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83 - September 2016
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Issue 83
5 Research
Copper is key in burning fat - Modelling of microwave heating of a frozen meal - New era
of chocolate flavours from yeast research - Antimicrobial wash reduces health risks in
fresh produce - Non-gluten proteins as structure forming agents in gluten-free bread - A
new alternative to sodium: fish sauce - Quality of dough and bread prepared with sea
salt or sodium chloride - Improvement of bread making properties by alginates - Lower-
ing the risk of infection with grapes - Increased vitamin C could help protect against cat-
aracts - How to increase acceptability of stevia sweetened drinks - Increasing puffiness
of snack foods with carrot pulp

18 Food processing
Freezing equipment for fruit and vegetables - Metal detection solutions - Automatic
dosing machine for ingredients - Horizontal mixers - Aseptic sterilisers - Pasteurizing
systems - Pasta filata cheese production

26 Beverage processing
Energy savings in beer production - Innovation in the analysis of beer - Preform feeding

30 Bakery and confectionery

Continuous melters for cocoa mass and chocolate - Automatic moulding line - Hard and
soft candy production

34 Fillers and cappers

Bottle washer - Roll-fed labelling - Filling solutions

38 Packaging equipment
Only one wrapping machine for any type of cheese - Coffee packaging equipment - Au-
tomatic thermo-sealing machine - Thermoforming machines - Flow-Vac wrapping sys-
tem - Innovative packaging solutions for coffee capsule

46 Nutrition
EU project NU-AGE: new guidelines for a healthier aging in Europe - Berry pigments
may decrease bad cholesterol in overweight individuals - Frying vegetables is healthier
than boiling in water - New study finds clear differences between organic and non-or-
ganic milk and meat - Consumer perception of organic foods affected by food type and
where theyre sold - Drinking more water associated with numerous dietary benefits
- Probiotic strains may fight milk allergy - Broccoli may offer protection against liver
cancer - Vegans may lack essential nutrient intake

60 Consumer trends
A third of consumers remain in the dark over what clean label means - Flexitarian life-
style is new trend - Appeal of sophisticated sodas goes beyond alcohol alternatives

66 Product trends
Super growth for superfoods - Flavoured water to top 10 billion litres in 5 years - Ex-
plosion of seaweed-flavoured food and drink launched in Europe - Craft spirits today
account for one in seven global spirit launches - Global per capita fish consumption rises
above 20 kg a year - World demand for flavours & fragrances still raises

78 New and technology

Crunch effect: how the sounds of eating curb the appetite - Silk keeps fruit fresh with-
out refrigeration - Biotech/GM crops planted on two billion hectares from 1996 to 2015
- How we feed the world is unsustainable - New partnership between P.E. Labellers and
Lactalis - Cibus Tec 2016: signs of record edition - Food and Beverage professionals
meet in Dubai - International events in Italy

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Copper is key in burning fat

A new study is further burnishing coppers reputation as an essential nutrient for human
physiology. A research team led by a scientist at the Department of Energys Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and at the University of California, Berkeley,
has found that copper plays a key role in metabolizing fat.

Long prized as a malle- Nature Chemical Biology, Dietary copper

able, conductive met- establishes for the first
al used in cookware, time coppers role in fat Chang said that copper
electronics, jewelry and metabolism. The team could potentially play a
plumbing, copper has of researchers was led role in restoring a natural
been gaining increasing by Chris Chang, a facul- way to burn fat. The nu-
attention over the past ty scientist at Berkeley trient is plentiful in foods
decade for its role in cer- Labs Chemical Sciences such as oysters and other
tain biological functions. It Division, a UC Berkeley shellfish, leafy greens,
has been known that cop- professor of chemistry mushrooms, seeds, nuts
per is needed to form red and a Howard Hughes and beans.
blood cells, absorb iron, Medical Institute inves-
develop connective tissue tigator. Co-lead authors According to the Food
and support the immune of the study are Laksh- and Nutrition Board of
system. mi Krishnamoorthy and the Institute of Medi-
Joseph Cotruvo Jr, both cine, an adults estimated
The new findings, pub- UC Berkeley postdoctoral average dietary require-
lished in the July issue of researchers in chemistry ment for copper is about
with affiliations at Berke- 700 micrograms per day.
ley Lab. The Food and Nutrition
Board also found that
We find that copper is only 25% of the U.S.
essential for breaking population gets enough
down fat cells so that they copper daily.
can be used for energy,
said Chang. It acts as a Copper is not something
regulator. The more cop- the body can make, so we
per there is, the more the need to get it through our
fat is broken down. We diet, said Chang. The typ-
think it would be worth- ical American diet, howev-
while to study whether a er, doesnt include many
A fluorescent probe creates a heat map of copper in white fat cells.
deficiency in this nutrient green leafy vegetables.
Higher levels of copper are shown in yellow and red. The left panel
shows normal levels of copper from fat cells of control mice, and the could be linked to obe- Asian diets, for example,
right panel shows cells deficient in copper. sity and obesity-related have more foods rich in
Credit: Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy and Joseph Cotruvo Jr./UC Berkeley
diseases. copper.

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 5

But Chang cautions lipolysis, the breakdown of (ICP-MS) equipment at copper and fat metabo-
against ingesting copper fat into fatty acids, through Berkeley Lab to measure lism is not altogether sur-
supplements as a result of the cyclic adenosine levels of copper in fat prising. The researchers
these study results. Too monophosphate (cAMP) tissue. actually found hints of the
much copper can lead to signaling pathway. They link in the field of animal
imbalances with other noted that the mice with They found that copper husbandry.
essential minerals, includ- Wilsons disease exhibited binds to phosphodiester-
ing zinc. less fat-breakdown activity ase 3, or PDE3, an enzyme It had been noted in cat-
compared with control that binds to cAMP, halting tle that levels of copper
mice. cAMPs ability to facilitate in the feed would affect
Copper as a brake the breakdown of fat. how fatty the meat was,
on a brake The results prompted the said Chang. This effect
researchers to conduct When copper binds on fat deposits in animals
The researchers made the cell culture analyses to phosphodiesterase, its was in the agricultural
copper-fat link using mice clarify the mechanism by like a brake on a brake, literature, but it hadnt
with a genetic mutation which copper influences said Chang. Thats why been clear what the
that causes the accumula- lipolysis. The researchers copper has a positive biochemical mechanisms
tion of copper in the liver. used inductively coupled correlation with lipolysis. were linking copper and
Notably, these mice have plasma mass spectroscopy The connection between fat.
larger than average depos-
its of fat compared with
normal mice.

The inherited condition, Modelling of microwave heating

known as Wilsons disease,
also occurs in humans and of a frozen meal
is potentially fatal if left
Researchers from the Uni- model. Discrete rotation
Analysis of the mice with versity of nebraska (USA) of food on the turntable
Wilsons disease revealed developed a 3-dimensional was incorporated. The
that the abnormal buildup (3-D) multiphysics model model simulated for 6 min
of copper was accompa- to understand the micro- of microwave cooking of a
nied by lower than normal wave heating process of a 450 g frozen lasagna kept
lipid levels in the liver real heterogeneous food, at the center of the rotat- was predicted and com-
compared with control multilayered frozen lasa- ing turntable in a 1200 W pared with the experimen-
groups of mice. The re- gna, and the results were domestic oven. tal moisture loss during
searchers also found that published on the Journal cooking. The simulated
the white adipose tissue, of Food Science. Temperature-dependent spatial temperature pat-
or white fat, of the mice dielectric and thermal terns predicted at the top
with Wilsons disease had Near-perfect 3-D geom- properties of lasagna layer was in good agree-
lower levels of copper etries of food package ingredients were measured ment with the correspond-
compared with the control and microwave oven were and provided as inputs ing patterns observed in
mice and correspondingly used. A multiphase porous to the model. Simulated thermal images. Predicted
higher levels of fat depos- media model combining temperature profiles were point temperature profiles
its. the electromagnetic heat compared with experimen- at 6 different locations
source with heat and mass tal temperature profiles within the meal were com-
They then treated the transfer, and incorporating obtained using a thermal pared with experimental
Wilsons disease mice phase change of melt- imaging camera and fib- temperature profiles and
with isoproterenol, a beta ing and evaporation was er-optic sensors. The total root mean square error
agonist known to induce included in finite element moisture loss in lasagna (RMSE) values ranged from

6 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september


6.6 to 20.0 degrees C. The understanding the effect placed in large wood- microbes that result in
predicted total moisture of thickness and order of en boxes, or even piled the best chocolate, said
loss matched well with each layer, and material on the soil at the farms Verstrepen. These, he said,
an RMSE value of 0.54 g. properties of each layer, where they are grown, could be added immedi-
Different layers of food and packaging shape on said Verstrepen. At this ately at the onset of fer-
components showed con- cooking performance. The point, the beans are mentation, allowing them
siderably different heating validated model can be surrounded by an unap- to outcompete less desir-
performance. used to design food sys- petizing white, gooey, able microbes, enabling
tem to minimize non-uni- pulp composed of sugars, consistent production of
Food product developers form heating of frozen proteins, water, pectin, high quality chocolate.
can use this model for heterogeneous meals in and small amounts of
designing food products by various microwave ovens. lignin and hemicellulose. However, finding strains
Microbes that are present that could outcompete the
in the farm environment undesirables and produce
then go to work con- high quality chocolate

New era of chocolate flavours suming the pulp through

proved highly challenging.
The investigators charac-
from yeast research Differences among the
terized more than 1,000
strains of Saccharomyces
microbes at different cerevisiae, mostly from the
farms result in differences alcoholic beverage indus-
For decades, researchers ent chocolate flavours, in flavour and quality of try, but including some
have worked to improve indicating that it would be the resulting chocolate, from cacao farms. Some
cacao fermentation by possible to create a whole said Verstrepen. Some of the best performers
controlling the microbes range of specialty choco- microbes produce bad came from the latter, and
involved. Now, to their lates to match everyones aromas that enter into others came from the beer,
surprise, a team of Bel- favourite flavour. The the beans, giving rise to wine, bioethanol, and sake
gian researchers has research was published in chocolate with a foul taste, industries, said Verstrepen.
discovered that the same Applied and Environmental while others do not fully A key to success was the
species of yeast used in Microbiology, a publication consume the pulp, making ability to tolerate the high
production of beer, bread, of the American Society the resulting beans diffi- temperatures encountered
and wine works particu- for Microbiology. cult to process. during cocoa fermentation,
larly well in chocolate 45-50C.
fermentation. After the harvest, cacao We were looking to
beans are collected and find or develop the best The investigators then
Chemical analyses as crossed some of the best
well as tasting the choc- strains, to produce hy-
olate showed that the brids which they found
chocolate produced with performed even better.
our best yeasts is much The rationale behind
better and more consist- this approach is identical
ent than the chocolate to breeding strategies in
produced through natural agriculture: crossing opti-
fermentation, said Kevin mal strains can generate
Verstrepen, PhD, professor superior offspring, says
of genetics and genomics, coauthor Jan Steensels,
the University of Leuven, group leader for indus-
and the Flanders Institute trial research, and Ph.D.
for Biotechnology (VIB), student at the Flanders
Belgium. Moreover, differ- Institute for Biotechnolo-
ent yeasts yielded differ- gy. Compared to crossing

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 7

livestock or crop plants, the taste testing. In these contaminate produce
crossing yeasts is techni- tests, the (very eager) in subsequent washes.
cally more challenging, and consumers panel voted Along with reducing the
requires highly accurate unanimously for choco- risk of contamination, the
microscopy, said Verstre- late derived from beans new rinse will cut back
pen. fermented by the newly on waste water because
developed yeast strains, processors wont have to
The investigators then ap- said Steensels. Barry-Cal- replace water in their tanks
plied these new hybrids to lebaut now plans commer- as frequently.
fermenting chocolate on cial production of a range
farms, which their industri- of tailor-made chocolates, To test First Step+ 10,
al partner, Barry-Callebaut using some of the novel Gurtler inoculated fresh
used to make chocolate for yeasts. cut apples, baby spinach, the wash water of 100 per-
cantaloupe rind, and cher- cent of pathogens, making
ry tomatoes with highly it safer to reuse.
resistant outbreak strains
Antimicrobial wash reduces of E. coli O157:H7, Listeria,
and Salmonella. He soaked
Along with securing FDA
approval, Gurtler and his
health risks in fresh produce them in the wash for 5
minutes and then meas-
collaborators at NatureSeal
have filed a patent applica-
ured pathogen levels in tion and presented find-
An Agricultural Research million people) each year. the wash water and on the ings at scientific meetings.
Service (ARS) scientist in A recent U.S. outbreak of produce. The antimicrobial
Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania Salmonella associated with wash reduced pathogen Read more about this work
(USA), and his collabora- cucumbers sickened over levels on the produce by in the January 2016 issue
tors have developed an 765 people in 36 states 99.99 percent. It also rid of AgResearch.
antimicrobial wash that and killed 4.
reduces the risk of food-
borne pathogens contami- First Step+ 10 is designed
nating fresh produce. to reduce those numbers,
and is expected to be used Non-gluten proteins
Joshua Gurtler and sci-
entists at NatureSeal Inc.
in the commercial flumes
and rinse tanks that wash
as structure forming agents
have found that a com-
bination of lactic acid,
fresh produce, Gurtler
says. The ingredients are
in gluten-free bread
fruit acids, and hydrogen all classified as Generally
peroxide can be used in Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Commercial mixes for mally provides a viscoe-
a produce rinse for com- by the U.S. Food and Drug gluten-free dough contain lastic matrix in traditional
mercial food distributors. Administration (FDA). The mostly carbohydrates, products.
NatureSeal, based in West- wash also has been ap- which have a negative
port, Connecticut, already proved for use in Canada; influence on the quantity Polish Researchers pub-
markets an anti-browning is U.S. Department of Ag- of protein present in the lished on Journal of Food
wash developed by anoth- riculture (USDA) certified diet of celiacs, because Science and Technology.
er ARS team in the 1990s organic; is biodegradable; the bakery products are 53, (1): 571-580, 2016 a
for sliced apples and 18 and does not affect the an important source of study aimed to evaluate
other types of produce. taste, texture, smell, or amino-acids in a diet of the effects of select-
appearance of produce. healthy people. The lack ed protein isolates and
E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella of gluten protein in this concentrates on quality
and other foodborne path- To save water, some food type of food has negative and staling of gluten-free
ogens sicken approximate- processors reuse wash consequence on bread bread, in the absence of
ly 1 in 6 Americans (48 water, a practice that can structure, as gluten nor- other structure-forming

8 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

Herbal extracts manufacturers




Via Cellini, 16/A - 22071 - Cadorago - Co - Italy | Phone +39 031 905071 | Fax +39 031 904869
email info@nvhextracts.com | web www.nvhextracts.com
higher number of pores is made by combining
with a diameter above 5 sea salt and long-jawed
mm) and its color, which black anchovies in large
was usually darker than of vats to slowly ferment
unsupplemented starch- for 8-12 months, during
based bread. The least which the protein breaks
consumers acceptance down to free amino acids
was found for bread and increases the um-
baked with soy protein. ami taste. It is used as a
readily available source of
The presence of pea protein and seasoning in
and lupine preparations the Asia region.
improved sensory param-
eters of the final product, This researchers, a team
providing more acceptable of researchers (Linh Hue
agents such as guar gum Volumes of the loaves color and smell in com- Huynhm Robert Danhi,
and pectin. baked with soy and pea parison to control, while and See Wan Yan) from
protein were smaller, soy caused a decrease of Taylors University in
The applied preparations while those with albu- all analyzed consumers Malaysia showed that fish
included albumin, colla- min significantly larger scores. The addition of sauce may be used as a
gen, pea, lupine and soy. than control. Presence protein caused an increase partial substitute ingredi-
Their addition had various of non-gluten protein in bread hardness and in ent for salt as a means to
effects on rheological caused changes in crumb enthalpy of retrograded reduce sodium content in
properties of the dough structure (higher porosity, amylopectin, during bread food without diminishing
and volume of the bread. decrease in cell density, storage. palatability. These results
could aid chefs and food
manufacturers in creating
foods lower in sodium
content that would meet
A new alternative to sodium: fish sauce the needs of consumers,
healthcare providers, gov-
ernmental organizations,
Vietnamese fish sauce and flavor. Findings of a dient in various Southeast and consumer advocacy
added to chicken broth, study in the January issue Asian cuisines that add groups without compro-
tomato sauce and coconut of the Journal of Food an umami element to mising taste.
curry reduced the amount Science, published by the many foods. Fish sauce Sciencedaily.com
of sodium chloride by by Institute of Food Tech-
10-25% while still main- nologists (IFT), found that
taining the perceived de- Vietnamese fish sauce
liciousness, saltiness and added to chicken broth,
overall flavor intensity. tomato sauce and coconut
curry reduced the amount
Cooks, chefs and food of sodium chloride by by
manufacturers are looking 10-25 percent while still
for natural ways to reduce maintaining the perceived
sodium in recipes in deliciousness, saltiness
nearly every culture. A big and overall flavor inten-
challenge to doing that is sity.
taste. Consumers typically
describe reduced-sodium Fish sauces are a stand-
foods as lacking in taste ard condiment and ingre-

10 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september



NatEnzyme Bakery Soft Salato

The particular enzyme formulation of NatEnzyme Bakery
Soft Salato slows the natural process of retrogradation of
starches combined with a natural production of
monoglycerides, by highly improving in this way the softness
and the shelf life of the oven leavened salty products. Its
composition allows to replace emulsifiers and lecithins, like
E471, E481, E322, etc., with the advantage of having a simpler
label on the finished product.

Bont Infinite S.r.l. | Via Nazionale San Biagio, 127 | 98050 Terme Vigliatore (ME)
Tel. +39 0909783091 | www.natenzyme.com
Quality of dough and bread
prepared with sea salt
or sodium chloride
High sodium intake is a sibility was higher when
major health concern. compared with bread
However, elimination or prepared with NaCl. Loaf
replacement of sodium has volume decreased signifi-
considerable effects on the cantly (P < 0.05) in bread
organoleptic and func- with NaCl. Also, crust
tional properties of bakery color became darker with
products. Salt is a key the increase of sea salt,
ingredient in bread baking most likely because of the pared with sea salt than results encourage us to
and these implications presence of metal ions those prepared with NaCl. investigate the effects of
must be taken into consid- (potassium and magnesi- potassium and magnesi-
eration when reformulat- um) in sea salt. Free sugar Overall, sea salt did not um present in sea salt on
ing for sodium reduction. content in whole bread, affect bread-making qual- the structure of gluten
crumb and crust portions ity, but bread with 0.5% proteins, starch behavior
Researchers from North were significantly lower sea salt presented the best and development of color
Dakota State University (P< 0.05) in breads pre- quality parameters. These through Maillard reactions.
(USA) have evaluated the
functional effects of a
low-sodium sea salt for
use in bread. The study
was published on Journal Improvement of bread making properties
of Food Process Engineer-
ing. 39, (1): 44-52, 2016. by alginates
Bread is commonly pre-
pared with salt and, cur- Researchers from the the temperature of the
rently, high sodium intake Kobe Womens Universi- dough (70-80C) inacti-
is being regulated because ty, Japan, found that the vates the yeast and thus
of its negative health ef- addition of propylene gas production is stopped.
fects. Hence, low-sodium glycol ester of alginic acid However, the oven spring
sea salt was investigated (PGA) or sodium alginate of PGA or sodium alginate/
as a sodium reduction to wheat flour improved wheat flour bread dough
strategy for bread formu- bread making properties continued for 30 min.
lation. Various levels of such as bread height The shrinkage of PGA or
sodium chloride (NaCl) (mm) and specific volume sodium alginate/wheat
and sea salt were used in (cm3/g). The results were flour bread dough at 5 min
a bread formulation. NaCl published on Food Science of baking gradually de- wheat flour dough than in
reduced water absorption and Technology Research. creased to zero at 30 min the control dough resulted
of the dough as compared 22, (1): 145-151, 2016. of baking; however, the in a longer time of gelatini-
with sea salt. shrinkage of the control zation and protein dena-
When PGA or sodium decreased to almost zero turation than in the control
Resistance to extension alginate/wheat flour and at 15 min of baking. The dough during oven baking.
decreased with the use of control bread dough were larger addition of water in http://dx.doi.org/10.3136/
sea salt; however, exten- baked at 210C for 10 min, PGA or sodium alginate/ fstr.22.145

12 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

Lowering the risk of infection with grapes studies are needed to
find out if the increase in
cytokine production, after
grapes and strawberries
Eating grapes may help for developing infections was produced when obese are eaten, contributes
obese people decrease after surgery, according to individuals consumed to more inflammation or
certain types of fats in Zunino. About 35 percent strawberry powder. is beneficial in reducing
their blood that are linked of Americans are obese, infections.
to heart disease and lower which puts them at a high- However, obesity leads
er risk of developing heart to more inflammation in Read more about this work
disease, diabetes, and bac- the body, according to in the March 2016 issue of
terial and viral infections. Zunino. Therefore, more AgResearch.

In the study, obese

participants drank either
a mixture of water and
grape powder made from
Increased vitamin C could
freeze-dried table grapes help protect against cataracts
or a placebo twice a day
for three weeks. The two
groups switched to the Cataract is a common the progression of cata-
opposite mixture for the condition in which the lens racts in the eyes of 324
next three weeks. of the eye becomes cloudy pairs of female twins from
as a result of oxidation the Twins UK registry
Blood samples were over time. Whilst this is a over 10 years by exam-
their risk of infection, analyzed to measure the natural part of ageing for ining photographs of the
according to a U.S. De- effects of grapes on blood many, for others it is more participants lenses that
partment of Agriculture lipids (fats), blood markers severe and causes blurred allowed them to analyse
(USDA) study. of inflammation and cells vision, glare and dazzle the level of opacity of the
of the immune system dur- that cannot be correct- lens in detail. Participant
Susan Zunino, a molecular ing the study. Compared ed by glasses or contact intake of vitamin C was
biologist with the Agricul- with the placebo group, lenses. also measured using a
tural Research Services the grape powder group food questionnaire.
(ARS) Western Human had reduced plasma con- The study, led by Kings
Nutrition Research Center centrations of low-density College London and They found that those
(WHNRC) in Davis, Cali- lipoprotein (LDL), known published in the journal participants who had a
fornia, studies phytochem- as bad cholesterol, which Ophthalmology, looked at higher intake of vitamin
icalsnatural compounds is associated with heart
found in fruits such as disease.
grapes and strawberries.
Her recent work suggests When scientists stimu-
that phytochemicals from lated immune cells from
grapes may have a positive blood with a bacterial
effect on the immune sys- component, they found an
tem of obese individuals. increase in the production
of proteinscytokines
Hospital and clinic doc- that are instrumental in
umentation of viral and fighting off infections. In
bacterial infection has previous research, Zunino
shown that obese people discovered that one of the
are at a much higher risk same cytokine proteins

14 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september


C were associated with a and smoking are also risk reduced risk in people who pants are predominantly
33% risk reduction of cat- factors for this type of took vitamin tablets, so it of UK-origin and female,
aract progression and had cataract, and so a healthy seems that a healthy diet is reflecting cataract pro-
clearer lenses after the 10 balanced diet and lifestyle better than supplements. gression between the
years than those who had generally should reduce ages of 60 and 70 years
consumed less vitamin C the risk of needing a cata- Cataract is the leading on average, so may not be
as part of their diet. ract operation. cause of blindness in the generalisable.
world, affecting approxi-
The study, funded by Kate Yonova-Doing, the mately 20 million people, Also, observational studies
the Wellcome Trust and studys first author said: particularly in Sub-Saharan like this cannot rule out
Guide Dogs for the Blind, The human body cannot Africa where healthcare is the impact of other factors
also found that environ- manufacture vitamin C, less readily available. relating to a healthy diet
mental factors (including so we depend on vitamins that may also have had an
diet) influenced cataract in the food we eat. We Limitations of the study effect on the progression
more than genetic factors, did not find a significantly include that the partici- of cataracts.
which only explained a
third of the change in lens

The fluid in the eye that How to increase acceptability

bathes the lens is high in
vitamin C, which helps
of stevia sweetened drinks
to stop the lens from
oxidising and protects it
from becoming cloudy. It Stevia rebaudiana is a nat-
is thought that increased ural non-nutritive sweet-
intake of vitamin C has ener approved for use in
a protective effect on Europe. Although it can be
cataract progression by used as an alternative to
increasing the vitamin C sugar it does not have the
available in the eye fluid. same sensory perception
as sugar. S.rebudiana has
Professor Chris Hammond, been reported to produce
consultant eye surgeon bitterness and off flavours
and lead author of the however using stevia with
study from the Division a high inherent content of A study published in the (1%) and varying amounts
of Diabetes and Nutri- the steviol glycoside Re- journal Food Research of lime flavour, none (0%),
tional Sciences, said: The baudioside has been found International has investi- low (0.05%) and high
findings of this study could to reduce the bitter taste. gated the effect of using (0.1%). The base drink
have significant impact, Adding flavour compounds varying quantities of fibre contained cherry concen-
particularly for the ageing has also been found to re- -glucans and lime flavour trate 5.4% (w/v), 7.5%
population globally by sug- duce the negative effects. on apple-cherry flavoured (w/v) apple concentrate,
gesting that simple dietary beverages sweetened stevia 0.009% (w/v) and
changes such as increased Additions of fibre -glucans with stevia and consumer water. The stevia used in
intake of fruit and vegeta- can potentially increase the acceptability. the drinks had a high con-
bles as part of a healthier health potential of bev- centration of Rebaudioside
diet could help protect erages such as increasing Mielby et al. prepared nine A (>75%). The amount of
them from cataracts. satiety after consumption, sweetened beverages with fibre, flavour and stevia
however they can also alter varying amount of oat used were in line with
While we cannot avoid the texture, colour, flavour fibre ranging from none products already available
getting older, diabetes and taste. (0%), low (0.5%) and high on the market.

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 15

The nine beverages were as unfresh odour and these side effects and Pomace doesnt affect the
first evaluated using metallic odour, resulting the drinks with high fibre taste of snack foods, he
descriptive analysis by 10 in negative response for concentration had similar said. In addition to adding
trained sensory panellists. consumer liking, wanting positive rating as the bev- fiber and some important
Based on the descriptive and sensory satisfaction. erages that didnt contain nutrients to foods, the
analysis a subset of four Adding the lime flavour fibre. research creates a use
were then selected for a counteracted some of Rssl.com for a wasted by-product.
consumer study involving Pomace is a leftover after
181 participants with a industrial juicing of fruits
mean age of 41. and vegetables including
Increasing puffiness apples, cherries, blueber-
The four drinks used for ries, grapes and carrots.
consumer testing were of snack foods
1) with no added lime
or fibre, 2) no lime but with carrot pulp Ganjyal said he talked with
juice industry profession-
high fibre content, 3) low als and farmers who want
lime and high fibre and to do something with the
4) high lime flavour and Girish Ganjyal and some The research team ex- residue. With juice pro-
high fibre concentration. of his graduate students perimented with con- duction increasing, there is
The consumers were from Washington State centrations of 5, 10 and more pomace by-product.
asked questions relat- University (USA) have 15% carrot pomace. At
ing to hunger, thirst and discovered how to add 5%, it was great, Ganjyal If we can find a real use
expected liking before carrot pomace the pulpy said. But at the higher for this, and add some-
evaluating the product. leftover from juicing the concentrations, the end thing positive to snack
They were then asked to veggies to cornstarch, product got more dense foods without affecting
rate liking, sensory liking increasing the puffiness and didnt puff nearly as the taste or texture, its a
(appearance, taste, odour of snack foods. much. real win-win, he said.
and texture), and wanting.
After consumption of the Thats great we didnt
beverage they were asked know what we would
questions on ease of use find, said Ganjyal, a WSU/
of the questionnaire plus University of Idaho School
demographical informa- of Food Science assis-
tion. tant professor and WSU
Extension food processing
Mielby et al. report that specialist. We hope to
the addition of lime was continue researching and
able to mask the effect see just how the starch and
of aftertaste caused by fiber are interacting at the
S.rebaudiana. The study molecular level. Hopefully,
states that the attribute we can include even more
aftertaste was found to pomace in the recipe.
be associated with drinks
with no added lime and The results are published
no or low levels of added as Carrot pomace en-
fibre. Increasing -glu- hances the expansion and
cans led to a sweeter, nutritional quality of corn
less sour, fruit drink. starch extrudates, in the
However, increasing fibre May edition of the jour- WSU professor Girish Ganjyal holds the snack puffs he and his
resulted in a negative nal LWT-Food Science and students made with added carrot pomace.
descriptive attribute such Technology. (Credit: Scott Weybright, WSU)

16 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

Freezing equipment for fruit
and vegetables

processing PIGO has established itself all variety of fruits, vege- and trouble free. It is con-
as a world-class leader in tables and numerous sea, sidered the freezer with
the design and manufac- meat and cheese products, the highest level of sanita-
ture of high technology redefining IQF Technology tion, giving the possibility
freezing equipment and With Adaptable Air Flow. for the user to freeze dif-
freeze dryers, as well as The EASY Freeze technolo- ferent products one after
fruit and vegetable pro- gy provides a perfect shape the other without the risk
cessing equipment, with of IQF products and no of cross-contamination.
an extensive experience in clumps. The fully controlled
both freezing and fruit and fluidisation method keeps PIGO also presents the
vegetable processing. Its the product constantly innovative EASY Freeze
machines achieve excellent suspended above the belt SPYRO, the latest genera-
operating characteristics in a cushion of air, thus tion of spiral freezers giving
and energy efficiency, while resulting in the immediate the utmost advantages to
being user friendly, thus freezing of the crust and the users in terms of energy
guaranteeing many advan- an efficient core freezing of efficiency, hygienic condi-
tages and privileges to the individual pieces, regardless tions and advanced techno-
users. of type, variety or condition logical characteristics. Belt
of the product. gear motors are positioned
PIGO has specialized in outside the insulated cabin
building fluidised bed freez- Whether the product is avoiding any risks of con-
ers, EASY Freeze, the most heavy, light, soft, sticky or tamination due to any oil
suitable for IQF freezing for fragile, the EASY Freeze leakages. The unit does not
always guarantees a max- have any mezzanine floors
imized freezing efficiency and or intermediary plat-
for each unique product, forms to avoid any accu-
thanks to the variable mulation of dirt in order to
speed control of all the have the highest hygienic
fans and belts, allowing standards. The freezer has
on-the-fly optimization of been designed according
air flow conditions. The to the max thermal load
interior video monitor- and max surface occupied
ing allows for a real-time on the belt by the different
supervision of operating products to be treated.
conditions, allowing the EASY Freeze SPYRO is
complete control and designed for a high speed
adjustments of the entire circulation (4-10 m/sec)
process from the outside, of cold air in contact with
without the need to enter the product, on the whole
the freezer. The EASY length of the spiral con-
Pigo at Fruitlogistica show in Berlin.
Freeze is energy saving veyor, hitting the incoming

18 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

food processing

product with the coldest to those of the fresh prod-

air; the product is therefore uct. The machine is entire-
immediately crusted and ly in stainless steel. The
snow formation is dimin- concept shelf modules and
ished. vapour condenser are con-
tained inside the chamber,
The PIGO freezers are giving as a final result,
developed in modular sizes a much shorter freeze
and all components are drying time than any other
made entirely of stainless freeze drying technology.
steel, capable of providing Viewing ports are provid-
a perfectly frozen product ed in the doors, allowing
even for delicate products observation of both the
like cooked rice, raspber- vapour condenser and
ries, etc. product trays during the
drying cycle. Each unit is
The company also de- equipped with a complete
velops the EASY Freeze refrigeration plant of
Dryer-Lyophilizer, a prod- corresponding size, also
uct line which includes a including a refrigeration
broad range of standard condensing unit which
and customised units. The is purpose-built with a A new function, simply product is easy because
freeze drying-dehydra- capacity control to allow activated by pressing a no tools are required, the
tion technology allows to an economical use of the dedicated key, allows the Tri-Clamp system (a trade-
preserve delicate aromas refrigerant. It includes the most frequently-used mark registered by Alfa
while drying the frozen condenser unit. functions to be directly Laval Inc) is available as an
product under vacuum, recalled. These functions option and it is conform to
producing a premium (PIGO - Via Visan 49 - are programmable by the the ISO DN50.
quality product and pre- S. Tomio di Malo - Vicenza operator, and maintain the
mium sensorial properties - Italy - Tel. +39 0444 access protection criteria in Ceia also presents Integrat-
for the finished product, 905709 - email: office@ accordance with FDA Title ed systems for granular,
absolutely superimposable pigo.it - www.pigo.it) 21 Part 11 requirements. liquid and powder products
The ejection system has THS/PH21E-FFV. These
a monolithic AISI 316L systems are characterized
Metal detection solutions stainless steel body with
an extremely quick re-
by ultra-high sensitivity to
all metals and a very com-
sponse time and provides pact size. They are made of
The THS/PH21 metal programming and param- full safety in the ejection AISI 316L stainless steel,
detection systems by Ceia eter selection procedures of a contaminated prod- and the control power
offer detection, construc- already implemented in uct. Advanced mechanical box is available in accord-
tion quality and reliability earlier versions of the and electronic solutions ance with UL 508A and
characteristics which make THS/PH21. In addition, guarantee the integrity CSA-C22.2 No. 14-05. The
them the most suitable there is a new organ- of the inspected product. ATEX ZONE 21 version is
and effective solution for ic graphic display with The double confirmation available on demand.
the automatic elimination extremely high contrast system carefully monitors
of metal contaminants. [3000:1] and a viewing and controls the complete (Ceia - Zona Ind. 74/G -
angle up to 180, along opening and closing of the 52041 Viciomaggio AR -
The THS/PH21 metal with an extended alpha- ejection flap. The assembly Italy - Tel. +39 0575 4181
detector series maintains numeric keypad for quick and disassembly of the - email: info@ceia-spa.com
full compatibility with keystrokes. parts in contact with the - www.ceia.net)

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 19

Automatic dosing machine 2,200 plants and equip-
ment so far, relying on the
Recommended for the
sequential automatic
for ingredients technical support and pre-
paratory work of engineers
weighing of small and me-
dium quantities of powder
and specialized human products and ingredients,
resources. The concentra- UNICA HD is available in
With 45 years of experi- to other industrial sectors. tion of both the design and 3 different versions with
ence, Lawer is a compa- Now Lawer is recognized production departments in 8/16/24 stainless steel
ny located in the Italian internationally for the the same building allows silos installed linearly for
region of Biella; Lawer is excellence of its systems control of the entire man- the storage of products
the acronym from the ini- for dosing powders and ufacturing supply chain, requiring dispensing. Each
tials of its founder Walter liquids. as well as the research of storage silos, loaded by
Lanaro. suppliers within national vacuum pump or gravity,
The careful design of borders. is equipped with a singu-
Originally, the company modular and customizable lar dosing endless screw
developed textile ma- systems on different levels Lawer presents Unica (Lawer) for precise
chinery for the bulking of automation has led to HD, the automatic weigh- and rapid dispensing.
and printing of textile successfully tackling the ing machine for powder Located directly below the
fibres, becoming a market more advanced markets as products and ingredients. silos line, an automated
leader. In 1984, a merg- well as those of developing This machine has been sliding trolley provides
er with Mectra (Novara) countries. designed and patented fast weighing via a digital
has brought dimensional specifically for the auto- scale. Bucket loading and
growth and a further Lawer ensures secure mation of powder ingre- unloading operations
specialization in dosing and automated systems, dient weighing operations are performed manually.
systems for powders managed by highly reliable used in different sectors The scale provided al-
and liquids, as well as in and tested software able of the food industry. The lows additional manual
colour-kitchens. With the to adapt to the evolving system is fully compliant weighing of products and
experience gained in the needs of customers. with hygienic and envi- ingredients not stored in
making of dosing systems ronmental regulations as the UNICA system. UNICA
for the textile business, Lawer has designed and prescribed by internation- HD is operated via a PC
Lawer turned its interests developed more than al directives. touch screen and Lawer
software, provided with
a coded security system
for recipe access and

The automatic loading

and unloading system for
4 buckets, liquid prod-
uct silos equipped with
modular dosing valve, and
Hw & Sw modules for data
transfer and link to exter-
nal informatics systems are
Unica HD, available on request.
(Lawer - Via Amendola
for powder 12/14 - 13836 Cossato
products and - BI - Italy - Tel. +39 015
9842211 - www.lawer.

20 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

Horizontal mixers ously avoiding discharging
intervals. Some models
The hot water heating, as
the cold water cooling,
have been properly de- moves in a cross-flow with
veloped for the treatment regards to the direction in
Nuova Guseo presents following crossed lines. of potential explosive which the product is pro-
a wide range of differ- The RB and TS series are substances in accordance ceeding in order to mini-
ent equipment for fine single or double shaft with the 94/9/EC Atex mise any differences in the
and ultra-fine grinding, respectively and can be Directive and are supplied product temperature. This
horizontal and vertical supplied with a capacity of with relevant conformity is the best condition for
mixers, screw/vibrating up to 10,000 L. declaration. thermal sensitive products.
feeders, classifiers, filters,
conveyors, and solid By adding a lower V (Nuova Guseo - Via Dante The microprocessor man-
handling systems. Specific shaped hopper (TS), 8 - 29010 Villanova agement system (Pic) has
catalogues are available having the same capacity sullArda - PC - Italy - Tel. a graphic video interface
on request. The grinding as the mixing tank, it is 0523 837149 - www. (touch-screen) with new
test can be carried out in possible to work continu- nuovaguseo.eu) symbolic management
Nuova Guseo or at the software to make it more
customers premises. user friendly, and includes
an emergency diagnostic
Thanks to the wide range of
models, the mixers devel-
Aseptic sterilisers system.

oped by Nuova Guseo can The machine flexibility is

meet any plant and produc- Asepsystems presents the frequency Emmepiemme completed by the possi-
tion requirements for the aseptic sterilisers for the Ohmic (patented) type, bility of integration with
treatment of products hav- sterilization and cooling of or scrape surface type. a degasser, homogeniser
ing special characteristics. pumpable products. As there are no parts in or with a piston pump for
motion and the product high viscosity products,
The horizontal RB and The sterilizer-holder-cool- flows in a single tube, and finally the possibility
TS mixers are suitable for er can be made with the concentric tubular to adopt non welded tubes
mixing both dry powders different heat exchanging exchangers offers a real for very high pressure,
and powders with liquid technologies depending advantage. This means up to 200 bars, for high
additives. Mixing takes on the product: 4 pipes easy cleaning, sterilization viscosity products.
place by means of a rib- HTE type, multiple cor- and operating, with low
bon agitator that causes rugated pipes TIT type, hygienic and mechanic The sterilizer consists of a
the product to move plates type, high electrical maintenance needs. receiving tank with feeding

Horizontal mixer (Nuova Guseo). Sterilization unit for pumpable products (Asepsystems).

22 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september




Everybody knows that Real Wholemeal Flours keep all the vitamins,
mineral salts and fibres that the grain contains. Therefore we are
decided to dedicate ourselves to the Wholemeal Grinding activity
with Stone Mills. Our 60-years-old experience in milling sector has
allowed us to bind tradition to technological evolution. So, our Milling
Plants are suitable either for the Milling Industry or for the small
Miller, either for the Bakery or for Rural activity. All our Mills are built
according to International Food and Mechanical Standards.

Via Ugo Buli, 2 (z.i.) Piazza Duca DAosta, 8
47122 - Italia 20124 - Italia
Tel. +39.0543.796165 Tel. +39.02.6692734
Fax +39.0543.723237 www.partisani.com Fax +39.02.6692634
pump, C.I.P. System, heat- all kinds of pumpable (HTST) is an operation the cheese vat or packag-
ing-holding-cooling heat products and can choose which increases the shelf ing.
exchanger, aseptic valves among several heat ex- life of the food product
manufactured by Asepsys- changers depending on without altering its organo- MilkyLab presents a ma-
tems, and control panel. the product. leptic properties, thanks to chine for the pasta filata
a heat process that ranges cheese such as Mozzarella,
The machine only takes (Asepsystems - Via Aldo from 72 to 95C in order Buffalo Mozzarella, Pizza
up a small space, it is Moro 6 - 43038 Sala to maintain the pasteuri- cheese, Kashkaval, and
pre-assembled and tested Baganza- PR - Italy - Tel. zation temperature for a analogue Mozzarella. It
in the company, and it is +39 0521 836254- Fax predetermined period of is suitable for processing
electronically controlled. +39 0521 836264 - email: time. both fresh and industrial
The customer has the info@asepsystems.com - blocks of curd and buffa-
opportunity to work www.asepsystems.com) The Extended Shelf Life lo curd, adding powders,
milk is a product subjected rennet casein, starch and
to higher pasteurization vegetable or animal fat
temperatures than those for analogue mozzarella.
Pasteurizing systems traditionally used. Cooking and stretching by
steam or hot water as well
(Frau Impianti - Via V. Dalla as the standardization of
Frau Impianti has been remote-assisted systems, Via 19 - 36015 Schio - moisture in the final prod-
developing processing providing, in addition, a VI - Italy - Tel. +39 0445 uct are two advantages of
lines and equipment for high degree of reliability. 576237 - email: info@ this machine.
the dairy, fruit juice, and The High Temperature fraugroupe.com - www.
beverage sectors since Short Time pasteurization frauimpianti.com) The machine is easy to use
1913. Dynamism, profes- thanks to the recipes set in
sionalism, flexibility and the PLC in order to control
competitiveness are the the ingredients for pro-
main characteristics of this Pasta filata cheese production duction. It guarantees the
company. standardization of mois-
ture in the final product
This company presents MilkyLab has been a mar- in the Italian and interna- with a capacity range from
both individual machines ket leader in the devel- tional dairy industries, this 300 up to 3,000 kg/h.
and complete customised opment of machines and company provides support
systems (including turnkey automatic lines for pasta and professional assistance (MilkyLab - Via R. della Costa
plants) in order to meet filata and processed cheese in choosing the technolog- 670/A - 41122 Modena - RE
all requirements, from production since 1980. ical solutions according to - Italy - Tel. +39 059 260723
simple lines to complete- Thanks to its experience the different requirements, - email: info@milkylab.it -
ly automated and and know-how acquired such as milk coagulation in www.milkylab.it)

Pasta filata
cheese pro-
duction plant

HTST pasteurization plant (Frau Impianti).

24 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

beverage Energy savings in beer production
As part of the process of to produce them. With this pacity from 250 up to 3,000
CO2 recovery from fer- innovative solution, before kg/h, with a recovery of
mentation, the gaseous being supplied to the filling approx. 0.3 kWh/hl of beer.
CO2 is liquefied in the lines, the gaseous CO2 re- It is entirely in stainless steel
condenser and stored quested by the bottling pro- and works with a pressure
in the CO2 liquid tank. A cess is used (at 10 bars and of gaseous CO2 of 10 bars.
refrigeration unit is always -40C) as refrigerant in the
installed for this purpose. CombiCondenser to liquefy For a brewery with a beer
At the same time, in order the carbon dioxide recov- production of 1,000,000
to be used in the bottling ered from fermentation. hl/year the electrical sav-
process, the liquid CO2 has The evaporated CO2 from ing will be 300,000 kWh
to be evaporated in a CO2 the CombiCondenser is dis- per year (for a CO2 plant of
vaporiser, using warm air tributed to the beer bottling 800 kg/h). With an elec-
or steam ambient. Both process without being evap- tricity rate of 0.15 Euro/
these processes consume orated in air-heated vaporiz- kWh the cost saving will
a considerable amount of er where frigories would be be 45,000 Euro per year
energy. As a matter of fact, lost. Of course, the highest and the pay back time will
the refrigeration unit re- efficiency is reached, with be approx. 2 years. There-
quests almost 50% of the the above mentioned CO2 fore the installation of the
used electrical energy in a CombiCondenser, when the CO2 CombiCondenser is
CO2 recovery plant. brewery is in full operation, feasible for breweries with
which means simultaneous a brewing capacity above
Tecno Project Industri- brewing and packaging. The 1,000,000 hl per year.
ale TPI introduces the maximum energy saving Another advantage is the
CO2 CombiCondenser to will be 0.3 kWh/hl of beer reduction in maintenance
avoid the wasting of these produced and packed. In costs because of the re-
available refrigeration units case of an unbalance in duced running hours of the
and the power you need production and packaging, refrigeration unit.
the refrigeration unit and
the evaporator will be there The maintenance costs of
as back-up units. the CO2 CombiCondenser
are zero because it has no
The energy saving Combi- rotating equipment.
Condenser can be imple-
mented also on existing (Tecno Project Industri-
plants, with low impact ale - Via Enrico Fermi 40
CO2 Combi-
Condenser modifications of the lique- - 24035 Curno - BG - Italy
(Tecno Project faction unit, obtaining the - Tel. +39 035 4551812 -
Industriale). same savings. It has a ca- www.tecnoproject.com)

26 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september






Via Pierino Testore 39 -14053 Canelli (AT) - Italy
Tel. 0039.0141.823404 Fax 0039.0141.834504
info@fimer.it - www.fimer.it
Innovation in the analysis
of beer BeerLab for
beer analy-
sis (CDR).

The BeerLab is the new

measuring system de- are any doubts; finally, the
veloped by CDR for beer results are automatically
analysis. This system calculated, displayed and
consists of a thermo-stat- printed.
ed analyzer based on based on LED luminous (CDR - Via degli Artigiani 6
photometric technology This measuring system sources. The results of the - 50055 Ginestra Fiorenti-
which uses LED. The kit owes its sensitivity, accu- analyses are correlated na - FI - Italy - Tel. +39 055
has disposable pre-vialed racy and reliability to the with the reference meth- 871431 - www.cdrbeerlab.
reagents with low toxicity, photometric technology ods. com)
a package of 10 tests and
a one year shelf life. It has
been developed and pro-
duced in the CDR research
Preform feeding system
With CDR BeerLab it is
now possible to perform
the analyses autonomous- The NEPTUNE preform widest body diameter on change can be executed
ly, easily and rapidly, in feeding system represents the preform itself. within minutes.
your own brewery with- the synthesis of all Boni-
out relying on dedicated nos expertise in engineer- The NEPTUNE sorter (Bonino - Via Aldo
external laboratories. It ing practical systems. This selection sectors are Moro 97 Z.I. - 15121
is possible to analyze 16 system is an effective and shaped according to the Alessandria - Italy - Tel.
samples at the same time cost- and space-saving profile of the Preform, and +39 131 242837 - www.
(with the CDR BeerLab alternative to any other the whole system format boninogroup.eu)
Touch model) and to machine for the same
monitor the production target market.
process constantly, ob-
taining exact and accurate The NEPTUNE feeding
answers in only a few system double disc sorter
minutes. is capable of processing a
virtually infinite number of
This system can be used preform types.
by anyone, without the
support of skilled staff. The selection method
The analysis methods lies in the suspension of
are easier than the tra- the preform by its collar.
ditional ones and can be Moreover, the preform
performed in a few steps. body type and shape are
First, add the sample irrelevant to the selection
volume to the pre-vialed process as long as there
reagent; then, follow the is a collar to use as a
displayed instructions and support and its diameter
the help function if there is 1mm wider than the NEPTUNE preform feeding station (Bonino).

28 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

Interchangeable modules
with or without cart.

Free to decide how to fit your labeler PH. +39 0376 389311
CHOOSE MAIL: pelabellers@pelabellers.it
at any time: before, during and after
THE SPECIALIST WEB: www.pelabellers.com
purchasing. Models for all speeds.
bakery and Continuous melters for cocoa mass
confectionery and chocolate
The TECNO 3 continuous performed by hot rotors, allows a preservation of
fuser, series FC-C, for co- which carry out a scraping the properties of the raw
coa or chocolate masses, action on the surface of material.
has been designed for the blocks.
the confectionery sec- The overall dimensions are
tors that receive these It is easy to introduce reduced and, as a result,
products in semi-finished the blocks of cocoa and the continuous melters
shapes. It is equipped chocolate masses, with no can also be installed in
with a special innovative need to lift them, as the confined spaces.
system which guarantees loading hopper is located
high productivity, reduced at operator height. Entirely made from AISI
energy costs and savings 304 stainless steel and per-
in labour. The loading surface, fectly insulated, the FC-C
tilted and hot, makes series continuous melters
The thermal exchange them spontaneously slide are fitted with a dual tem-
is highly efficient thanks toward the rotors, which perature control circuit to
to the mechanical work are heated and fitted with keep the operating tem-
a thin spiral. perature under control and
constant. The melters are
This acts as a scraper and managed by a comprehen-
constantly creates a new sive electrical system on
area to be melted in con- board the machine.
tact with the hot part. The
liquid product is collected The TECNO 3 continuous
in a tank where the rotors fusers can be equipped with
are installed and is con- automatic devices which
stantly collected and sent empty them completely in
to production. Before the case the product needs to
transfer pump, there is a be replaced, as well as CIP
filter to catch any unwant- cleaning systems.
ed substances.
(TECNO 3 - Via Mastri
The melting cycle is Cestai 2 - 12040 Cornel-
considerably faster iano dAlba - CN - Italy
compared to traditional - Tel. +39 0173 610564
static systems, without - Fax +39 0173 619494
Continuous melter for cocoa mass and chocolate a need for excessively email: a.mattis@tecno-3.
(TECNO 3).
high temperatures, which it - www.tecno-3.it)

30 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

bakery and confectionery

Automatic moulding line

PMChocolate presents the and balls, one-shot bars,

automatic moulding line tablet, chocolate blocks
for moulds of several di- (from 1 up to 3 kg), liqueur
mensions (275, 450, 650, articles, seasonal articles,
850 and 1,200 mm). The sea-shell, biscuit, and wafer
SML series is a fully auto- production. This system is
matic moulding line com- available in shell configura-
posed of a mould heating tion with traditional system
group, UPD series deposi- or cold shell forming.
tor, vibration table (vertical
and horizontal), vertical The SML series provides
Automatic moulding line for confectionery (PMChocolate).
cooling box (paternoster an hourly production from
type), and demoulding unit 130 up to 3,500 kg/h; 40
with mould twisting. depositing stroke/min.
20094 Corsico - MI - Italy ment for the production
The SML line is indicated (PMChocolate - Via Gian - Tel. +39 02 36546388 - of hard and soft candy,
for the one-shot pralines Lorenzo Bernini 5/7 - www.pmchocolate.com) solid or centre-filled,
sugar-free, lollipops,
caramel, toffees, fondant
creams, and pure-sugar
Hard and soft candy production products.

The newly designed

Having its roots in the drums and horizontal provement thus setting kitchen is a fully integrat-
world-renowned Ruf- pulling machines to the the market standards for ed modular and scalable
finatti technology, the confectionery industry. decades. system developed in order
Italian-based company These represent two to produce superior quality
Confitech is now the 4th milestones in terms of Confitech provides a fondant creams for many
generation of a family process and safety im- wide range of equip- uses.
that, since 1932, has
been developing high
quality machinery for the
production of candy and
which has given to this
world some of the best
and well-known innova-

Besides the unique and

innovative Kneading Ma-
chine, IM.30, which was
patented in the early 50s
and then became Con-
fitechs flagship machine,
the company was the first
Hard candy cooking units (Confitech).
to introduce the cooling

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 31

Several configurations and full accessibility, simplifies the weighing and mixing a consistent mixing of fon-
multiple options are avail- maintenance operations unit, SL.2000, to automat- dant, bob syrup, flavours,
able in order to customize and cleaning procedures. ically pre-mix and dissolve colours or other additives
the system. raw ingredients; the con- such as powdered fruit or
The automatic control of tinuous fondant cooker milk; the aromatization
From plain fondant in bulk all the process parameters, CKF.200/500/1000; one units DP.10/40/60 and
for downstream appli- the intuitive layout of HMI, or two tempering beaters dry feeders DF.10/50 to
cations to high quality process visualization and FBT.200/500; the bob add liquid colours and fla-
flavoured fondant creams, extensive alarm features syrup cooking unit to vours as well as granular
also containing powdered ensure easy operation and prepare and automatical- or powdered additives.
fruits or milk to be used short training time. The ly meter the syrup to be
for filling preparation of throughput of this machine blended after the beaters (Confitech - Via G. Ferraris
pralines, chocolate bars, ranges from 200 to 1,000 to control the final mois- 52 - 10090 Bruino - TO
hard and soft candy. kg/h. ture and smoothness of - Italy - Tel. +39 011
the fondant. In addition, 9087982 - email: info@
The robust and hygienic On request, the system the in-line continuous confitech.it - www.
design, combined with configuration can include mixer FMX.100 to ensure confitech.it)

IS AN ITALIAN Vitalmix (selected starter

COMPANY BASED IN cultures), Sali Mix
(processing aids), Ovilac
(sheep proteins), Gelfood
25 YEARS OF (functional ingredients
EXPERIENCE REGION, WHICH for imitation cheese). The
DEALS IN FOOD ingredients are used in
INDUSTRY, MAINLY IN the production of cheese,
THE DAIRY SECTOR; r i co t t a , m a s ca r p o n e ,
BOTH KNOWN IN ITALY yogurt, dairy specialties
AND ABROAD. and fresh spreadable
curds, imitation cheese,
We just use the very best of milk... produces ingredients creams, ice-cream and

to guarantee you the best final products

and processing aids relative for all the other food
to the Mediterranean industries.
food tradition for the
preservation of products in provides advices and
the food industry. development of customized
products to offer the best
THE MAIN PRODUCTS ARE: for the final customer, first
Lacfood (milk proteins), in order of importance for
Biolac (culture media), the company.

Ph. +39 0523 981616 - Fax +39 0523 981834 - info@sca-srl.com
1FIRM IN THIS SECTOR TO HAVE IT R.I. di Piacenza n 01323250181 - Cap. Soc. 50.440,00 i.v.


32 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

980 5 M A D E I N I TA LY



0 201
fillers Bottle washer
and cappers

Akomag designs and

manufactures bottle-wa-
shing machines, rinsers,
sterilisation units and
case-washers used in the
production of wine, mi-
neral water, liqueur, beer,
fruit juice and beverages,
including milk and oil.

Containers can be either

glass or recycled PET, with
a production capacity ran-
ging from 500 to 60,000
pieces/hour, depending on
the model.
GENESI bottle washer (Akomag).

The basic and L models

of the GENESI bottle
washer are extremely
compact alternate cycle the bottles are perfectly arises, to various applica-
machines. clean, the labels com- tions (wine, oil, beer, etc.).
pletely removed and the The high quality standards
Designed, following user insides totally emptied. and advanced technology
indications, with low pro- together with skilled and
ductive capacities, these The fact that these reliable after-sales service
machines are extremely machines are so easy to make the GENESI model
versatile and can be adap- use and clean, requiring an excellent starting point
ted to the most varied practically no maintenan- in bottling line automation.
range of requirements. ce, enables high outputs The production capacity
and very limited machine ranges from 500 to 4,000
Thanks to a single but ex- downtime. The machines containers/hour.
tremely effective washing modular construction
cycle, running costs (wa- enables the clients to (Akomag - Frazione Diolo
ter, electricity, detergent) build the machine 15/D - Soragna - PR - Italy
can be reduced while still according to their own - email: info@akomag.com
obtaining excellent wa- particular requirements, - Tel. +39 0524 599097 -
shing results ensuring that adapting it, as the need www.akomag.com)

34 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

fillers and cappers

Roll-fed labelling ponents fitted under the

machine base. A single
system with 3 brushless
servo-drives controls the
BRB Globus Mega Roll de- guaranteeing greater of implementing easily machine speed, labelling
velops traditional roll-fed durability of the compo- future upgrades. group speed and the
labelling systems, raising nents, more reliability and unwinding of the label,
quality and flexibility stan- ease of use. In order to guarantee the guaranteeing perfect
dards thus offering a ma- operators safety, there synchronization of the
chine designed specifically In order to accommodate is guarding all around the various components.
for the operator which is the use of a variety of glue gluing unit.
easy to use and maintain. types and to adapt to any There is no requirement
working environment, the When standard inspection to phase any machine
BRB Globus introduces Mega Roll features include and cleaning operations component when format
the MEGA ROLL which glue adjustment on the need to be carried out, the change takes place, mak-
meets market demands label and temperature guarding can be opened ing this operation as fast
and production require- adjustment on each part of without the use of tools and repetitive as possible.
ments, guaranteeing the system. or the removal of compo-
efficiency and reliability in nents. Furthermore, the Bottle rotation is obtained
the most varied working The compact machine operating panel can be using an independent
conditions using a wide size with integrated elec- completely disabled using motor, thus guaranteeing
variety of materials. The tric cabinet means that a key. the correct label tension
Mega Roll offers maxi- this system can be in- and reducing time and
mum flexibility, allowing stalled quickly and easily Full access to any part of components needed for
the handling of contain- integrated into the com- the machine is guaran- the format change.
ers a wide range of sizes plete line. The modular teed through the linear
(bottles from 0.33 to 3 concept of the machine positioning of the label- (BRB Globus - Via Indu-
L) without the need for allows a fast and easy ling unit components, stria 20/22 - 46047 Porto
time-consuming and com- maintenance and replace- the compactness of the Mantovano - MN - Italy -
plicated machine changes. ment of components, as machine itself and the Tel. 0376 397040 - www.
Further flexibility is guar- well as the opportunity reduced number of com- brbglobus.it)
anteed by the potential to
use a wide range of glues
and labels, as the Sagitta
design features are suited
to any production require-

The transfer of the label

from the cutter to the
transfer roller is synchro-
nized, thus avoiding any
slip on the roller. In this
way Mega Roll offers a
wider choice in label char-
acteristics and has lower
maintenance requirements
for the cleaning of the unit.

The vacuum system has Mega Roll roll-fed labelling

system (BRB Globus).
also been simplified,

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 35

Filling solutions

Galdi is specialized in (ESL) liquid foodstuff.

filling and packaging The machine frame is
solutions for milk, dairy completely made of AISI
products and fruit juice. 304 stainless steel and
is protected by full-size
The mod. RG270UCS has see-through panels which
been developed in order allow monitoring during
to preserve product quali- operations.
ty throughout its required
shelf life. The new automation plat-
form PC-based control
This machine is suitable guarantees full control of
for filling all available the process and real-time
carton sizes with fresh data collection analysis.
and Extended Shelf Life The screw-cap applica- RG270UCS filling unit for ESL liquid food (Galdi).

tor is silent, reliable, and The service E-Portal

highly performing. The means access to the
double diaphragm filler on-line platform for
with bottom up system spare parts handling and
is adjustable and flexible, technical documentation
suitable for foaming, thick depository.
and viscous products
(also containing fibres and Upon request, the servo
particles). driven linear ultrasonic
screw cap applicator for
The Protected standard caps, recovery
Over-pressured Area pump, external foam
Expertise that HEPA filtered air man- cleaning and extend-

Inspires Globally agement ensures laminar

flow protection on the
ed spare part kits are
available. In addition to
Industry leaders in providing ingredient
open carton area. The the standard features,
systems that deliver texture and stability to ultra-clean system for Galdi also recommends
food and beverage products. carton decontamination the hand-held controller,
works with a 35% hydro- the CIP-SIP unit, and the
gen peroxide solution. waste carton ejection
Rotary nozzles improve system.
the disinfection tun-
nel cleaning. Finally, a (Galdi - Via E. Fermi 43/B -
reduced machine set-up 35010 Villafranca
food@icl-group.com time and newly imple- Pad - PD - Italy -
mented foaming system Tel. +39 049 9070380 -
2016 ICL Food Specialties. A division of ICL Performance Products. All rights reserved.
improve the cleaning and email: info@galdi.it -
hygiene. www.galdi.it)

36 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

packaging Only one wrapping machine
equipment for any type of cheese
It was 1985 and it was different types of cheese
not long before the first such as Bavarian Emmen-
packaging machines thal, Swiss Emmenthal,
were produced and for Maasdam, Fontal, Gouda,
extensive experience in Pecorino, Ricotta salata,
flow pack systems to be Rosa Camuna, Monte
gained. Now, Tecno Pack Veronese, and Asiago. It is
has installed its FP027 a modern multi-functional
machine at Qualit Leo- and versatile machine with
ne, a historical company an additional increase of
in Villafranca di Verona, shelf-life.
with approximately 7,000
whole cheeses aged in the The FP027 is suitable for
house. packing cheese in bulk, types of films from simpler
which is transferred direct- films to paper-film, which
The FP027 has been de- ly onto the film, avoiding have a transparent window
veloped for the modified the problems of conveyer in the middle.
atmosphere packaging of transport, thanks to the
bottom-mounted reel. Using a single film for many
Different shapes of cheese radial sections of the pieces
are all perfectly aligned of cheese represents a
on the loading conveyer. common mistake in the
First they are detected by packaging process with the
a barrier photocell which, risk of an excess of film on
by sending signals to the the pack, which results in a
front camera and working wrong sealing, gas leakage
in synergy, allows an un- and a reduction in shelf-
derstanding of which are in life. Instead, the FP027
phase and which are not. has a double reel holder,
In this case, the machine so that, if necessary, it
either stops or triggers an moves quickly from one to
alarm or misses a package. another.

Thanks to seven different It is possible to insert two,

motors, the FP027 machine four, six tapes coupled
guarantees sealing precision with an automatic cutting
depending on the materials line, so as to be able to
FP027 wrapping machine for cheese (Tecno Pack).
used. It seals all different introduce many pieces

38 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

packaging equipment

of cheese in the machine proposed by Tecno Pack. The FP027 is character- been a success considering
and speed up the process. The range of machines is ized by a quick switch the diffusion in Italy and
This is the reason why the composed of the FP200 from one type of cheese abroad of the 3 kg. cans
FP027 technology meets EVO, a top-mounted reel to another, from cubes to (France, Holland, Belgium,
all customer requirements suitable for cheese por- whole cheese, working up Portugal, Spain). More and
in terms of small quantities tions packaged in trays, to 100 pieces per minute. more coffee toasters have
and many formats. and the FP025EVO and This is definitely the added chosen this system to dis-
the FP025EVOBB. All the value of this machine. tribute coffee to bars.
The FP027 can also pack machines are developed in
fresh products. Thanks to order to be combined with (Tecno Pack - Via Lago di Today, PRO.VE.MA. is
the correct gas mixture, robotic systems, such as Albano 76 - 36015 Schio recognized as the market
the flow pack sealing automatic product feed- - VI - Italy - Tel. +39 0445 leader in packaging lines
and cold chain handling, ing, with the purpose of 575661 - email: comm@ and seaming machines for
decline has decreased by minimizing human inter- tecnopackspa.it - www. the production of 4, 3, 2
about 70%, such as for vention. tecnopackspa.it) and 1 kg cans for coffee
Rigatel del Castel cheese. beans and for 250 and 125
g cans for ground coffee.
The FP027 ensures opti- The seaming machine clos-
mum sealing, thus contrib- Coffee packaging equipment es the cans with vacuum
uting to an increase in the and inert gas saturation
shelf-life of the cheese. thus obtaining an amount
This machine has proved PRO.VE.MA. is an Italian Martinotti. After years of of O2 residue less than
to consider and better face company operating in the activity in the food indus- 0.6% in order to preserve
the initial microbial loads of field of machineries for try, they decided to focus the coffee aroma. The 2
cheese, type of film, sani- the food industry and in on new machineries, i.e. lines are available both in
tizing operations and the particular in the coffee the seaming machines with semiautomatic and auto-
correct gas mixtures and industry. It was born from vacuum and gas injection matic versions.
temperatures used in mod- the experience of the two for 3 kg big metal boxes
ified atmosphere (MAP). In partner founders, Angelo and 250 g small metal PRO.VE.MA. also presents
the numerous tests carried Culacciati and Fiorentino boxes. This choice has the COMBI line with two
out by Leone, thanks to
the FP027, the shelf-life of
some cheeses has increased
from 90 to 120 days such as
for the Pecorino sardo.

With the FP027 wrapping

machine, Tecno Pack looks
towards the frontier of
foreign countries. Swit-
zerland and France will
be assisted by specialized
service centers and techni-
cal experts in order to give
the same level of service
continuity for foreign com-

But the FP027 is only one

of four machines, spe-
Seaming machine for coffee cans (PRO.VE.MA.).
cific for the dairy sector,

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 39

seaming machines, one to 4-10 cycles /mm, and
for big cans and one for values depending on the
small ones, both fed by characteristics of the prod-
one dosing group which uct to be packaged and
receives coffee beans or the sealing materials used,
ground coffee. Moreover, if in MAP or SKIN.
the COMBI line includes
a single empty can feed- Regarding safety and
ing table and a single reliability, CA.VE.CO. pays
self-moving, filled-can great attention to the
accumulation table, which engineering process. This
can receive cans from both company looks for the best
seaming machines. Cost possible ergonomic and
cutting is an advantage. develops intuitive inter-
faces for the machine-op-
Packaging line for coffee cans (PRO.VE.MA.).
The COMBI line does not erator with personalized
require double dosing touch-screen programs in
groups and double accu- ogy for coffee beans and transport and storage and, order to guide the oper-
mulation tables and so it ground coffee. The coffee as a packaging option, ator to in the best use of
is less expensive than a industry is witnessing an provide additional value to the machine. Furthermore,
two separate line option. It ever-wider use of tinplate coffee and grant a greater the Magic is produced in
also provides a significant cans. As a matter of fact, visibility in bars with 3 kg accordance with the CE
reduction in floor space. more and more coffee cans and in stores with safety regulations.
Maintenance is easier be- producers choose the 3 kg 250 g cans.
cause of its compactness or the 250 g cans to pack- The Magic is suitable for
and accessibility which age their premium quality (PRO.VE.MA. - Via Lun- the packaging of meat,
make the process easy to production. First of all, the gargine 35 - 27050 Basti- fish, fresh or frozen ready
monitor even by one op- cans protect the quality da Pancarana - PV - Italy meals, dairy and cheese
erator. This line embodies of the coffee from air and - Tel. +39 0383 855010 products, fresh pasta, etc.
the advantages of vacuum light while maintaining - email: info@provema.it - This system is entirely built
and gas flushing technol- aroma. Cans also facilitate www.provema.it) in stainless steel and anti-
corodal aluminum. It can
be used in any production
environment, even in the
Automatic thermo-sealing machine more aggressive ones such
as diary and fish plants.

CA.VE.CO. presents Magic, The Magic T it is able to seal the product that protrudes
the revolutionary machine trays in plastic, aluminum or from the trays.
that recognizes and packs coupled cardboard. For vac-
different sizes of trays uum and in vacuum + gas The Magic system guar-
without tool change. there is the model VG; Mag- antees up to 8-15 cycles/
ic VG SKIN allows to create, min in simple sealing, up
This automatic ther- with the use of a specific
mo-sealing machine is film, a skin effect inside a
suitable for any pack- preformed tray because
aging where protective the film perfectly follows
atmosphere (MAP), SKIN the shape of the packaged
is required or only the product. Finally, there is the Magic, the smart
sealing of food products in Over-SKIN model which thermo-sealing machine
preformed trays. creates a skin effect also on

40 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

Semiautomatic bagging machine Stawimpianti:
Precision and Accuracy.


or open mouth allows quickly bagging, and with great precision weighing,
powders and granular also particularly fine, abrasives and potentially
dangerous. Prepare one bag of 25 kg in about 1 minute without leakage; the
parts of the machine in contact with the product are made of stainless steel
AISI 316 or AISI 304 or painted carbon steel.
It has retaining jaws lot gaping driven by pneumatic cylinders and of a no-
siphonage device installed to ensure the correct weighing even in presence
of sliding products. MACHINErIES ANd PlANTS fOr INdUSTrIES

STAWIMPIANTI S.r.l. Strada Privata Oglio, 12/14/16 - Frazione Sesto Ulteriano - 20098 San Giuliano Milanese (MI) - Italy
Tel.: +39 02 98282186 r.a. - Fax: +39 02 98282196 - stawimpianti@stawimpianti.it - www.stawimpianti.it
With an IP65 degree of eters of different produc- formed along the length of solution for the automation
water and dust protection, tions thus ensuring, thanks the bag (longitudinal seal). of the vacuum packing
the Magic satisfies the to the extremely fast tool All excess material from the process, while offering
demands of cleaning and change system, the most longitudinal seal is removed a high level of flexibility.
hygiene typical of the food elevated flexibility of use from the package by means With this machine, Ulma
industry. of its category. of a film scrap removal sys- Packaging ensures several
tem. This provides a shrink key benefits such as high
Thanks to its PLC, pro- (CA.VE.CO. - Via Golgi bag with excellent aesthet- flexibility, process automa-
grammed by CA.VE.CO. 18 - 25036 Palazzolo ics thanks to the narrow tion, increase in produc-
specialized technicians, the sullOglio -BS - Italy - Tel longitudinal seal. tivity and reduced labour
Magic system allows to +39 030 7300611 - www. requirements. There are
store the working param- caveco.it) The Flow-Vac system also great advantages with
senses the beginning of -less: less material usage,
each product and indexes less seal contamination,
the incoming product less vacuum leakages, and
Flow-Vac wrapping system automatically. The trans-
versal welding is a fully her-
less material stock.

metic seal of high quality. (Ulma Packaging - Via

The Flow-Vac system film beneath the level of dellArtigianato, 2 - 29010
has been developed by the product feeding line. Developed for the fresh Gragnano Trebbiense
Ulma Packaging to create a The Cryovac barrier film food industry and entire- - PC - Italy - Tel. +39
vacuum shrink bag around unwinds off the reel while ly of stainless steel, the 0523 788447 - www.
the product to be packed. It the product moves into Flow-Vac 35 is the perfect ulmapackaging.it)
makes the vacuum packing the longitudinal seal head
process completely auto- system, thus preventing
mated with a very competi- the contamination of the
tive investment level. transverse seal because
the product does not come
Thermoforming machines
The Flow-Vac 35 is a into contact with the seal
bottom reel packaging area. The vacuum bag is The new thermo-former motors in order to ensure
machine that feeds the formed around the product generation, Evolution, rep- absolute accuracy and
Cryovac barrier roll stock and a full hermetic seal is resents the implementation reliability.
of the highest standards
of design, manufacturing, Superior hygiene and
quality and reliability in machine sanitation fea-
order to obtain a product of tures are guaranteed.
solid construction and high Stainless steel INOX AISI
production performance. 304 or 316 and a sanita-
The frame is entirely made tion program is provided
from stainless steel with as standard on all the
high precision mechanics, machines for an accurate
dynamics and components machine cleaning and a
of next-generation soft- long duration of all compo-
ware. nents. The shaping of the
smooth surfaces increases
Tecnosistem thermo- the fluid run-off.
forming machines are
developed to work 24/24 Experience, knowledge,
hours and 7/7 days. The passion, research and a
management board is strong incentive to reach
Flow-Vac wrapping system (Ulma). integrated with brushless a level of excellence are

42 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

tem technical department sules, and they can create
with 3D systems for the single-blend or two-blend
dynamic tests of pneumat- boxes. Box closing, usually
ic lifting and movements with glue, can be changed
for a preliminary check with a flip-top solution,
in order to obtain the and the box can be made
perfect manufacturing of of flat blank carton or pre-
every single component. glued cartons.
thermoforming machine. The company guarantees
advanced technologies and Futura Robotica provides
reliable answers. complete, turnkey lines
the key points on which solution, an individual ranging from capsule
Tecnosistem has built, packaging solution devel- (Tecnosistem - Via packaging to palletiza-
over more than 20 years, oped on the companys Lavoro e industria 35/41 tion. Thanks to advanced
its leadership as manufac- continuous innovations Z.I. - 25030 Coccaglio technology, it can produce
turer of thermoforming and improvements. Every - BS - Italy - Tel. +39 large plants, carry out
machines. Each machine line is developed and en- 030 7050362 - www. remarkable engineering,
is a unique tailor-made gineered by the Tecnosis- tecnosistem.com) and propose the best
technical solutions to the
food sector, guaranteeing

Innovative packaging solutions the required result upon

the specific requirements
for coffee capsule of end-of-line automation,
while granting utmost reli-
ability and flexibility.
Futura Robotica Srl, has In particular, Futura Robot- machine to form/fill boxes
been producing end-of- ica has produced and sup- with Nespresso-type cof- (Futura Robotica Srl - Via
line automatic machines plied a well-known com- fee capsules, capacity 450 Mattei, 1 B - 29010 Alseno
for many years and is pany of Andalo Vicentino p/m. Flexible solutions are - PC - Italy - Tel. +39 0523
highly renowned in the (Sondrio) Gimoka, special- for both Nespresso com- 945814 - email: info@
robotics sector for its in- izing in Italian espresso patible capsules, K-Cap futurarobotica.com - www.
novative handling applica- coffee blends, with an and Dolce Gusto cap- futurarobotica.com)
tions and development of automated line equipped
complete food packaging with Kawasaki robots that
lines. In the past two years, form and fill Nespres-
it has developed dedicated so-type coffee bags, with a
machines for single-serve capacity of 360 capsules/
coffee capsules (sealed min. The cartoning line is
and flowpack), today being also provided with a wrap-
produced in Italy by well- around integrated system
known customers. and carton palletization
(another line identical to
Recently, the company the one described here has
has developed a patented been ordered and due to
capsule feeding/orienting be delivered by October Cartoning line for
system which produces 2016). coffee capsules
(Futura Robotica).
modular cartoning lines
for any kind of capsule Futura Robotica also
(Nespresso compatible, designed and supplied
Dolce Gusto, a Modo Mio, Caffitaly System, Gaggio
K-Cup, and Caffitaly). Montano (Bologna), with a

44 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

nutrition EU project NU-AGE: new guidelines
for a healthier aging in Europe
After 5 years, the EU-funded project, NU-AGE came to an countries: Italy, France,
an end, bringing new dietary guidelines for over 65-year- Poland, the Netherlands
olds. The project greatly explored the socio-economic and United Kingdom from
determinants for food choice among the aging population where a total of 1,296
in Europe. Researchers also worked to determine how participants were recrui-
a Mediterranean style diet can promote health in the ted. Volunteers partaking
elderly and help to prevent the development of age-related in the study were divided
diseases. into two groups, a con-
trol group, consuming
their normal diets and
Life expectancy in Euro- was to improve the health an intervention group,
pe has risen significantly and quality of life in the eating a Mediterranean
and it is estimated that by EU aging population and style diet rich in fruits,
2030, 40% of the popula- ensure that their nutritio- vegetables, fish, low-fat
tion will be over 65-years nal needs are met. This meat, nuts and olive oil.
old.1 Therefore, the aim very ambitious study was Moreover, specifically
of the NU-AGE project carried out in five Europe- formulated foods, vitamin
D supplements as well
as advice and support to
adjust eating habits were
provided to participants
in the intervention group.2
By comparing the two
groups, this study allowed
researchers to determine
the effect of the diet on
various markers related to

NU-AGE dietary
guidelines for elderly

Currently, there are no

dietary guidelines de-
signed to specifically
address the nutritional
needs of the elderly. The

46 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september


researchers from the and British and least for the country differences archers from the NU-AGE
NU-AGE project com- the Italian participants. exist and most important- project used a wide range
bined existing dietary These results require ly to understand the mea- of techniques regarding
reference values, a set of further verification and ning of these changes for genetics, epigenetics, tran-
references for nutritional analysis to determine why the health of the elderly. scriptomics, metagenomics
intake that is based on and metabolomics to an-
currently available scien- swer even more questions
tific knowledge, as well about the effect of the
as food-based dietary Attitudes and perceptions of elderly Mediterranean style diet
guidelines, to create on food choices on age-related disorders.
new recommendations and nutrition information Analyses of the omics are
relevant to the elderly. still in progress and the
Special attention was paid While it was observed contain too much infor- results will follow in the
to selected nutrients that that participants change mation. However, intere- near future.
could be of concern in the their diets towards the stingly, involvement in the
aging population, such new recommendations, study encouraged nearly So far, the NU-AGE project
as vitamin D, B12, and the NU-AGE project also two thirds of the parti- was the first and the big-
calcium, along with water aimed to assess what is cipants consuming the gest study using a whole
and dietary fibre. Then, driving food choices and NU-AGE diet to look for diet approach to answer
the scientists translated determine attitudes and more nutrition and health crucial questions about the
these dietary reference perceptions of elderly information. improvement of health and
values into the NU-AGE consumers towards heal- quality of life in the EU
food-based dietary gui- th-related information. Apart from the outcomes ageing population.
delines in order to inform described above, the rese- Eufic.org
consumers what and how This assessment was
much they should eat performed via a specifical-
from a certain food group. ly designed survey com-
For example, instead of
saying eat more polyun-
pleted by all participants,
regardless of whether or
Berry pigments may decrease
saturated fatty acids, the not they were eating the bad cholesterol
NU-AGE diet. Participants
in overweight individuals
researchers advised on
how much oily fish contai- said that the top five in-
ning this specific nutrient fluences on their purchase
should be consumed. decision were: best before
date, price, taste, ingre- Anthocyanins are dietary in those with elevated
At the end of the study, dients, and habit. flavonoids commonly con- bio markers, or in more
it was measured whether sumed in the diet, which colloquial terms, indivi-
participants from the They were also asked if have been suggested to duals who are overweight
intervention group chan- they use a nutritional label have a preventative effect or obese.
ged their dietary intake that contains informa- on cardiovascular disease
towards the NU-AGE tion such as calories, fat, (CVD) development among The Researchers syste-
dietary guidelines. Indeed, salt, sugar content, when epidemiological studies. matically reviewed ran-
participants from all five buying foods. One third domized controlled trials
countries improved their of volunteers said they Researchers from George (RCTs) testing the effects
diets according to the new dont use labels and one Mason University of Fair- of purified anthocyanins
recommendations, howe- fifth occasionally use the fax (Usa) published in the and anthocyanin-rich
ver country differences labels. The reason for not journal Nutrition a review extracts on markers of
were seen. The greatest using labels was that they where they found that the CVD (triglycerides, total
changes were observed are difficult to read due flavonoids that give berries cholesterol, low-density
for French volunteers, to, for example, a small their color may help de- lipoprotein (LDL) choleste-
followed by Polish, Dutch print, and because they crease the bad cholesterol rol, high-density lipopro-

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 47

tein (HDL) cholesterol, and to be an overall healthier
blood pressure) in both route. When a vegetable
healthy and diseased po- phenolic content was
pulations. Eligible studies higher in raw form, EVOO
included RCTs of adults enhanced the amount
published in English. of phenols in the frying
process, while boiling did
They searched PubMed, not affect the final con-
Web of Science Core Col- centration of phenols. The
lection, and BIOSIS Pre- researchers concluded that
views for relevant articles frying vegetables in EVOO
from inception until 1 July or in a mixture of EVOO
2014. Twelve RCTs repre- Supplementation did not in the qualitative analyses blended with water is the
senting 10 studies were significantly affect other include short trial duration ideal cooking method for
included in this review. markers of CVD in either and large variability in the rendering more nutrients
healthy individuals or dose administered within from the vegetable.
Supplementation with those with elevated mar- the trials. Longer-dura-
anthocyanins significantly kers. No adverse effects tion trials assessing dose Multivariate analyses
improved LDL chole- of anthocyanins were response are needed to showed that each cooked
sterol among diseased reported across studies adequately determine vegetable developed
individuals or those with at levels up to 640 mg/ whether an effect of sup- specific phenolic and
elevated biomarkers. day. Limitations of trials plementation exists. antioxidant activity profiles
resulting from the cha-
racteristics of the raw ve-
getables and the cooking

Frying vegetables is healthier techniques. The findings

demonstrated the oils
than boiling in water ability to enhance phenols
in vegetables healthy
chemicals that work to
protect cells, and decrease
The Mediterranean diet is variety of ways. They tried tables compared to those the risk of developing can-
characterized by a high in- sauting and frying vege- cooked in water. However, cer, diabetes, and age-rela-
take of vegetables and ex- tables in EVOO, boiling increasing phenols throu- ted macular degeneration
tra virgin olive oil (EVOO). vegetables in water, and gh frying still outweighed (vision loss).
Frying is often a vilified boiling them in a mixture the fat content, proving Rssl.com
form of cooking, but when of water and EVOO; each
it comes to vegetables, method was compared to
it may make produce raw vegetables.
healthier. In a study con-
ducted at the University Because oil can transfer
of Grenada, researchers heat to the vegetables
cooked a few vegetables differently than water, it
commonly found in the increased the available
Mediterranean diet in phenol fraction. The oil
EVOO to see how it was able to increase
affected the various the apparent amount
nutritional profiles. In the of phenolic compounds
study, researchers cooked present in the vegetables.
cubes of potato, pumpkin, EVOO also increased the
tomato and eggplant in a amount of fat in vege-

48 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

New study finds clear differences between
organic and non-organic milk and meat

In the largest study of Western European diets conventional milk provides

its kind, an international are recognised as being 11% (25 mg).
team of experts led by too low in these fatty acids
Newcastle University, and the European Food Other positive changes in
UK, has shown that both Safety Authority (EFSA) fat profiles included lower
organic milk and meat recommends we should levels of myristic and pal-
contain around 50% more double our intake. mitic acid in organic meat
beneficial omega-3 fatty and a lower omega-3/
acids than conventionally But getting enough in our omega-6 ratio in organic ming on the environment,
produced products. diet is difficult. Our study milk. Higher levels of fat and the perceived health
suggests that switching soluble vitamins such as benefits. But much less is
Analyzing data from to organic would go some vitamin E and carotenoids known about impacts on
around the world, the way towards improving and 40% more CLA in nutritional quality, hence
team reviewed 196 intakes of these important organic milk were also the need for this study.
papers on milk and 67 pa- nutrients. observed.
pers on meat and found Several of these diffe-
clear differences between The study showed that the rences stem from organic
organic and conventional Western European more desirable fat profi- livestock production and
milk and meat, especial- diets are too low les in organic milk were are brought about by
ly in terms of fatty acid in omega-3 fatty acids closely linked to outdoor differences in production
composition, and the grazing and low concen- intensity, with outdoor-re-
concentrations of certain The systematic literature trate feeding in dairy diets, ared, grass-fed animals
essential minerals and reviews analyzed data as prescribed by organic producing milk and meat
antioxidants. from around the world farming standards. that is consistently higher
and found that organic in desirable fatty acids such
Publishing their findings milk and meat have more The two new systematic as the omega-3s, and lower
in the British Journal of desirable fat profiles than literature reviews also in fatty acids that can
Nutrition, the team say conventional milk and describe recently publi- promote heart disease and
the data show a switch meat. shed results from several other chronic diseases.
to organic meat and mother and child cohort
milk would go some way Most importantly, a studies linking organic milk
towards increasing our switch from conventional and dairy product consu- Avoiding iodine over-
intake of nutritionally to organic would raise mption to a reduced risk and under-supply from
important fatty acids. omega-3 fat intake wi- of certain diseases. This milk is a challenge
thout increasing calories included reduced risks of
Chris Seal, Professor of and undesirable saturated eczema in babies. The study also found 74%
Food and Human Nutri- fat. For example, half a more iodine in conventio-
tion at Newcastle Univer- litre of organic full fat milk Newcastle Universitys nal milk which is important
sity explains: Omega-3s (or equivalent fat intakes Professor Carlo Leifert, information, especially for
are linked to reductions from other dairy products who led the studies, said: UK consumers, where iodi-
in cardiovascular disease, like butter and cheese) People choose organic zed table salt is not widely
improved neurological provides an estimated 16% milk and meat for three available.
development and fun- (39 mg) of the recommen- main reasons: improved
ction, and better immune ded, daily intake of very animal welfare, the positi- Iodine is low in most
function. long-chain omega-3, while ve impacts of organic far- foods, except seafood, and

50 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

tively. However, pregnant We need substantially
and breastfeeding wom- more, well designed stud-
en have a higher iodine ies and surveys before we
requirement (250 g/day) can accurately estimate
and are therefore more at composition differences
risk of iodine deficiency, in meat from different
which could affect neu- farm animals and for many
rological development in nutritionally important
babies. compounds (vitamins, min-
erals, toxic metal and pes-
ticide residues), as there is
Further evidence currently too little data to
of the health benefits make comparisons.
of organic food
However, the fact that
the World Health Orga- in milk may increase the The work builds on a there are now several
nisation (WHO) recom- risk of excessive intake for previous study by the team mother and child cohort
mends Iodine fortification individuals with high dairy involving experts from studies linking organic
of table salt to address consumption. For this the UK, US, France, Italy, food consumption to pos-
this. Iodine fortification of reason the European Food Switzerland, Norway and itive health impacts shows
cattle feeds is also widely Safety Authority (EFSA) Poland investigating the why it is important to fur-
used to increase iodine has proposed a reduction composition of organic ther investigate the impact
concentrations in both in the permitted level of and conventionally-grown of the way we produce our
organic and conventional iodine in cattle feed from crops. food on human health.
milk. 5 to 2 mg iodine per kg of
feed. This previous study also The authors highlight that
Gillian Butler, co-author published in the British only a small number of
and senior lecturer in ani- However, in the UK, where Journal of Nutrition studies have been carried
mal nutrition at Newcastle iodized salt is not widely showed that organic crops out comparing organic and
University, explains: available, the population and crop-based foods non-organic meat, and that
relies more on milk and are up to 60% higher in a even significant results
There is a relatively dairy products for adequa- number of key antioxidants may still carry a high level
narrow margin between te iodine supply. National than conventionally-grown of uncertainty.
dietary Iodine deficiency Diet and Nutrition Survey crops and contained less of ScienceDaily.com
(<140 g/day) and exces- data (NDNS) suggest that the toxic metal cadmium.
sive intakes (> 500 g/day) milk and dairy products
from our diet which can supply between 31-52% of We have shown without Journal References:
lead to thyrotoxicoxis. iodine in the UK diet. doubt there are composi-
tion differences between 1- Carlo Leifert et al. Higher
PUFA and omega-3 PUFA,
Optimising iodine intake The daily recommended organic and conventional
CLA, a-tocopherol and iron,
is therefore challenging, intake of iodine in the food. Taken together, the but lower iodine and selenium
since globally there seems UK is 140 g/day and three studies on crops, concentrations in organic bovi-
to be as much concern just over half comes from meat and milk suggest ne milk: A systematic literature
about excessive rather dietary sources other than that a switch to organic review and meta- and redun-
fruit, vegetables, meat dancy analysis. British Journal of
than inadequate intake. milk/dairy products. Based
Nutrition, February 2016
on results from the study, and dairy products would
In the USA, China, Brazil half a litre of milk would provide significantly higher 2- Carlo Leifert et al. Composition
differences between organic
and many European coun- provide 53% of and 88% amounts of dietary antiox-
and conventional meat; a sy-
tries, where Iodine forti- of the daily recommended idants and omega-3 fatty stematic literature review and
fied salt is widely used, intake from organic and acids, concludes Professor meta-analysis. British Journal of
elevated levels of iodine conventional milk respec- Leifert. Nutrition, February 2016

52 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

Via Mecenate, 78/b
20138 Milano - ITALY
Tel. +39 02 504095
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Fax +39 02 5062646

ITALO DANIONI manufactures grinding mills,
mixers and crushers since 1918.
The Company also produces closed circuit,
refrigerated and conditioned and explosion
proof plants for products in powder.
Customers have at their disposal a test room
with industrial machines
for verification of functioning
and capacity

to existing

w w w. d a n ioni . it
Consumer perception of organic foods Another finding from the
research was that where the
affected by food type and where theyre sold food item was purchased
mattered. The researchers
concluded that retailers like
The organic food industry centers, Walmart or Target. the researchers found an Target may be better outlets
has grown from fresh pro- Each participant only interesting interaction for promoting organic vice
duce and grains to snack evaluated one of the eight between the organic label products while retailers like
foods and condimen- potential combinations. and product type. Walmart may only be good
ts--from farmers markets outlets for promoting orga-
to supercenters. Has this We chose strawberries Organic strawberries nic virtue products.
new variety in organic and cookies because they had higher expected taste
products, and the avai- represent a virtue and a ratings than non-organic The study also revealed
lability of them, affected vice product, respectively, strawberries, but cookie that participants seemed
consumers perceptions? and both are currently taste ratings did not differ, misinformed about organic
A University of Illinois available in the marketplace Ellison says. However, the standards.
researcher and her team in organic and non-organic opposite was true with
designed an experiment forms, Ellison says. We nutrition ratings. Organic Even though products
to provide insight on some chose Target and Walmart cookies were rated as carrying the USDA Organic
of the variables that may because the two stores more nutritious almost label must contain at least
influence opinions about have similar prices but very twice as healthy as 95 percent organic ingre-
organic foods. different brand images. non-organic cookies, but dients by definition, our
Target has positioned itself no difference was obser- participants believed orga-
Past research has often in the marketplace as a ved for strawberry ratings. nic cookies only contained
asked how much someo- store that emphasizes style, 62 percent organic ingre-
ne is willing to pay for an design, and aspiration. Wal- These results suggest that dients, Ellison says. This
organic product, but has mart, conversely, promotes the purchase of organic suggests more education
rarely considered the con- a low price image. virtue foods like strawber- may be needed to ensure
text in which that purcha- ries may be based more consumers understand
se takes place, says U of Results of the study showed on taste considerations, what the organic label me-
I food economist Brenna that context indeed matters. but organic vice foods like ans and that this definition
Ellison. In this study, we While organic products cookies may be purchased does not change across
look at how the organic were generally rated more based on nutrition consi- products or stores.
label interacts with the highly than non-organic, derations, Ellison says.
product type as well as the Putting the organic label
retail purchase context. in context: Examining the
interactions between the
Ellison and her team con- organic label, product
ducted an experiment with type, and retail outlet is
605 people who evaluated published in Food Quali-
a food products expected ty and Preference. It was
taste, nutrition, safety, written by Illinois rese-
and likelihood of purcha- archers Brenna Ellison,
se. The products were Brittany Duff, and Tiffany
strawberries and chocolate Barnett White and Ph.D.
sandwich cookies sold by student Zongyuan Wang.
a fictitious brand called The authors note that this
Cams. In the experiment, research did not receive
the products were either funding support from any
organic or non-organic and food retailer or manu-
sold in one of two super- facturer.

54 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

Scriba Studio / ph Paolo Marchisio



we design it , we built it,

we bottle it


frazione Cappelli, 33/b - 12040 Ceresole dAlba (Cn) Italia
tel. +39 0172 574416 email: gai@gai-it.com - www.gai-it.com
Drinking more water associated variety to but are not ne-
cessary for a healthy diet.
with numerous dietary benefits A small but statistically
significant 1% increase in
participants daily con-
For people who want to An. They also consumed 5 tea, herbal tea and coffee sumption of plain water
control their weight or re- grams to nearly 18 grams were not counted as sour- was associated with an
duce their intakes of sugar, less sugar and decreased ces of plain water, but their 8.6-calorie decrease in
sodium and saturated fat, their cholesterol consump- water content was included daily energy intake, as
tap water may be what the tion by 7 to 21 grams daily. in Ans calculations of parti- well as slight reductions in
doctor ordered. cipants total dietary water participants intake of su-
The impact of plain water consumption. gar-sweetened beverages
A new study that exami- intake on diet was similar and discretionary foods
ned the dietary habits of across race/ethnicity, edu- On average, participan- along with their consump-
more than 18,300 U.S. cation and income levels ts consumed about 4.2 tion of fat, sugar, sodium
adults found the majority and body weight status, cups of plain water on a and cholesterol.
of people who increased An said. This finding indi- daily basis, accounting for
their consumption of plain cates that it might be suffi- slightly more than 30% of While An found that the
cient to design and deliver their total dietary water in- decreases were greater
universal nutrition inter- take. Participants average among men and among
ventions and education calorie intake was 2,157 young and middle-aged
campaigns that promote calories, including 125 adults, he suggested they
plain water consumption in calories from sugar-swee- could have been associa-
replacement of beverages tened beverages and 432 ted with these groups
with calories in diverse calories from discretionary higher daily calorie intakes.
population subgroups foods, which are low-nu-
without profound con- trition, calorie-dense foods The study was published
cerns about message and such as desserts, pastries in the Journal of Human
strategy customization. and snack mixes that add Nutrition and Dietetics.

water tap water or from An examined data from

a cooler, drinking fountain four waves (2005-12) of
or bottle by 1% reduced the National Health and
their total daily calorie Nutrition Examination Probiotic strains
may fight milk allergy
intake as well as their Survey, conducted by
consumption of saturated the National Center for
fat, sugar, sodium and Health Statistics. Partici-
cholesterol. pants were asked to recall
everything they ate or Food allergies can have
People who increased their drank over the course of significant effects on
consumption of water by two days that were three morbidity and quality of
one, two or three cups to 10 days apart. life. Therefore, the de-
daily decreased their total velopment of efficient
energy intake by 68 to An calculated the amount approaches to reduce the
205 calories daily and their of plain water each person risk of developing food
sodium intake by 78 to 235 consumed as a percentage allergies is of considerable
grams, according to a paper of their daily dietary water interest.
by University of Illinois intake from food and beve-
kinesiology and community rages combined. Beverages French Researchers
health professor Ruopeng such as unsweetened black published on Applied and

56 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september


Environmental Microbiolo- These results demon- and allowed identification ca vegetable containing
gy journal a study where strate that combination of of three novel probiotic bioactive compounds, may
they have identified and both in vitro and in vivo strains which are active impede the accumula-
selected probiotic strains screening is effective in against sensitization in tion of fat in the liver and
with preventive properties probiotic strain selection mice. protect against NAFLD in
in allergy, using a combi- mice. Therefore, Jeffery
nation of in vitro and in and her team wanted to
vivo approaches. To that
end, thirty one strains Broccoli may offer protection find out the impact of
feeding broccoli to mice
belonging to bifidobacte-
ria and lactic acid bac-
against liver cancer with a known liver can-
cer-causing carcinogen.
teria were screened for The researchers studied
their immunomodulatory four groups of mice; some
properties in two cellular Consumption of broc- that liver cancer needed of which were on a control
models, namely human coli has increased in the to be studied particularly diet or the Westernized
peripheral blood mono- United States over the last because of the obesity diet, and some were given
nuclear cells (PBMCs) and few decades as scientists epidemic in the U.S. It is or not given broccoli.
T-helper 2 (Th2) skewed have reported that eating already in the literature
murine splenocytes. Six the vegetable three to that obesity enhances the
strains inducing a high five times per week can risk for liver cancer and
IL10/IL12p70 ratio and a lower the risk of many this is particularly true for
low secretion of IL-4 on types of cancer including men. They have almost
both cellular models were breast, prostate, and colon a 5-fold greater risk for
selected, and their pro- cancers. liver cancer if they are
tective impact was tested obese.
in vivo in a murine model A new study from the Uni-
of food allergy to -lacto- versity of Illinois published Jeffery says that the ma-
globulin. on Journal of Nutrition, jority of the U.S. popu-
2016; 146 (3): 542 reports lation eats a diet high in
Three strains showed a that including broccoli in saturated fats and added
protective impact on sen- the diet may also protect sugars. However, both of
sitization with a decrease against liver cancer, as well these are stored in the
in allergen-specific IgE as aid in countering the liver and can be converted We wanted to look at this
as well as on allergy with development of fatty liver to body fat. Consuming liver carcinogen in mice
a decrease in mast cell or nonalcoholic fatty liver a high-fat, high-sugar that were either obese or
degranulation. disease (NAFLD) which diet and having excess not obese, Jeffery ex-
can cause malfunction of body fat is linked with the plains. We did not do it
Analysis of the impact of the liver and lead to hepa- development of NAFLD, using a genetic strain of
these three strains on the tocellular carcinoma (HCC), which can lead to diseases obese mice, but mice that
T-helper balance revealed a liver cancer with a high such as cirrhosis and liver became obese the way
different mechanisms of mortality rate. cancer. that people do, by eating a
action: the L. salivarius high-fat, high-sugar diet.
LA307 strain proved to The normal story about We called this a Western-
block both Th1 and Th2 broccoli and health is ized-style diet in the study Although the research-
responses while the B. that it can protect against because we wanted to ers were predominantly
infantis LA308 strain a number of different model how so many of us interested in broccolis
induced a pro-Th1 profile cancers. But nobody had are eating today, Jeffery impact on the formation
and the L. rhamnosus looked at liver cancer, says. and progression of can-
LA305 strain induced says Elizabeth Jeffery, a cerous tumors in the liver,
both pro-Th1 and regula- U of I emeritus professor Previous research suggests Jeffery explained that they
tory responses. of nutrition. We decided that broccoli, a brassi- also wanted to observe the

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 57

health of the liver and how against it. Broccoli stopped things that makes this very Jefferys previous research
the liver was metabolizing too much uptake of fat exciting for us, she says. shows that eating broccoli
lipids because of the high- into the liver by decreasing freshly chopped or lightly
fat diet. There is almost no the uptake and increasing I think its very difficult, steamed is the best way
information about broccoli the output of lipid from particularly given the to get to the vegetables
and high-fat associated the liver, she says. choices in fast food res- cancer-fighting compound,
diseases, she says. taurants, for everybody to sulforaphane.
Jeffery notes that adding eat a lower-fat diet. But
The study shows that in broccoli to the diet of the more and more now you Although the researchers
mice on the Westernized mice did not make them can get broccoli almost only used broccoli in the
diet both the number of thin, or affect their body everywhere you go. Most study, Jeffery adds that
cancer nodules and the weight, but it did bring restaurants will offer broc- other brassica vegetables,
size of the cancer nodules the liver under control, coli, and its really a good such as cauliflower or
increased in the liver. But ultimately making them idea to have it with your Brussel sprouts, may have
when broccoli was added healthier. This is one of the meal, Jeffery adds. the same effect.
to the diet, the number of
nodules decreased. Size
was not affected.

That was what we really Vegans may lack essential nutrient intake
set out to show, Jeffery
says. But on top of that
we were looking at the The health benefits of a nal intake. Nutrients of food, plant-based diet
liver health. There are ac- plant-based diet is well-k- concern are vitamin B-12, is commendable, and a
tually two ways of getting nown, but the question iron, calcium, vitamin D, well-planned vegan diet
fatty liver; one, by eating remains: Could vegans protein and omega-3 fatty can be adequate to achie-
a high-fat, high-sugar diet be at risk for deficiency acids. ve proper nutrition, but
and the other by drinking of essential nutrients? A requires some education.
too much alcohol. In this retrospective review indi- We found that some of
case, it is called non-alco- cated that vegans should these nutrients, which
holic fatty liver, because ensure adequate intake of can have implications
we didnt use the alcohol. a few nutrients. in neurologic disorders,
And it is something that is anemia, bone strength and
becoming prevalent among According to a 2012 other health concerns,
Americans. This disease Gallup poll, 2% of the can be deficient in poor-
means you are no longer U.S. population follows ly planned vegan diets,
controlling the amount of a vegan diet, which is a says Heather Fields, M.D.,
fat that is accumulating in strict plant-based diet that Community and Internal
your liver. excludes all animal-deri- Medicine at Mayo Clinic
ved foods. Increasingly, in Arizona. Contrary to
With NAFLD, lipid globules people are choosing to popular belief, Vegans
form on the liver. During follow this diet for ethical, have not been shown to
the study, the researchers environmental, religious be deficient in protein
observed these globules and health concerns. With intake or in any specific
in the livers of the mice on the growing popularity amino acids. The study The Mayo Clinic review
the Westernized diet. of plant-based diets, the points out that some team recommends that he-
Mayo Clinic team com- vegans rely heavily on alth care providers monitor
We found that the West- piled a review, recently processed foods and may vegan patients for adequa-
ernized diet did increase published in the , to not eat a sufficient variety te blood levels of vitamin
fatty liver, but we saw that monitor and advise vegans of fruits, vegetables and B-12, iron, ferritin, calcium
the broccoli protected to ensure proper nutritio- whole grains. A whole and vitamin D.

58 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

Drying innovation
is our obsession
Drying rooms designed
to save energy, time and space.

Learn more about our technology

and how we can help improving your drying process:

Pinco SA - Via Pra Mag, 9 - 6862 Rancate (Switzerland)

+41 91 6400800 info@pinco-sa.com
A third of consumers remain
in the dark over what
clean label means
consumer Clean label continues to be the on-trend FMCG buzzword, according
trends the latest survey by Canadean. The latestconsumer research from Canadean
reveals a lack of consensus over what clean really means to consumers.

Caribou Coffee and Mars are the of what it means at all. This may
latest big players to embrace clean reflect the fact that the term
labelling, with the former com- clean label is more widely used
mitted to removing all artificial in industry than as a marketing
flavourings by the end of 2016, claim in itself. However as the
while Mars will phase out artificial clean movement gains mainstre-
colours from its food and drinks am traction, as reflected by the
globally over the next five years. popularity social media hashtags
But with ambiguity surrounding such as #cleaneating, it is impor-
the term, how much influence will tant that marketers understand
such promises have on consu- what clean actually means to the
mers? consumer.

Melanie Felgate, Senior Consu- Of those who do recognize the

mer Insight Analyst for Canadean, clean label term, Canadeans Q4
observes: The term clean label 2015 global survey revealed it is
resonates differently among con- most likely to be interpreted as
sumers globally, and moreover a meaning products are free from
third of consumers (34%) do not artificial ingredients, are natu-
actually have any understanding ral or organic, or are chemical/
pesticide-free, while a smaller
proportion of consumers also
associate it with other attributes
such as being allergen-free. On
this, Felgate notes: The clean
label term generally resonates
with consumers as an indica-
tor that a product is natural or
chemical-free. However, the fact
that a significant proportion of
consumers dont understand the
term or interpret it to mean, for
example, that a product could be
gluten free, suggests that brands
should continue to place their
marketing focus on core benefits,
rather than simply promoting their
products as clean.

60 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

consumer trends

According to Felgate, the more Caribou Coffee is a smart one, As more brands take steps to
the term is bandied about, the according to Felgate. While remove artificial ingredients from
less impact it will likely have Caribou Coffee promotes the their portfolios, it remains to be
among consumers in the long removal of artificial flavourings seen how much weight clean label
term: Whats interesting is that as their clean label pledge, the will have in the future, especially
in the US where the clean label- message given to consumers as the philosophy behind the term
ling movement is arguably more focuses strongly on the sensory increasingly becomes the norm
advanced, almost half of consu- benefits. rather than an exception. What is
mers (45%) do not understand its clear is that brands cannot rely on
meaning. The lack of clarity may The brand emphasizes the real- clean messaging alone to convince
actually turn consumers away ness of its ingredients to provide consumers to buy a product. Given
from brands marketed in this way, a superior flavour, with slogans just one in 10 consumers would be
rather than promoting the sim- like change you can taste and it willing to pay over 5% more for a
plicity that should underpin the just got real taking centre-sta- product claiming to be clean label
ideals of clean labelling. ge. Highlighting these sensory (Canadeans Q4 global survey,
advantages will resonate much 2015), brands must focus on other
So how can brands align with more strongly with consumers core benefits, such as taste or
the clean label trend, without than relying solely on the po- health, to differentiate themselves
alienating consumers? The recent tentially confusing clean label and justify a premium.
approach by US coffee chain message to sell the brand. www.canadean.com


More than 800 pages of technical knowledge:

N E W not only many recipes and technical information,

but also the means to build ones way of work-

ing and developing through basic notions, tests,


Price 130,00 All the fundamental themes are treated, from

iPad app 64,99
puff pastry to whipped mixtures, from choux pas-
ISBN: 978-88-96027-08-0
try to biscuits, from basic creams to meringues,
www.tradizioneinevoluzione.it from leavened dough to cakes, from petits fours
to pralin, from chocolate to pte bombe, from

gelato to glazes, from souf to nougat, from

jam to nut brittle, from candying to fried prod-

ucts, from alternative pastry products to savoury


A unique and complete approach to pastry

art in all its wonderful nuances.

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italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 61

Flexitarian lifestyle
is new trend

Innova Market Insights data shows Williams, Director of Innovation at

a +60% rise in global food and be- Innova Market Insights.
verage launches using a vegetarian
claim between 2011 and 2015. Germany has been leading this
Launches featuring the term ve- trend, with high levels of innova-
gan also rose to account for 4.3% tive NPD in meat alternatives and
of total introductions in 2015, up meat substitutes, and 69% of con-
from 2.8% in 2014 and just 1.5% sumers claiming to eat meatless
in 2012. meals once a week or more. The
US is lagging behind on just 38%,
The trend towards reducing meat although 120 million Americans do
intake in the diet has led to the already eat meatless meals, so this
emergence of new opportunities must represent a major opportu-
to target vegans, vegetarians, nity.
non-meat eaters and non-red-me-
at eaters. New opportunities are The trend towards flexitarian,
emerging too for so-called flexita- vegetarian and vegan diets has
rians, who mainly eat a plant-ba- accelerated the move toward the
sed diet, but do occasionally eat use of plant-based proteins as
meat. meat substitutes. The majority of
meat substitutes are still soy- or
This trend represents a growing wheat-protein based, but products
opportunity for high-quality meat are evolving with alternative pro-
alternatives, which is also being tein ingredients such as egg, pea,
reflected in the 24% average an- ancient grains and nuts.
nual growth in global meat substi-
tute launches recorded between Paradoxically, another key area
2011 and 2015, reports Lu Ann of opportunity in meat substitutes
may be in targeting meat eaters
as much as vegetarians, notes
Williams. While many vegeta-
rians may opt for a diet rich in 3250
vegetables and beans, meat eaters
may turn to meat substitutes if
the product is right. Instead of just
finding alternatives, technological
solutions also need to be focusing
on the development of meat sub-
stitutes closely mimicking the taste
and texture of meat products.

62 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

COMBI line


One Line
is better than two

5 The COMBI line integrates a seaming line for BIG CANS of 2

and 3 kg. with a seaming line for SMALL CANS of 125 and 250 gr.

1 8


PRO.VE.MA. srl Via Lungargine, 35 - 27050 Bastida Pancarana - Pavia

Tel. +39.0383.855010 Fax +39.0383.895729
www.provema.it - e-mail: info@provema.it
Appeal of sophisticated sodas
goes beyond alcohol alternatives

The adult soft drinks market is However, Tanvi Savara, MSc,

gaining ground as products seek Consumer Insight Analyst for
to satisfy a range of consumer Canadean, says that the appeal
needs and behaviours. Sophis- of adult soft drinks stretches
ticated sodas not only offer an beyond those looking to reduce
increasingly attractive alterna- their alcohol intake, and reaches
tive for consumers who wish to older soft drink consumers seek-
limit their alcohol intake, but also ing sophisticated, upscale offer-
appeal to broader demographics, ings that appeal to mature tastes.
according to consumer insight
from Canadean. Savara explains: Consumers C

value products that are distinct M

The companys latest report states from the mass market and exude new and unusual food and drink Y

that alcohol moderation and superior quality through unique flavours at least occasionally,
illustrating willingness to explore

avoidance is generating interest in flavours, natural premium in-

premium, non-alcoholic soft drinks gredients and craft production sophisticated flavour profiles MY

to be consumed instead of alcohol, techniques. beyond their comfort zone. CY

a trend that is witnessed for both CMY

everyday consumption and special Canadeans consumer research Manufacturers can tap into this K

occasions. highlights that 56% of consumers by including botanicals, invest-

globally would like to see more ing in product extension and
Indeed, 41% of global alcohol drink- craft-style non-alcoholic bever- creating contemporary twists to
ers surveyed by Canadean claim to ages. classics.
pay high attention to reducing the
amount of alcohol consumed, while Furthermore, according to The analyst adds that brands are
49% say they are conscious of the Canadeans Q2 global survey also launching products that repli-
long-term health impact of drinking 2015, 62% of carbonated drink cate flavours and sensory experi-
too much alcohol. consumers experiment with ences commonly associated with
alcoholic drinks.

Innovation is evolving beyond

virgin cocktail blends to more
sophisticated nuances by taking
inspiration from production tech-
niques and ingredients synony-
mous with alcoholic drinks. For
example, Proper Soda Co.s Hop
Soda in the US claims to contain
a blend of hops but without the
Global drinkers who pay high atten- bitterness associated with an IPA,
tion to the following
Savara concludes.

64 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september




Via E. Papini, 26/28 - 43036 Fidenza (PR) ITALIA
Telefono (+39) 0524-82774 Fax (+39) 0524-526401
Super growth for superfoods

trends Superfoods, they are frequent- wonder foods, as in 2015 alone
ly marketed as the answer to there was a 36% rise in the num-
our health woes and now new ber of food and drink products
research from Mintel highlights launched globally featuring the
the popularity of these nutrient terms superfood, superfruit
packed foods. Mintel GNPD or supergrain. In 2015, the US
(Global New Products Database) played host to the most super
reveals that between 2011 and food and drink launches (30%),
2015 there was a phenomenal followed by Australia (10%),
202% increase globally in the Germany (7%), the UK (6%) and
number of new food and drink Canada (6%).
products launched containing the
terms superfood, superfruit or The surge in launches comes
supergrain. as a result of strong consumer
demand for highly nutritious
And it seems there is no end to products. Today, over seven in
the popularity of these so called 10 consumers in France (72%),
Germany (71%), Italy (73%) and
Spain (72%) agree that heal-
th-promoting benefits of natural
foods, for instance fruit and
vegetables, are preferable to the
added benefits of functional fo-
ods. What is more, the research
reveals that the superfood sen-
sation has spread beyond food
and drink. Indeed, while 43%
of products launched with the
words superfood, superfruit
or supergrain in the product
description were in the food ca-
tegory between 2011 and 2015
and 11% fell under the drink
category, as many as three in 10
(30%) were found in beauty and
personal care, while 12% were in
the health and hygiene category
and 4% were in the pet category.

Stephanie Mattucci, Global Food

Science Analyst at Mintel, said:

66 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

product trends

The popularity of super pro- new flavours and textures. They Pulses can be used to add a range
ducts is clear as food and drink are a great way for free-from of natural health benefits to food
manufacturers globally are tap- products to talk about health. and drink products. Additionally,
ping into a demand for these nu- Stephanie continues. healthy pulses are staples in many
tritionally dense ingredients. But ethnic cuisines, offering manu-
superfoods are not only limited to Alongside the hype in launch acti- facturers a pathway for product in-
food and drink, they are regularly vity, there is also strong consumer novation for convenience-seeking
springing up in the beauty, health interest in ancient grains as 30% ethnic food explorers. Stephanie
and hygiene and pet food aisles of UK pasta consumers say that continues.
as a result of todays consumers pasta made with ancient grains, for
becoming much more aware of instance quinoa, is healthier than Mintel research reveals that super
what they are putting into and regular pasta. Whats more, usage seeds have also seen an uptick in
onto their bodies. of these heritage grains is high, as usage. Over the past two years,
two in five (41%) US consumers the percentage of food and drink
have eaten ancient grain-based products containing chia seeds has
The trends cereals. risen by 70%, whilst the percenta-
ge containing pumpkin seeds has
In particular, the trend towards a Whilst the number of products grown by 27% and the percentage
wheat-free diet has resulted in a containing ancient grains have of food and drink products contai-
growing number of products con- been rising, next we could see the ning sunflower seeds has grown
taining the supergrains ancient popularity of sprouting ancient by 22%.
grains. And whilst quinoa and grains. The ancient, accidental
buckwheat have all become hou- process of sprouting, where whole Some seeds, including chia and
sehold names in recent years, its grains are soaked and left to ger- pumpkin seeds, offer complete
chia which has seen the biggest minate has largely been eliminated protein, with all nine essential
rise in usage. by modern processing techniques. amino acids in the correct ratios.
However, a lot of protein from
Between 2014 and 2015, there There has been a return to this seeds is incomplete. Blending
was a 70% increase in the percen- ancient practice, with controlled seeds can help improve the qua-
tage of food and drink products sprouting practices being intro- lity of protein. Stephanie adds.
launched containing chia, whilst duced, as the nutritive advantage Going forward, it seems that
the percentage of food and drink of sprouted grains is being reco- turmeric known for its anti-in-
products containing teff rose by gnised. The ancient grain quinoa flammatory benefits and moringa,
31%. Meanwhile, the percentage is leading the comeback of sprou- said to have beauty and anti-a-
of food and drink products contai- ted grains. Stephanie continues. ging properties, could be the
ning quinoa rose by 27%. superfoods to watch.
And whilst ancient grains have
Desire for healthier, less been in the spotlight over the past Turmeric has potential as an in-
refined alternatives to wheat year, with the UN announcing gredient in supplements and fun-
has fueled the rediscovery of 2016 the year of the pulse, pulses ctional food and drink products,
ancient grains. Flavorful and nu- too have been receiving added at- particularly within products aimed
trient-dense ancient grains have tention. Over the past two years, at the growing senior population.
begun to change the negative the percentage of food and drink Additionally, moringa could be
perception of some carbohydra- products launched with green used in anti-ageing beauty food
tes by leveraging their nutritio- split pea has grown by 126%, products.
nal profile and rich heritage. whilst the percentage of food and
drink products containing coral Whilst currently the ingredient is
Ancient grains offer an alternati- lentils has grown by 62% and the used in many beauty launches, the
ve to wheat but also come bun- percentage of food and drink pro- leaves are nutritional powerhou-
dled with functional and nutri- ducts containing yellow split peas ses. Stephanie concludes.
tional components, and provide has increased by 21%. www.mintel.com

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 67

Flavoured water to top 10 billion
litres in 5 years

Global sales of flavoured water size, pricing, ingredients, variants

rose an estimated 4% in 2015 to and marketing.
7.5 billion litres, according to a
new report from leading food and Other findings of the report inclu-
drink consultancy Zenith Inter- de:
national. By 2021, the market is
expected to reach 10 billion litres, - Latin America is the leading re-
driven principally by growth in gion for flavoured water sales.
Latin America.
- Consumption is highest in the
The 2016 Zenith Report on Fla- United States, Argentina and Ger-
voured Water Innovation identifies many, which account for 40% of
10 key themes guiding global in- global volume.
novation and new product deve-
lopment since 2013 - plain water - The top 3 brands are Villa del Sur
brand extensions, fruit-flavoured, Levit and Volvic Touch of Fruit
sugar-free, natural positioning, or- from Danone, followed by Aquari-
ganic positioning, herbs or flowers, us from Coca-Cola.
transition product, child-oriented,
premium positioning, packaging. Flavoured waters success is
drawing on the best of both the
Over 65 brand profiles are analy- plain water and carbonated soft
sed, offering product images as drinks worlds, commented Zenith
well as detailed information such Chairman Richard Hall. It promo-
as launch date, packaging type and tes the taste of carbonates without
the calories and the health of
water with added interest. It can
also command a price premium as
well as providing opportunities for
faster growth.

The main areas of innovation are

new and more diverse flavours, all
natural ingredients and low or no
sugar content. Our new report is
a valuable guide to anyone already
in or considering entry into the fla-
voured water market, with a view
to providing innovation and added
value to consumers, he concluded.

68 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

Explosion of seaweed-flavoured
food and drink
launched in Europe

Western consumers may be Stephanie Mattucci, Global Food

unfamiliar with eating seaweed Science Analyst at Mintel, said:
outside of sushi or miso soup, but Seaweed has been a famous
seaweed-flavoured food and drink delicacy in many Asian countries
are set to be the next big superfo- for centuries, celebrated for its
od trend in Europe. New research flavour and nourishing powers.
from Mintel reveals that food and While still somewhat niche in
drink product launches with se- Europe, we believe that seaweed
aweed flavours, including kombu, could become the next super-
nori/laver, and wakame seaweed food. Due to its abundance in
flavours, have increased by 147% natural vitamins, minerals, and
in Europe between 2011 and plant-based protein, seaweed
2015. This growth means Europe speaks to the growing quest for
is now the second most innovative naturally functional foods and
region globally when it comes to alternative protein sources in the
seaweed-flavoured food and drink West.
Indeed, the health benefits of
Indeed, while the majority of seaweed seem to appeal to
seaweed-flavoured food and drink European consumers, as Mintel
products are currently launched in research indicates that more than
the Asia Pacific region, accounting half (58%) of German consumers
for 88% of global product laun- have either tried or would like to
ches between 2011 and 2015, try algae as a protein source, with
Europe launched 7% of seawe- similar agreement reported in the
ed-flavoured foods and drinks UK (44%).
globally in this time, outpacing
both North America (4%) and Whats more, some 36% of UK
Latin America (1%). consumers who use herbs, spices
or seasonings agree that ground,
dried seaweed would be a good
alternative to salt for flavouring
meals or dishes. Indeed this could
also be of interest to the European
consumers keen to cut back on
salt. Today, 32% of German, 42%
of Spanish, 46% of French, 48% of
Italian and 57% of Polish consu-
mers say they are actively reducing
their consumption of, or avoiding,
salty foods.

70 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

product trends

As consumer demand for low-salt category. Indeed, around one third products also tasty, as the majori-
products grows, food and drink of consumers in Italy (30%), Poland ty of European snack consumers
offerings that reduce the intake of (36%) and Spain (37%) would like agree that taste is king: 56% of
dietary sodium are increasingly po- to see a wider variety of healthier Italian, 57% of Spanish, 62% of
pular. Seaweed is not only a natu- snacks. French, 65% of Polish and seven
ral way to substitute salt, but also out of ten (70%) German consu-
exhibits antioxidant, antimicrobial, Consumer demand is mirrored in mers agree that flavour is more
and anti-inflammatory properties recent launch activity, as 37% of important than calorie content
which may lower cholesterol, seaweed-flavoured food and drink when indulging in a snack.
reduce blood pressure, or aid in di- launches in Europe between 2011
gestion and weight management. and 2015 took place in the snack The inherent health benefits in
Stephanie continued. category, according to Mintels seaweed allow it to fit naturally
Global New Products Database into the healthy snack category.
(GNPD). Other top categories for But even though consumers
Snacks with seaweed flavour new product development in Euro- interest in health-enhancing food
especially popular pe include sauces and seasonings continues to increase, seaweed
(12%), bakery (9%), and soup (8%). snacks will need to deliver on fla-
Seaweeds health halo presents a vour in order to be successful with
big opportunity for manufacturers However, Mintel research Western consumers. Stephanie
in the West, especially in the snack shows its important that these concludes.

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italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 71

Craft spirits today account
for one in seven global
spirit launches

Whilst craft beer has taken the And it seems the surge in launch-
world by storm, today there is a es of craft spirits is backed
new drink taking a shot at global globally by strong consumer
popularity craft spirits. Indeed, demand for artisanal alcoholic
new research from Mintel reveals beverages. Over half (55%) of
that spirits positioned as craft US alcohol drinkers agree that
have so far accounted for one craft alcohol brands are of higher
in seven (15%) new global spirit quality than big brands and de-
launches to date in May 2016, up mand is mirrored across Europe
from just one in 20 (5%) in 2011. too. Around half of consumers in
France (55%), Italy (53%), Ger-
Overall, research from Mintel many (50%) and Poland (46%)
GNPD (Global New Products Da- agree that spirits from small/
tabase) reveals craft spirit launch- craft distillers are more appeal-
es increased by 265% globally ing than large, mass-produced
between 2011 and 2015 and it brands. Whilst in the UK, 37% of
seems that it is the US who have dark spirits/liqueur drinkers are
been driving the craze. Of all craft prepared to pay more for craft
spirits launched in this time, half variants.
(49%) have been in the US and
42% in Europe, compared to just
4% in Latin America and 3% in USA lead the grow
Asia Pacific.
Jonny Forsyth, Global Drinks An-
alyst at Mintel, said: Craft spirit
launches are growing at a rapid
pace and will continue to rise
in more mature markets - par-
ticularly the US - as consumers
continually seek out special of-
ferings. Despite being a relatively
small sector of the market, craft
spirits are growing in response to
the huge consumer-led demand
for more authentic, more distinc-
tive, more local, less processed
and more interesting spirit

When it comes to the craftiest

spirit, currently whisky reigns

72 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

product trends

supreme, accounting for 43% of Furthermore, Mintel research in- 41% of US white spirit drinkers
global craft spirit launches in 2015, dicates that almost half (46%) of looking for a flavour that they
up from 37% in 2011. However, German Millennial spirits buyers like when choosing white spirits,
gin is hot on its heels, account- say high quality is an important while fruit (36%) and sweetened
ing for 23% of global craft spirit factor influencing their purchase (34%) top the list of flavours US
launches in 2015, up from 9% in intention, up from 35% in 2013. dark spirit drinkers are currently
2011. consuming.
Millennials are a driving force
For craft producers, gin has the behind the growth of craft spirits, Although flavoured spirits arent
advantage of taking days rather having taken their creative and as established in Europe, consum-
than years to produce, unlike whis- unique ethos into their spir- ers still show an interest in these
ky. Therefore as start-ups seek its-buying habits. Rather than drinks. Around one fifth (23%) of
to balance production of more wanting to affiliate themselves consumers in Poland agree that
nuanced spirits with the commer- with bigger brands, Millennials spirits with added flavour are
cial realities, gin is an appealing often seek to define themselves by worth paying more for, followed
choice. Jonny adds. more niche, higher quality brands by 19% in Spain, 18% in Germany
with a quirky backstory; and and 18% in Italy.
ideally, they are brands their peers
Millennials driving have not even heard of. Jonny Traditionally, many craft distillers
the demand continues. have stayed away from flavouring
spirits as this is seen as less premi-
Mintel research reveals that it As craft spirits gain traction, they um. However, with flavour a key
is Millennials who are driving are increasingly venturing into driver for spirits drinkers in many
demand for craft spirits around flavoured territory, particularly in countries, craft innovators are now
the globe. Three quarters (75%) of the US market. Almost half (47%) seeking to use more premium, nu-
US Millennials agree craft alcohol of the craft spirits launched in anced and naturally flavoured in-
brands are higher quality than big the US in 2016 are flavoured, up novation. This is a route that craft
brands and 34% of UK Millennials from one fifth (21%) in 2015. In- brewers have previously followed.
agree craft drinks are worth paying deed flavour remains a key driver Jonny concludes.
more for. in spirit choice in the US, with www.mintel.com


FOODEXECUTIVE 1-4.indd 2 08/09/16 15:24

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 73

Global per capita fish
consumption rises above
20 kg a year

FAOs new State of World Fi- There were around 4.6 million fi-
sheries and Aquaculture report shing vessels in the world in 2014,
urges more work to rein in over- 90% of which are in Asia and Afri-
fishing ca, and only 64,000 of which were
24 meters or longer, according to
kgGlobal per capita fish consu- SOFIA.
mption has risen to above 20 kg
a year for the first time, thanks Globally, fish provided 6.7% of all
to stronger aquaculture supply protein consumed by humans, as
and firm demand, record hauls well as offering a rich source of
for some key species and reduced long-chain omega-3 fatty acids,
wastage, according to a new FAO vitamins, calcium, zinc and iron.
report. Some 57 million people were
engaged in the primary fish pro-
Yet despite notable progress duction sectors, a third of them in
in some areas, the state of the aquaculture.
worlds marine resources has not
improved, the latest edition of the Fishery products accounted for
UN agencys The State of World 1% of all global merchandise trade
Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFIA) in value terms, representing more
says that almost a third of com- than 9% of total agricultural expor-
mercial fish stocks are now fished ts. Worldwide exports amounted
at biologically unsustainable levels, to $148 billion in 2014, up from
triple the level of 1974. $8 billion in 1976. Developing
countries were the source of $80
Global total capture fishery pro- billion of fishery exports, provi-
duction in 2014 was 93.4 million ding higher net trade revenues
tonnes, including output from than meat, tobacco, rice and sugar
inland waters, up slightly over combined.
the previous two years.
Life below water, which the
Alaska pollock was the top Sustainable Development Agenda
species, replacing anchoveta for commits us to conserve, is a major
the first time since 1998 and ally in our effort to meet a host of
offering evidence that effective challenges, from food security to
resource management practi- climate change, FAO Director-Ge-
ces have worked well. Record neral Jos Graziano da Silva. This
catches for four highly valuable report shows that capture fisheries
groups - tunas, lobsters, shrimps can be managed sustainably, while
and cephalopods - were repor- also pointing to the enormous and
ted in 2014. growing potential of aquaculture

74 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

product trends

to boost human nutrition and sup-

port livelihoods with productive


That the global supply of fish for

human consumption has outpaced
population growth in the past five
decades - preliminary estimates
suggest per capita intakes higher
than 20 kg, double the level of the
1960s - is due in large measure to
growth in aquaculture.

The sectors global production

rose to 73.8 million tonnes in
2014, a third of which comprised
molluscs, crustaceans and other
non-fish animals. Importantly in
terms of both food security and
environmental sustainability,
about half of the worlds aquacul- aquaculture output is up almost Aquacultures strengths and
ture production of animals - often 20-fold over the past two decades, challenges are also influencing
shellfish and carp - and plants and all of sub-Saharan Africa is not what fish end up on our plates.
- including seaweeds and microal- far behind. The report shows that, measured
gae - came from non-fed species. as a share of world trade in value
Chile and Indonesia have also terms, salmon and trout are now
While China remains far the posted remarkable growth, as the largest single commodity, an
leading nation for aquaculture, it have Norway and Vietnam - now honor that for decades belonged
is expanding even faster elsewhe- the worlds No. 2 and No. 3 fish to shrimp.
re, the report notes. In Nigeria, exporters. www.fao.org





TREQUARTI SITO 2015 oriz.indd 1 06/03/15 08:16

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 75

World demand for flavours
& fragrances still raises

Global demand for flavours and segments as consumers around boost demand for flavours. The
fragrances flavour blends, the world increasingly demand strongest driver of growth in de-
fragrance blends, essential oils products with natural and organic veloped countries will be growing
and natural extracts, and aroma ingredients, notes analyst Christi- consumer interest in natural and
chemicals is forecast to grow ne OKeefe. organic products, which will drive
3.9% per year, reaching $26.3 bil- demand for essential oils and
lion in 2020. Increasing consumer The developed economies of natural extracts.
demand for more natural products North America, Western Europe,
and transparency in labelling, and Japan have been the domi- More robust gains in demand for
driven in part by health concerns nant markets for flavours and fra- flavours and fragrances will be
regarding artificial ingredients, grances, sustained by large food seen in the developing economies
will impact demand, particularly and beverage and cosmetic and of the Asia/Pacific and Africa/
in developed countries. These toiletry industries, as well as high Mideast regions. In these areas, a
and other trends are presented in levels of consumer spending. growing middle class and increa-
World Flavours & Fragrances, a new ses in personal spending will drive
study from The Freedonia Group, a Going forward, the maturity of demand for fragrance-containing
Cleveland-based industry research these markets will limit growth in cosmetics and toiletries, as well as
firm. demand for flavours and fra- processed foods and carbonated
grances, although the growing beverages. The increasing popu-
Flavour blends will continue to be use of higher value and higher larity of these products will boost
the largest flavour and fragran- quality products will sustain use demand for fragrance blends,
ce segment by value, with gains of flavour and fragrance blends. aroma chemicals, and flavour
driven by increasing demand for Additionally, the increasing blends. In contrast to more deve-
processed foods in developing re- popularity of reduced-salt and loped regions, aroma chemicals
gions. Growth in essential oils and reduced-sugar prepared foods, will show healthy growth as local
natural extracts will outpace the which require higher flavour food, beverage, toiletry product,
other major flavour and fragrance loadings to maintain taste, will and cleaning product manufactu-
rers continue to utilize them due
to their low cost compared to
natural alternatives.

World flavour & fragrance demand in million dollars (The Freedonia Group) World Flavours & Fragrances (pu-
% Annual Growth blished 03/2016, 412 pages) is
Item 2010 2015 2020 2010-2015 2015-2020 available for $6300 from The Fre-
World Flavour & Fragrance Demand 21057 21705 26265 0.6 3.9 edonia Group. For further details
North America 6182 6560 7430 1.2 2.5 or to arrange an interview with the
Western Europe 6030 5972 7010 -0.2 3.3 analyst, please contact Corinne
Asia/Pacific 5510 6410 8455 3.1 5.7 Gangloff by phone 440.684.9600
Central & South America 1502 1187 1400 -4.6 3.4 or email pr@freedoniagroup.com.
Eastern Europe 1010 810 995 -4.3 4.2 Information may also be obtained
Africa/Mideast 823 766 975 -1.4 4.9 through www.freedoniagroup.com.

76 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

NEW AND Crunch effect: how the sounds
of eating curb the appetite
Drowning out the sound of your own eating by listening to Forgotten but still impor-
music or watching TV could mean that you eat more than tant. After all, what is a
you intend, says a new study published in the journal Food carrot if it is not crisp, or
Quality and Preference. soda with no fizz? Of 140
food and nutrition experts
Though the sounds of of a range of foods. But surveyed in a 2015 study,
cooking - like sizzling ba- the auditory properties 27% considered the sound
con or popping corn - may have been called the for- of food either essential
make your mouth water, gotten flavour sense. or important.
researchers have found
that the chewing, chomp-
ing and crunching sounds People eat more if they cannot hear
of eating are more likely to their own chewing
put you off.
In three separate experi- pants to eat more. Those in
Research is growing about ments, researchers from the group with the loudest
factors that lead people Brigham Young University sounds ate four pretzels,
to choose particular types (BYU) and Colorado State while the quiet group
and quantities of food, University (CSU) looked at ate 2.75 pretzels. In other
and previous studies have the effect of food sound words, the more conscious
counted taste, texture, salience. a person is of the sound
meal size and food selec- their food makes while they
tion among the sensory One experiment showed are eating, the less they are
cues that affect satiety, that even prompting peo- likely to eat. The authors
or feeling satisfied with ple to think of the sounds call this the Crunch Effect.
food. Saltiness, sweetness, of eating, for example Study co-author Gina
chewiness, thickness and through advertisements, Mohr, an assistant profes-
creaminess can all form ex- can decrease consumption. sor of marketing at CSU,
pectations of satiety based says that the sound of food
on taste and texture. In one study, participants is an important sensory
consumed snacks while cue in the eating experi-
One aim of food research wearing headphones that ence, but that consumers
in recent years has been played noise at different and researchers largely
to maintain the taste and volumes. overlook its effect.
texture while limiting the
energy levels delivered, Results showed that louder Ryan Elder, assistant
leading to the familiar low- noise masked the sound of professor of marketing at
fat and low-sugar varieties chewing, causing partici- BYUs Marriott School of

78 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

new and technology

Management, says: Sound This, he says, may lead to The strawberries were trical Engineering and in
is typically labelled as the higher food consumption. then stored at room tem- the Department of Physics
forgotten food sense. But While one less pretzel perature. Uncoated berries in the School of Arts and
if people are more focused does not seem like a big were compared over time Sciences.
on the sound the food deal, the amount can add with berries dipped in
makes, it could reduce up over time. varying numbers of coats Similar experiments were
consumption. of silk that had been performed on bananas,
The authors urge people annealed for different peri- which, unlike strawber-
He explains that masking to be mindful not only ods of time. At seven days, ries, are able to ripen after
the sound of consumption, of how food tastes and the berries coated with the they are harvested. The
for example by watching looks, but also of how it higher beta-sheet silk were silk coating decreased the
TV during mealtimes, sounds. still juicy and firm while bananas ripening rate
removes one of the senses Written by Yvette Brazier the uncoated berries were compared with uncoat-
related to food. dehydrated and discolored. ed controls and added
firmness to the fruit by
Tests showed that the preventing softening of

Silk keeps fruit fresh

silk coating prolonged the the peel.
freshness of the fruits by
without refrigeration slowing fruit respiration,
extending fruit firmness
The thin, odorless silk
coating did not affect fruit
and preventing decay. texture. Taste was not
Half of the worlds fruit it one of natures toughest studied.
and vegetable crops are materials. Fibroin, an insol- The beta-sheet content of
lost during the food sup- uble protein found in silk, the edible silk fibroin coat- Various therapeutic
ply chain, due mostly to has a remarkable ability to ings made the strawberries agents could be easily
premature deterioration stabilize and protect other less permeable to carbon added to the water-based
of these perishable foods, materials while being fully dioxide and oxygen. We silk solution used for the
according to the Food biocompatible and biode- saw a statistically signif- coatings, so we could
and Agriculture Organiza- gradable. icant delay in the decay potentially both preserve
tion (FAO) of the United of the fruit, said senior and add therapeutic func-
Nations. For the study, research- and corresponding study tion to consumable goods
ers dipped freshly picked author Fiorenzo G. Ome- without the need for
Tufts University (Usa) strawberries in a solution netto, Ph.D. Omenetto is complex chemistries, said
biomedical engineers of 1% silk fibroin protein; the Frank C. Doble Pro- the studys first author,
have demonstrated that the coating process was fessor in the Department Benedetto Marelli, Ph.D.,
fruits can stay fresh for repeated up to four times. of Biomedical Engineering formerly a post-doctoral
more than a week with- The silk fibroin-coated and also has appointments associate in the Omenetto
out refrigeration if they fruits were then treated in the Department of Elec- laboratory and now at MIT.
are coated in an odorless, for varying amounts of
biocompatible silk solution time with water vapor
so thin as to be virtually under vacuum (water
invisible. The approach is annealed) to create
a promising alternative for varying percentages of
preservation of delicate crystalline beta-sheets in
foods using a naturally the coating. The longer
derived material and a the exposure, the higher
water-based manufactur- the percentage of be-
ing process. The work is ta-sheets and the more
reported in the Scientific robust the fibroin coating.
Reports. Silks unique The coating was 27 to 35
crystalline structure makes microns thick.

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 79

Biotech/GM crops planted proves that James added.
For the fourth consecutive
worth of benefits to Chi-
nese cotton farmers, and
on two billion hectares year, developing countries
planted more biotech crops
they realized $1.3 billion
in 2014 alone, explained
from 1996 to 2015 (14.5 million hectares) than ISAAA Global Coordinator,
industrialized countries. Randy Hautea.
In 2015, Latin American,
Asian and African farmers Also in 2015, India became
The International Ser- the poorest people in the grew biotech crops on 54% the leading cotton produc-
vice for the Acquisition world. of global biotech hectarage er in the world with much
of Agri-Biotech Applica- (97.1 million hectares of its growth attributed to
tions recently released its The developing of 179.7 million biotech biotech Bt cotton. India is
annual report detailing the countries run faster hectares) and of the 28 the largest biotech cot-
adoption of biotech crops, countries that planted ton country in the world
20th Anniversary of the More farmers are planting biotech crops, 20 were de- with 11.6 million hectares
Global Commercialization biotech crops in devel- veloping nations. Annually, planted in 2015 by 7.7 mil-
of Biotech Crops (1996- oping countries precisely up to 18 million farmers, lion small farmers. In 2014
2015) and Biotech Crop because biotech crops are 90% of whom were small, and 2015, an impressive
Highlights in 2015, show- a rigorously-tested option resource-poor growers 95% of Indias cotton crop
casing the global increase for improving crop yields, in developing countries, was planted with biotech
in biotech hectarage from said Clive James, found- benefited from planting seed; Chinas adoption in
1.7 million hectares in er and emeritus chair of biotech crops from 1996 to 2015 was 96%.
1996 to 179.7 million hec- ISAAA, who has authored 2015.
tares in 2015. This 100- the ISAAA report for the Farmers, who are tradi-
fold increase in just 20 past two decades. Despite China is just one example tionally risk-averse, recog-
years makes biotechnology claims from opponents that of biotechnologys benefits nize the value of biotech
the fastest adopted crop biotechnology only bene- for farmers in developing crops, which offer benefits
technology in recent times, fits farmers in industrialized countries. Between 1997 to farmers and consumers
reflecting farmer satisfac- countries, the continued and 2014, biotech cot- alike, including drought
tion with biotech crops. adoption of the technology ton varieties brought an tolerance, insect and dis-
in developing countries dis- estimated $17.5 billion ease resistance, herbicide
Since 1996, 2 billon
hectares of arable land a
massive area more than
twice the landmass of
China or the United States
have been planted with
biotech crops. Addi-
tionally, it is estimated
that farmers in up to 28
countries have reaped
more than US$150 billion
in benefits from biotech
crops since 1996.

This has helped alleviate

poverty for up to 16.5
million small farmers and
their families annually
totalling about 65 million
people, who are some of Global area of Biotech crops, Million Hectares (1996-2015) (Sourc: Clive James, 2015).

80 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

7 - 9
Nov 2016
Dubai World Trade Centre

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tolerance, and increased The future speed, cost and regula- intensification mode on
nutrition and food quality, of biotechnology tion. When combined the 1.5 billion hectares
Hautea added. Moreover, with other advances in of global arable land, and
biotech crops contribute Looking ahead to the crop sciences, CRISPR make a vital contribution
to more sustainable crop future of biotechnology could increase crop pro- to global food security.
production systems that in agriculture, ISAAA has ductivity in a sustainable www.isaa.org
address concerns regard- identified three key oppor-
ing climate change and tunities to realize contin-
global food security. ued growth in adoption of

Following a remarkable
biotech crops, which are as
How we feed the world
run of 19 years of consec- is unsustainable
utive growth from 1996 High rates of adoption
to 2014, with 12 years (90% to 100%) in current
of double-digit growth, major biotech markets The 2016 Global Food The Sustainable Develop-
the global hectarage of leave little room for ex- Policy Report, the flagship ment Goals task us all with
biotech crops peaked at pansion. However, there publication of the Interna- the challenge of eradicat-
181.5 million hectares is a significant potential in tional Food Policy Research ing hunger and undernu-
in 2014, compared with other new countries for Institute (IFPRI) has been trition in 15 years or less,
179.7 million hectares selected products, such as released on March 31, said IFPRI Director Gen-
in 2015, equivalent to a biotech maize, which has a 2016. The report provides eral Shenggen Fan. We
net marginal decrease of potential of approximately an in-depth look at major must promote and support
1%. This change is prin- 100 million more hectares food policy developments a new global food system
cipally due to an overall globally, 60 million hectares and events in the past year, that is efficient, inclusive,
decrease in total crop in Asia, of which 35 million and examines key challeng- climate-smart, sustainable,
hectarage, associated with is in China alone, plus 35 es and opportunities for nutrition- and health-driv-
low prices for commodi- million hectares in Africa. the coming year. en, and business-friendly
ty crops in 2015. ISAAA in order to ensure that no
anticipates that total crop More than 85 poten- The report points out that one goes to sleep hungry.
hectarage will increase tial new products in the todays global food system
when crop prices improve. pipeline are now being has major weaknesses: The 2016 report takes a
For example, Canada has field-tested; including a nearly 800 million people look at the latest research
projected that canola biotech drought tolerant are left hungry, one-third on opportunities and
hectarage in 2016 will maize from the WEMA of the human race is challenges the world will
revert to the higher level project (Water Efficient malnourished, over half of face in achieving multiple
of 2014. Other factors Maize for Africa) expected some crops never make it SDGs. The report includes
affecting biotech hec- to be released in Africa in to the table, and the plan- chapters on climate change
tarage in 2015 include the 2017, Golden Rice in Asia, et is ravaged from envi- and smallholder farmers,
devastating drought in and fortified bananas and ronmentally unfriendly ag- sustainable diets, food loss
South Africa, which led to pest-resistant cowpea in ricultural practices. It also and waste, and water man-
a massive 23% decrease Africa. states that as the global agement.
of 700,000 hectares in in- population is expected to
tended plantings in 2015. CRISPR (Clustered Reg- soar exponentially in the
The drought in eastern ularly Interspersed Short coming years, various ways
and southern Africa in Palindromic Repeats) a must be examined to
2015/2016 puts up to 15 new powerful genome feed more people
to 20 million poor people editing technology has efficiently and
at risk for food insecurity significant comparative sustainably,
and compels South Africa, advantages over conven- while combat-
usually a maize exporter, tional and GM crops in ting climate
to rely on maize imports. four domains: precision, change.

82 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

New partnership between spray group, in collabora-
tion with Nordson. All the
increase in orders from
foreign companies given
P.E. Labellers and Lactalis customisations made on
the machine highlight the
the positive trend that it
has been able to record
attention that P.E. Label- over the last few years.
lers pays to the needs Moreover, the company
In the last few years, P.E. Cademartori, Locatelli, and of its clients and reflects strives to play a role in pro-
Labellers has been ac- Prsident. its constant attention to moting an excellent image
quiring increasingly more meeting all requests. of Italian products abroad
important clients both The Lactalis Italia Group is by supplying machines that
nationally and internation- a leading company in the In 2015, the Lactalis label product packaging,
ally. This positive trend in- market of dairy products in Group was supplied with which are then distributed
volves all sectors in which Italy and a major player in a Rollmatic 810 roll-fed in international markets.
labelling machines are the market of cold meats. machine for OPP labels to
required such as beverag- Its sells more than 300 be applied on glass bottle (P.E. Labellers - Via Europa
es, soft drinks and alcohol- products and is present in formats, bottled with fresh, 25 - 46047 Porto Man-
ic drinks, food, home care over 100 countries thanks non-pasteurised milk. tovano - MN - Italy - Tel.
and personal care. to Galbani, the world-lead- +39 0376389311 - email:
ing brand of Italian cheeses. For 2016, P.E. Labellers pelabellers@pelabellers.it -
A benchmark company therefore expects a further www.pelabellers.com)
in the market of milk and The company has pur-
milk-derived products is chased Futura 810, a
the Lactalis Italia Group, labelling machine which
founded in 2007, which
also comprises the Galbani
can be customised upon
request. The customi-
Cibus Tec 2016:
world (which joined the
Lactalis Group in 2006) and
sations made were the
following: plate-holder
signs of a record edition
the other Italian compa- discs, plate supports and
nies that were already stainless steel plates, a 1200 exhibitors and over in Parma. Cibus Tec is a
part of the French group perimeter drip-tray duct, 30 thousand visitors ex- platform for Italian excel-
with the brands Invernizzi, double label storage and a pected in Parma. German lence in food processing &
partner Klnmesse con- packaging and its techno-
tributes to a 20% increase logical innovation and cus-
in international exhibitors tomizability, with a strong
and visitors. 1000 buyers emphasis on specialisation,
from the international sustainable technology and
food industry. advanced automation.

Cibus Tec confirms the With these words from

highly specialised, vertical Antonio Cellie, CEO of
market technology exhi- Fiere di Parma, presented
bition for the main food Cibus Tec show, now with
production chains. At this the Parma exhibition cen-
unique trade fair, interna- tre joined by the German
tional operators can discov- giant Klnmesse.
er the best technological
solutions, in the very place Cibus Tec demonstrates
that puts them to the most the attraction of all tech-
advanced and innovative nologies (sorting, process-
use in the world - here ing, packaging, end-of-line
Rollmatic 810 roll-fed labeller supplied to Lactalis Group (P.E. Labellers).
in Italy and, in particular, and logistics) for the major

84 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

agro- industrial sectors
(fruit & vegetables, meat,
milk & dairy, bakery,
confectionery and coffee),
alongside new areas for
ice cream, desserts and
ingredients. In response to
the events expansion, the
new, higher- capacity Pa-
vilion 2 has been opened.

An intensive program of
workshops with interna-
tional guests is laid on to
address the most cur-
rent issues in the sector,
including the new frontiers able event for as many products (ready-made sector and the trade fair
of food hygiene and food exhibitors and visitors sauces, fresh and frozen circuit. For Cibus Tec exhib-
safety, energy consumption from around the world as toppings, etc.) are an ever itors, KPE will be the key to
diagnosis and future solu- possible, making it even growing consumer trend, privileged access to Anuga
tions, water footprint and stronger on the interna- now representing 25% of Food Tec as well as the
strategies for reducing wa- tional market. Without ne- the agri-food turnover. global network of food pro-
ter consumption, and the glecting new opportunities cessing trade fairs of which
role of eco-friendly tech- on the Italian market. If excellent Italian produce Klnmesse is undisputed
nologies in enhancing com- is to take on the worlds leader. As a result of the
petitiveness. Production Cibus Tec is more than an markets, closing in on Ger- partnership, the assets now
and packaging solutions international showcase for many and France (whose available to Italian exports
for free-from products as the best food processing respective 2015 agri-food for more efficient interna-
well as eco packaging will and packaging solutions. exports amount to 71.1 tionalization are ProFood
occupy a large space. Technology is an essential and 60.5 euro), it will need Tec in Chicago, Anutec India
travelling companion for the support of technolo- in Mumbai and New Delhi,
Kln Parma Exhibitionss food companies looking to gies to preserve its flavour, Anutec Brazil in Curitiba
main purpose initially is break into new markets. freshness and identity: like and Andina-Pack in Bogo-
indeed focusing on Cibus It is only research and those that will be exhibited ta. Such opportunities will
Tec, an event that has seen innovation in technology at Cibus Tec from the 25- enable Italian companies to
rapid growth over the last that has enabled Made in 28 October 2016. expand on the international
two editions, securing an Italy food to be available market more decisively and
ever more important slot everywhere, whilst main- efficiently.
in the Italian exhibition taining its high quality and The Fiere di Parma -
calendar, and to which we wholesome nature. Klnmesse Agreement KPE is planning new
can certainly bring Kln- food processing trade
messes industry experi- With a 2016 turnover KPE, the operational arm fairs abroad, particularly
ence and the high standard estimated at 134 billion of the Italian-German in Africa and the Middle
of international events euro (with almost 29 from partnership, aims to create East. They will be adopting
such as Anuga FoodTec exports), the Italian food a virtuous community be- light, exhibition- con-
or ProSweets Cologne, industry is the countrys tween Cibus/Cibus Tec and ference type formats, but
said Thomas Rosolia, second manufacturing Anuga/Anuga FoodTec, cre- with the possibility of
CEO of Klnmesse Italia. sector; over 1.2 billion ating a completely unique acquiring or incorporating
With Fiere di Parma, we consumers worldwide buy business platform, and Italian industry events to
will ensure that Cibus a Made in Italy product bringing Italy to the fore of simplify and streamline the
Tec becomes an unmiss- every year; convenience both the food processing national trade fair market.

86 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

new and technology

Food and beverage - Propack Middle East

covers all food manu-
operators, and facilitators
& service providers. Here
professionals meet in Dubai facturing areas with a
special focus on meat, fish
you will meet food manu-
facturers and processors,
processing, dairy, bever- wholesalers, distributors,
age, bakery, confectionery cargo handlers, importers,
Gulfood Manufactur- to meet new taste trends and convenience food exporters, retailers, quality
ing show, scheduled and manufacturing pro- industries. Here you will control, operational man-
from the 7th to the 9th cesses. meet owners, engineers, agers, port operators and
of November 2016 in researchers, product government.
the Dubai World Trade Gulfood Manufacturing developers, food safety
Centre, is the regions combines 3 industry sec- regulators, food techni- Moreover, at the Dubai
biggest food and bever- tors under 1 umbrella: cians, quality control, food show the visitors could
age processing industry scientists, maintenance network with the big
event which will connect - Ingredients Middle managers, product devel- investors and find out
you with suppliers from East showcases essential opment, marketing, brand what is driving their food
60 countries showcasing ingredients that improve managers and product processing strategies,
the very latest manufac- taste, aroma, colour, tex- managers. and see the big brands
turing business improve- ture, nutrition, production, & meet their trusted dis-
ment tools. storage, transport and - Logistics Solutions tributors operating in the
shelf life. Here you will Middle East is the focus GCC and Africa who can
At Gulfood Manufacturing meet importers, wholesal- for all those involved in make your installation,
1,500 global suppliers of ers, distributors, retailers, materials handling, trans- service & support prob-
latest ingredients, process- consultants, researchers, port and commercial lems disappear.
ing, packaging and logistics academics and quality vehicles, IT and technology
solutions are waiting to control regulators. solutions, warehousing, www.gulfoodmanufacturing.com
meet you and help solve
your biggest production,
capacity and automation
challenges. These are
solutions that can save you
money which you could be INTERNATIONAL EVENTS IN ITALY
spending on better things,
such as diversifying your 25 - 28 October 2016 - Parma: CibusTec, 8 - 11 May 2017 - Rho (MI): TuttoFood,
production line, research & int. food equipment show. Fiere di Parma - int. food show. Fiera di Milano - email:
development and market- www.cibustec.it info@tuttofood.it - www.tuttofood.it
21 - 25 January 2017 - Rimini: Sigep, int. 8 - 11 May 2017 - Milano: Fruit Innova-
Here you can find the confectionery, pastry and ice cream show. tion, int. fruit processing industry show.
state of the art machinery Rimini Fiera - www.sigep.it Ipack-Ima - www.fruitech.it
from renowned companies 7 - 10 May 2018 - Parma: Cibus, int. food
9 - 12 April 2017 - Verona: Vinitaly, int.
around the globe including show. Fiere di Parma - www.cibus.it
wine show. VeronaFiere - www.vinitaly.
Italy, Germany, France,
com 29 May - 1 June 2018 - Rho (MI): Ipack-Ima,
USA, Turkey, Iran, India,
China, Taiwan, Japan, etc.; 5 - 7 May 2017 - Bologna: Pharmint- int. packaging, food processing and pasta
see the latest packaging ec, Cosmofarma, Nuce - Food-Ing, int. exhibition. Ipack-Ima - www.ipack-ima.com
advances - whats new in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry 29 May - 1 June 2018 - Milano: Meat-
materials, print and design show. Bologna Fiere - www.cosmofarma. Tech, int. meat industry show. Ipack-Ima
and the machinery making
com - www.meat-tech.it
it happen, and test innova-
tive ingredients developed

italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september 87


Akomag - Soragna................................................................. 17 Metalnova - Parma................................................................ 37

Alba & Teknoservice - Villafranca Pad.............................. 51 Miozzo - Vigodarzere............................................................ 21
Bont Infinite - Terme Vigliatore........................................ 11 Novinox - Nova Milanese.................................................... 25
Caseartecnica Bartoli - Parma................................... cover 3 NVH Italia - Cadorago.............................................................9
Chiriotti Editori - Pinerolo.............................................61-85 Omac Pompe - Rubiera...........................................................2
F.lli Pagani - Milano............................................................... 49
P.E. Labellers - Porto Mantovano....................................... 29
FBF Italia - Sala Baganza......................................... cover 2-1
Partisani - Forl....................................................................... 23
Fimer - Canelli........................................................................ 27
Pigo - S. Tomio di Malo................................................ cover 4
Foodexevutive.com............................................................... 83
Pinco - Rancate (CH)............................................................. 59
Gai - Ceresole dAlba............................................................. 55
PRO.VE.MA. - Bastida Pancarana...................................... 63
Gulfood Manufacturing - Dubai (UAE)............................. 81
SCA - Fiorenzuola.................................................................. 32
ICL Food Specialties - Tel Aviv (IL)..................................... 36
Stawimpianti - San Giuliano M.se...................................... 41
Ideo Tecnica - Villanova Mondov...................................... 33
IFP Packaging - Schio........................................................... 13 TECNO 3 - Corneliano dAlba.................................... cover 1

Ing. A. Rossi - Parma............................................................. 77 Tecnomeco - Fidenza............................................................ 65

Italo Danioni - Milano........................................................... 53 Tecno Pack - Schio................................................................ 43

Marullo - Bronte..................................................................... 45 Wolhfarth - Sordio................................................................. 69


Akomag....................................................... 34 Frau Impianti.............................................. 24 PMChocholate.......................................... 31

Asepsystems.............................................. 22 Futura Robotica........................................ 44 PRO.VE.MA................................................ 39
Bonino......................................................... 28 Galdi............................................................. 36
TECNO 3..................................................... 30
BRB Globus................................................ 35 Lawer........................................................... 20
Tecno Pack................................................. 38
CA.VE.CO.................................................... 40 MilkyLab..................................................... 24
Tecno Project Industriale........................ 26
Ceia.............................................................. 19 Nuova Guseo............................................. 22
CDR.............................................................. 28 P.E. Labellers.............................................. 84 Tecnosistem............................................... 42
Confitech.................................................... 31 PIGO............................................................ 18 Ulma Packaging......................................... 42

88 italian food & beverage technology - lxxxiii (2016) - september

artoli srl