling
the EC3 continuous slip, while keeping the pulse-width
modulated (PWM) TCC apply so that the converter clutch
comes on in a ramped, controlled manner.

Sonnax Remanufactured Application Part No.

Valve Bodies 4L60-E, 4L65-E, 4L70-E

Colorado, Hummer GM052
0308 GM051
The core of a powerhouse transmission is a valve
0102 Annular Lockup GM049
body free of wear and tear. Save time and money with
9601 GM048
a quality rebuilt valve body from Sonnax, the BEST
foundation for performance and heavy-duty upgrades. 95 GM047
9394 GM046
Completely refurbished with genuine Sonnax parts
Hydraulically & electronically tested, ready to bolt up Electronic TCC GM044
Hydraulic TCC GM043
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 15 3/30/17 12:44 PM


On the road and on the track, Sonnax is the world's #1

CONVERTER full-line supplier of the quality converter components

essential for long-lasting, trouble-free performance.

4L60 & 4L60-E Converter Racekits

Simplified Assembly Delivers Reliable, Predictable Results
Widest variety of kits available
Improve acceleration & durability
Build in a variety of stall speeds

Sonnax offers the most comprehensive range of converter

kits for any 4L60/E performance build. Unlike many
labor-intensive aftermarket kits, Sonnax kits ensure
fast, easy assembly with predictable tuning adjustments.
From the weekend enthusiast to the hardcore competitor,
Sonnax has you covered!


Fully Machined, Forged Steel
Heavy-Duty Sprag Cartridge
Performance Friction Material

Woven Carbon Friction Rings

Unmatched Performance & Durability
Genuine OE material exclusively from Sonnax
Affordable & durable
Easy to bond

Woven carbon was developed by GM as the ideal clutch material

for continuous slip converters. The unique fiber weave promotes
oil flow for optimum heat dissipation and protection against
burnup, making woven carbon the best friction material for all
4L60 series units.

Where to Buy Talk to your local converter shop or performance specialist about rebuilding with
Sonnax components. Contact Sonnax anytime for comprehensive assistance with Sonnax products.

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 16 3/30/17 12:44 PM


Once youve increased engine and transmission

DRIVELINE performance, get the power down to the ground

with premium-quality Sonnax driveline components.

Performance Slip Yokes Bushing Style

Affordable, Top-Quality Driveline Upgrade

Forged & fully machined from billet steel for enhanced strength & durability
Leak-free plug tested to 40 psi for optimum sealing
1330 & 1350 Series yokes forged from CHROMOLY steel

Sonnax takes slip yokes to a new level by offering the industrys Roller Bearing
first affordable, high-quality performance steel slip yokes, Style
a winning combination you wont find anywhere else.

Visit www.sonnax.com/slip-yokes for help

GM 27-Spline Options selecting the right yoke for your application.
Part No. Length* Seal Dia. Spline Type Series Material
For Bushing-Style Tailshafts
T3-3-4281HP 6.94" 1.503" Counterbore 1350 Chromoly
T3-3-6081HP 5.47" 1.503" Full 1350 Chromoly
T2-3-12051HP 6.76" 1.503" Counterbore 1330 Chromoly
T2-3-12081HP 5.47" 1.503" Full 1330 Chromoly
T2-3-4911HP 4.88" 1.503" Full 1310 Steel
T2-3-6081HP 5.47" 1.503" Full 1310 Steel
T3R-3-6081HP 5.47" 1.503"
For Roller-Bearing Style Tailshafts
Full 3R Steel
Where to Buy Purchase Sonnax
slip yokes from transmission parts
T3-3-6081H 5.81" 1.500" Full 1350 Chromoly
distributors and driveshaft shops.
*Center of U-joint to end of journal.

Aluminum Tubing & Yokes

Sonnax is Americas #1 source for aluminum aftermarket
driveshaft components, every piece made to exacting
quality standards you can trust.
6061-T6 Aluminum components enhance drivetrain strength & durability
.125" Wall tubing improves torque yield strength, TUBING
helping get the power to the ground
Precision-machined, quality parts for trouble-free performance
Where to Buy Ask for Sonnax aluminum components from your local
driveshaft shop. Contact a Sonnax product specialist for help BONDABLE YOKES
with driveshaft component selection.

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 17 3/30/17 12:44 PM

4L60/E Performance & Heavy-Duty
Transmission Builds
PERFORMANCE Dont risk throwing products from different manufacturers into
the same tranny when theres no guarantee theyre all going to
play nice. Installing Sonnax parts designed to work together
is the BEST and SAFEST way to upgrade a transmission.

heavy-duty pickup builds

Quick upgrades for big performance without a big price tag. Best parts for heavy-duty recalibration and durability.
Line Pressure Booster Kit See page 2 Performance Pack HP-4L60E-01
SmartShell HD Reaction Shell Kit

77749-02K SmartShell HD Reaction Shell Kit

Rear Stator Support Bushing 77002BT-01 Rear Stator Support Bushing 77002BT-01
4th Gear Super Hold Servo 77767K 4th Gear Super Hold Servo 77767K
Heavy-Duty 2-3 Shift Valve 77754-41 Heavy-Duty 2-3 Shift Valve 77754-41

performance builds
LEVEL 1 For lightly modified performance/enthusiast vehicles.

Upgrades for performance recalibration and durability, no trans Best parts for performance recalibration and durability.
removal required. Most change in shift feel comes from the servos. Most change in shift feel comes from the Performance Pack.
Line Pressure Booster Kit See page 2 Performance Pack HP-4L60E-01
Rear Stator Support Bushing 77002BT-01 SmartShell HD Reaction Shell Kit

4 Gear Super Hold Servo
77767K Rear Stator Support Bushing 77002BT-01
Choose 2nd Super Hold 77911-03K
Gear Servo Corvette Ratio 77701-04K

For all extreme performance applications

LEVEL 3 (above 450HP).

Performance Pack HP-4L60E-01

For moderately modified performance
LEVEL 2 vehicles (up to 450HP). SmartShell HD Reaction Shell Kit

Heavy-Duty 2-3 Shift Valve 77754-41
Performance Pack HP-4L60E-01 4 Gear Super Hold Servo Kit
SmartShell HD Reaction Shell Kit 77749-02K 2nd Gear Super Hold Servo Kit 77911-03K
Rear Stator Support Bushing 77002BT-01 Red Band 77700-01
Heavy-Duty 2-3 Shift Valve 77754-41 Wide Band Kevlar Band

4th Gear Super Hold Servo Kit 77767K Smart-Tech Input Housing

See page 5
2nd Gear Corvette Ratio Servo Kit 77701-04K & Heavy-Duty Input Shaft Kit
Choose Red Band 77700-01 Choose Heavy-Duty 4WD/AWD 74678S-HD
Wide Band Kevlar Band 77700-01K Output Shaft 2WD & Corvette 74678L-HD
Input Drum Reinforcement Kit 77733-51K 2.84 Input Carrier Kit 77284-K

4L60/E Performance & Heavy-Duty Product Guide Vol. 3.1

Sonnax Industries, Inc. 1 Automatic Drive P.O. Box 440 Bellows Falls, VT 05101-0440 USA
Contact Sonnax 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET (800) 843-2600 (802) 463-9722 fax (802) 463-4059 www.sonnax.com 2017 Sonnax Industries, Inc.

Sonnax Insert April 2017.indd 2 3/30/17 12:43 PM

Whats Covered CHRYSLER
GENERAL 42-48RE Units AS68RC
- TCC Shuttle, Bucking, Feels Like a - Input Shaft/K1 Clutch Update and
All LCT 1000 Misfire Changes
- Remote Reprogramming Reprogramming - Stator Support Shaft Updates and
- TCM-PCM-TCCM Calibration - 2014 Chevrolet Silverado HD, Changes
- No Forward or Reverse
Updates 2014 GMC Sierra HD - Oil Pump Cover Update and
All Hyundai 62TE Reprogramming Changes
- 1-2 Neutral Shift
- Unable to Program the TC/PCM - 2014 Chrysler Town & Country - Stator Support Pump Body
Subaru J2534 Dodge Grand Caravan, 2014 Updates and Changes
- Dog Clutch Pressure Transducer
- Reprogramming Not Available on Dodge Journey Reprogramming - Pump Body Updates and Changes
Factory Website 845RFE - Bind in Park After Rebuild
All Reprogramming - Reprogramming - Scraping Noise from Flywheel Area
- Unable to Program, No Error
FORD U150 RE0F11A,
CFT 6F35 - Slipping or Binding Shifts, Solenoid RE0F10D/E/H/J
- Delayed Engagement After - Moves Forward in Neutral and Test - Primary Speed Sensors
Overhaul, DTC 0868 Binds in Reverse After Overhaul - Slipping or Binding, Solenoid Test - Output Speed Sensors
Torqshift, 4R100, E4OD, - Reverse Engagement Issues - Air Checks - Ratio Control (Stepper) Motor
4R70W 4R70W - Pump Gear Direction - External Lube Filter Replacement
- Wiring Issues - Locks Up on Top of 2nd Gear - Anti-Rattle Clip - Service Information
Torqshift - Pressure Regulator Valve - Sprag Rotation RE0F10D/E/H/J
- Coast Clutch Drum Repair 6R80 - Clutch Application - Input Speed Sensors
- Delayed Forward Engagements - Updates - Solenoid Identification RE0F11A
- Delayed Reverse - Torque Specifications - Speed Sensor Shims
- Bind Ups - Bolt Removals - Solenoid Identification and Function
- Binds in Reverse - Valve Body Breakdown - Fluid Temperature Sensor
- Binds in Drive - Accumulator Location - High Clutch Pressure Sensor/
- Venting - Codes Switch
ZF6HP19A - Case Connector
- Coolant in Transmission
Pressure Sensors/Switches
Clutch Apply Chart w/ Ratio
4L60E, 4L80E 6L50 - Transmission Fluid Contamination Change
- Erratic Shifts, Possible P0730 Set - Updated Pendulum Torque Mercedes 7G DCT - Pressure Tap Locations
4L80E Converter - Introduction - Secondary Bearing Failure
- No Lock-Up Command 6L50/80/90 JF011E - Broken Transmission Case
6T30/35/40/75, 8L45 - No Reverse After Valve Body - DTC P0845, Valve Body RE0F10A/B
- No Lock-Up Command Replacement Interchange - Solenoid Identification and Function
6T30/35/40/75, 8L45 6L80/90 Nissan/Jatco CVT RE0F06A
- Hybrid Start/Stop Feature No - No 4th, 5th, 6th Gears, Possible - Applications - Solenoid Identification and Function
Longer Operates After Repairs, No DTC P0796 - Introduction RE0F09A/B, RE0F08A
DTCs Set - Burnt 2-6 Clutch - Idle Neutral Control - Fluid Temperature Sensor
6T40 - Delayed Engagement, Slip, - G Sensors (Late Models) RE0F06A
- DTCs Set After TEHCM Shudder, Clutch Damage - G Sensors Calibration - Fluid Temperature Sensor
Replacement - Interchange 1-2-3-4/3-5-R Drum - Speed Sensor Function RE0F10/09/08
- Fast Learn Software Changes Intermittently Neutrals on Launch - Fluid Temperature Sensor - Pressure Sensors/Switches
- Generation 3 Oil Pump Update 8L45/8L90 - Ratio Change Most Other CVTs RE0F10A
Change - Harsh Shifts - Pulley Assembly Tools - Pressure Tap Locations
6T40/45/50 - Delayed Engagement, Drops Out RE0F11A, JF015E, - Service Information
- AWD Final Drive Failure of Gear at Stop Signs F1CJB - Secondary Bearing Failure
Slipping/Damaged 3-5-R or 8L90 - Introduction - Pressure Sensor Failures
4-5-6 Clutch - Hard Downshifts, Especially the RE0F10/09/08A/B, - P0218 Transmission Overheating
6T70 3-1 Shift, Possible Flare/Bump on RE0F06A - Case Air Checks
- Repeat Burnt 3-5-R Clutches the Upshift or Downshift - Introduction Nissan/Jatco CVT
6T70/75/80 - Applications, Accelerator Pedal RE0F11/10A - Heater Thermostat
- TCC Slip, Shudder, No Apply After Position Sensor Updated Design, - Range Sensors - Push Belt Failure
Service Shift Point Changes RE0F10D/E/H/J VT1F
- Gen 2 Valve Body Identification 4T65E - Speed Sensor Locations - Belt Failure
6L45 - P0742 Set, Chuggle/Surge During - Fluid Temperature Sensor RE0F09A
- No Reverse Followed by No Deceleration When Coming to a RE0F10/09/08A/B, - Pulley Failure
Forward or Reverse, GM and Stop RE0F06A/B - Bearing Failure
BMW Applications LCT1000 - Speed Sensor Locations F4A42-F5A51
6L50, MP1622G, - DTC P0847 - Harsh Engagements
MP3025G - 2nd Gear Hold
- Transfer Case Shift Concerns - 2-3 Flare
Colorado and Canyon - No 3-4 Shift Commanded

seminar 417 pg2.indd 1 3/28/17 11:02 AM


by Rolly Alvarez


n the October 2016 issue, we So now we start removing panels these newer model cars have their own
touched upon Mazdas AAS sys- and rugs, tracing the wiring, checking form of CAN-BUS communication
tem. We compared it to other sys- fuses and connections. Turns out the system, so the computer may be seeing
tems, seeing differences and similarities. car had been through a body shop after something it doesnt like.
One of the things we learned is that fail- being T-boned on the passengers side. So we start with code B1013. That
ures in other systems can affect the AAS, So out comes the seat, more panels, and means we need to perform the procedure
putting it into failsafe, in this case, the voila! theres the wiring harness, to recalibrate the passenger side airbag
Supplemental Restraint System, or SRS. all butchered up. and module; heres how:
You may remember that the vehicle The impact bent the D pillar and
we were looking at didnt allow us to cut the wires, which had to be spliced Initial Prechecks
reset the system due to airbag issues. back together, one wire at a time. In 1. Inspect the passenger side front
So first, we need to diagnose the airbag to addition, there were signs of water seat.
correct this issue and be able to reset the intrusion. Turns out the passenger 2. Turn the ignition switch to the
AAS system. window shattered on impact and, while lock position.
We start by connecting a scan tool the vehicle sat in the parking lot waiting 3. Disconnect the negative battery
and pulling codes in both global and OE for repairs, it very likely got rained on. cable for at least one minute.
protocols. Here are the DTCs that showed We performed the appropriate 4. Remove the passenger-side front
up: B101, B1048, B1925, B1933, B1935, repairs, reinstalled the computer, and seat and visually inspect for:
B1938, B104C, B104F, B1050, B2017, most of the codes cleared. But now Seat under-bracket deformation
B1055, B1996, B1997, B1998, B1999 as the crash sensor kept popping up. Seat frame deformation
well as some other body codes. The list We ordered the side crash sensor and Seat weight sensor deformation
was just too long; wed never be able to installed it. The code cleared. Perfect; Foreign objects stuck in seat
fix them all! time to drive the car. Are any of the parts deformed or
Okay, breathe lets look up what We charged the battery and on are any foreign objects stuck in the
these codes mean and see if theres any the road test we go. Everything seems seat? Repair or replace as necessary.
connection between them. Turns out all to be operating well until the vehicle 5. Inspect the floor.
of these codes pointed toward the SRS warms up and two codes come back: 6. Visually inspect the installation
module. When you see a list like this, its B1013 and B2477. B1013 is passenger parts of the passenger side front
tempting to assume the module is toast seat weight calibration; B2477 is SRS seat for:
and needs to be replaced. But before we module configuration. Once again, the Floor is deformed
replace any module, we need to check for codes are related to one another. Installation hole of the
power and ground. This ones completely B2477 indicates the computer for passenger side front seat is
dead. the SRS isnt configured. But remember, positioned improperly

38 GEARS April 2017

1rolly 417.indd 38 3/30/17 10:27 AM

If everything else looks okay, 3. Perform the calibration, following working on.
youre ready to perform the module the procedures on the M-MDS The next threshold is 20kg about
calibration procedure. screen. 45 lbs. This is to calibrate the system for
IMPORTANT: The scan tool the weight of a child in a child safety
Module Calibration doesnt hold the procedure to calibrate seat. This step is critical because there
To calibrate the module, youll the SRS module, and it doesnt appear in have been a number of cases of neck
need: Mitchell, ALLDATA, or MOTOR injury or even death reported that
One, 4.5kg (10 pound) weight manuals. were caused by the deployment of the
Two, 20.0kg (44 pound) weights This is where youll need the passenger airbag.
Once you have those weights weights to calibrate the seat, based on The liability is high if you are
on hand, youre ready to begin the the item or person sitting there. involved in such repairs, so be sure
procedure: The 10-pound weight calibrates the to follow protocol and document
passenger seat sensor for a bookbag, everything you do or change, including
1. Connect the M-MDS to the groceries, or any article that the driver parts, modules, wires, and so on.
DLC-2 connector. might lay there. Recognizing this weight The third weight is 40kg (about
2. After youve identified the threshold, the computer will learn that 88 pounds). It calibrates the airbag
vehicle, select the appropriate it shouldnt deploy the passenger side system for the weight of an adolescent
items from the initialization airbag in the event of a collision. Follow or small person. This is why you
screen of the M-MDS, depending the procedure from the Mazda web site needed two of the 20kg weights. Follow
on the system youre using: for the calibration. the instructions from the Mazda web
When Using the IDS (Laptop PC) Make sure you pay close attention site; you should make it through the
Select Body. to the procedure: Certain model calibration without any problem.
Select Restraints. vehicles have one sensor while others Once we completed the calibration,
When Using the PDS (Pocket PC) have four, receiving information from the two codes cleared. From there,
Select All Tests and multiple locations. Sport models, or it was just a matter of replacing the
Calibrations. those vehicles with lumbar support, panels and trim to put the car back in
Select Passenger Seat Weight may have up to six sensors. Calibrations deliverable condition.
Sensor Re-Zero. vary depending on the model youre

GEARS April 2017 39

1rolly 417.indd 39 3/30/17 10:27 AM


p Your Business is an exclusive tive maintenance, minor repairs, or in
GEARS Magazine feature in some cases, a complete overhaul.
which I share stories, insights,
and reflections about real business and Critical Performance
life challenges. Indicators
In keeping with the diagnostics Your shop management software
theme of this issue, I thought itd system should be gathering data
be appropriate to share some quick to help you evaluate the Critical
tips for diagnosing and fixing some Performance Indicators (CPI) for your
common profit leaks that many shops shop. Hopefully, its also capable of
are experiencing some known and producing quick reference reports
some unknown to the owners. to monitor how your shop is doing
by Thom Tschetter
With over 30 years of coaching in each of these critical areas. When
hundreds of shop owners, Ive found something appears to be out of
that there are some key checkpoints whack, you can dig deeper to find
for diagnosing profit leaks quickly. the cause and correction. Of course,
Just like mechanical problems, theres always room for improvement,
some of the fixes are simple; others but first fix the leaks. but the best guideline is how youre
are more complicated. Also like Lets look at some key CPI categories. trending against your own shops
mechanical problems, minor problems historical data.
left unattended can often lead to Parts Costs and Overhead Here are some possible causes and
major problems. Parts cost is a good place to start. things to check if your parts costs are
It makes good business sense to I avoided putting too much weight on trending in the wrong direction:
give your shop a regularly scheduled industry averages or the percentages Are you or your employees becoming
performance diagnosis to determine other shops claimed in this area. complacent when purchasing parts?
whether you need to perform preven- Theyre good guidelines initially, Im a believer in vendor loyalty, but

40 GEARS April 2017

1tschetter 417.indd 40 3/30/17 10:35 AM

it can become a leak if you dont charging the same price for a fraught with time delays, inaccuracies,
compare competitive vendors prices part, regardless of what it costs, and other efficiency leaks.
regularly. it works to your advantage when Techs are always waiting for instruc-
Hows your quality? If your come- you pay less, but obviously to your tions, job assignments, or parts to do
back percentage is trending in the disadvantage when you pay more. the job.
wrong direction, your parts costs Your sale price should adjust as your Sales bottlenecks delays in
are sure to follow. If you arent parts costs change. getting jobs authorized also delays
tracking comebacks and the actual What about your shop labor rate? getting them into the workflow.
hard costs associated with them, you When was the last time you adjusted No performance standards techs
shouldnt let another day pass before it? Why is it at that level? If youre dont know whether theyre doing a
you begin doing so. The easiest way just matching your competition, good job because they dont know
to do this is to create a non-revenue how did they decide their rate? what a good job is.
repair order with parts and labor (Feel free to call me for guidance in Wrong types of jobs the
costs for all comebacks. calculating a shop labor rate.) techs skills dont match their job
What about the never-left-the-shop assignments, so they struggle with
comebacks, or no-goes? These are Productivity various performance setbacks.
still comebacks, but many shops that Theres been a great deal of Comebacks and no-goes when
track traditional comebacks fail to conversation about the difficulty in theres no tracking, its impossible
track them, and they often consume finding qualified technicians. This to determine the actual loss of
significant additional parts. makes it all that much more impor- productivity.
Misdiagnosing problems can also tant to track individual as well as team Inadequate staff for your shops
lead to increases in parts costs. productivity. Again, be sure to track adjusted capacity without
One example is when you perform productivity against historical data to knowing the proficiency of the
work that doesnt fix the customers identify trends. techs, you cant calculate your shops
problem. You likely cant or dont Here are a few leaks and causes capacity, and vice versa.
charge in these cases, but you for declining productivity:
still used parts. This also results Maybe youve hired the wrong Sales and Marketing
in failing to charge for all the people, but then again, maybe you Everything hinges on having
parts that werent detected during just need to invest in training them. enough of the right kind of jobs in
the diagnosis. Lack of effective processes with the shop. It all begins with having
Perhaps the biggest profit leak is no systems, the shop is relying enough leads for jobs that fit your
mispricing your work. If youre on verbal communication. This is sweet spot in terms price range, profit

GEARS April 2017 41

1tschetter 417.indd 41 3/30/17 10:35 AM

Diagnosing and Fixing Profit Leaks

targets, technical proficiency, shop up costing you money in the end. any alternatives to pursuing one more
capacity, etc. Overselling the shops capacity leads major job that would yield the same or
Here are a few leaks in the area of to all sorts of leaks: careless diagno- better bottom line impact? You see, the
marketing: sis, rushed work leading to mistakes, point is that, just by thinking in terms
Are you attracting too many jobs lost bookings of good jobs due to of the number one, an entirely new
that arent in your sweet spot? The being too busy with marginal or way of thinking opens up.
funny thing is, most shop owners undesirable jobs to book the good Through the power of one, you
havent taken the time to review ones on a timely basis. And, could make incremental increases in
their sales history to identify the when the shop is overwhelmed, it sales and reductions in costs leading
best types of customers and jobs for negatively impacts the salespersons to dramatic improvements to your
their shops and crews to perform at drive to sell more work. bottom line.
peak performance. Of course, ineffective sales process- Here are some examples of what
Marketing and advertising for the es or marginal sales skills result in I mean.
wrong types of customers can lost leads, lost jobs, and jobs sold at What would it mean if you could
overwhelm your shop and crew with unprofitable prices. sell and produce just one more hour
unprofitable, time-consuming jobs. Underselling the shops capacity can of technician time per day? Well, if
Separate your good customers from result in the work expanding to fill your shop rate is $75 per hour and
the not-so-good ones. One of the the time, or the empty restaurant youre open 5 days per week, thats
best places to find good customers syndrome. Im sure youve noticed $19,500 per year in added revenue
is from your good customers. Set that the less busy a restaurant is, with no added cost to overhead.
up automated processes to contact the slower the service seems to be. Just think what that would mean
your good customers to keep them It can be the same in a shop that if you could do that with each of
coming back, but also remind them doesnt have enough sales. your technicians $19,500 x (The
to refer their friends and relatives number of techs in your shop) =
to you. In this age of automated Fixing Things 1x1 $___________!
contact systems, theres no excuse It seems fitting to include an If you increased your shop labor
for not tapping into some form of excerpt from an article I wrote about rate by just $1 per hour, who would
constant communication with your seven years ago. It has to do with the notice besides you? It costs nothing,
customer database. Just make sure power of the number 1. and if your shop sells and produces
youre communicating with the good consider the amazing impact 150 hours per week, thats $7,800
customers. that the number one can make. The additional to your bottom line.
Selling is the process of convert- number one is pervasive in our What if you had just one more
ing the leads your marketing system everyday conversations, with sayings appointment per day? If youre open
produces into jobs. In a busy shop, a like, Theres one for the books; 5 days per week, thats five more
marginal sales person or process can One way; One more time; One appointments per week. If your
actually let quality leads slip through of a kind; Were number one; My average sale is $300, thats $1500
the cracks undetected, resulting in one and only; One for the road; more in sales per week or $78,000
major costly leaks. The busyness of the Bet you cant eat just one; and I per year!
shop camouflages the sales leaks. think Ill have just one more. But Have you ever noticed that the
Use your historical data to diagnose the number one can truly turn your best leads come in first thing in
whether any of these sales issues exist: business around in more than one the morning and at the end of the
Are you being selective with the jobs way excuse the pun. day? What would happen if you
you take in? Youre always better off As Ive skipped in and out of opened for business one hour
doing what you do best and most hundreds of shops across the country, before your competition and stayed
profitably. A good sales process Ive heard many a shop owner say, If open one hour longer than your
converts the jobs you want, while fil- I had just one more major job a week, competition? What if you could do
tering out the undesirable jobs. things would be fine. I got to thinking: this without increasing your labor
When things get a little slow, does Why not? cost? Consider this idea have
your salesperson take in those jobs One more of anything seems part of your team start and go home
that end up as what weve all come doable. What would it take to get just an hour earlier and the rest start
to call I should have known better one more job per week, per day, or and go home an hour later. Youve
jobs? You know: the ones that end per whatever you needed? Are there just added two more hours to your

42 GEARS April 2017

1tschetter 417.indd 42 3/30/17 10:35 AM

business day without increasing
your labor cost or overhead, and
youve established a competitive
edge over your competition
that could result in one or more
additional jobs per day.
The power of one works for sav-
ing money, as well. Benjamin
Franklin said, A penny saved is
a penny earned. When you save
a penny, it drops 100% straight
to the bottom line. So what does
a dollar here and a dollar there
or just 1% of cost savings mean
to you? It simply means every
dollar saved drops to the bottom
line. If your net profit is 15%,
to make $1 of profit, you need
to sell and produce nearly $7 of
work. Patch cost leaks they
are bottom line boosters.
These are just a few examples
of why diagnostic checks are
an important part of keeping
your business operating at peak
performance. Make them a priority
for your business.

About the Author

Thom Tschetter has served our
industry for nearly four decades as
a management and sales educator.
He owned a chain of award-winning
transmission centers in Washington
State for over 25 years.
He calls on over 30 years of
experience as a speaker, writer,
business consultant, and certified
arbitrator for topics for this feature
Thom is always eager to help
you improve your business and your
life. You can contact him by phone at
(480) 773-3131 or e-mail to

GEARS April 2017 43

1tschetter 417.indd 43 3/30/17 10:35 AM


by Mike Souza

hen you teach a seminar They had a Dodge Sprinter
every year in the same on the rack and his mechanic
city, you get to meet some was waiting for John to put
interesting people, and some of them the finishing touches on the
become friends, like John Bozzi differential he was rebuilding. No
(figure 1) of Trans-O-Matic in West differential left the shop until John
Irving Park, just outside of Chicago gave it a last once over.
(figure 2). He looked over at me and
John was a veteran of the industry said, Can you tell me if this
for over 60 years; he passed away in differential assembly is too loose,
2014. Before he passed, we were out too tight, or just right? I spun the
together one night before the seminar housing by hand and said, Its
and he wanted to show me something just right.
he was working on. He took me to this
old building in Des Plaines just
outside of Chicago that looked like
it was condemned (figure 3).
Then he started to tell me how he
was going to raise the roof over 20 feet
and install lifts that could handle buses Figure 1: John Bozzi with grandson Nick.
and dump trucks. This building looked
like a nightmare and I thought John
was crazy. Unfortunately, John passed
away just a year before he finished his
John loved working on drive-
shafts, manual transmissions, and
differentials. I remember one time,
while I was hanging out at the shop,
John had me follow him over to a
building they rebuilt across the street.
It not only stored cores; it had a couple
bays in it, too. Figure 2: Trans-O-Matic In West Irving Park just outside of Chicago.

44 GEARS April 2017

1mikesouza 417.indd 44 3/30/17 10:36 AM

Figure 3: Old building in Des Plaines just outside of Chicago. Figure 4: Gino continues his father's dream.

He looked at his mechanic and

said, You see that? Thats called
mechanics feel; something you Figure 5: Bad weather did not stop Gino from continuing his father's dream.
learn after many years of rebuilding
differentials. If it spins more than one
turn, its too loose; less one turn its
too tight. It was something Ive seen a
lot of the old timers do and they never
have a problem with a differential.
His favorite transmissions
to work on were Allisons; you
couldnt pry him away from
them; probably the main reason
for the extra height; extra-large
garage doors (10 in all); and
the multiple, heavy-duty,
40,000-pound lifts already
on order before the building
was even finished. They were
installed eventually, with one Figure 6: New company logo.
extended long bay for buses
and one shorter one for dump trucks.
As John would say, go big or go home.
Johns children discussed whether
they should sell the property unfin-
ished and cut their losses. This was
part of Johns life: not just rebuilding
transmissions, but also rebuilding
buildings. He loved being a building
contractor. They werent sure.
Gino, his son, who grew up
working with his Dad and worked
in the shop since he was old enough
to push a broom, helped his Dad
build another existing structure in
the early 90s Forest Preserve Figure 7: Completed buidling with its 20-foot plus extended roof and new logo.
Drive just across the street from
the shop. He was only 12 at the time, dream (figure 4). Then winter came the new building, Gino came up with
but learned many of lifes lessons and, as you know, winter can get pretty a new company logo. It has a picture
from his Dad from that. Its a second bad in the Chicago area (figure 5). of an old racecar, because Gino
building Trans-O-Matic has, where That didnt slow Gino down; he kept thought his dad would have liked that
they store inventory cores like no other with it and turned on the speed when (figure 6).
transmission shop. spring arrived. With his new building (figure 7),
After much thought and planning, The building was finished in complete with its 20-foot plus extended
Gino just couldnt let it go and took February 2015. It took him less than roof and new logo, Gino set out to
over the project to finish his fathers a year to finish his dads dream. With solicit new accounts with heavy-duty
GEARS April 2017 45

1mikesouza 417.indd 45 3/30/17 10:36 AM

It Started Out as a Dream

vehicles. Theres one bay with a

heavy-duty lift designed exclusively
for these types of vehicles (figure 8).
No other aftermarket shop in the
area is equipped for this type of work.
The lack of local competition made
it easier to sell these accounts. Gino
even sponsored a local boxing event to
advertise his new venture (figure 9).
One of the first vehicles to go
onto this new lift was a full-size tour
bus (figure 10). It wasnt long before
other accounts started to arrive, such
Figure 8: Heavy-duty vehicles lift. as food caterers and even United
Airlines (figures 11 and 12). Although
the extended roof isnt necessary for
stretch limousines, the extra-long,
heavy-duty lift does come in handy
(figure 13).
Gino hired a rebuilder with 20
years experience, specifically for
working on these types of transmis-
sions. The rest of the shop is set
up for the usual transmission work
(figure 14).
There are a total of nine bays in
the shop, with extra room to expand to
Figure 9: Trans-O-Matic sponsors local Figure 10: First heavy-duty vehicle on the more lifts for everyday transmission
boxing event. lift was a full-size tour bus. work (figures 15 and 16). The back of

Figure 11: Catering truck on the heavy-duty lift. Figure 12: United Airlines bus on the heavy-duty lift.

Figure 13: Heavy-duty lift proves handy for stretch limos. Figure 14: Usual, everyday transmission work.

46 GEARS April 2017

1mikesouza 417.indd 46 3/30/17 10:36 AM

the building is rented to AJs Auto: a
general repair shop that was already
there for 15 years, and was waiting
patiently to move back in (figure 17).
Although this picture (figure 18)
shows Gino physically doing some of
the actual labor himself, I somehow
feel it was taken just for show.
Nevertheless, he did what every good
son should do: He never gave up on
the dream. Im sure his dad John is
watching him with a great big smile.

Figure 15: Trans-O-Matic's shop with nine bays.

Figure 16: The building has plenty of room to expand to more lifts. Figure 17: The back of the building is rented to AJ's Auto.

Figure 18: Gino putting up a show of some physical labor for the camera.

GEARS April 2017 47

1mikesouza 417.indd 47 3/30/17 10:36 AM

by Jim Cathcart

Hows life? Its always easy to swim down- Though his own youth had been
Its not uncommon to have friends stream: excuses and complaints arent poor and difficult, he crafted a life that
ask this question when they havent hard to find. As I often say, Critics has touched millions with inspiring
seen you in a while. Whats your may be smart, but have no heart. stories and solutions. He was fun to be
answer today? Hows it going? Finding fault is an entry-level skill and around, to listen to, and to learn from.
Now, before you get tempted to isnt worth much. Zig was a voracious student and
look at the obvious, like checking the So hows life? About now, youd he truly liked people. I recall I once
weather to see what kind of a day it is, expect me to switch to a roses-and- wrote a critical public letter to Macys
lets step back and take a wiser look. rainbows worldview, right? Id rather for removing Merry Christmas from
Even a rainy or bad-weather day can take a look through the eyes of a their stores holiday greetings. Zig
still be a time of profound satisfaction winner. How about Tom Brady, the saw the letter and wrote me a personal
or successful advancement. We arent Super Bowl champion quarterback? note, Mighty proud of you Jim for
a reflection of the weather, though Yes, hes handsome, married to a standing up for your values. I treasure
were influenced by it somewhat. supermodel, rich, and surrounded that note.
The same can be said about the with success. This isnt to say that you should
jobs on your list: The car thats come But look at how he responded to deny difficulties. I just suggest that
back three times now with the same his 5th Super Bowl win. He cried, he you keep them in perspective.
problem. The customers who dont thanked people, he praised his team Todays weather or work list doesnt
realize how well you repaired their and coach, and he gratefully hugged determine how your life is going. It
vehicles and what good prices you his teams owner. He didnt proclaim, just influences where you need to put
gave them. The team member who just I did it! He said, We did it, and todays energy.
cant seem to master that one, vital job Thank you. Keep in mind that your life will
skill. The technology that isnt giving On a personal level, lets look more someday end, and others will assess
you accurate readings, despite recent closely at his strategies: Hes a fitness it based on what they saw, heard,
upgrades. Or the coworker who doesnt fiend, he eats a very disciplined diet, and experienced. Give them lots of
seem to care about being a good he works out constantly, he treasures reasons to say, Now that was a life
contributor to the workflow. his family time, brags about his kids, well-lived. Make people glad that you
In the face of obstacles like these, openly loves his wife, and hes humble were here.
its tempting to say, Life is difficult and even funny. We can learn from that.
right now. Even world champions on Im not asking you to enthrone him as
their best days could find something your hero; I just assert that we can all
to focus on that seems difficult. The follow many of his examples.
world-record runner could complain When your friend asks, Hows
about foot pain on the last lap. life? I recommend that you answer Jim Cathcart is a strategic advisor
Winning jockeys can tell you about like my friend, the late, great Zig to ATRA and a valued contributor to
how a fellow rider tried to cut them Ziglar used to: Super good but Ill GEARS. You can schedule him as a
off in the home stretch. The worlds get better! Zig was a happy soul. He speaker or acquire his many books
richest person could tell you about his always chose to focus on what good by simply visiting Cathcart.com or
losses and the people who cheated or could be done. He believed in people searching for Jim Cathcart online.
betrayed him. and possibilities.

48 GEARS April 2017

1chatcart 417.indd 48 3/30/17 10:39 AM

Your goal is to make your transmission shop more successful,

and ours is to help you do it. As the worlds largest and strongest

trade organization of transmission rebuilders, ATRA is your

premier source for transmission problem-solving and repair

information. A partnership with ATRA means profit for you.


atra membership allright.indd
we do.indd2 1 3/30/17
2/24/14 11:35 AM
membrshp314 2:37 PM
Registration Opens in June

*A Da

hosted by

expo 417 pg1.indd 1 3/28/17 10:56 AM

Worlds largest
event devoted
exclusively to the
repair industry!

Over 40
hours of
& Technical

The best Network with

location on industry
the strip! colleagues!

3655 S Las Vegas Blvd 3645 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109 Las Vegas, NV 89109
(877) 603-4389 (877) 603-4389
Room Rate: $179* Room Rate: $119*
Cut-off Date: 9/25/2017 Cut-off Date: 9/25/2017
*A Daily Resort fee of $29 will *A Daily Resort fee of $29 will
be charged. be charged.

expo 417 pg2.indd 1 3/28/17 10:57 AM

produced by


12PM 7PM
sponsored by

hosted by

Back by popular demand!

k t o B a s
Bac ining by an
i c s

Tra Veter
s t ry
Ind peakers!

Transmissions 101 Sessions on Saturday, October 21

expo 417 pg3.indd 1 3/28/17 10:57 AM
7am - 5pm Attendee Registration PROGRAM AT
7:30am - 7pm Technical Seminars
8am - 2pm Golf Tournament
9am - 4pm Management Seminars

7am - 5pmAttendee Registration
7:30am - 12pmTechnical Seminars
9am - 12pmManagement Seminars
12pm - 2pmATRA Luncheon
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4pm - 6pmATRA Chapter Presidents
SATURDAY 7pm - 9pm Transtar Cocktail
8am - 5pm Attendee Registration
8:30am - 11:30am Technical Seminars
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12pm - 5pm Trade Show
2pm - 5:30pm Technical Seminars
3pm - 4pm ATRA Longtimers

9am - 12pm Technical Seminars
9am - 12pm Management Seminars

expo 417 pg4.indd 1 3/28/17 10:58 AM


by Rick Morris
Professional Transmission

roblems have been reported experience on this unit shows a large several different bearings in the past
with the 2009 and up Subaru failure in the torque converter. The two years on the turbine. We have
CVT torque converter clutch turbine hub is wearing out prematurely recently decided to stick with the 604
not releasing. Engine may stall or drop where it contacts the plastic washer on Chrysler transaxle bearing, for the
engine RPM when slowing to a stop. the front cover. The torque converter convenience of availability (figure 1).
There have been many complaints industry has seen this problem on After machining, you can see
on this symptom. Chatter within several units over the years; most where the finished bearing will pocket
the industry tells us of valve body recently with the CD4E. into the turbine hub (figure 2).
and torque converter problems. Our The factory has claimed to have The bearing is positioned above
updated this torque converter for the face of the original contact point
this problem. It has been said that the at .020" as shown. This leaves .030" -
update contains a thrust bearing on the .040" of clutch release clearance before
front cover or turbine hub. We have not weld (figure 3). We have had great
seen any of these current updates. success with this clearance for this
The clutch release clearance on particular unit.
the units that are not worn indicate less
than .015" of clutch release clearance.
We are currently machining the
Figure 1 original turbine hub, and have used

Figure 2 Figure 3

54 GEARS April 2017

1Brooks 417.indd 54 3/30/17 10:46 AM

Republished With
Permission of TCRA

ntroduced in the 2014 model
year, the AS66RC was an
option in the Ram Chassis Cab
3500, and standard equipment in
the 4500 and 5500 models with a
6.4L Gas Engine. The AS66RC
is basically the same converter Figure 1: AS66RC vs AS68RC
as the AS68RC found in Isuzu
applications shown in Figure 1, but
with a different cover design.
Similar to its counterparts
shown in Figures 2 & 3, the
AS66RC is smaller in diameter
than the AS68RC and the AS69RC
found in the diesel applications.
Upon internal inspection, you
will find that the AS66 & 68 use
the same bearings, seals, and 3
friction clutch pack design.


Overall Height...................... 7.125"
 (180.975 mm)
Internal Clearance0.150" - 0.170
(3.81 - 4.32 mm)
Endplay...................0.020" - 0.025"
(0.51 - 0.64 mm)
Clutch Release Clearance.... 0.050"
(1.27 mm)
Pilot Diameter.......................1.812"
(46.02 mm)

Figure 3: AS69RC

GEARS April 2017 55

1Brooks 417.indd 55 3/30/17 10:46 AM


enjamin Franklin once famously But is it something thats saleable?
pointed out that nothing in life To answer that, you need to consider
is certain, except death and another question: Can your business
taxes. But for shop owners, there may operate without you?
be another certainty to consider: the For too many shop owners, the
day when you decide its time to move answer to that question is a resounding
on to take the next step in your life. no.
For some, moving on will be Lets look at a few other questions
an emotional decision: Youve had that will help you determine your
enough of this business and need to answer:
do something else. Or maybe itll be Does your sign have a business by John E. Anderson
about your health, or the health of name on it, or is it your name? MS Management
someone important to you, such as a When customers call or stop by, do smartexit@atra.com
family member. they insist on speaking with you
Then again, maybe its just time: personally?
You want to spend your remaining Do you have to put your touch on but that probably wont provide you
years teaching your grandchildren nearly every car that comes through with the numbers you were hoping for
how to bait a hook, showing them the the door? by selling your business.
wonders of Disney World, or simply When something doesnt go as
enjoying your freedom. planned, do you have to make an Can You Prove
Whatever your reason, someday executive decision to correct it? Its Worth Buying?
youll be ready to consider moving on. If the answer to at least two of For a business to be worth buying,
Which means youll probably want to those questions is yes, your business it generally has to be making money. Is
look into selling your business. is probably built around you. It cant yours? And more importantly, can you
But selling your business gener- operate without you there. prove it?
ally depends upon the answers to three Then what do you have to sell? Every potential buyer will want
very simple, very important questions: You cant sell yourself well, maybe to see your business records. Theyre
1. Do you have something to sell? you can, but that would probably looking for a positive financial history,
2. Can you prove its worth buying? negate the value of selling, since youd to prove that investing in your shop
3. Can you find someone whos still have to be there. will have the potential to return a
interested? So, if your business is built around profit. They need to know that the
Lets take a look at these questions you, all you have to sell is some used money they invest will pay dividends
and see how they might affect your equipment and old inventory. That isnt in a reasonable amount of time.
decision. selling your business; thats a fire sale. If your business records dont
And you can be sure that you wont show a reasonable profit, you cant
Do You Have get anywhere near what youd like for prove your business is successful to a
Something to Sell? your business if you dont really have a prospective buyer. Remember, those
This question seems pretty obvious business to sell. people and their bankers want to
at first. Of course you have something Of course, if you own the build- see the books before they plunk down
to sell; you have your business. ing, you can still sell the real estate, big bucks to buy your business.
56 GEARS April 2017

1Anderson 417.indd 56 3/30/17 10:47 AM

As unfortunate as it may sound, if in owning a business. As long as they Even if you arent anywhere near
you want to sell your business for top can provide the money and are willing ready to consider moving on, this is
dollar, you need to prove its a cash to become familiar with the market, the time to start building a workable
cow. And that depends on the numbers your shop is a realistic option for them. business model that can make an exit
on your tax returns. From there, you need to move on possible when the time comes.
If youve been altering your to the final step: finding a potential While old Ben may have been
bottom line on paper to reduce your buyer. Now, you could try to do right when he commented on death
tax liability, theres a good chance that yourself, with ads in industry and taxes, it just makes sense to
youll never be able to satisfy your magazines and web-based business recognize that, one day, youll
buyers due diligence. You may still be resources. But, chances are, youll certainly want to sell your business.
able to sell, but not for anything near only reach a fraction of the people who The best way to make sure that
what you were hoping for. might be interested in your business. happens successfully is to start
You could hire a business broker, preparing for it now.
Can You Find Someone but before you do perhaps a better
Whos Interested? idea is to hire a consultant with expert
Okay, so far weve covered the knowledge in increasing the business John E. Anderson will be speaking at this years
first two questions. Chances are youve value and getting it ready for sale. Expo. John is a longtime business coach who helps
discovered you have a lot of problems Such a consultant can show you all business owners evaluate their businesses, adjust their
that youre going to need to correct your options while still leaving you in operating practices, build a strategic plan and make a
if you have any hopes of selling your control of your future. Smart Exit.
In the coming issues, John will discuss some of
business. If you were hoping to sell The differences between each
the strategies hes developed. Hell show you how
tomorrow, those problems may limit shop and owners circumstances are to turn your business around, so you can answer the
your potential sales. so varied you will need specifics on three questions, and ultimately, find a smart exit that
But it doesnt completely close the what would be best for you and your works for you.
door: There still may be a way for you shop. General how-to-sell information Post your questions and observations on the ATRA
to find a buyer for your business. It just is good but there is more to the Forum. A CEO Circle of shop owners is forming to
means your potential market will be transaction than just the sales price, discuss these topics leading up to the EXPO. Email
ATRA for further information smartexit@atra.com
smaller a lot smaller. such as net proceeds after taxes.
You may have one (or more)
current or former employee(s) whom
you could work with to improve
the shops value. First, have them
become a manager, then a partner
and eventually buy you out. In fact,
helping someone you know improve
the business and buy you out could be
an excellent strategy.
Or it could be a technician whos
not an employee, but someone looking
to open his (or her) own shop. And,
if your numbers arent completely
accurate, youll have to find one whos
willing to make a judgment based on
observation, rather than the existing
records. Well discuss some ideas for
you in upcoming issues, as we get
closer to this years Expo.
If youre reading this for your
future say five or ten years from
now you still have time to make
changes to your business to create a
more turnkey situation. When it comes
to the numbers, most potential buyers
are only going to look back a few
years. So you have time to make the
changes necessary, to show you have a
saleable business.
The object is to create a model
that works for anyone whos interested
GEARS April 2017 57

1Anderson 417.indd 57 3/30/17 10:47 AM

by Steve Bodofsky
Brought to you by:

Makes Its Mark on Ventura

ver the years, weve met doz-
ens of multi-generational shop
owners; many who can trace
their automotive lineage back three
But Chris Park, owner of
Independent Transmission, in Ventura,
California, is the first one whose family
history in the auto repair industry began
halfway around the world: Chriss
grandfather was an auto mechanic in
Chris moved to the U.S. with his
parents in 1982, when he was just 16.
My father was a mechanic for a
company that built farm equipment,
explains Chris. After graduating high operate the shop until he closed in 2006. eight lifts.
school, Chris attended a technical I moved to Ventura and found One thing that impresses customers
college where he studied automotive a shop for sale in 2000, says Chris. when they come to Independent is its
technology. It was a very small shop: only three cleanliness: Chris and his staff keep the
My father opened a shop in Oxnard, bays and two lifts. I took the shop and shop spotless, and it gets commented
CA, called Tonys Transmission, says expanded it to five bays and five lifts. on a lot. We put everything away and
Chris. I began working there in 1987 In 2012, the owner of the property clean up daily, to where its become
with my brother. He and his brother, died and the new owners wanted me to something of a habit.
Tony, continued to operate the shop sign a 10-year lease. I looked around It makes a terrific impression with
after his father retired in 1998. In 2000, and found the shop were at now. The our customers, says Chris. And that
he and his brother decided to go their first shop was just 2700 square feet; impression helps build referrals and
separate ways; his brother continued to this new shop is 8000 square feet with sales.

58 GEARS April 2017

1shop profile417.indd 58 3/30/17 11:11 AM

In order to save space, Chris hangs his cases
from the ceiling!

Transmission and
General Repair
The name Independent
Transmission might be a bit misleading Independent Transmission Crew: L to R: Jenna Stroklund, Jade Galt, Tony Park,
today: The shop offers complete auto Chris Park and Franky Hernandez
repair services, although they do
specialize in transmission repair. Like
many transmission shop owners, Chris
decided to expand into general repairs
during the economic downturn at the
end of 2007.
We started seeing more and more
customers who couldnt afford to have
their transmissions repaired, says
Chris. Id never seen a situation with
so many customers saying they had no
money to fix their transmissions!
For many transmission shops, this
could have posed a problem, because a
substantial portion of their businesses The main shop area.
comes in the form of referrals from other
shops in the area. But most of the work between them, theres no need to build Independent, stays on top of that.
coming to Independent Transmission trust with the customer: That trust has Chris tried advertising on local TV
is based on direct consumer referrals. already been established. and radio, but didnt feel he was getting
So expanding into general repair wasnt According to Chris, customers a reasonable return for his investment.
a problem from that aspect. seem to appreciate having a one-stop But recently, Chris began
Of course, expanding into a new shop for all their auto repair needs. Its advertising on the Motor Vehicle
line of work meant more than just adding better for them, and the shop remains Network, or MVN. Its an advertising
the services to their web site. It meant busy and profitable. network that runs on the screen at the
buying additional tools and equipment, So, while general repair may not nearby Department of Motor Vehicles
and even hiring new technicians who be for everyone, its working well for offices, so drivers who are getting their
were versed in those repairs. Independent Transmission. licenses or changing their addresses
One thing Chris has discovered will see Independent Transmission
is that offering general repairs allows Marketing Independent advertised while they wait.
him to build stronger relationships with The name of Chriss shop is Only one of each business type
his customers. Thats because, instead Independent Transmission, but his can be displayed on the screen, and
of seeing customers once in a decade web site is CJPAutomotiveInc.com. were it for auto repair, explains Jenna.
when theyre experiencing transmission The reason? When I first built my Right now they have two separate
troubles, hes likely to see them several web site, someone else already had screens: one that plays the ads and
times a year. the name IndependentTransmission. one for client numbers. But in the next
This improves the relationships com, explains Chris. So I decided to couple months, theyll be combining
between Independent Transmission and go with the CJPAutomotiveInc.com. them. So, if youre waiting for your
their customers, so, when they do have They also keep their name out number to come up, youll have to look
transmission problems, they wouldnt on the net through social media on at the screen with our ad.
think of taking their cars anywhere else. Facebook. Jenna Stroklund, the
And, because of the regular connection office and marketing manager for
GEARS April 2017 59

1shop profile417.indd 59 3/30/17 11:11 AM

Independent Transmissions, Ventura, CA

Chris Park at the bench.

Chris Park's 1980 Bar Hopper that he is in the process of custom rebuilding by hand.

Franky Hernandez performing maintenance.

Community Involvement
Chris and his shop are members of of services that youd be likely to With these programs, Chris and
Business Network International (BNI). need on a regular basis, says Jenna. Jenna work to help build relationships
According to Jenna, BNI is the largest Ive been involved with the group for within their community.
referral-generating leads group in the about eight years, so I know a lot of the
world. It has about a quarter million people here. Building Referrals
members and it exists in 87 countries While the networking itself is a Through Compassion
around the world. terrific resource, BNI doesnt end there. But while marketing keeps the
The local BNI group organizes They do a lot of work in the community, shops name out in front of prospective
a weekly breakfast meeting for its which also helps build relationships for customers, the vast majority of their
members. The program allows for its members. business comes from word-of-mouth
multiple people in the same industry, I volunteer with Project advertising. And those word-of-
as long as their services dont overlap Understanding, says Jenna. Its a mouth referrals are based on years of
directly, explains Jenna. The object of group that helps homeless people find exceptional service and kindness.
the group is to provide referrals to one jobs and transition into the community. The level of compassion that
another. Im going to be an incoming board Chris has goes beyond anything Ive
The local group includes lawyers, member for them. Im also an ever seen, says Jenna. Its without
realtors, insurance agents, professionals ambassador for the Ventura Chamber of comparison.
from the health and beauty industries Commerce, and work with other groups Theres an electrician he knows
It runs the in the community. who was in the business for over 40
gambit years. Now hes disabled, and his
disability payments arent enough to
cover his expenses. Hell come by and
ask whether Chris needs any electrical
work, and Chris will say, Sure, take
care of this for me.

60 GEARS April 2017

1shop profile417.indd 60 3/30/17 11:11 AM

Jenna Stroklund, Office/Marketing Manager urs! 3
ox to yo
ou r to ol b
If a person comes in needing About Chris From
repairs that they cant afford, hell ask, An immigrant from Korea, Chris
Whats your budget? And hell try to became a naturalized U.S. citizen in
work something out to help them. Hell 1986. What the Heck
help them choose the issues that need to An often unfortunate condition is Converter
be addressed right away and leave the of being different is dealing with Clearance? - Part 1
rest for later. stereotypical assumptions from the
For many years, transmission
And Chris is always willing to lend general public. These views can damage technicians and installation techs have
a hand to technicians from other shops. business and create conflict, often for eye-balled the clearance between
He has mechanics from other shops no logical reason. the flex-plate on the engine and the
torque converter pads where the bolts
here every single day, saying, Hey, I So how has being Korean in an attach or where the converter studs
have no idea what to do. Can you help American market affected Chriss extend through the flex-plate. This is
not how we should be doing this when
me? And he helps them, says Jenna. business? If anything, its made it working on todays vehicles.
Chris is also active in his church, easier for him to thrive. A lot of our
When installing todays transmissions,
and takes advantage of that connection customers seem to like Asians, says each installer should verify how far the
to help others. When a car comes into Chris with a chuckle. They look at me pad or stud is from the flex-plate. This
the shop that the owner surrenders or and think, I can trust this guy. And is NOT easy, but it is critical for the
transmission to survive. In the last five
sells cheaply, Chris will repair it and they seem to think Asians are smarter years, the number of broken pump
then he donates it to members of his than anyone else. rotors and stripped pump gears has
increased 10-fold! The root cause of
church who need help, says Jenna. Well, if you have to deal with this problem is torque converter
Another thing that helps build stereotypes, at least those seem to work clearance.
Chriss reputation is his willingness out in Chriss favor. If the converter hub is pushed out of
to spend time talking to customers, And, as Chris and his family have the pump to the point it barely
answering any questions they might proven, sometimes those stereotypes touches the pump drive tabs, slots, or
flats, simple hydraulic pressure will
have. When customers call and have carry an element of truth: He and force the converter hub to jump over
a question about their cars, Ill spend his wife, Yeonhe, are the parents of these parts. One time and the pump is
ruined or broken. The result is no
as much time as necessary to answer two lovely daughters: Stefanie (14) movement, delayed engagement, or
them, says Chris. and Catherine (13). Both girls are A+ slipping. The pump is the heart of
any automatic transmission. If the
Whatever they want to know, I try students, and both are active in sports, pump is damaged or not properly
to give them the best answer, no matter art, and music. working, the transmission will fail.
how much time it takes. Sometimes According to Jenna a musician
What does this mean to you? It means
theyll even give me a computer code and composer herself! the girls each another R&R. An extended flushing of
and Ill explain what it means to them. play multiple instruments, including the cooler lines because the cooler is
now full of metal from the pump
And, very often, that customer will violin, piano, and drums. Theyre failure. A possible upset customer
bring the car in for Chris or his staff extremely talented, proclaims Jenna. because another unit must be sent as
a replacement. And a lot of frustration
to check. No doubt about it: The Parks are on your part. None of this is worth the
Not much wonder that Independent a remarkable family, and Independent three minutes it takes to verify torque
receives so many terrific referrals! Transmission is a remarkable shop. We converter clearance.

wish Chris many years of success. Stay tuned next month for more on
this topic in Part 2 - How to Fix Bad
Converter Clearance.

Gary S. Carne, Brad Laskowski, &

Mark Kidder

GEARS April 2017 61

1shop profile417.indd 61 3/30/17 11:11 AM

GEARS does not endorse new products but makes this new information available
POWERTRAIN INDUSTRY NEWS to readers. If you have a new product, please email the press release information
with applicable digital photo or drawing to apena@atra.com or send by mail to
GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030.

Sonnax Introduces Cottman Highlights Adapt-a-Case Introduces

GM Extended Length Female Auto Pioneers New Instructional Videos
Forward Servo Pin

Cottman Transmission and Total

Auto Care has always tried to prioritize
diversity and community service in
each of its markets. This sentiment is
apparent in its customer auto repair
It isnt uncommon to see a slipping, marketing coinciding with Womens
broken, or burnt forward band in GM History Month (March) where it Adapt-a-Case has long been your
4T60 and 4T65-E transmissions. These introduced a new video featuring its resource for transmission repair kits
issues may be caused by case wear proprietary female automotive care and specialty equipment. But how
at the servo pin bore, as well as the expert, the Transmission Physician. do you use those kits and equipment
shorter-than-necessary OE pin. The release of this video, and effectively?
Sonnax extended length forward the perpetuation of the Transmission To help you get the most out of
band servo pin kit 84571-01K is Physician, is a subtle but meaningful all their products, Adapt-a-Case is
designed to address both of these acknowledgement to the contributions beginning to create a series of online
issues: of women to the auto care industry. instructional videos. For now there are
Increased pin length optimizes Building on the momentum of just a couple, but were working to add
forward band apply female automotive trailblazers such more soon.
PTFE seals eliminate apply leaks as Mary Anderson, who invented You can view these videos at
Visit www.sonnax.com for more the windshield wiper blade in 1913, www.adapt-a-case.com, YouTube, or
information. and Helene Rother, the first female Adapt-a-Cases Facebook site. Have a
automotive designer, Cottmans look today!
Alto Introduces New Transmission Physician plays an
Line of Hard Parts important role in the development of EXEDY Wins Fourth
womens presence in the auto industry. Jasper Quality Award
Its not often talked about,
but women have had a significant
impact on the auto industry, said
Rebecca Ledbetter, digital marketing
coordinator for Cottman. In fact,
the invention of the automobile itself
helped usher in a new era of womens
independence and autonomy.
We created this video and the
Transmission Physician to highlight
the contributions of women in our
field, says Sue Burg, senior director of EXEDY Globalparts Corporation
advertising. Representation is top of was presented its fourth consecutive
Alto Products is pleased to mind for us, and we want all customers quality award from Jasper Engines and
introduce its newest line of new, of Cottman to feel like theyre being Transmissions.
reconditioned, and rebuilt hard parts. heard, says Burg. Per Jasper, the Quality Award
To see whats available, theyve The Transmission Physician is listing was established by joint
created a new catalog, available as a accessible via the Cottman website on nominating efforts between JASPER
downloadable PDF, online e-catalog, or the Videos tab at www.cottman.com/ sourcing and quality teams in key areas
a mobile app, available at www.altousa. transmission-physician/. such as Supplier Scorecard Results,
com/catalogs. Visit www.Cottman.com and Corrective Action Requests, Warranties,
Visit www.altousa.com for more www.TheCottmanManBlog.com for Quality Control First-Piece History, and
information. more information. Quality Issue Resolution.
62 GEARS April 2017

1PINS 417.indd 62 3/30/17 11:13 AM

Being one of three chosen to Marx Group Promotes Pro Torque Introduces
receive this award is an achievement, Kerri Petersen to The Joe Show Videos
considering Jasper has thousands Executive Vice President
of key suppliers. EXEDY proudly Marx Group,
services Jasper consistently as a a full-service
partner in their production of high- research, strategy
quality, remanufactured automatic and marketing
transmissions. communications
Visit www.exedyusa.com for more agency highly
information. focused in the
Gene Morrill Joins performance,
Elite as Business and trucking
Development Coach industries, has
Elite has promoted Kerri
announced that Petersen to Pro Torque Performance Products
Gene Morrill executive vice president, marketing has created a new, informative video
has joined the and creative services. Todays series calledThe Joe Show. The series,
company as its announcement coincides with the 12th created, produced, and starring Joe
newest business anniversary of Petersen joining the Rivera, will focus on converter tech,
development agency. drag racing, customer interviews,
coach. With a deep knowledge of the and anything else Joe deems cool or
In his new automotive and heavy duty aftermarket helpful.
role, Morrill will use his 32 years of and expertise in marketing and media Joe has 30+ years of torque
experience as a successful shop owner buying, Petersen is responsible for converter experience, and now
to provide 1-on-1 business building supporting strategic marketing plans, customers have the unique opportunity
guidance to current shop owners managing the creative services team, ofsubmitting their questions toinfo@
throughout the U.S. and developing creative campaigns protorque.comto be answered onThe
Genes shop, Certified Automotive, for clients. She also directs all media Joe Show.
is an AAA AAR, ASCCA member, planning and helps guide public Visit www.protorque.com for more
ASA member, ASE Blue Seal shop, relations and editorial opportunities for details.
and has been a MotorAge Top Shop clients.
five times, winning the MotorAge Kerri has been the heart and soul HECAT Flushers Now
Shop of the Year in 2012. Additionally, of the creative and marketing efforts at Feature Pulse Energy
Certified Automotive is a 5-time AAA Marx Group for over a decade now and H E C AT s
Quality Service Award winner, and has is responsible for much of the growth new pulse valve
been featured in Ratchet & Wrench, weve experienced, said Tom Marx, design (2016
MotorAge, and Glendoran magazines. chairman and chief strategy officer, patent) has been
Not only does his shop have some Marx Group. She energetically incorporated
impressive accolades, but Gene himself dedicates her time to the needs of into the base
is an ASE Master Technician, the past our clients, knows how to gather model and heavy
president and current board member the right resources to make things duty versions
of the local Automotive Service happen quickly and leads her team by of the FAC-400
Councils of CA (ASCCA) chapter, example. A/C component
and one of the first 49 recipients of the Before joining Marx Group, flusher and
AMIs Accredited Master Automotive Petersen led marketing efforts for the MARK
Manager degree (AMAM). Apogee Sound, a professional IV transmission oil cooler flusher;
Gene was a member of Elites Pro loudspeaker manufacturer, and Jandy producing a 30% increase in pulse
Service Peer Group for many years, Pool and Spa Products, a division of energy.
said Bob Cooper, president of Elite. Waterpik. Her career in marketing The high frequency pulse process,
And from day one I was impressed began more than 20 years ago in the used in all PULSATOR products, has
with his abilities as a shop owner and record industry where she worked for always produced much more scrubbing
with all that he does to give back to the Global Pacific Records and later at and cleaning energy than other
industry and his community. I always Access Music. flushing options; energy necessary to
dreamed that hed one day coach with Petersen holds a bachelors degree clean the complex micro and parallel
us, so am absolutely thrilled that hell be in international business from Sonoma pathways of todays high efficiency
imparting his wisdom to Elite clients. State University. heat exchanger, explains Karl Matis,
Visit www.EliteWorldwide.com for For more information, phone (415) president at HECAT, Inc.
more information. 453-0844,or visitmarxgrp.com. HECAT, Inc. is a manufacturer
GEARS April 2017 63

1PINS 417.indd 63 3/30/17 11:13 AM

of specialty internal heat exchanger 25 x14 x 7 (10 at the peak), and transmissions (DSG/DCT) for light
flushing and cleaning equipment, tools, custom sizes are available. Features vehicles, including those from Opel,
adapters, chemicals, and procedures durable 35mm clear PVC panels, VW, Renault, and Ford.
for automotive, aviation, fleet, and 60mm PVC tubes, and a 45mm For more information about LBM
industrial services. reinforced PVC basemat that is mildew, Autoparts new catalog, contact Erik
HECAT PULSATOR products abrasion, and flame resistant, as well as Stlebo, CEO, LBM Autoparts AB,
are designed to be an integral part impervious to oil, and gas. Phone, direct: +46 705 333 717, or
of any proper air conditioning, Visitwww.carcapsule.com, or email erik@lbmautoparts.se.
automatic transmission, engine contact directly at (219) 945-9493
cooling, and system decontamination, orinfo@carcapsule.com. SEMA Helps Young
reconditioning, and repair processes. Entrepreneurs Launch
For more, visit them online at LBM Autoparts Sets Up Their Businesses
www.hecatinc.com, e-mail tech-info@ Shop in Germany The SEMA Young Executives
hecatinc.com, or call 800-380-9501. Network (YEN) is now accepting
applications for its annual Launch
CarCapsule Introduces Pad competition at www.sema.
New Mobile WorkStation org/launchpad. The program, now
in its fifth year, has helped young
and emerging entrepreneurs in the
automotive aftermarket launch their
new products or services through
expert guidance and increased brand
The competition offers innovators,
Swedish spare part supplier LBM inventors, and entrepreneurs under 40
The CarCapsule Mobile Autoparts is setting up in Germany a platform to present their products
WorkStation is a portable, enclosed in an effort to serve Europes minor to industry veterans and experts for
shelter that can be used as a work transmission specialists and workshops. evaluation and feedback to help take
place, show place, or for displays. Since its establishment in 1991, their businesses to the next level. The
Its the latest addition in a long line Swedish company LBM Autoparts, program offers various prize packages
of products that further establishes with its head office north of with opportunities to receive a $10,000
CarCapsules ongoing commitment to Gothenburg, has evolved into a full- award, free SEMA show booth and
offer the most effective storage and service supplier of spare parts for one-year SEMA membership, face
shelter solutions. automatic and manual transmissions. time with key industry influencers, and
Using the design and technology of For many years, Scandinavia has access to business tools and resources.
CarCapsules popular ShowCase, the been the companys main market. In The program is designed to help
Mobile WorkStation sets up quickly recent years, LBM Autoparts has gained individuals bring their products to
in one easy step. Simply attach the an increasing number of clients around market and ultimately to build a better
included air pump and the shelter Europe. To meet demand and progress business, said SEMA Director of
inflates in 13 minutes. No tools are its market position even more, its Networks Bryan Harrison. We are
required. initiated a long-term foreign expansion. teaching these young entrepreneurs that
The WorkStation provides a dust The first step was to establish a sales you more often have to start by selling
free, debris free, dry, and versatile office with a warehouse in Germany. the problem to the market before
space that can be used for a variety of LBM Autoparts business concept selling your product as the solution.
purposes, including window tinting, offering alternatives to original spare Applicants do not need to be
mobile electronics, mobile detailing, parts of equal or higher quality has members of SEMA or YEN to
vinyl lettering, and vehicle repair. been highly successful. LBM Autoparts participate but must hold an executive
All tasks can be done in the climate, currently holds a strong position, position within the company and act
comfort, and convenience of the not least among minor transmission as its representative in all promotions
WorkStation. specialists and workshops. The and presentations if selected as a
The Mobile WorkStation can also companys ambition to facilitate the semifinalist and finalist.
be used for vehicle presentations and selection and purchasing of spare parts The deadline is May 30, 2017.
other displays. The Mobile WorkStation and remanufacturing and repair work To apply or for more information,
is supported by heavy duty, and has been important to its success. log on to www.sema.org/launchpad.
resilient 12 diameter inflatable air In line with this strategy, LBM
columns, and features a front panel Autoparts has developed proprietary,
and side panels that zip open and away, complete remanufacturing kits and a
allowing for simple entry and exit. catalog with over 500 spare parts for
The Mobile WorkStation measures manual transmissions and dual clutch
64 GEARS April 2017

1PINS 417.indd 64 3/30/17 11:13 AM

General Motors Ford Imports Chrysler

Why does it cost So Much?

Why Should I get my Transmission Rebuilt?

Answer your Customers questions by

ordering the New Posters Now!
Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association
2400 Latigo Avenue Oxnard, CA 93030 Toll Free (866) 464-2872 (805) 604-2000 Fax (805) 604-2003
members.atra.com www.atra.com www.gearsmagazine.com

2017-Gears-bookstore-AD.indd 1 3/30/17 11:20 AM

Americas leading international trade fair for the automotive
service industry targeting trade visitors from the US & Canada

Exhibition: July 26-28, 2017

Training: July 27-29, 2017
McCormick Place West, Chicago, IL



NEW PRODUCTS just hitting the market

FREE TRAINING by the industrys top EXPERTS
NETWORKING with manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and importers


Visit NACEAutomechanika.com/Register
Enter coupon code: ATRA2017

GEARS_0417_Ads.indd 66 3/30/17 11:32 AM

GEARS Shopper advertising costs $325.00 for a one time insertion ad, (2 1/4 X 3) 2.25 X 3. Larger ads can be placed
elsewhere in the magazine and are charged at comparable rates. Check or money order must accompany all orders.
For information on Shopper advertising in GEARS, contact GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030, or call
(805) 604-2000.

Division of Wentworth Engineering

Need Hard
Authorized Parts Distributor Parts?
Reman Trans 6HP - 5HP - 4HP
BMW - Audi - Jaguar - Range Rover
Valve Bodies & Torque Converters

Just Ask!
Soft Parts / Friction Kits / Steel Kits / Repair Manuals
Lifetime Fluids / Rebuild Kits / Valvebody Kits

Fax: (860) 395-0047
www.zftranspart.com 1.877.888.5160
146B Elm St., Old Saybrook, CT 06475

COMPUTERS gcor-just-ask-2014-2.25x3-shopper.indd 1 12/1/13 7:18 PM

Foreign & Domestic

Computer Module Specialist Engine Control Module (ECM)

Off Vehicle Flash Programming Transmission Control Module (TCM)

A/C COMPRESSORS A/C Parts Specialist

Accept Major Credit Cards One Year Warranty

Technologies, Inc.
8515 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77037


CASH for Transfer Case Assemblies

with Encoder Motors
Solenoid CORES Reman Transmissions
New & Reman Engines
Aisin AW 5- & 6-Speed
3 yr./100,000 Mile Parts &
Chrysler 45RFE/545RFE/68RFE
Labor Warranty
(early & late) & 62TE
Nationwide Delivery
*Ford 5R55N/W/S & E4OD/4R100
Truckload Pricing
Honda 5-Speed Dual Linear
Only at
Visit www.sonnax.com
to start a core return online, or call
(800) 843-2600, Ext. 379 GREEN BAY, WI

*OE & Remanufactured


GEARS April 2017 67

1shoppers 417.indd 67 3/28/17 9:04 AM

GEARS Shopper advertising costs $325.00 for a one time insertion ad, (2 1/4 X 3) 2.25 X 3. Larger ads can be placed
elsewhere in the magazine and are charged at comparable rates. Check or money order must accompany all orders.
For information on Shopper advertising in GEARS, contact GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030, or call
(805) 604-2000.

BMW Mercedes-Benz Audi

Remanufactured to
Hundreds of Transmissions in-stock.
Immediate installation available.
2 year unlimited warranty.
Remanufactured torque converter included.

Toll free 800 - 372 - TRANS

1331 Rollins Road Burlingame, CA 94010
tel 650 - 348 - 3990 fax 650 - 348 - 3019

n Pushes 18,000 lbs up a 5% grade

n Safe for use on plastic bumpers
n Variable Speed Soft Touch Control
n Built-in 115V charging system

powerpusher.com | 800-800-9274
2017 Nu-Star, Inc.

With over 150,000 transmission, engine and
internal part cores on the shelf, we have the cores
you need _ ready to ship today!


Las Vegas, NV Chicago, Il

800.426.8771 800.826.7403
702.649.7776 773.624.6111
702.649.6777 FAX 773.624.6660 FAX
Find vintage cores on Memory Lane

68 GEARS April 2017

1shoppers 417.indd 68 3/28/17 10:47 AM

Expect the
Standard Transmissions
Transfer Cases
Quality New & Used Parts
Remanufactured Rebuilt Units
Torque Converters *ONE CALL DOES IT ALL*
Distributorships Available
Visit our website:
www.cvcconverters.com 866-571-GEAR
4 3 2 7


The Future of CONVERTERS?
Training at
Your Fingertips

Overhaul System!


Call for a free catalog

APRIL 18/19 6T70/76E 6747 Whitestone Road Baltimore, MD 21207
MAY 2/3 6R80 INTRO
MAY 16/17 LGT 1000 Equipment Manufacturing Corp.
ATRA Webinars are presented every two
weeks from January to October.
Login at http://members.atra.com and
click on the webinar schedule under $4,995.00
HARD PARTS FOR the events menu. Once registered, you In Stock
Domestic and Foreign will receive an email conrming your
registration along with the information
you need to join the webinar.
Late and Early models
This and other technical webinars *Free for everyone on the
are made possible by; day of the webinar. ATRA
Members have access to all
CALL 602-971-0477 pre-recorded webinars. See
page 45 for details.

WE SHIP UPS DAILY The technology leader in parts cleaning for over 20 years

GEARS April 2017 69

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GEARS classified advertising cost $95.00 for up to 50 words for a one time insertion. ATRA members are eligible to receive up to three (3) FREE classified
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our full line of high-precision Why buy foreign,
TORQUE CONVERTER When you can buy
American Quality
rebuilding equipment. Tools and parts
washers GEARS classified advertising cost $95.00
At an for up to 50 words for a one time inser-
Unbeatable Price!
tion. ATRA members are eligible to receive
up to three (3) FREE classified advertise-
Visit our website for more information, ments in GEARS annually (per 10 issues).
or the links below for our Parts Washers: Members wishing to place ads once their
three FREE ads have been placed may do so
www.partscrubber.info www.partscrubberx.info
at the cost listed above. Ads exceeding the
www.midipro.info maximum word count will cost $1.50 for each
www.transmissionpartswashers.info additional word (not including phone number
www.SuperFlow.com/gears | 1.888.442.5546 and address).

BUSINESS FOR SALE: Business and property HELP WANTED: Looking for an experienced Mitchell On Demand, Identifix, Transgo Tec,
for sale, approximately 3300 sq.ft, 7 bays, Torque Converter Rebuilder. Contact Atlas Steve Younger, ATRA, ATSG, computer system
50 car parking lot, 2 furnished apartments Automotive Inc. Irene or Erika, ibogdan@ for build room. Call us: (541) 535-1075 ask for
on the 2nd floor. Reputable and established sbcglobal.net or (216) 671-0100. Jim or Rich jimnewcomb1978@gmail.com
transmission shop for 30 years. Equipment ATRA Mbr
and inventory, lifts, part washer, waste oil HELP WANTED: COLORADO SHOP
furnace, turn key operation. Located downtown SEEKING TRANS REBUILDER: Are you HELP WANTED: Globe Transmissions
Louisville, Kentucky, owner wishes to retire. an experienced transmission rebuilder with in Southbridge, MA is seeking full time,
Call (502) 585-2255 Monday, Tuesday or great references and a positive, team player experienced R&R Tech, Rebuilder and
Wednesday. attitude? This is an extraordinary opportunity to swingman. Candidates must have minimum
join a shop who truly cares for our customers 5 years experience with foreign and domestic
BUSINESS FOR SALE/LEASE: Looking to and values our employees. We have an transmissions. Valid license, transportation
Expand or Relocate? 8,000 sq. ft. Reputable excellent reputation in the industry and we and tools a must. Send resumes to Bob at:
and established shop for lease or sale in sunny get to live and work in the beautiful Grand globetransmissions@gmail.com or call us at
Arizona, located near Las Vegas and Lake Valley of Western Colorado with hiking, biking, (508) 764-9400. ATRA Mbr
Havasu City. Operated as a transmission shop hunting, fishing, and off-road sports just
for 23 years, same owner. Call (928) 530-6350 minutes from town. In addition to a great work HELP WANTED: OUTSTANDING Southern
to inquire. environment, we offer competitive pay, a 5-day California Shop Needs: 2nd $1,000,000
ATRA Mbr work week, local healthcare, individual and Producer aka Assist Service Manager, $1K
team bonuses, and a matching IRA plan. For Relocation after 90 days - North San Diego
EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: Converter - TCRS more information on our shop visit our website County. Contact: Art Eastman - TransShop
Auto Aliner with miller CP-302 power source. at www.bakerstransmission.com. E-mail your Consultant (714) 325-7777 or Trans_
Victor 1860E Lathe with cutting heads. resume to bakerstransmission@gmail.com or ShopSales_R_US@hotmail.com. ATRA Mbr
Bonding machine and hydraulic riveter. Low Fax to (970) 242-8589. We look forward to
volume shop use only. Pictures available. Pier hearing from you! ATRA Mbr HELP WANTED: Looking for a motivated,
Transmission, Boston, MA (617) 268-7409. punctual mechanic and or transmission
ATRA Mbr HELP WANTED: Southern Oregon Close rebuilder. Must be available to work Monday
to Hunting, fishing, camping, boating and - Friday 8am - 5pm, have own hand tools,
EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: G-TEC Transmission shopping. Automotive General Technician with speak English and most importantly follow
Dyno for front and rear wheel drive. Universal transmission removal & installation abilities, directions. Preferred experience removing and
adapter for most front and rear wheel drive generous compensation for the right person, installing transmissions front and rear wheel
transmissions and torque converter. It has a benefits included. Transmission Rebuilder drive. Not required but preferred! Reading
built in hoist, digital gauges, transmission fluid also needed with ability to do all Automatics and comprehension necessary. Pay is good,
tank with pump and filtering system, Sonnax and Standards. Seperate rebuild room with weekends and holidays off. Great opportunity
flow meter and many extras. This dyno new heating and A/C, organized parts room with for the right person with a positive attitude and
was over 100K, Im selling for $17,000 OBO. about 75K parts in inventory. Fast pace strong work ethic. Call or text Steve at (805)
Please contact Johnny at: (310) 714-3869 or shop with quality-minded technicians to work 896-2939 or trans58.sp@gmail.com.
Email pctransmissions@yahoo.com ATRA Mbr with, complete diagnostic equipment with ATRA Mbr

70 GEARS April 2017

1classfd-417.indd 70 3/28/17 10:50 AM

Don't Miss the ATRA SEMINAR Near You!


4/1 - St. Louis, MO 4/8 - Minneapolis, MN 4/22 - Concord, CA
4/29 - Dallas, TX 5/13 - Denver, CO 5/20 - Des Moines, IA http://members.atra.com
5/20 - Albuquerque, NM 5/27 - Vancouver, BC 8/5 - San Antonio, TX MEMBERS.ATRA.COM

ATRA'S POWERTRAIN EXPO 2017 October 19 - 22

HELP WANTED: Ralphs Transmission is a Diagnosticians, Service Advisors (Sales). Visit: HELP WANTED: NATIONAL EMPLOYMENT
growing shop in Modesto seeking qualified www. RalphsTransmission.com to learn more HEADQUARTERS FOR THE TRANSMISSION
and experienced transmission specialists. about Ralphs Transmission and employment INDUSTRY. Fast, Easy and Free service to
We have an excellent facility with completely opportunities. Contact Mario Jauregui at (209) industry employees! Low cost and an easy way
upgraded equipment. Ralphs offers a 526-1909 or Mario@RalphsTransmission.com. to recruit nationwide for shop owners! Serving
positive work environment, competitive pay, the transmission industry since 1997. Visit our
benefits and other great employee incentives. website at: www.transteam.com or call us toll
We are currently accepting applicants free at: (888) 859-0994.
for the following positions: R&R Specialist,

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Inside the Honda 6-Speed
ATRA's 2015 Powertrain Expo!
Make your plans now!
CVR-715-jt1.indd 2
JULY 2015

6/19/15 12:08 PM
to the next 10 issues of GEARS.

Name _____________________________________ Phone _______________________________

Address______________________________ City ________________ State ______ Zip __________
U.S. $30 ~ Canada $45 ~ Other Areas $65 Please enclose check or money order in U.S. funds and send to:
GEARS 2400 LATIGO AVENUE OXNARD, CALIFORNIA 93030, or call: (805)604-2000

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NamePage NamePage

ATRA BookStore...............................................................................65 Jasper Engines & Transmissions....................................................IBC

members.atra.com www.jasperengines.com

ATRA Membership............................................................................49 LUBEGARD, A Stellar Automotive Group Company........................3

members.atra.com www.lubegard.com

ATRA Powertrain Expo................................................... 50, 51, 52, 53 Precision European Inc.....................................................................71

www.powertrainexpo.com www.PEIus.com

ATRA Seminars...........................................................................36, 37 Precision International.......................................................................15

members.atra.com www.transmissionkits.com

ATRA Webinars.................................................................................29 Raybestos Powertrain.......................................................................19

members.atra.com www.raybestospowertrain.com

Adapt A Case....................................................................................41 Rostra Precision Controls Inc............................................................33

adapt-a-case.com www.rostratransmission.com

Automechanika Chicago...................................................................66 NATPRO........................................................................................OBC

NACEAutomechanika.com www.natpronet.com

ETE Reman...................................................................................9, 61 Sonnax Industries................................................................. IFC, insert

www.etereman.com www.sonnax.com

EVT Parts..........................................................................................39 Superior Transmission Parts...............................................................7

www.evtparts.com www.superior-transmission.com

GEARS Magazine.............................................................................66 Sussex Auto Parts Ltd.......................................................................57

www.gearsmagazine.com www.sussexautos.co.uk

GearSpeed........................................................................................13 SystemOne Technologies Inc............................................................43

www.gearspeedpartsstore.com www.systemonetechnologies.com

GFX, Inc............................................................................................25 Transtar Industries, Inc...................................................................... 11

www.gfxcorp.com www.transtar1.com

H G M Electronics.............................................................................17 Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc.........................................5

www.compushift.com www.wittrans.com

ATRA Supplier Members

Reserve your free table top display for the
ATRA 2016 technical seminar series today!

Call (805) 604-2018

See ATRA Seminar

Schedule information at:
Also see pages 36 and 37.

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GEARS_0417_Ads.indd 500 3/30/17 11:32 AM
Continuing to Invest
and Grow in the West!

Watch for more
west coast

The Best for the Best!

Technical Support
Customer Service
Best Fill Rate in the Industry
Everything you Need to Service Automatic

Why settle for next day when you can have it in hours?
145 Mason Cir # B 1927 E. Cedar Street 675 Gateway Center Drive, Suite B 1450 N 26th Ave
Concord, CA 94520 Ontario, CA 91761 San Diego, CA 92102 Phoenix, AZ 85009
Phone: (925) 798-8504 Phone: (909) 443-5920 Phone: (619) 281-6600 Phone: (602) 415-9509

5151 Heliotrope Ave 4212 Roseville Rd, Suite A 3744 Meade Ave # 12 1095 Andover Park E
Vernon, CA 90058 North Highlands, CA 95660 Las Vegas, NV 89102 Seattle, WA 98188
Phone: (323) 562-2111 Phone: (916) 830-4370 Phone: (206) 892-3270
Phone: (702) 247-4150

2017 National Transmission Products, LLC. All rights reserved. natpronet.com

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