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Please email this registration form and proof of payment to:

iemkelantanbranch@gmail.com before or on 2th February 2017.
Time and Date:
Registration Fee 14 February 2017, (Tuesday)
Student and IEM 9.00am 5.30pm
Member and JKR Non - member
RM100 RM200 RM300 Closing Date:
2 February 2017

Crystal Lodge Hotel
124, Jalan Che Su, 15000 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
SYNOPSIS Compaction technology, the current and new
approaches of a vibratory compaction by Ir. Pok
Issue of pavement quality and the increasing traffic loading have gained 01.00 pm 02.00 pm Lunch
significant attention lately. The increasing public awareness regarding this
issue has triggered the road industry to address these increasing demands 02.00 pm 03.00 pm Compaction technology, the static compaction and
and needs. Two importance parameters that required engineers attention the case studies by Ir. Pok SL
are riding quality and the improved structural strength. 03.00 pm 03.45 pm A pallet Polymer Modified Bitumen technology with
logistic and handling flexibility by Mr Phillippe.
03.45 pm 04.00 pm Tea Break
Lately a three point averaging sonic sensors namely the Multiplex System
which is a system managed to assist road contractors to construct a 04.00 pm 04.30 pm Mobile crusher, solution to address shortage of
pavement with riding quality which conforms to the local specifications materials.
requirements, has been introduced successfully in Malaysia. Together with by Mr Nicholas Tan.
Polymer Modify Bitumen (PMB), which known as one from many alternative 04.30 pm 05.00 pm The application of latest technologies in road
that enable a road surfacing to be constructed with better resistant to 05.00 pm 05.10 pm construction.
by Ir. Pok SL
permanent deformation and fatigue failure, a pavement with good riding
Question and Answers
quality and higher structural strain materials are now made possible. 05.10 pm 05.20 pm Closing remarks by IEM Kelantan and JKR
OBJECTIVES 05.20 pm 05.30 pm Collection of certificates
1) To give a clear understanding about Multiplex System and Polymer
2) Provide chance for the participant to gain knowledge from
respective speakers. Ir Pok Sum Loong
3) Provide opportunity to participants to collect CPD point.
Ir. Pok Sum Loong is the Managing Director of Wirtgen Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.,
4) Encourage engineers to become members of IEM YES Kelantan a subsidiary for The Wirtgen Group since July 2011. The Wirtgen Group is an
Branch and IEM Kelantan Branch internationally operating group of companies leading in the construction
machinery sector incorporating five product brands namely Wirtgen, Vgele,
OUTLINE SCHEDULE Hamm, Kleemann and Benninghoven. Wirtgen Group has become a one-
stop supplier of leading technologies for the entire road construction cycle
08.30 am 09.00 am Registration starts from processing, mixing, paving, compaction and then the
09.00 am 09.20 am Welcoming and opening speech by IEM Kelantan rehabilitation.
and JKR Kelantan
09.20 am 10.45 am The efficient and effective way of laying a flexible Ir. Pok is a Civil Engineer registered with The Board of Engineers, Malaysia
pavement by using a high-end asphalt paver since 1995. He has a Diploma and Degree of Civil Engineering from
coupled with the level control sensors. (First University Technologi Malaysia in 1994 and Master Degree of Highway and
session) by Ir. Pok SL. Transportation from University Putra Malaysia in 2001. Ir. Pok is the
11.00 am 11.15 am Tea Break Corporate Member of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM). He has
worked in the pavement industry for nearly 25 years in Malaysia, China and
11.00 am 11.45 am The efficient and effective way of laying a flexible as well as the global environment. He has also worked as technician in road
pavement by using a high-end asphalt paver laboratory and was also a pavement engineer in road construction. He was
coupled with the level control sensors. (Second also tasked as an application engineer in the bitumen sector. He has been
11.45 am 1.00 pm session) by Ir. Pok SL
involved in management and was the General Manager for Shell Asphalt in English Malaysia, a company which provides power generation solutions to a
China and Global Marketing Manager for Shell Bitumen. wide retail and industrial customer base.

Ir. Pok actively participated in pavement and material technical committees Prior to joining the Wirtgen Group, Mr. Nicholas has over 6 years of work
and contributed vastly in the Malaysia pavement industry. He was a experience in the sales and marketing of mining and construction equipment
committee member for revision of Malaysia Standard MS 124 (Specification for globally renowned brands Sandvik and Terex. His product coverage
for penetration grade of bitumen for use in pavement construction), and included a wide range of machineries for minerals drilling, cutting and
Malaysia Standard MS 512 (Specification for bitumen macadam for roads crushing, loading and hauling, and material handling. He has also worked
and other pave areas), committee member for drafting of REAM guideline with a Singapore company which specialises in industrial hydraulic products
REAM-SP 3/2007 (Specification for semi-rigid wearing course) and for the oil and gas sector.
Committee member for Shell Bitumen Technical Committee East.

Mr Philippe Drout

Mr. Philippe Druot is Director of his own company, created in 2008, and
specialized in the trading of plastics additives and compounds, in the
production of master batches, intermediates for the plastics converters and in
the sales of extrusion lines.

The company also offers state-of-the-art and innovative water-proofing

membranes as well as thermo-insulating and sound-absorbing coatings. He
is also Business Development Director of Roadway Solutions, specialized in
the manufacturing of polymers alloys for the modification of bitumen, and
Director of Singapore Additives, a trading company based in Singapore.

Mr. Philippe Druot is a French engineer in Chemistry and Physics who

worked in the plastics business for 27 years. He started his career with
different petrochemical companies (Total, BP, Borealis) in R&D, technical
service, marketing and sales in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Singapore.
Then he joined the downstream activity of compounding by a French
company before creating his own company. He was the vice president of the
European Thermoplastics Independent Compounders from 2006 to 2008.

Mr Nicholas Tan

Mr. Nicholas Tan is the Business Manager of Wirtgen Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., a
subsidiary of the Wirtgen Group. He is actively involved in the sales and
development of Mineral Technology business for Wirtgen Malaysia, in
addition to his regional technical support role to salesforce across the
Southeast Asia Region. He is the product specialist for mobile crushing and
screening plants that mainly cater to the mining and mineral processing

Mr. Nicholas graduated with a bachelors degree in Management with the

University of South Australia in 2008. He started his career with Scott &