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Cost Estimates of Capital and Operation and Maintenance

The cost of materials and operation and maintenance were estimated based on the
volume of the tank and the land area where the pipe lines will be installed.

Table 3.0 Total Volume of Concrete Needed for the Tank Walls
Tank Length (m) Weight (m) Height (m) Concrete Volume

Table 3.0 shows the amount of concrete needed in each tank. The minimum wall
thickness is ____. However, the wall thickness used is __ to prevent leakage. This
thickness is used to compute the concrete volume by subtracting the hollow part of
the tank to the volume of the tank considering the water that will flow inside it.

Sample computation:

Concrete Volume = ((Length + 2t)*(Width+2t)*(Height+0.1)) -


The assumed strength of the concrete used in the construction of the tank is _____
and the computed dimension of each tank is 5x6x3 meters. Having these data, the
concrete-mix proportion is determined per tank and the total cost was computed.

Table 3.1 Cost of Materials for the Construction of Tank with a Concrete-Mix
Proportion of 1W:2C:3S:4G
amount needed per cost per kg cost per tank total cost
tank (kg)
Total Cost of
the tank walls

Table 3.1 shows the cost estimation of each material in concrete-mix proportioning.
The proportion used is _____. The amount of sand, gravel, cement and water to be
used for each tank is _, _, _ and _, respectively. The cost of the materials are typical
amount of sand, gravel, cement and water from [insert a supplier] in the Philippines.
Thus, the total cost computed for each tank is ____. Summing up the cost for the
two tanks, a total of ____ will be spent for the wall of the Anaerobic Baffled Reactor.

Table 3.2 Cost of Other Components of Anaerobic Baffled Reactor

Unit Cost Total Cost
Baffle walls
Other Components of

Additional costs on the components of the ABR are also estimated. The baffle walls,
the _____, _______, and ________.

Estimation on cost of pipelines are also done based on the locations of anaerobic
baffled reactor. The length of pipes were estimated on based on the lot plan of the

Table 3.3 Estimated Cost of Pipelines from Houses to Different Treatment Tanks
pipe pipe diameter price per lengt total cost
type length h
Main PVC 8 in
PVC 4 in
PVC 3 in
Fitting bend 8in
tee 8in
coupling 8in