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SYSAUX tablespace wallets, 12-8

increasing size when adding nodes, 12-6 tuning

reducing size when removing nodes, 12-6 overview, 1-15
SYSDBA, 3-4 using ADDM, 1-14
privilege for connecting, 3-4
SYSDBA connections to an Oracle ASM instance, 3-4
SYSOPER privilege undo tablespace, 3-2
for connecting, 3-4 UNDO_MANAGEMENT initialization
system change, 6-4 parameter, 3-17
System Global Area (SGA), 1-6, 13-7 UNDO_RETENTION initialization parameter, 3-19
size requirements, 1-6 UNDO_TABLESPACE parameter, 3-18
Universal Connection Pool
benefits, xxix
T User Datagram Protocol (UDP), B-3
tablespaces user process trace files, B-2
automatic segment space management (ASSM) in
Oracle RAC, 12-6
automatic undo management in Oracle
RAC, 12-6 V$, 1-14
locally managed, 12-6 V$ view, 13-6
use in Oracle RAC, 12-6 V$ACTIVE_INSTANCES, 3-9
TCP network ports V$CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS, 13-5, B-3
Windows Firewall considerations, 12-9 V$CONFIGURED_INTERCONNECTS, 13-5
TCP/IP, 1-5 vendor clusterware, 1-1
terminating a session on a specific instance, 3-10 verification
THREAD initialization parameter, 3-16 data files, online files, 2-2
threads verifying interconnect settings, 13-5
multiple application, 5-24 versions
THROUGHPUT compatibility for Oracle RAC and Oracle Database
load balancing advisory goal, 5-18 software, 1-9
timed statistics, 13-6 views
timeout creating for Oracle Real Application
messages, avoiding, 1-5 Clusters, 13-6
tnsnames.ora file, 3-15 dynamic performance
Top Activity drill down menu for performance monitoring, 13-6
on the Cluster Database Performance page, 13-4 GV$, 13-6
Top Cluster Events, 13-8 for performance monitoring, 13-6
Top Cluster Events, ASH report, 13-8 GV$SESSION, 3-10
Top Remote Instance, 13-8 instance-specific, 13-6
Top Remote Instance, ASH report, 13-8 V$ views, 13-6
trace files, B-1 VIP
managing, B-1 SRVCTL object name, A-13
sidalrt.log, B-2 Virtual Internet Protocol (VIP) address, 1-3
trace files for background processes, B-1 virtual IP address
TRACE_ENABLED initialization parameter, 3-19 requirements, A-6
enabling Java-based tools and utilities, B-3 W
SRVM_TRACE environment variable, B-3
writing to log files, B-3 wait events, 13-8
transactions aggregated for service performance, 13-4
instance failure, 7-3 block-related, 13-11
rolling back, 3-10, 7-3 contention-related, 13-12
waiting for recovery, 7-3 load-related, 13-13
Transparent Application Failover message-related, 13-12
and services, 5-7 wallet
Transparent Data Encryption data security, 12-8
specifying the ENCRYPTION_WALLET_ Welcome page, 10-4, 11-3
LOCATION parameter, 12-9 Windows Firewall, 12-9
with encrypted wallets and obfuscated workload management
See automatic workload management