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Parents Subject : Grammar Score Teachers

Signatu Day / Date : Wednesday / 04 December Signature
re 2013
Grade/Ter : III / I
Time : 90 Minutes
Name :

I. Choose the best correct answer!

1. My father has three.in the garage.

a. house c. car
b. monkey d. cars

2. Amtiaz.going to the pet shop today.

a. can c. is
b. were d. are

3. The boy is reading a book in the library. What is the pronoun of the boy?
a. She c. It
b. He d. We

4. Don't climb the cliffs or all of you might hurt.

a. themselves c. yourselves
b. yourself d. ourselves

5. My dad and..went to the cinema last night.

a. mine c. I
b. it d. our

6. Some..are trying to find the answer.

a. child c. man
b. boy d. children

7. Mom and Kevin are shopping to the market. ..always shop there.
a. They c. It
b. We d. He

8. Martha has the.score at Mathematics.

a. good c. best
b. better d. bad
9. I saw a swarm of.is flying over him.
a. birds c. cows
b. bees d. flowers

10. The beautiful girl dances gracefully. The verb from the sentence is
a. beautiful c. dances
b. gracefully d. girl

11. This is the ..score that I've ever had.

a. bad c. worst
b. worse d. good

12. There is asnake in the zoo.

a. long c. hot
b. tall d. sad

13. Sandra makes a cake. The verb of the sentence is..

a. cake c. makes
b. Sandra makes d. Sandra

14. The water is boiling. is for Mom to make coffee.

a. They c. It
b. She d. He

15. What is an adjective you could use to describe an apple?

a. black c. red
b. smart d. tall

16. The opposite of in is .

a. out c. under
b. on d. above

17. A/An .. is a naming word.

a. adjective c. adverb
b. noun d. verb

18. The pirate buried his treasure .. a tree.

a. in c. under
b. on d. to

19. They talk .. in the class.

a. noisy c. noise
b. noisily d. glad

20. We are happy family. The opposite of happy is

a. great c. smile
b. sad d. glad

II. Fill in the blanks using the suitable adjective from the box !

happy short

large lovely
1. a. It is a .weather. Let's go to the beach.

b. Every child looks . In this birthday party.

c. My father always reads a story before I sleep.

d. Mr. Kim has a . Garden. He plants many kinds of fruits.

2. Copy these sentences. Write the words completely, instead of in contraction.

a. Im sure youd love it. = ..

b. Shes my best friend. = ..

3. Change these singular words into plural :

a. table =

b. fox =

c. finger =.

4. Complete these sentences with I or me !

a. The librarian gave the book to joko and ..

b. Winston and . are eating rice and noodle.

c. Aunty Shirley and enjoy baking the cake.

5. Copy these sentences using a contraction in each one.

a. Do not go ! =

b. I will call for you later =

c. Who is that ? =

6. Change these words into plural form.

a. woman =

b. child =
c. deer =

d. tooth =

e. foot =

7. Punctuate these sentences.

a. Come here, my mum said. =

b. Shinta asked, what day is today ? =

8. Change these statement into questions !

a. Mr. Brown smiles at me. =

b. Andi is good at Mathematics. =

9. Complete these tables !








arrive .

act .
marry .

. delivery

. behaviour

III. Answer the following questions !

1. Make sentences using the adjectives below =

a. happy =
b. beautiful =
c. big =

2. Rewrite these sentences by using capital letters for proper nouns !

a. mrs. Lee has called celine, randy and I for three times.


b. mr. king was going to medan to buy some books for his son, ben.


c. uncle jim, who lives in Jakarta will come to semarang on saturday


3. Write a sentence for each picture. Use at least one noun and one pronoun in
each sentence !



4. Copy these sentences, changing the verbs into past tense !

a. The kids wait in a line.


b. The students read loudly.


c. She takes the photo in the park.


5. Rewrite the sentences using pronouns !

a. The children played at the playground.


b. The shark has sharp teeth.


c. Mr. David is handsome.


T.P. 2013 2014
Subject : Grammar
Class / Term : Primary III / I

I. Multiple Choice
6. D 16. A
11. C
1. D 7. A 17. B
12. A
2. C 8. C 18. C
13. C
9. B 19. B
14. C
10. C 20. B
15. C
3. B
4. C
5. C

II. Fill in the blank

1. a. lovely c. short
b. happy d. large
2. a. I am sure you would love it. b. She is my best friend
3. a. tables b. foxes c. finger
4. a. me b. I c. I
5. a. Dont go ! b. Ill call for you later c. Whos that ?
6. a. women b. children c. deer d. teeth e. feet
7. a. Come here, my mum said. b. Shinta asked, What day is it today ?
8. a. Does Mr. Brown smile at me? b. Is Andi good at mathematics ?
9. furious, dangerous, comfortable, fame, beauty
10. arrival, action, marriage, deliver, behave
III. Answer the following
1. may vary
2. a. Mrs. Lee has called Celline, Randy and I for three times
b. Mr. King was going to Medan to buy some books for his son, Ben
c. Uncle Jim, who lives in Jakarta will come to Semarang on Saturday
3. a. Shinta is drinking a glass of strawberry juice with her glass.
b. Jeslyn is riding her new bicycle.
4. a. The kids waited in a line.
b. The students read loudly.
c. She took the photo in the park.
5. a. They played at the playground
b. It has sharp teeth.
c. He is handsome.